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Mar 5, 2024

A Cosmic Catch-Up with Roe v Wade

Beware: An Ancient Fist of God Packs a Punch

by Jude Cowell

Having been remiss since 2022 concerning the topic of Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court's announcement overturning it on June 24, 2022, here's a small effort to catch up with the astrology of the two events. Below you see a bi-wheel of the Historic Law: Roe v Wade 1973 Horoscope (inner; RR: AA) and the Roe v Wade overturned horoscope (outer; my time stamp that morning); as you see, the comparison reveals several planetary contacts.

Penned on the charts are the two Solar Eclipses influencing each event: 11 North in 1973 in mid-Capricorn, and 6 North in Taurus in 2022; brief indications of their themes are listed, plus, other astro-notes are sprinkled messily around the charts. I direct your attention to a particular transit of eroding, fraudulent Neptune @29Pis37 (conjunct Nemesis in 1973 - veiled by Neptune--and conjunct the star of misfortune, Scheat at a critical 29th degree) exact on May 29, 2024 when the RvW 1973 Ascendant will receive the gaseous giant for the first time and this begins a period of four more conjunctions of urge-to-merge Neptune to the Roe v Wade ASC on into 2026. Of course, destablizing Neptunian influences have been increasing for some time since transit Neptune was @24Pisces (5-degree orb).

Another significant double contact comes in April 2024 when transit Saturn, then transit Mars, will square 1973's Mars-Saturn opposition and this activates the opposition and suggests applying extreme pressure to complete stalled work and possibly a deficiency in planning (M. Munkasey). And as you know, the Mars-Saturn duo tends toward destructive or harmful energy and risks of death, which is what Republicans are forcing upon American women, pregnant women and girls. Bizarrely, embryoes are now deemed to be children even though a child cannot be frozen as an embryo can. A total lack of logic may be noticed since Republican propaganda skips the brain and aims directly at the emotions - no critical thinking required or sought. And Herr T says he "loves the uneducated," as we know.

Then perhaps this is where the 1973 Roe v Wade Midheaven (The Goal Point) sneaks in: "30Sag" = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful." The negative expression of this degree includes: "A surrender to a lust for power" (M.E. Jones). Wonder who?

So what's my guess? Obviously, a continuance of Republican efforts to take away more of women's access to healthcare such as birth control pills and IVF therapy, plus, the federal abortion ban that Herr Trump is promoting these days. Because the orange albatross is under orders, you know, while grabbing power and control is the basic objective along with continuing plans to sabotage America. Meanwhile, gender and other related issues are involved in their power-grab as well, but they're beyond the scope of this post.

Strong-Armed Paternalism Demands Total Control

Now naturally there are multiple planetary influences from 2022 to 1973 other than the few mentioned in this post, and I'm quite certain that interested parties can locate them. Why, you may already have discovered them! After all, this is only a belated catch-up with the ill fortune of SCOTUS acting against American women as if handmaidism is all we're good for. That's simplisitic, yes, but not being of the Vatican persuasion, the papacy's traditional stance against abortion is their business, their choice, and has always helped to fill church pews, one assumes.

Besides, my firm belief is that you can't legislate morality which must come from inside the individual, not externally. Irrationally, Moses Mike wants to impose his morality on us all and outcomes promise to be much more than difficult.

Thing is, America's traditional separation of church and state is under attack so that theocracy can be forced upon us along with fascism which always uses religion to shove its way into a society. Now before I fuss further I should add a personal note: that all through my life, folks of the Catholic persuasion have been some of the kindest people I've known. But when it comes to the Vatican hierarchy, a hidden fact is that "the church" is what the Roman Empire morphed into once the Empire fell, so if you have a look at the Horoscope of the Roman Empire you'll find that it contains planetary contacts with the horoscopes shown, above. You'll also see a telling Fist of God (aka, Thor's Hammer) pattern pointing unsurprisingly toward lady Venus, planet of goddess archetypes that the church worships via graven images.

And symbolically this forceful, oppressive cosmic pattern from ancient times symbolizes what our current Christian Nationalists and others are attempting to do: shove the force of God behind their oppressive laws in the US in order to muddy the line between man's law and God's law - resulting in the very opposite of the Founding Fathers' enlightened vision for establishing the government of this country.

Then with the third of three Great American Eclipses arriving on April 8, 2024 @19Aries24 conjunct priestly Chiron, its 8 North themes of vivid dreams, visions, intuitive leaps, and insights (B. Brady) could be utilized to lift our thoughts toward a higher direction as Election 2024 nears, with a significant eclipse in Mars-ruled Aries timing a period when competitors can boldly confront circumstances within society by exercising initiative and positive leadership.

So if I were you, dear US reader, I'd vote Blue up and down the ballot on November 5, 2024 if positive leadership is the outcome you prefer for America.

(Note Feb 8, 2024: an edit has been made to correct from "foetus" to "embryo" - mah bad jc.

