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Dec 8, 2021

DC Horoscope: Gemini Full Moon Dec 18, 2021

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday December 8, 2021

Just a quick posting of the Gemini Full Moon of December 18, 2021 @27Gem28 in the totally visible 10th house when the chart is set for Washington DC. The Full Moon's Sabian Symbol: "28Gemini" = "Bankruptcy" doesn't have to be taken in a financial sense but perhaps it should be with various TV pundits prognosticating an eventual economic crash. I leave it to you, dear reader, to enlarge the image (if curiosity overtakes you) and check out other financial indications in the horoscope, or read them on whatever level you wish.

Financial potentials include 4th house chart-ruler Mercury (highlighted in blue, lower left), also ruler of the 10th house of Public Status, applying to a trine with technology planet Uranus Rx @11Tau12 (unusual sources of money when in Taurus, also planet of radicals, zealots, and disruption) in the Corporate 8th house of Credit and Debt and denoting potentials for ideas, info, and actions to deal with larger social concerns, air travel, and/or international finance. Of course, Mercury in 4th house suggests Real Estate conditions or possibly Mining, among other issues which may relate to Young People (ex: Home Schooling) and/or Journalism in the US.

Note that Full Moons can behave much as Lunar Eclipses do with the Uranian ability to disrupt, reveal or leak inconvenient facts or secrets which often lead to scandals breaking open with total awareness, a sense of culmination or fulfillment, or involving relationships; in Politics, alliances may be affected.

As you see, in 3rd house is activist and warrior planet Mars @4Sag02 conjunct South Node of the Moon which can signify dangerous or violent conditions (possibly those in the recent past). Then opposite, in 9th house of Foreign Lands, you see gold-loving asteroid Midas Rx @11Gem55; also note that starry Denebola rises, suggesting those who "go against society" with the star squaring Midheaven ('MC', the Goal Point) which holds fixed star Bellatrix ("success through the shadow").

Also Angular and thus prominent is America's problematic, cloudy Mars-Neptune square of July 1776, plus, transit Neptune @20Pis29 still triggers instances of persecution and conflicting ideals while the planet of fraud, deception, contagion, paranoia, and gaslighting continues to oppose US natal Neptune in Virgo, rising here while Neptune in Pisces simultaneously squares US natal Mars in Gemini (actions undermined and/or confused, hidden, or misunderstood; infections, epidemics).

Admittedly, there's a possible mystical quality involved with a Mars-Neptune-with-more-Neptune alignment but such implications are far beyond the scope of this limited post:

That the planetary factors shown in this Gemini Full Moon Horoscope relate to budgetary and financial issues playing out on Capitol Hill as 2021 comes to a close seems a certainty yet hopefully Christmas celebrations and New Year's 2022 will escape being overly affected by the political machinations, manipulations, and underhanded tactics of those who "go against society" and do their worst under cover of the shadows of Bellatrix.

Yet how awesome is it that through the lens of Astrology we can investigate the past, present, and future simultaneously! - such as when we consider the three Great American Eclipses and the historical cycles and events associated with them.

May 15, 2010

Uranus to AP = the White House's current midlife crisis!

The Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2010 has been published @ SO'W since April so with the start of summer drawing nearer by the minute I took another look at the chart, and you know what?

Transiting Uranus to AP, along with tr Jupiter to AP, form oppositions to the White House's natal Uranus 00Lib01 which means that Summer Solstice 2010 occurs during the White House's midlife crisis as marked by tr Uranus opposite natal Uranus!

(Yes, Uranus has opposed n Uranus in the past, and would be worth checking out for historic dates and corresponding events to be compared with the current transit affecting the World Point axis.)

November 1, 1800 everything packed?

Ahh, the White House! So young and impressionable at birth, the chart for which is dated by President James and wife Dolly Madison moving in to inhabit the joint on Nov 1, 1800 (NS.) 'Noon' is the time I use though one assumes that the Madisons' official moving day began hours or days earlier. With the Sun repping for the nation's 'ruler' in a mundane chart, the noon hour gives Sun 9Sco04 near Midheaven 13Sco12 (which places US Inaugural ASCs on Jan 20 @ noon in DC - since 1933 - conjunct the W-H's noon IC 13Tau12, the Foundation or Basis of the Matter - in a word, the President's Oath for entering the Oval Office (Venus) in the White Lodge we've been taught to call the White House.

(The words horoscope and chart are used interchangeably here for variety's sake, while some folk use map for the same purpose. And of course, the words natal, radix, and radical all refer to birth charts of persons, events, or entities.)

Moon 10Tau39 in 4th house, showing fluctuations or changes in residence...moving day.

So...I suppose props could be given to SCOTUS for ruling against the everyday voter and making the concept that 'corporations are people, too' a viable excuse for my interpreting the White House's midlife crisis, the precise point in the zodiac when Uranus comes along to exactly oppose its position at birth. Any aspects to the W-H's natal Uranus are naturally subject to review by opposition 2010 as well, so please consider the following:

In the case of the White House, natal Uranus on Nov 1, 1800 clocks in @ 00Lib01 (in 8th house of the noon chart, and conjunct US n Midheaven in the Sibly chart = Mc 00Lib43 to 1Lib+; I use 00:43); the Aquarian-vibed planet with its quirky independent spirit and flashes of ideas is tied in with other W-H energies by 3 applying aspects and one separating sextile:

1. Uranus semi-square Neptune (generational; describes mild irritations between Uranian intuitions and creative genius vs Neptunian inspirations and ideals; mild confusion is in the air concerning social movements, and political and occult associations.

(Perhaps by 1800, a small scuffle had broken out or simmered between the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati, hmmm? America was interlaced with Masonic lodges and temples in olden days and lodge membership was, and is, one of the ways to get ahead in life. Then as now, status-holders or the spectacularly intelligent were boosted into prominence, usually by recruitment during their school days with entering politics being a typical reward for service; lucrative pocket-lining to follow.)

2. Uranus inconjunct Pluto 2Pis18 Rx: also generational, and showing that the W-H's group relationships and plans for progress were and are subject to deep adjustments bwo of catalyst, Pluto, planet of secret hand fame, publishing empires, extremely wealthy treasure troves, saboteurs and assassins, and/or psychologists-psychiatrists (or, in 1800, their soon-to-be forerunners, the Mesmers, and other mind manipulators.)

Doubtlessly, you may easily think of several other connotations for Pluto, god of the Underworld, including crime organizations and spying factions. Uranus can signify political operatives, political, scientific, or philosophical inspirers, or radicals who desire strong reforms at any cost to themselves or to others.

3. Uranus sextile Chiron 26Sco36 (3A25); Chiron is in the noon chart's 10th h = being on a 'sacred quest', with reputation, authority, status, and achievement the main focuses (Nolle.) This describes people who are obsessed with transformation (see Pluto, above - Mr. Hades is obsessed, too), and they tend to be very energetic and opinionated (Clow.)

In fact, 'transformation' is the challenge for wounded healer Chiron when in Scorpio, and I once heard the placement described at a UAC seminar as a challenge to 'forgive the unforgivable'. Wish I could recall who said it...Demetra George, perhaps?

Richard Nolle says a Chiron/Uranus sextile indicates people with 'personal crusades for self-assertion and transcendence' that "meet with opportunities in the social environment, giving rise to the potential for great influence over other Seekers." Sounds a mite mystical, yes?

The waning aspect Uranus makes in the White House natal chart is a sextile (60 degr) with Venus 2Sag11 in 10th house (2S10); Venus (which deposits n Uranus in Libra and rules the noon chart's 4th house along with all US Inaugural ASCs since 1933) trines Jupiter 3Leo51 in 7th h (1A39.)

Venus/Jupiter contacts show the sense of good fortune that accompanies a residency in the White House...or should, if one's perfidies can remain veiled well enough to bluff through a term or two. Yet one does receive a lot of help and protection from powerful forces unless one becomes completely unhinged like Richard Nixon, or threatens to monkey with the way world banks do business as JFK and Lincoln did. And the Utopians' Manifest Destiny leanings are guided by occult perceptions which are never discussed or admitted to, of course. But don't you love it when Astrology says, peep-eye!?

Now we know that separating/waning aspects may be said to represent unconscious energies and interactions within the psyche; or, when seeing planets as actors in a mystery play, waning aspects signify contacts met or made in the past with the degree and minute cluing us in to how long ago...1S30 can indicate 1 1/2 seconds-minutes-hours-days-weeks-or-months, etc...but you know such Horary principles better than I do so why am I typing this at you? ;p

At any rate, the White House's Venus/Uranus waning sextile works on on unconscious level and thus is ripe for self-undoing purposes, when karma comes back around to take a big bite out of one's garbanza and we - yes, even the White House - must invariably reap what was sown. And since the W-H has always tended to rep itself as upstanding, do-gooding, and deserving of the world's admiration and/or fealty, I fret that America's downfall in the karma department will be all the more crashing with a super-sized helping of eat-crow on the side.

So in what departments (chart houses) of life may this Venusian/Uranian karma return most demonstrably to the White House and to our long-misruled nation?

In the W-H natal chart set for noon, as noted, Venus in in 10th and rules 4th and 9th houses; Uranus is in 8th house and, in a Placidus house system, is somewhat stypmied with Aquarius intercepted in 1st house; critical or crisis degree 20Cap07 rises and is ruled by Saturn; US n Saturn '14Lib' sits upon 9th cusp.

In politics and business, Venus/Uranus = a treasury which shows unexpected rises and falls in its valuation; rulers using unusual means to develop plant or tree resources available (Teddy comes to mind!); a strange appreciation for financial assets or planning; ruling bodies that are unable to cope with sudden infusions or lacks of financial resources; distinctive settings that are suddenly exploited for development; indiscetions; unpredictable vanity shown by leaders or executives.

(Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.)

Meanwhile, Reinhold Ebertin gives the Venus/Uranus combination of energies as: a self-willed, obstinate disposition (heard this one? yes, he's stubborn but at least we know where he stands); strange urges and inclinations; an uncompromising nature; moody, nervous, sensitive, ruled by feelings, inconstancy in relationships, and/or extravagant people, or those who are erratic with money.

(Any, all, or none may apply, as with midpoint pictures.)

And btw: the W-H chart contains a Mars/Neptune opposition (2A23) which echoes the Mars/Neptune square in the US natal it's inspired, confused, or deceptive motivations and actions all around, I'd say. Wouldn't you?

Another factor worth mentioning in the White House's natal chart...and it was in effect that day no matter the hour...involves authoritative Saturn as focal (apex) planet in a Fixed T-Square; as noted, Saturn is chart-ruler at noon, is in 'natural leader' Leo, and makes no applying aspects in the chart at all. Thus his position by sign, degree, and house are strengthened due to lack of modification from any major Ptolemaic aspects from other planetary energies; the US presidency's reputed 'sense of isolation' is partly described by this Saturn's lonely condition.

However, Saturn does form 3 separating aspects: squares to Mercury, Mars, and Chiron. The Fixed squares/blockages were met on Saturn's path prior to noon so in the 'real world' of Nov 1, 1800, may I hazard a guess: difficult, restricted, or delayed (Saturn) transport (Mercury/Mars) - perhaps the Madisons or their belongings encountered a bit o'mud on their way to the White House?

(Controversies, debates, and lawsuits are also provinces of Mercury/Mars.)

Now here's the T-SQ's midpoint picture

Mercury/Mars = Saturn 23Leo00 (in noon chart's 8th h): deep thinking; a powerful concentration; inhibited powers of decision; slow or sluggish thinking; the desire to harm others, or to bring harm to oneself by exaggerating; quarrels cause separations; the tendency to say bad things about others; avoiding discussion of force or might; old arguments are debated; loud, long term negotiations.

So with Saturn as apex planet in a Fixed T-SQ, what sort of manager are we cyclically and typically 'stuck with' as he bully-pulpits, bull-horns, or YouTubes at us from the exalted environs of the White House?

Well, you know how inflexible and rigid Fixed energy is, so there's that. Plus, old man Saturn prefers Cardinal energy through which he can work best (Cap), but here our Old Man senex has to settle for being 'the point man' in a Fixed T-SQ.

This Saturn indicates a person (or people, or entity) acting wilfully unyielding to the nth degree; rigidly organized, disciplined, and intensely purposeful and driven, apex Saturn here suggests a compulsion to establish long term security and safety by exercising tight control over people, events, and situations. Ruthless and dogged in securing power, apex Saturn does not share authority easily, if at all, and deeply resents any challenges to his indomitable will.

