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Oct 26, 2019

When Will Transit Neptune Reach the Aries Point?

Whenever there's an activation of the Aries Point (and/or the three other Cardinal Points--00 degrees Libra-Cancer-Capricorn) by transiting planet or progression, a major cycle begins and significant global or large events are apt to occur. As it turns out, the world will experience such vernal activation by transpersonal planet Neptune leaving its own sign of Pisces and reaching the Aries Point for the first time in our modern era on March 30, 2025. This is the first Neptune-Aries-Point conjunction since the 19th century and was in effect during America's Civil War.

Now as you know, astrological Neptune rules multiple realms and possibilities, all of which are easily accessible in astrology books and online so I'll not attempt to list them here (having done so in previous posts). Yet obviously, the Collective Unconscious is one such important realm via Neptune's association with the 12th house in horoscopes of all types with Neptune's 'magic wand' influence being either positive or negative, or some combination of both. Plus, in Astrology the planet's urge to merge and Divine Source implications are basic features of its nature along with natural disasters involving water or other liquids, and/or contagions and poisons. Of course, when it comes to monarchy as a form of government, the word deluge comes easily to mind.

So when may we look forward into the distant mist of time and spy transit Neptune's next entry into Mars-ruled Aries at Aries Point and what cosmic weather may be expected from the Zodiacal shift of this gaseous, karmic planet that wears many masks and disguises? After all, the 12th is the Unconscious house of karma where Neptune co-rules with traditional ruler Jupiter (also known for his boundary breaking or neglecting ability).

According to my Solar Fire Gold v9 software, transit Neptune next catalyzes Aries Point on March 30, 2025, as noted above. Due to retrogradation, other conjunctions to, or within 2 degrees of, the AP occur including in late January 2026 and beyond.

As for the energy shift, Neptune in Pisces has been a period when peace and harmony were possible though not necessarily achieved, as you know, and interest in psychism, mysticism, and the occult has been on the rise along with inspired creativity. Negatively, this is a period of contagions and epidemics, losses, deceit, illusions and delusions, scandals, fraudulent schemes, bubbles about to pop, propaganda, pathological tendencies, fear and paranoia. Everyone's credibility and authenticity are now questioned, even challenged, and none more so than in the realms of Politics, Law, and Business via shady characters pretending to be honest, aboveboard, and worthy of the positions they hold (in spite of rigged elections!). Certainly Neptune's handmaidens the masses and the media are major parts of the elusive bargain of confusion, illusion, and lies in advertising, networks (social and otherwise), and in politics.

Once Neptune floats into Aries, will society be any better off?

This placement denotes a period when comes the realization that spiritual regeneration is imperative and may be accessed by the masses. Neptune was last in Aries in 1861/62--1874/75 when the spiritist or spiritualist movement was in high bloom across the US and parts of Europe. In America, the movement had received a huge boost on March 31, 1848 when the two Fox sisters of Hydesville, New York, began "communicating" bwo "knocking sounds" with the "spirit" of a murdered peddler allegedly buried in the cellar of the little girls' house. Then in 1888, one of the sisters admitted that they had faked the entire thing although she later recanted. Now I should probably mention here that I personally do not believe in disembodied 'spirits' knocking or otherwise so my hope is that such a deluded craze will never again sweep across this or any other land--no matter ectoplasmic Neptune's sign.

So for the negative potentials of Neptune in Aries this time around in its 164-year cycle, let's stick to reality as much as possible--a reality which unfortunately may include dealing with issues such as spiritual pride, insane ideas, and an annoying abundance of egotism!

Above image: Neptune Ascends, a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell.

For more Neptune stuff why not visit my Hollywood Horoscope blog Neptune's Silver Screen where you might discover astro-notes concerning a favorite classic film star--and no politics!

May 8, 2018

A ginger step into Donald Trump's 12th house

Trump: A Man Overshadowed by Shadows

by Jude Cowell

The partial horoscope you see below centers on the 12th house of Donald J. Trump born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York. Assuming that his birth time of 10:54 am edt is accurate, we find a Leo cusp making the Sun ruler of his 12th house with karmic Pluto and warrior Mars posited there in the house of the Unconscious. In a different house system, there may even be a bit of the Moon there as well through the last degree/s of Cancer, so I'll include that just in case and you can see what you think of its potentials. Of course, mundanely speaking, the 12th is also the house (department) of Politics, Self-Undoing, Karma, Behind-the-Scenes, and Large Institutions.

