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Aug 2, 2023

Trump J6 Arraignment Aug 3, 2023

Like Father Like Son, Two Natal Horoscopes: Fred and Donald Trump

As you've heard, late on Tuesday afternoon (August 1, 2023) an indictment of Donald Trump on 4 counts relating to his J6 coup attempt was announced by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

A planetary factor that really stands out this week is transit Sun in Leo conjunct Trump's 12th house Pluto (10Leo02) which happens to be the apex planet of his Mars-Saturn midpoint, which Reinhold Ebertin calls the death axis.

Since America's orange albatross began his presidential saga in June 2015 (under the auspices of the star of misfortune, Scheat), Trump has demonstrated how willingly he can manipulate his dangerous midpoint picture, Mars-Saturn = Pluto with the fury, destruction, intervention of a higher power, and the "deaths of many people" it entails. Add the nasty, enraged star Algol twinkling upon his Midheaven (The Goal Point), and the corpses can pile up (Algol in Chinese Astrology).

Then by the day of his J6 arraignment, announced for Thursday August 3, 2023 at 4:00 pm edt Washington DC, the Sun will clock in @11Leo14, still within range of shining upon Trump's deadly midpoint picture so that potentially we have: natal Mars-Saturn = tr Sun: 'inability to meet all demands or master all situations' (R.E.); 'a sense of loss; breaking down under stress and strain; eking it out; possible threat to body or health' (Tyl).

Then of course, the Sun-to-Pluto transit casts a spotlight on power, abuse of power issues, and ego concerns all on its own. But with this particular career criminal Trump, we get even more, Trump-style: we get danger and threats from a bruised ego fearing that someone might dump a bowl of mashed potatoes on his head. Or worse yet, lock 'im up.

Well, it's after 1:00 am here so typing any more about this subject must wait for a less sleepy time. Thanks a bunch for reading my late-night musings concerning the litigious scofflaw they call Trump. In closing, I'll leave you with a link to a previous post that displays two horoscopes: the 'J6 Maga Mob Attack' and the Maga Mob Attack's Solar Return 2023 Horoscope where you'll find the Trump J6 Arraignment Sun of August 3rd @11Leo14 shining brightly upon its Midheaven (11Leo26) along with the natal Pluto = Mars-Saturn trio of the orange albatross!

Jan 6, 2023

J6 coup's Solar Return 2023

Castor vs Rukbat: Stalemate of Sedition 2023

by Jude Cowell

As Republican seditionists in the House continue holding the US Congress hostage and paralyzed, thus crippling lawmakers from doing "the people's business", you see below, lower left, a Horoscope of the January 6, 2021 'Mob Attack' (Trump's coup attempt: Capitol Building breached at 2:15 pm est) and the coup attempt's Solar Return 2023 Horoscope, upper right.

My study notes are penned messily on the charts; please enlarge or print the image for easier reading, if you're curious.

Oh and keywords for Castor? Crippling of limbs, and mental illness (how about neurosis: the irrationality of repeating actions over and over and expecting different results? Yet the House logjam has to break at some point, right?). Here we find that Castor opposes (challenges) Rukbat, star of steadiness and strength, in governmental Capricorn: