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Aug 23, 2009

Warpaths and a Joyride to Hades

And in front of military veterans, too!

President Barack Obama sounds predictably Bush-like as he stumps on behalf of war to an allegedly willing audience, while evoking 9/11 to justify US imperialism against the whole world - but most especially against the Middle East where the oil lies.

Never mind the true and lasting consequences.

Did I hear you whisper, hope, change...or...audacity?

Once again I assert that changing presidents in honor of the Oval Office is a baton-passing exercise. It has nothing to do with deserting a previous agenda. It has everything to do with continuing an agenda, though perhaps under a different guise...this time, a suave one.

You know the old saw: would you buy a new or used car from this man? Well, it seems you and I already have, but unbeknownst to many, George and Dick were huddled together in the rumble seat, grinning like satanists on a joyride to Hades.

Mr. Obama steps on the gas...

Feb 18, 2009

Ron Paul on Stimulus Bill: video

Ron Paul says there were only 5 copies of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act made available to congressional members which was "business as usual," says Dr. Paul.

Perhaps someone should have snagged the copy that Boehner dropped to the floor in (mock?) contempt.

Rep. Paul is correct on their usual sorry ways, for sure, but they never seem to read - or have their staffers read - the bills they pass anyway (except the parts they may sponsor.)

So if five of them had read the thing before voting, that would be 5 more than usual! And I doubt that Boehner had time to read it before he dropped it.

Ahhh, Capitol Hill Theater...1st act 9:30 am, matinee after lunch.

Oct 17, 2008

George Bush + Oliver Stone natal charts

Lower left chart, George W. Bush (July 6, 1946), upper right chart Oliver Stone (Sep 15, 1946, rating B.)

From what I'm hearing about director Oliver Stone's new film W, he and George W. Bush share something - each has a father complex.

Yet from the looks of their close-in-time natal charts, they share more than that.

Both men were born within the same Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 2 New North, the Series that concerns collapse of plans and lifestyles with long-term effects of rebuilding and transformation. If you relate this Series to the Tarot deck's #16 - The Tower card, you have it in a nutshell.

Brady's Predictive Astrology adds that after the dust settles and the rebuilding starts, the consequences of the re-shaping will have far-reaching effects; this Eclipse Series tends to change people's directions through a sudden collapse of an existing structure.

Now we know that Solar Eclipses can leave their marks for years by sensitizing the degrees at which they manifest, and this particular Series is still having, imo, far-reaching effects (along with the 'King of Terror' - or 'Alarm' - Eclipse of August 11, 1999; 18Leo+, the position of Venus on 9/11/01.)

Both Eclipses are part of the ongoing financial crisis and collapse of our world economy which I have previously stated stems from the ripples issuing from the attacks of 9/11 ("The Tower" x 2.)

That I believe the economic collapse has been on the drawing board for years in order to usher in a new financial world order is beside the point - the point is, you're feeling these effects and so is everyone you know. Fear is what they want us to feel. Notice Warren Buffett's comments about when he buys up stocks.

So the media is helping to prepare us now with "our financial system will never be the same" - things will be 'different', and questions like, Is capitalism dead? You've heard it all, I know you have, as Pluto's transformative power moves into the business-politics-law sign of Capricorn, sign of The Father.

Synchronistically, another 'heralding' event occurred within the 2NN Series: the bombing of the USS Cole (Oct 12, 2000.) And I believe that much of the final plans for the 'New Millennium' switch toward totalitarianism were laid under the auspices of this difficult Eclipse Series along with that of the August '99 Eclipse. The secret hand of Pluto has an ephemeris and Astrology software, too, oh yes it does.

So July 31, 2000's 2NN Eclipse occurred at '7Cancer' which, as you see if you click the image to enlarge, is conj Bush's 12th cusp, and teh Unconscious 12th house is the house of Karma and Self-Undoing, while in Stone's chart '7Can' falls in his 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, and the Higher Mind.

The degree of George Bush's natal Ascendant - and the Midheaven of Oliver Stone - WHAT? in Bush's chart, WHY? in Stone's is '8Leo.' This is also the natal degree of Mercury for Bush, the GOP, and for Alberto Gonzales.

So Bush thinks (Mercury) like a Leo, while Stone thinks like a more somber Virgo. Bush's essence (Sun) is self-protective, crabby Cancer (sorry Cancers, but you know Bush!) while Stone's essence is dedicated worker, Virgo...Stone thinks as he is with Sun and Mercury in the same sign.

