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Sep 20, 2008

Obama: Uranian change or Saturn's status quo?

With Barack Obama's natal Saturn (authority) in its sign of traditional Capricorn (politics, law, business) I've been wondering repeatedly whether Obama-as-president would bring us Uranian change or Saturnian status quo, despite campaign rhetoric.

And as both readers of this blog know, Saturn opposes Uranus on Nov 4, 2008...US Election Day, as the universe echoes the importance of this election and the world's future direction - As Above, So Below!

Of course, Saturn may operate as a slower agent for change - Uranian change is quicker and more revolutionary and startling (like the attacks of 9/11/01.) These last several years have been of the Saturnian variety of change once 9/11 was accomplished, and a long-time coming, too. We might ask Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the power elite about that.

So with Barack Obama's change slogan rattling in my brain, I turned to one of my favorite Political/Mundane Astrology writers, Jessica Murray, and found that she's on Obama's case with Stepping Outside the Bubble: The Election of 2008 where the Saturn-Uranus opposition, America's natal chart, campaign politics and propaganda, the 'lesser-of-two-evils' approach which we-the-people so often remark upon from the voting booth, Rovian tactics, the entrenched power elite, the Age of Aquarius vision, and other important issues are analyzed as only Ms. Murray can do.

Is Uranus stronger than Saturn for the US? Well, I agree with Jessica that government by-of-and-for the People IS Uranus incarnated. It is what makes We-The-People worthy of capitalization!

Perhaps 2008's grassroots organization of Americans will win the day for our beset nation whose power elite care not a fig for our hopes, wishes, livelihoods, or futures. Disregard what they say - it's what they do and have done that counts (see Wall Street bail-outs while family businesses and individuals sink. That this is a massive Take-Over is apparent and explains the queasy feeling most Americans are having...and should.)

Wall Street gentry (and the status quo government) may be seen as Saturn and the individual as Uranus, so the Saturn-Uranus opposition describes the current financial crisis as well...we vs them.

Massive grassroots organizing of the individual into a strong, power-wielding group (AQ) is the only way we'll come out of this important election time with measureable change for the better, and with government on our side again, if indeed it's possible at this late date.

And so I ask: which side are you on?

Sep 13, 2008

Sep 12 video: Obama on Tax Relief

Did you catch what Barack Obama said on Sept 12 about tax relief for the middle class? He'd better hurry while we still have shreds of one!

Of course all presidential candidates say glowing things while campaigning, but John McCain's idea to tax health care benefits/premiums is aglow with out-of-touch craziness.

Still, if McCain intends to include paying taxes on his and his colleagues' state-of-the-art health insurance benefits, his proffered plan might be worth some big dough to the US Treasury (aka neocon war coffers.)

Aug 21, 2007

a few astro-notes on Barack Obama

In answer to a reader's query, no! I have not done a full post on the natal chart of Barack Obama. Without a birth time it didn't seem prudent. If I find an accurate time for him I would be pleased to expand.

But here are the few notes done so far on his possible Sun-Moon blend/s depending on which of two signs the Moon was in during the 24 hours of his birth date.

The Great Equalizer = 24 hours in a day. That's all anyone has no matter how 'they' fiddle with time zones or monkey with calendars!