So now, if we all hold hands and tip toe, it may be safe to take a ginger step even deeper into the 12th house of the secretive Donald Trump by considering the 12th house influence of the Sun and Moon along with his Mars and Pluto posited there; and please note that all of these planetary energies are often displaced onto other people via Trump's transparent attempts to deflect accusations away from his nibs himself:

In his book Houses of the Horoscope: An introduction, Alan Oken names the micro-cosmic 12th the "I Am the Universe" house and says that it is "the custodian of the truth" which contains both hidden treasures and weaknesses. Plus, Oken notes that the 12th house is the place of hospitals, prisons, monasteries, dungeons, and insane asylums. One assumes that the US Congress must be included along with zoos. And since primal Pluto is the planet of Psychology, we should also note that Trump's natal Pluto in prideful Leo is unaspected and thus its influence is detached from the rest of his psyche and cannot moderate other components of his nature--neither can Pluto regenerate them. So manipulative wealth-hoarder Pluto, an 'ivory tower' isolationist, stands alone in Trump's Unconscious and suggests that he is a man "overshadowed by shadows" (Tierney), a condition which renders him consciously unaware of his most primal urges, desires, and motivations, and therefore leaves his darker nature intact and in charge.

Distorted by years of repression, Pluto in 12th house denotes intense passions, primal fears, and obsessions that for Donald Trump are unevolved because his Pluto is unaspected and detached from his other planets. He may often feel that his ego will be overpowered by others unless he fights 'tooth and nail' for he must win at any cost just to survive. Compulsively he tries one defense then another in an effort to defend himself from attack even though the gained relief may be only temporary and such 'solutions' usually lead to bigger problems later on. Is Trump a bearer of our Collective Shadow? Pluto in 12th says so, and reveals the presence of demonic forces of the unresolved 'sewage' of mankind. Tragically, this supports the theory now being heard in our public discourse that we Americans have the president we deserve.

That his natal Pluto has no regenerative function with his other planets says that shadowy facets of his personality are never confronted in meaningful ways, therefore, Trump is as he has been and will be. "Let Trump be Trump," say his fans. But unfortunately this gives Underworld Pluto even more power to sabotage and manipulate in dark and hate-filled ways.

As for Pluto (or Scorpio) associated with the 12th house, a famous bard said it best for he 'enjoyed' such a placement himself: "Hell is empty! And all the devils are here." - William Shakespeare.

And this American suggests that many of them have infiltrated Washington DC, led by Donald Trump.

As ruler of his 12th house, a 12th house Sun influence is a placement suggesting unconscious arrogance and egotism. A private sanctuary is needed since a sensitive and vulnerable nature is implied. This placement hints at Trump's private world of his own, a fantasy world where everything goes 'right' for Donald. Feelings of inferiority and poor self esteem were created by narcissistic parents who (one or both) belittled him in childhood. Yet his inner resources are vast and they must have been since he overcame negative conditioning enough to rise to the top position of leadership in the US--with Politics being an interest of a 12th house Sun. And as we've noticed, tolerating failure is not an option for Mr. Trump with a 12th house Sun influence for he only admires 'winners', an attitude his father may have expressed.

Of course, poor self esteem tends to inspire self-defeating behaviors and spark the images of martyrdom playing in his head as he reacts to current criticism as if his (shaming) parents are on his case. For on an unconscious level, they are--and these are life-and-death matters to Mr. Trump whose fight for survival goes on via the difficult situations that he himself creates from a deep-seated sense of guilt for being born. And this solar placement indicates feelings of being 'squashed' by his father who probably treated Donald's existence as insignificant. Note that Trump's natal Saturn (father; authority figures; restriction) in detriment in Moon-ruled, shell-building Cancer (mother; family; self-protection) supports this with tendencies toward difficult family contacts, depressing conditions within the family, emotional hypersensitivity, lack of personal security, neurotic reactions, materialism, and weight gain (Sakoian).

Moon and the 12th house: Maybe?