This is because by Sept 15, Mercury had moved on to 22Vir41 conj Stone's natal Sun, both of which are conj US n Neptune (film; photography; subterfuge; camera tricks; the masses, including mass delusions) - all of which are conj Barack Obama's natal Mars. That's quite a pile-up of planets at 22Vir+ - esp for transiting Saturn to stomp upon at the end of August, 2009.

And both Bush and Stone have the ruthless pair, Saturn and Pluto snugged around this Bush's Asc, Stone's Mc...'8Leo' = "A Bolshevik Propagandist."

Now Oliver Stone was born during a Moon (publicity) Hour in a Disseminating phase of the Moon (communicator; teacher; propagandist), and Bush was born during an expansive Jupiter Hour during a 1st quarter Moon (which I neglected to note on his chart - 92 degr 56 mins - the 'crisis in action' phase); Bush was born when Pluto was out-of-bounds (oobs), Stone in September when Pluto was back in bounds of the earthly plane and cooperating with the chart's other energies (planets.)

Well, I just wanted to peek at their natal charts since the two men are being compared now because of Stone's bio-pic of Bush (I guess you'd call it a 'bio-pic')'ll see their midpoint pictures listed with quite a bit of 'pile-up' to them, too, and I can type them out for you later if you want, just let me know if you don't have another source for them, okay? I don't mind, but I'm just a wumped-out puppy at the moment.

Perhaps I'll add the rest of their *Sun-Moon Images for Integration later as well since, as you see, I put brief but telling descriptions...thumbnails, if you will...

Oliver Stone: "A sculpture of still life..."

George Bush: "Mother Goose recites a poem..."


* Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey

Sep 20, 2008

Obama: Uranian change or Saturn's status quo?

With Barack Obama's natal Saturn (authority) in its sign of traditional Capricorn (politics, law, business) I've been wondering repeatedly whether Obama-as-president would bring us Uranian change or Saturnian status quo, despite campaign rhetoric.

And as both readers of this blog know, Saturn opposes Uranus on Nov 4, 2008...US Election Day, as the universe echoes the importance of this election and the world's future direction - As Above, So Below!

Of course, Saturn may operate as a slower agent for change - Uranian change is quicker and more revolutionary and startling (like the attacks of 9/11/01.) These last several years have been of the Saturnian variety of change once 9/11 was accomplished, and a long-time coming, too. We might ask Bush, Cheney, Rove, and the power elite about that.

So with Barack Obama's change slogan rattling in my brain, I turned to one of my favorite Political/Mundane Astrology writers, Jessica Murray, and found that she's on Obama's case with Stepping Outside the Bubble: The Election of 2008 where the Saturn-Uranus opposition, America's natal chart, campaign politics and propaganda, the 'lesser-of-two-evils' approach which we-the-people so often remark upon from the voting booth, Rovian tactics, the entrenched power elite, the Age of Aquarius vision, and other important issues are analyzed as only Ms. Murray can do.

Is Uranus stronger than Saturn for the US? Well, I agree with Jessica that government by-of-and-for the People IS Uranus incarnated. It is what makes We-The-People worthy of capitalization!

Perhaps 2008's grassroots organization of Americans will win the day for our beset nation whose power elite care not a fig for our hopes, wishes, livelihoods, or futures. Disregard what they say - it's what they do and have done that counts (see Wall Street bail-outs while family businesses and individuals sink. That this is a massive Take-Over is apparent and explains the queasy feeling most Americans are having...and should.)

Wall Street gentry (and the status quo government) may be seen as Saturn and the individual as Uranus, so the Saturn-Uranus opposition describes the current financial crisis as well...we vs them.

Massive grassroots organizing of the individual into a strong, power-wielding group (AQ) is the only way we'll come out of this important election time with measureable change for the better, and with government on our side again, if indeed it's possible at this late date.

And so I ask: which side are you on?

Sep 4, 2008

The Sagittarian Jupiter of John McCain

Some notes on the natal Jupiter of John McCain have been published on my WordPress blog, if you're interested...

And since Jupiter is the planet of actors, it will be interesting this evening to see how candidate and political thespian McCain expresses himself as he touts his aspirations for the White House.

Aug 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton touts Biden, points delegates

Hillary Clinton, in a pre-Convention flurry to boost the Dem ticket, is apparently about to chuck over her delegates to Obama at a special reception she's throwing in Denver for the chosen few.

She's also admitted knowing Joe Bidden very well and credits him with a years-long fight for social justice (perhaps accurately.)