(So much for Eisenhower's warning of a government take-over by the 'military industrial complex' - since US Mars turned Rx by progresssion in n 10th house, 'the military moves into the White House' is indicated. At least since our Mars changed directions in 2006 @ '19Libra' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding"...GROUP PROTEST...keynote: Protest against disharmonic social privilege. (One might) think of Robin Hood and his band, or early Bolsheviks in Russia robbing banks to finance the revolution...Individuals alone are impotent in producing actual changes in social consciousness. A "group" must be formed. (Rudhyar.)

Back to apex Saturn...

Saturn here is one-pointedly determined to preserve the structure (Mars Rx in Taurus, 4th house = false flag ops on US soil and other methods of subversive action that divert improvements of any real merit on behalf of we-the-people? jc) and the order that the establishment values (no matter how murky and hidden their true motives are as true faces are kept from public view.)

However, if well-managed and fairly motivated, this apex Saturn can come to represent a 'reliable fortress' for others during crises (which is an easier role to play if you're forewarned, well-prepared, and read your script) and will seldom back down from what he sees as his duty. Building permanent foundations (as would our Freemason presidents) is one of his primary duties; working long and hard toward an ultimate goal brings tangible results for long term efforts.

Yet defensive inhibitions draw him into unrewarding, stifling, or ill-conceived alliances which create karmic conditions. Saturn is considered a karmic planet since he naturally reminds us of our pasts and former actions - and the way we did or did not maturely handle responsibilities - when he comes a-knockin' on the do' in his role as Mr. Grim Reality.

Uranus' trail of quirks, bumps, and shocks: circa 1800 fast-forwarded to 2010

Aka, the White House's midlife crisis...

Uranus-opposite-Uranus is a period of time when generations clash and no one wants to give up their unique ways of behaving. Little meeting of the minds (or of tastes) occurs with one generation behaving (Uranus) in Libran fashion and those just 'passed by' in Uranus' 84-year cycle toddling around acting like a bunch of critical, science-minded Virgoans, the dedicated workers among us.

Plus, a 'new wave' of whippersnappers and upstarts suddenly comes along behaving like those of a pioneering Aries persuasion, all activistic and riled up and all. With the W-H's natal Mars Rx there's been a reactionary vibe in the White House from Day One; plus, Mars is in Taurus, one of the money signs...the Taurean shadow side: intolerance, selfishness, and greed. (And a Mercury/Mars opposition is always restless to show its competence in all things, isn't it? Illusions of infallibility show a certain weakness in the W-H's character, not strength, imho.)

And you know, Jupiter opposing natal Uranus is no picnic either since business matters, financial and fund-raising efforts, and groups projects may come to a screeching halt under its influence; everyone seems to go off in different directions or come to alternate conclusions with too much conflict with one's network makes group activities hard to manage, if not impossible.

Well, Blogger just 'ate' the most recent draft of this post, so a bunch of it is now MIA so I shall close for now after spending all day typing it. Hope this post is not too much of a mish mash for you to get something out of. Wordpress gremlin'd away an entire post the other day about Elena Kagan's natal chart, and frankly, I'm too put out to think about politics anymore this evening. I shall retire to my cave of inspiration.

Yet I do wonder if the White House can ignore a strong urge to have itself painted red, the color of the fast sports car so indicative of a midlife crisis. Suckily, the probable equivalent to rocking a shiny new car would be instigating a new war. But that's not the White House behaving differently at midlife crisis, is it?

No, it's only the same tiresome and costly, jingoism of Uranian world revolution and chaos in order to gain more power and control (Pluto) for the imperialist victimizers in their ivory towers and bank vaults who use innocent people as 'human shields' and chattel in their game of win-at-any-cost one-world-government.

May 1, 2010

Our Cardinal Squares and a Cross to bear 2010 - 2014

A previously published article on the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross, which is about to kick civilization's booty, has garnered quite a few readers on my Jude's Threshold tapestry blog so if you missed it, here's a link for you.

You'll find that I touted master astrologer Jessica Murray's writings on the subject for I'd be daft not to, wouldn't I? As you may know, Jessica is the author of Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America where she puts our racked-with-guilt nation on the sofa and under Astrology's lens to diagnose our deepest problems, without sentiment or rosy illusions.

