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Sep 8, 2010

Looking ahead to November midterms 2010

While Democrats pushed through a jobs bill that kept the doors open at local schools, hospitals, and senior centers, Republicans voted to lay off hundreds of thousands of Americans.

While Democrats looked out for us, paying for this bill by eliminating corporate loopholes, Republicans looked out for CEOs who shipped jobs overseas.

It's a clear choice this November. Either we open doors to a better future, or we slam the door in its face.


The above words are not my own. They came with the video (thanks, Alex!) but I have to say that the Republican Party prefers Big Corporations even more than the Democratic Party does.

Or at least I feel less left out with Democrats in charge.

Yeah, that's some choice the American people have for November midterms but I've never ever voted for George W. Bush before so you certainly won't catch me voting for Bush-Cheney policies this November 2010. You?

For if the GOP should wrest control of the House or Senate in November, the resulting gridlock will tie this country into more knots than we've ever before seen at a critical time when things need to improve, not stagnate in Washington.

Now I'm not a big fan of the health insurance legislation that was passed because I don't think it addressed our issues well enough and will cause rising costs for the American people, at least in the short run. But the middle class will not appreciate Republicans fighting that battle over ad nauseum, along with other battles against a Dem White House, just to score political points for their side and make themselves look important.

One thing we cannot do in November, however, is stay home, not vote, and let the GOP trample over us as they did for 8 years under Bush-Cheney. How are we liking the wars Bush-Cheney started and refused to finish? Because those neocon warhawks are what we'll be voting for in November if we vote GOP. That, I refuse to do.

And all this comes from a blogging gnat who doesn't believe the US actually has a two-party system. More Independents, please!

Now imagine if everyone in the nation got behind President Obama - and if his policies didn't work, like FDR, he and we would try something else. Actually, I thought that's what our collective plan was from January 20, 2009. And no, the Democrats are no angels, but who tossed the monkey wrench of obstructionism into our plan out of sheer spite and cussedness for losing the White House?

Predictably, it's the rabid Republican Party which seems to think they have a 'divine right' to rule. They did no soul searching when they lost in 2008. They took their same old deficiencies and prejudices and beat Mr. Obama over the head with them. I was one of those who said, Shut up. You lost. But they plowed through led by Rush's "I hope he fails" ploy. One assumes the rest of Rush's sentiment involves the failing of the nation as well since presidents-r-us.

And that's after we crashed into the ditch the GOP drove us into under Bush-Cheney with Limbaugh cheering them on! So who profited most from those 8 years? Maybe you. But it certainly wasn't the majority of the American people.

Well, if Washington politicians aren't going to legislate on Capitol Hill led by the party in power without resorting to this sort of stubborn undermining and trickery by the minority party until the nation is in worse trouble than before, why not reduce our government to only one party in name as it acts in deed? Call a ruling class a ruling class and forget the tiresome theatrics.

When the power and ego games they play leave we-the-people and our pressing business out of the political process, it's our right to kick them out of Washington. In the 2010 midterms, I'll vote Dem or Independent, but I can't think of one single Republican who deserves a chance in November to show me what he or she can do. Their party's actions and ideology of the past 10 years have shown me too well what they can do and will do if they gain a majority of seats in either chamber.

They'll ramp up the nastiness against the White House, gridlock everything, and once again the American people will be the collateral damage of the 'win at any cost' tactics that much of Washington loves so well.

Is more gridlock what we need at this critical juncture?

Or should we support the White House we have while letting Mr. Obama know when we - not the power-seeking opponents trying to undermine him - don't agree with his policies?

May 1, 2010

Our Cardinal Squares and a Cross to bear 2010 - 2014

A previously published article on the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross, which is about to kick civilization's booty, has garnered quite a few readers on my Jude's Threshold tapestry blog so if you missed it, here's a link for you.

You'll find that I touted master astrologer Jessica Murray's writings on the subject for I'd be daft not to, wouldn't I? As you may know, Jessica is the author of Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America where she puts our racked-with-guilt nation on the sofa and under Astrology's lens to diagnose our deepest problems, without sentiment or rosy illusions.

Now here are a few general notes on the planetary squares (90 degr) formed as of Spring 2010, a harrowing time, for the planets involved have not been in this particular pattern since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Not comforting? I know!

Saturn SQ Pluto: this aspect is the poster child for the 'sore losers' among us and the populations of countries across the globe may be described here along with other soreheads and malcontents of the governmental and terrorist persuasions. (Yes, they are very often one and the same.)