With very early degrees of Leo on the 12th cusp in the Placidus System, a possible Lunar association with the Unconscious 12th house in a different house system suggests a very private person though you'd hardly know this from Trump's long-held desire to be in the public spotlight. Actually, I've wondered of late how he could possibly have expected that gaining the White House with its resulting brighter spotlight would keep hidden certain of his actions and relationships secret. Oh well, that's another of the many paradoxes of Donald Trump and of course, the Moon is associated with publicity, good and bad! As for a possible 12th house Lunar influence, it indicates that feelings are often blocked and he tends to seek refuge in habitual activities performed automatically. One thinks of buckets of fried chicken eaten in bed as he watches TV personalities who support rather than criticize him. "Be strong, don't cry!" may have been heard from mother back in the day and any dependency on others probably frightens him on an emotional level.

And so it seems that little Donald may have been forced to care for himself in various ways due to an unavailable or distant mother and thus has learned substitution behaviors and activities for the nurturing he did not receive (his natal Moon conjunct the Saturnian South Node speaks to early separation from or rejection by mother--or the fear of it, resulting in rejection issues that may include feelings of physical inadequacy).

It has been reported that Mr. Trump spends hours with his mirror every morning tending to his personal toilette which includes a hair routine and Moon influencing 12th house denotes one who is compulsive about maintaining his caring-for-self rituals. To me, he favors someone who cuts their own hair because he doesn't trust anyone else to do it his way!

Now on a more positive note, Moon associated with the 12th house reveals a person with exceptional intuitive ability ('reading people') which is very useful in Politics and in public relations as he uses rhetoric to sway the masses ('the public' - also represented by the Moon). In fact, he used this ability to read public sentiment and got himself elected with it through reading emotional undercurrents. This intuitive ability is the primary reason I include a 12th house Moon here, that and Trump's deep emotional need for constant publicity and his issues with women.

Yet also, Mr. Trump seems to be confused over his relationship to women and has distorted ideas about them and about motherhood. Multiple homes and restlessness are suggested here due to a fear of 'settling down' and a deep distrust of others is also shown by a 12th house Lunar placement--distrust which was probably engendered by early emotional insecurities and strains.

Mars in 12th House: Anger Issues

Besides having Pleiadean stars of rage and passion at his Taurus Midheaven, motivational Mars, planet of action and energy, is in 12th house indicating that secret plots and hidden enemies are involved in his life and much work is carried on behind the scenes (including the hiring of 'private eyes'). Unconscious anger can be misdirected or displaced onto others while secret relationships, compulsive romantic affairs, and/or unacknowledged infatuations and fantasies may be prevalent. Passive-aggressive behavior and acts of revenge are implied as are hidden fears and paranoia--often concerning secrets or scandals which may become public and embarrass or humiliate. This "plumb the depths of the psyche" placement of Mars would be advantageous except for the non-involvement of his detached Pluto mentioned above. Still, Donald Trump is capable of plumbing the depths of other people's psyches although he keeps this handy skill as hidden as possible while using it to avenge himself against those he considers his 'enemies' (real or imagined). Note that the indications of the Moon possibly associated with his 12th house concurs via her intuitive ability.

Mars in 12th house also describes Trump's temper tantrums and enraged overreactions to outside events that don't go his way and to people who get in his way, and yes, again this placement points toward parental complexes instilled in Donald during childhood and adolescence when he probably heard such things as, Be a Man! or, You have no right to be angry! Of course, with his Mars rising in egotistical Leo, plus, the chaotic behavior of his natal Uranus in duplicitous Gemini, we know that angry is exactly what he was and is almost constantly. Yet 12th house Mars prefers to avoid open conflict, thus his squishy way of firing people such as former FBI Director James Comey--because Trump fears being challenged and feels inadequate to successfully defend himself. This placement also indicates one who sends others out to defend and/or speak for him, such as his old pal Rudy Guiliani and press secretary Sarah Sanders (often kept 'out of the loop' so that lies can be told with a more-or-less straight face).

As for acts of revenge, Donald Trump was apparently born with royal Regulus rising, a star with a caution to avoid taking revenge, otherwise all that has been gained will be taken away. This caution isn't proving to be one the retaliating Mr. Trump seems able to observe and we'll see at some point whether its dire warning comes to pass. After all, it's a natural law that what goes up must come down.