Mar 15, 2023

On the Assassination of Julius Caesar

Ides of March: The World's Most Famous Assassination

Vincenzo Camuccini, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The vicious Assassination of Julius Caesar presents a harrowing and historic tale of betrayal and primal violence which played out in Rome's Theatre of Pompey on March 15, 0044 BC. Below is displayed a Horoscope set for that date at the speculative hour of 'noon'; you'll note that then-invisible Pluto, planet of death, assassination, and sabotage is prominent by being Station Direct at a critical 29th degree of mutable, Mercurial Gemini, not known as the most loyal of signs.

Also of interest is unaspected Neptune, planet of secrecy and confusion, for it is apex of the midpoint of the revolutionary pair of violence Uranus-Pluto ('collapse of the old order-construction of the new' - R. Ebertin) so that uncertainty, insecurity, nervousness, and even neuroses are suggested; and if you doubt that stationing Pluto is involved with this ancient crime, check him out as apex of a double T-Square listed on the chart, upper right:

For the curious, the birth data for Julius Caesar: July 12, -100 Rome; notably, his Uranus Rx @27Cap29 is the unpredictable planet of shock, attack, and chaos. Plus, there's a midpoint picture operative throughout the day of his birth, Mars-Saturn ('death axis') = Neptune (loss): "waning powers; undermined vitality; mysterious death" - R.E.

Now as you know, this historic murder is the event that spawned the infamous "Ides of March" warning that the world has been cautioned to 'be beware of' through the centuries. And obviously, any dream Caesar may have entertained of becoming a permanent dictator ended on that day via his 23 stab wounds even though he was appointed early in 44 BC as "dictator in perpetuity'. Was this the crux of the matter?

Then significantly, the first known post-mortem (autopsy) determined that he died from blood loss due to his wounds, and this, after wife Capurnia's dream that morning of his death caused her to beg him to skip the Senate meeting that day. Initially, Caesar delayed but at some point was persuaded to attend, and thus the assassination was perpetrated. Note that the Wikipedia link, above, provides a list of the conspirators, murderers who fled the city after their heinous deed was accomplished.

Meanwhile, the populace of Rome was not amused nor favorably impressed by the assassination of their Emperor Julius Caesar - some citizens were angry, and the 'rallying around' the murderers failed to materialize.

So looking back from our distant perspective, it's understandable that the death of Julius Caesar marked a major turning point in the history of Rome, and not necessarily in the ways that his assassins had expected.

But isn't that the way with erratic reformer Uranus? That unintended consequences always result from chaotic Uranian actions with outcomes that are impossible to control.

Related is a previous post displaying the historical horoscope of the Roman Empire: Birthday of the New Order (Campion #255: January 13, 0027 BC; noon may be used).

Apr 22, 2022

Roman Empire: Birthday of the New Order

Horoscope of the Roman Empire (Campion #255):

13 January, 0027 BC; 11:10:04 am GMT Rome, Italy: ASC 4Tau34; Midheaven ('MC', The Goal) 18Cap32; Sun 21Cap34, Moon 3AQ43; Mercury 26Cap19 (conjunct US natal Pluto Rx 27Cap33) opposing Pluto Rx 26Can52 (confess your secrets); Thor's Hammer pattern (aka, a Fist of God) with the Jupiter-Neptune square at its base (see upper right for details) and pointing toward the people's Moon (confusing real with unreal).

Goddess planet Venus Rx @10AQ51 as chart-ruler makes no applying aspects which emphasizes 10th house and Venus in Aquarius (protection via sponsorship; peculiar ideas and plans - R. Ebertin); disruptive Uranus (not discovered until 1781 but we see it there) @12Sag56 conjuncts South Node of the Moon (preserving traditions against new social movements).

For major karma there's restrictive Saturn Rx and powerful but hidden Pluto Rx at the bottom of the chart in the area of The Foundation and/or Roots and suggesting the extreme, often harsh, control at the Basis of the Roman Empire's authority through the centuries, authority that was transmuted into the realms of the Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the Pope:

Then expansive Jupiter Rx 20Gem58 in 2nd house leads a ruthless Locomotive shape of the planets and will return to his (the Pope's?) natal position three times in 2024 into 2025:

1. September 24, 2024; 2. October 24, 2024; and 3. April 29, 2025. All three Return horoscopes are significant particularly the second and third, both of which show forceful T-Squares from Mars-oppo-Pluto to the Sun. Accidents, injury, shocks, and/or violent measures are potentials (R. Ebertin). Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Gemini has philosophical interests but the research can be on a superficial level.

Then note that the chart's MC = 1993's Uranus-Neptune Conjunction/s, planetary duo of The Enlightenment - in our era, a major signpost on the path to a New World Order. At MC, Uranus-Neptune suggests utilizing the right side of the brain, and/or 'guidance sought from other realms or never-before tapped sources' (N. Tyl). And with the Mercury-Mars midpoint also at MC, 'courage' is indicated along with the potential for 'retaliation' (R. Ebertin).

Now to me the Sabian Symbol that most closely applies to the Roman Empire in 'the goals department' (MC) and to current events is "18 Capricorn": The Union Jack Flies From a British Warship" = "Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. {} Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence--or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage. {} It brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers." (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar #ad).

Perhaps we agree that the 'using power for selfish advantage' yacht left the harbor a long time ago.