The Sat/Plu square brings out bitterness and strife in the collective, and, depending on the houses where Saturn and Pluto now traverse in individual charts, perhaps for you and me as well. Feeling threatened and grasping control seems to me to be one of the square's main issues or goals as emotional and financial security form a platform for well-deserved dissent by the masses.

The Sat/Plu square is a crisis-stop along the way within the current Sat/Plu cycle which culminated with the attacks of 9/11 at their opposition, therefore, issues relating to 9/11 will be in the news with more force than of late.

Envy of those in power make clashes inevitable especially given how governments have mismanaged and embezzled national monies (done on purpose, as I always assert, to collapse national governments) and officials are now in process of beggaring their populations, as if they weren't beggared enough before.

Uranus SQ Pluto: this doozy may affect November 2010 elections in the US since it spawns an atmosphere of apathy in most folk who think there will always be others willing to stand up for their rights and freedoms. But let's not be too sure of that - Vote in November!

The Ura/Plu square brings a time of dramatic events as evidenced during their square of 1931 - 1934 when the entire globe was financially and socially affected and revolt! was the catch-phrase. That these are Cardinal squares gives them world-changing potential (Ari/Lib-Can/Cap is the Cardinal axis involved, indicating outgoing energies.)

Danger signals include popular movements and political machinations which tend to rise up during just such an apathetic time, so speak out even if you can't show up for demonstrations. History reminds us that Hitler seized power under these revolutionary energies, along with his doppelganger, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. One of them was simply nicer and more patient than the other and still tended to follow the laws of the land when he had to. Can you figure out which was which?

Yes, tyrants are on the rise under the auspices of these difficult squares so don't accept any political movement at face value or you may be grievously disappointed when all the varmints eventually show their true hand...and it favors, more than anything, a claw of the devil guiding the New World Order.

And remember that riots play right into the NWO's claws along with their use of false flag ops to ratchet up our rage and direct outcomes, so beware, my friends, for restrictive laws tend to be enacted based on the illusions and deceits of false flag ops.

Now, jolly Jupiter's expansive energy will join quirky, rebellious, innovative Uranus at World Point 00Aries00 on June 8, 2010 so we have an expanded and thickened plot to consider:

Jupiter SQ Pluto mixes in additional rebellion tendencies as authorities are further challenged; expecting large returns from little or no investments now is pointless so we may experience more roiling of world stock markets. (Plus, Jupiter is on the verge of opposing Saturn, two planets which under gird markets and social stability - expansion vs restriction. Our current Jup/Sat cycle began May 28, 2000 @ 22Tau43; their opposition indicates a culminating or fulfilling phase of projects begun in 2000. Yes, the New Millennium plans of the Illuminati are marching apace in 2010 and crashing our world with it - as they've planned all along.)

When working together, Jupiter/Pluto = pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons (US and Russia? Others?); growth of spy agencies, surveillance, and greater power is gained for religious leaders (will this give Mitt Romney a boost for a prez campaign? Huckabee, anyone?)

The 'large-scale undertakings' and 'big bankers' duo of *Jup/Plu also has 'self-destructive forces stem from official corruption or moral laxity' connotations; criminal elements have great social influence, legal documents may be destroyed, and there are tremendously destructive natural disasters. (But this doesn't rule out that 'natural' disasters can have a man made component to them that makes things worse.)

As you know, Jupiter and Pluto held a Great Conjunction 'meeting' on December 11, 2007 @ 28Sag24, a day the Fed met to discuss and announce interest rate cuts just a few minutes before the Jup/Plu conjunction became exact! So on one level, we might think of Jupiter as 'the Fed' of bankers conclaving with their higher-ups in the NWO...aka, god of Hades, draconian guardian of the world's riches - power-driven Pluto of secret hand fame.

Plus, is it mere coincidence that December 2007 is now referred to as the 'official start of the current recession'? The Jup/Plu cycle began then and the current Jupiter/Pluto square represents a crisis point in their cycle and brings much dissent among those who are disenfranchised and bereft by global banking policies which steal from the poor (and from middle class America) in order to give to the rich.

So with May now declared 'Robin Hood Month' it's quite a perfect time for a rehash of the legend of Robin Hood, isn't it? The film with Russell Crowe starring as the arrowed-one opens on May 14.


*Source: Michael Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.