Now without going into too much detail, we should mention that a 12th house Mars also indicates a potential for sexual trauma in childhood leading to sexuality issues aggravated by the Be a Man! damage he may have internalized. In other words, his aggressive desire nature was squelched but has run rampant every chance it got. Now I have previously stated that the recent 'raid' of Dr. Bornstein's office of Trump's medical records came once the doctor publicly mentioned that Trump takes a hair loss drug, Propecia, with its known side effect of causing impotence, a 12th house fear of lusty Mars. His rising 12th house Mars in romantic, proud Leo must have been enraged by this anti-macho disclosure!

Plus, the Martian placement also suggests that Trump may suffer from disturbing nightmares (is this why he's said to sleep very little?) which range from aggression to acts of violence (undoubtedly intensified by his 12th house Pluto, planet of rape and the Underworld). He certainly has suggested that acts of violence be committed by others during Campaign 2016 and has identified with them himself from the bully pulpit of the White House.

Still, Mr. Trump may not consciously know what he wants until his desires are frustrated and he may be disappointed once he achieves them. That this may include his long-held obsession with occupying the Oval Office I shall leave up to you to decide.

Jan 27, 2017

DC Horoscopes: Feb 2017 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

February 2017 'Wild Card' Eclipses with Murky Karmic Conditions

In February 2017, the first eclipse of the year is a Lunar Eclipse on February 10, 2017 @22Leo followed by the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pisces in the 19 South Saros Series. Here are both charts set for Washington DC; please enlarge to read notes for not all chart factors will be discussed in the following text:

Lunar Eclipse @22Leo28 Feb 10, 2017 7:32:49 pm est:

Solar Eclipse 19 South February 26, 2017 9:58:19 am est:

19 South last manifested on February 16, 1999 @27Aquarius, the position of US natal Moon (We the People) for those who use a late afternoon chart (July 4, 1776). The next Solar Eclipse in 1999 was the 'King of Terror' (or 'Alarm') eclipse which had apparently been predicted by doctor, seer, and astrologer Nostradamus with its Fixed Grand Cross of planets in mid-degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. And into the New Millennium, we know what the so-called 'War on Terror' brought the world, don't we?

The August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse is aka, The Mother of All Eclipses because it's in the 1 North Saros Series. 1 North will repeat across the continental US as The Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017 @29Leo, a critical degree that conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant and his rising star Regulus. This will 'pull in' his natal Mars @26Leo as well and gives us pause when we consider that Mr. Trump was born into the 2 Old North Saros Series which occurred on May 30, 1946 @9Gemini--conjunct America's revolutionary planet of anarchy, Uranus. His natal Uranus is prominent in his natal 10th house (the world stage) and my suspicion is that the US and global Million Woman Marches the day after his inauguration, plus, other protests against Trump's Uranian presidency are only the beginning of the disruption and chaos he and his ilk will cause. I sincerely hope not, but there it is.

Unconscious Lunar vs Conscious Solar

All that aside, my purpose in this post today is to publish the February 2017 Lunar and Solar Eclipse horoscopes (set for DC) but also to mention a bit about the role of a Lunar Eclipse in relation to a Solar Eclipse. Naturally, the astrological Moon represents the unconscious and the Sun aligns with the conscious mind. Instinctive habits and childhood are in the realms of the Moon while one's adult personality and purpose are solar functions symbolically seen in horoscopes by the Sun and its condition via sign, degree, house placement, and aspects to other planets and points.

With a Lunar Eclipse, the sign relates to how we instinctively respond to karmic events and circumstances so the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Leo signifies pride, vanity, conceit, egoism, and drama with a potential for leadership qualities. If there is spiritual support for karmic progress to be made it is seen via the house polarity of the eclipse, a Full Moon, and in this case, the Lunar Eclipse manifests across the 6/12 victim-savior axis in Washington, as you see, and this also includes Health Matters, Jobs, Police, and Civil and Military Service. And of course, in Mundane Astrology, politics, backroom deals, large institutions such as hospitals and prisons, karma (reaping what's been sown), and self-undoing are associated with the secretive 12th house of The Unconscious.