Gemini-Sagittarius: Ethics and Morality

Penned on the chart in 8th house you see "PE 20Sag08 opposite Jupiter" which marks the position of the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of the Roman Empire. However, 0027 BC is simply too long ago and I have no information on the eclipse, its Saros Series, themes, etc. But I can say that an eclipse opposed by Jupiter (20Gem58) indicates that the observance of correct moral practices is a must for best results, and the strongest temptation leading to ethical errors is via Jupiter's house, here the 2nd house of Money and Values. These karmic issues are always around but they prominently surface during the years in which a solar eclipse in the (mystery!) series repeats, a cycle of 18.6 years, and this is a process that no person or entity on Earth can escape. Yet through the eclipse cycle, the Cosmos gives us multiple opportunities for dealing more positively with recurring events and ethical conditions if we wish to evolve and progress, or, if neglected, karmic blocks continue and may very well fester.

Additonal note: as you see, the Roman Empire's Mercury was conjoined by America's Pluto in 1776 as it is by transiting Pluto now, suggesting that previous methods of control and manipulation are altered for more efficiency.

Oct 12, 2019

2020 Saturn-Pluto in the Roman Empire Horoscope

October 12, 2019: As a sort of follow-up to my October 10th post Are We Waiting for the Empire to End or Witnessing It? here is the Horoscope of the Roman Empire as provided by Nicholas Campion in his classic The Book of World Horoscopes, chart #255; basic chart-notes are scribbled about, as you see, so please enlarge if you wish to read them:

The Roman Empire--"the Birthday of the New Order"--Campion p. 249

ASC 4Tau34 so 10th house Venus is chart-ruler in materialistic Taurus but with no applying aspects which emphasizes her sign and house position; the Venus-Pluto midpoint rises = 'wielding great influence over others' (Ebertin), and as you know, 'goddess' Venus is an archetype of Mary and of other older goddesses such as Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, even Ceres (the mother) which figures prominently in various symbols across Washington DC (Masonic emblems such as wheat shafts, etc, with Virgo the Virgin an obvious identifier). Plus, America's 'Columbia' falls within this panoply. Yet we mustn't forget the ancient Roman Cult of Mithras, the gold-loving 'god' worshiped by Roman soldiers--especially since gilt-edged Trump must admire him, too.

Now the Roman Empire became 'a thing' during a certain Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE'), of course, and in 8th house you see highlighted in red its PE @20Sag08 which perfected on December 13, 028 BC (conjunct Trump's natal South-Node-Moon conjunction of awkwardness and emotional deprivation). Unfortunately, my software doesn't go back that far for eclipses so I have no themes to provide here. Yet a few clues may be ascertained by the fact that the eclipse manifested in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (opposite the empire's natal Jupiter Rx @20Gem58). Jupiter the General leads a Locomotive shape of the planets and is ruthlessly determined on success. Note that ideal-oriented Jupiter, planet of expansion, adventure, and the crossing of boundaries, rules both 8th and 9th houses--spheres of the occult, death, and of foreign lands and philosophy.

So when a PE is in Sagittarius, negative tendencies can naturally interfere with karmic progress so I shall list the potentials here for your consideration: religious convictions which may or may not be spiritually correct, misguided beliefs, misplaced idealism, and/or false optimism. The development of a spiritual philosophy is a best-results requirement of a Sag Prenatal Eclipse with Jupiter ruling codified religion. Here, Jupiter is retrograde which may suggest the blending of church and state with the state having the stronger role initially and the church as hidden manipulator. Please note that I wasn't there at the time so this is only speculation on my part.

On January 12, 2020 Saturn and Pluto Confer as Karma Occurs!

Now one reason I've taken a closer look at the Horoscope of the Roman Empire and am publishing the chart here for future reference, if needed, is to locate the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. As you see, Saturn-Pluto @22Cap46 will conjunct the empire's Sun @21Cap33 at Midheaven ('MC'), The Goal and Aspiration Point (aka, The Why? Point), toil, sparing no pains in one's work--Ebertin--and will oppose the empire's natal Saturn Rx (16Can56 ) and Pluto (26Can51)--their midpoint @21Can53. Additionally, natal Mercury @26Cap19 is roped in to these difficult, karmic energies as well along with its natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of secret projects, hidden motives, clandestine manipulation, dangerous activities, spies, and a tiresome tendency to interrogate others. This qualifies as transit Saturn and transit Pluto opposing natal Saturn and natal Pluto (abuse of power and authority issues challenged; battles for control engaged).

To say the least, it will be riveting to see what developments take place on an empire-collapsing and/or world government level as 2019 ends and 2020 continues heating up as the American Empire is shaken to its core by a gang of saboteurs and infiltrators with fascist tendencies resulting in a further disintegration of democracy and ultimate collapse of the US government if the hollowing out of our traditional institutions is allowed to continue.

And yet as world history shows, old orders must always give way to the new. But what species of 'new' will be implemented should be the choice of humanity, and not of those who are determined on the destruction of civilization!

A recommended video (8m35s) narrated from A People's History of American Empire by Howard Zinn which opens with the timely question, "Empire or Humanity?