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Aug 4, 2022

The Pentagon, an Eclipse, and Capricorn

Karmic Saturn: Planet of Authority and Accountability

by Jude Cowell

While combing through SO'W this morning looking for a different topic than what I found, a post displaying the Pentagon's 1942 horoscope surrounded by the 12 North Solar Eclipse Horoscope of January 15, 2010, turned out to be interesting, even useful to today's news events. Not just because this week's public discourse includes the query: were Pentagon officials involved in or complicit with Trump's January 6, 2021 coup attempt against the US government?

See USA Today's Pentagon 'wiped' phones of top Defense officials despite request for Jan 6 texts and emails. Sounds like more seditionists are trying to hide their tracks. It's a thing.

But the post is interesting also because the 12 North Eclipse of 2010 occurred @25Cap01 within the sensitized degree zone of governmental Capricorn which has seen karmic planets Saturn and Pluto working it over pretty good by transit of late. And as you know, the two planets even met on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 to begin a new 33-year cycle of their harsh, compressive energies. Plus, the later degrees of the Cancer-Capricorn axis can have a tendency to treat people as objects (if such influences are unmitigated by other factors), and this is besides the sign's obvious implications in the realms of government, law, and business - some positive, some negative.

Then there's the handy switcheroo manipulated under the FDR administration when US Inaugurations were shifted from the first week in March, to the 20th of January (or other, when the 20th falls on Sunday), effective as of 1937, the change which placed Saturn-ruled Capricorn at Midheaven, the Goal Point of our inaugural charts and presidencies. Of course, included is US 1776 Pluto, and this signals the authoritarian democracy vs fascism dictatorship issues coming to a head in 2022 with America's first-ever Pluto Return, exact three times this very year beginning in February.

Meanwhile, our opportunity to vote in the 2022 Midterms comes in November when we'll attempt to choose what kind of government we want despite thugs and ruffians of a Trumpian persuasion, and the massive, nationwide cheating and rigging campaign that the GOP must perpetrate in order to shove through their anti-societal candidates.

Now commentators have identified the year 2009 as the beginning of anti-government racist organizations such as militia groups and the 'tea party', activated by the 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama whose natal Saturn in Capricorn wasn't despotic enough for them, nor was he Caucasian enough.

So in closing, the Neptune-Pluto global criminal network, termed by some, The Octopus, appears in the Pentagon 1942 post linked, above, so do check it out if you dare!

Vintage Image: White House 1800s

Dec 6, 2008

Scahill on Obama's foreign policy

Hopefully, you've already read Jeremy Scahill's article about Obama's foreign policy team and their hawkish leanings - most have Clintonite status.

Remember what Bill Clinton did almost as soon as he first took office? He bombed Baghdad. The Scahill article gives BHO's advisers and cabinet names with detials on their...associations, and the current and former positions each hold or held.

It is not comforting.

Why, it was only earlier this year that a campaigning Barack Obama said, "I don't just want to end the war, I want to end the mindset that got us into war."

That's a tall order to change people's minds, Barry.

And made quite impossible by appointing advisers who are part of the brigade that created the mindset in the first place under Clinton and Bush administrations, as Scahill more fully explains.

That an Obama presidency will bring real change to America and improvement to our imperialist foreign policy looks more sour each day as we near January 20, 2009.

Does the crisis 29th degree of the 2009 Inaugural Moon (Moon = the people; the public) indicate serious disillusionment with Barack Obama as he takes the (public) Oath of Office?

That it represents the many crises we are experiencing and which are being made worse by the engineered financial meltdown (Scorpio) seems a given to me, but a 29 degree Moon in a US Inaugural chart reflects what are, for now, unknown factors which may become apparent in January, if not in December 2008.

Things may not turn out as expected, but whatever the case by Jan 20, 2009, it will be imperative to deal with it.