As you see, the previously occurring Solar Eclipse @9Vir21 (Sept 1, 2016) is also in 12th house of this chart but there's a new solar influence coming on February 26th which will override the effects of the Virgo Solar Eclipse and its themes of truth-tackling and realism--which struggled because it was opposed by delusional, deceptive Neptune in Pisces. On one level, Neptune has expressed in the Collective as fake (Neptune) news or facts (Saturn). Yet realistic, authentic Saturn does not care for Kellyanne Conway's promotion and use of "alternate facts" as on the January 22nd Meet the Press (video)! But what else does Mrs. Conway have to offer the public? She may hear Mr. Trump's "You're fired!" sooner than she thinks if he no longer considers her useful.

Astro-Notes for Kellyanne Conway.

Still, it is a fact that the February 10th Lunar Eclipse occurs prior to the February 26th Solar Eclipse, a condition reflecting the waning or declining phase of the Moon from Full brightness to New shadiness. This suggests a passive response on our parts to what the Pisces Solar Eclipse has in store for Humanity (11th house). And since the 11th house is also the house of the US Congress (senators and reps alike) we may expect Neptunian actions of a secretive and/or undermining nature to be taken against the public with Pisces ruled by Jupiter, sub-ruled by Neptune--and Neptune as Key Planet (a 3m-22s-degree orb to the Solar Eclipse).

So instead of Neptune influencing a solar eclipse by opposition as in September 2016 into 2017, Neptune will now conjoin the February Solar Eclipse which hints at the confusion, delusion, disappointment, obfuscation, lies, and even fraud and corruption which may be expected from a Trump administration peopled by amateurs, propagandists, anarchists, bankers, and foreclosure kings (like nervous tic Mnuchin). And with Neptune as ruler of mass media, some political pundits, media personalities, and reporters are already kow-towing to Trump's way of doing things (as in, no criticism allowed). The Trump administration prefers hiding behind Neptune's mask and a solar eclipse, the dark of the Moon (publicity), in the shady sign of Pisces is an opportune time for unpopular activities.

However, there are several planetary patterns in the charts, particularly in the Lunar Eclipse chart describing the public reaction to the Feb 26th Solar Eclipse conditions. Two Kite patterns (high-flying success) involve the Moon (We the People) and one Kite includes the Sun (leadership). A Mystic Rectangle of practical mysticism made up of positive sextiles and trines provides inspiration, and two T-Squares (though one only expresses at MC and involves corruption and improbable schemes) tell a tale of 'The Big Picture' directed by powerful Pluto at 18 Capricorn, the Uranus-Neptune New World Order degree spotlighted in 1993. This apex Pluto parallels asteroid Cupido which denotes The Family, The Underworld Syndicate, and Corporatism which are the puppet-master entities that exploit us. Jupiter-Uranus = apex Pluto suggests devices that transform the world (Munkasey) and/or sudden changes in financial conditions (Ebertin).

The Lunar Eclipse's degrees of Moon and Sun are revealing for Luna is at the 'worst foot forward' or 'foot-in-mouth' degree of Leo and the Sun's Sabian Symbol is: "A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws" which may refer to Mr. Trump (his Leo Mars-ASC-Regulus on the Leo end of the Full Moon) and Vladimir Putin of Russia, a country known by its symbol of a Big Bear.

With Pisces There Are Karmic Implications Afoot

The karmic implications of a (secretive) Pisces Solar Eclipse imply much difficulty uncovering hidden relationships and the causes of negative conditions due to a multiplicity of veiled factors which are made even more obscure because the Virgo-Pisces axis and solar eclipse are intercepted--here, across the Self-Will axis (5/11) in Washington, DC. A karmic stalemate is in force as the eclipse manifests and affects the Collective (around the time of the Feb 10th Lunar Eclipse) although the interception will disappear as the chart and the year progress. Dream interpretation may be helpful for those who are interested in finding insights as they drift up from the personal and the Collective Unconscious--as long as taking action isn't allowed to be stymied or negated by Piscean apathy or laziness.