Yet somehow Biden's sacred-warrior fight appears to be more shadow boxing around social issues without getting much done in the way of progress on behalf of the American people - especially considering that Washington is giving more billions to Pakistan (July 15) in a bill supported by Senator Joseph.

This evening the film Kill Bill was showing on TV.

But it seems as if the only kind of bill Capitol Hill kills are the ones which might actually do some common good for the people whose tax monies are needed at home.

Yes, they'll be speaking lilting words to rouse the masses in Denver this week including VP speaker Joseph Biden. Let's hope that something useful actually comes from it before all is said and done.

Because even the lamest accountant would know that if you send more billions to other countries than are being retained for the upkeep of your own litter box you'll soon have let the put-upon cat out the cash-strapped American bag.

Jul 23, 2008

McCain's Neverending war: video link

In his own words, folks!

Is it possible that POW McCain has never left war?

Now Barack Obama will almost certainly disappoint the American people on redeploying from Iraq soon enough to suit (like 5 years ago), withdrawing, etc, but I'll have to take my chances on that because look at the alternative with McCain...American children as cannon fodder for many years to come- that's what Maverick McCain is promising in spite of his recent equivocations.

And we know that the USA has some hard days ahead and has reached the limits of her power in the world (Progressed Full Moon in Virgo, December 2008; Mars now Rx by Progression...Mars = the military; police force - which will be used at home.)

But as the I Ching so wisely advises those who are willing to learn: there's no shame in regrouping forces to plan anew!

Jul 11, 2008

Carol Shepp McCain's Wedding Day 1965

A Wedding Day Astrology article is now published if you've been wondering about the starry portents of the McCain - Shepp Wedding Day of July 3, 1965.

Using the Sun (male) and Moon (female) positions for the day, we may finagle a few details concerning this marriage which was so rudely interrupted by...McCain's next marriage to Cindy Hensley - his current wife, if you're counting!

Jun 27, 2008

Dems' Unity Tour kick-off today

For some off-the-cuff astrological remarks on today's Unity Tour kick-off rally in Unity, New Hampshire, please see Barack and Hillary rally in Unity.

It's unity in Unity for the Democratic Party along with campaign debt relief for the suspended Clinton campaign--but it's political thespian Barack Obama appearing as Mr. Excitement that makes the day for the rallying crowd!

Jun 18, 2008

Summer Solstice 2008

My 2008 Summer Solstice chart has now been updated if you wish to check it out.

And I want to reply here to a comment to my last post on the White House deleted/MIA emails because Blogger doesn't always allow to add a reply there and I don't have time to fuss with it.

It should apply to any administration (and has until now) but it's this administration that's hiding these communiques. "National secrets" could certainly be redacted esp with the current redacting pen so ever present.

Your defense of what is so obviously a cover-up to keep their way of doing business secretive and their patooties intact--in this the 'most secretive' of White Houses, as everyone has agreed long ago--doesn't change the fact that they're hiding their actions and motives concerning Valerie Plame, the attorneys general firings, and their illegal, preemptive war of choice.

Protecting Bush, Cheney, friends, energy industry pals, enablers, the Pentagon, and Republican politicians is all important here. Thieves and crooks should be concerned to hide their tracks and accountability is unknown in Washington on both (illusory) sides of the aisle--and as an Independent I blame them all.

My guess is that there are more things to be known from these emails than we heretofore have suspected...something even more "above the law" than we've seen before!

Oh, and I do thank you for commenting. jude

Mar 18, 2008

Obama's speech on race March 18, 2008

The Obama campaign has released a transcript of the Senator's speech on race which he gave earlier today in Philadelphia in an attempt to diffuse the furor over his relationship with Pastor Wright, an American citizen who has a right to express his own views.

And here's my post from this morning on Obama's natal Chiron in mystical Pisces which applies to the issues of religion, race, and serving the political gods as he is want to do.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is the victim/savior axis, as you know, and tr Saturn Rx has been within orb of opposing his natal Chiron this year--a time when parental issues come to the surface and humanitarian causes are on the front burner. A presidential candidate mindful of humanitarian issues--is this for real?

Healthcare, the economy, and the war in Iraq were his themes as he asked for America to come together on these issues which are begging for Washington's attention rather than diverting ourselves with (or allowing the media to multiply) the red herrings of presidential rhetoric in avoidance of our dire and real problems.

I have to agree with him there...the divide and conquer tactics of our pretend-two-party system have proven too successful for the People's common good...but it sure keeps the same old fatcat crusties wielding power in Washington, doesn't it?