My suspicion is that most people could agree that the positive traits of Pisces such as compassion and creative inspiration are much preferred when dealing with societal problems and issues rather than austerity measures that cause suffering such as cutting social programs of Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Social Security. Such cuts will not only cause suffering and harm to the American people but will seriously affect the US economy, damage already in the works under the GOP 'repeal and replace' ideology meant to sabotage the ACA.

The time for apathy has long passed, dear reader! For as progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann has often said, Democracy is not a spectator sport...participate!

Related: Karmic Planets Hit Natal Chart of Donald Trump including Saturn, planet of realism and accountability.

Jan 12, 2015

Manly P Hall: Reap What You Sow (video)

Know Thyself

As a Saturnian astrologer I read in horoscopes South Nodes, the Moon, the Unconscious 12th house of karma and self-undoing, the Vertex and Anti-Vertex, and other karmic points and indicators as reaping-what's-been-sown rather than as past-life-reincarnation information. For me, past-life karmic material means genetic inheritance and I adhere to the theory that certain chart factors such as YOD patterns alert us to issues, circumstances, and behaviors that were not successfully or positively handled or resolved by our ancestors and which must now play out in the current life and be dealt with--hopefully with awareness and skill. The over-used word 'closure' comes to mind.

Astrology is not a belief system. Yet I do believe that the revelation of one's inherited tendencies is one of the better reasons to know and understand one's natal chart and thus to know thyself which includes unconscious motivations!

Yet on the other palm...

Though quite the Uranian, astrologer, author, lecturer, genius, showman, and pioneer Manly Palmer Hall remains a valuable source for Astrology studies and was a fascinating, complex character as well. See what you think about this excerpt from one of his talks on the topic of the natural law: Reap What You Sow...

Sep 19, 2009

Mercury, Halloween, and the Mysterious 12th House

Soon it will be All Hallows Eve, or as we call it around these parts, Halloween.

And thus the Unruly Tricksters of the Twelfth House may be on every one's menu as the dark festivities draw near, so I hope you'll check out a mercurial article I was privileged to write for Scotland's master astrologer Anne Whitaker's excellent blog, Writing from the twelfth house.

True confession: yes, Mercury is my natal chart-ruler and ruler of my Midheaven, too. Do you know which signs that relationship pertains to? Actually, I can tell you from experience that it's rather nice to be born with the WHAT? (ASC) of your chart being influenced by the same planetary ruler as the WHY? (MC)! The polarity for both axes - ASC/DESC and MC/IC - is the Mercury/Jupiter combo, as long as you, like me, don't use outer planets as sign rulers.

But if you favor using Neptune as sign ruler, then go right ahead. Personally I tend to think of the 3 transpersonal planets as higher vibrations or octaves aiding and informing their inner cousins:

The desire nature of Scorpio's Mars is deepened by distant yet obsessive Pluto, Aquarius' staid Saturn leans forward with progressive Uranus, while Pisces' Jupiter is awash with Neptune's inspirational, irresistible urge to merge with the Divine Source.

So if your natal chart (or any chart) has Mercury posited in, or associated with, the Unconscious house of Karma and Self-Undoing, you may tend to have experiences with the tricks, mistakes, or 'mispeakings' that can issue from underneath your normal consciousness, as scampish Mercury gleefully erupts in the most awkward ways at precisely the most inopportune times. You may even see goblins that are only tricks of light and sound, especially if you're interested in and unconsciously inviting such phenomena.

So get thee ready for Halloween, costume or not, and check out how Anne has illustrated my article with a brilliant (if sexy) pose from god Mercury itself - just keep your roving eyes upon the wing'ed helmet and pass me my jester's cap please, for there are treats to be collected at the crossroads and I must begin my journey without further delay...


Note: the blog linked above, All Hallows Eve, has an interesting post concerning the 159th anniversary of the death of poet and critic, Edgar Allan Poe. But that was in 2008 - Oct 7, 2009 is the 160th anniversary of Poe's mysterious death, and if time permits, I am determined to complete and publish before Halloween my rather lengthy astrological analysis of Poe's natal and death charts which is saved in Draft form.

E. A. Poe remains a fascinating man who is credited with being the Father of the Modern Detective Novel, so check back in the next couple of weeks to see if I met my own expectations. And one may assume that Baltimore's infamous 'Poe Toaster' will be visiting the poet's graveside in the middle of the gloomy night once again. jc