Now here are a few general notes on the planetary squares (90 degr) formed as of Spring 2010, a harrowing time, for the planets involved have not been in this particular pattern since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Not comforting? I know!

Saturn SQ Pluto: this aspect is the poster child for the 'sore losers' among us and the populations of countries across the globe may be described here along with other soreheads and malcontents of the governmental and terrorist persuasions. (Yes, they are very often one and the same.)

The Sat/Plu square brings out bitterness and strife in the collective, and, depending on the houses where Saturn and Pluto now traverse in individual charts, perhaps for you and me as well. Feeling threatened and grasping control seems to me to be one of the square's main issues or goals as emotional and financial security form a platform for well-deserved dissent by the masses.

The Sat/Plu square is a crisis-stop along the way within the current Sat/Plu cycle which culminated with the attacks of 9/11 at their opposition, therefore, issues relating to 9/11 will be in the news with more force than of late.

Envy of those in power make clashes inevitable especially given how governments have mismanaged and embezzled national monies (done on purpose, as I always assert, to collapse national governments) and officials are now in process of beggaring their populations, as if they weren't beggared enough before.

Uranus SQ Pluto: this doozy may affect November 2010 elections in the US since it spawns an atmosphere of apathy in most folk who think there will always be others willing to stand up for their rights and freedoms. But let's not be too sure of that - Vote in November!

The Ura/Plu square brings a time of dramatic events as evidenced during their square of 1931 - 1934 when the entire globe was financially and socially affected and revolt! was the catch-phrase. That these are Cardinal squares gives them world-changing potential (Ari/Lib-Can/Cap is the Cardinal axis involved, indicating outgoing energies.)

Danger signals include popular movements and political machinations which tend to rise up during just such an apathetic time, so speak out even if you can't show up for demonstrations. History reminds us that Hitler seized power under these revolutionary energies, along with his doppelganger, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. One of them was simply nicer and more patient than the other and still tended to follow the laws of the land when he had to. Can you figure out which was which?

Yes, tyrants are on the rise under the auspices of these difficult squares so don't accept any political movement at face value or you may be grievously disappointed when all the varmints eventually show their true hand...and it favors, more than anything, a claw of the devil guiding the New World Order.

And remember that riots play right into the NWO's claws along with their use of false flag ops to ratchet up our rage and direct outcomes, so beware, my friends, for restrictive laws tend to be enacted based on the illusions and deceits of false flag ops.

Now, jolly Jupiter's expansive energy will join quirky, rebellious, innovative Uranus at World Point 00Aries00 on June 8, 2010 so we have an expanded and thickened plot to consider:

Jupiter SQ Pluto mixes in additional rebellion tendencies as authorities are further challenged; expecting large returns from little or no investments now is pointless so we may experience more roiling of world stock markets. (Plus, Jupiter is on the verge of opposing Saturn, two planets which under gird markets and social stability - expansion vs restriction. Our current Jup/Sat cycle began May 28, 2000 @ 22Tau43; their opposition indicates a culminating or fulfilling phase of projects begun in 2000. Yes, the New Millennium plans of the Illuminati are marching apace in 2010 and crashing our world with it - as they've planned all along.)

When working together, Jupiter/Pluto = pacts with foreigners on the use of force or weapons (US and Russia? Others?); growth of spy agencies, surveillance, and greater power is gained for religious leaders (will this give Mitt Romney a boost for a prez campaign? Huckabee, anyone?)

The 'large-scale undertakings' and 'big bankers' duo of *Jup/Plu also has 'self-destructive forces stem from official corruption or moral laxity' connotations; criminal elements have great social influence, legal documents may be destroyed, and there are tremendously destructive natural disasters. (But this doesn't rule out that 'natural' disasters can have a man made component to them that makes things worse.)

As you know, Jupiter and Pluto held a Great Conjunction 'meeting' on December 11, 2007 @ 28Sag24, a day the Fed met to discuss and announce interest rate cuts just a few minutes before the Jup/Plu conjunction became exact! So on one level, we might think of Jupiter as 'the Fed' of bankers conclaving with their higher-ups in the NWO...aka, god of Hades, draconian guardian of the world's riches - power-driven Pluto of secret hand fame.

Plus, is it mere coincidence that December 2007 is now referred to as the 'official start of the current recession'? The Jup/Plu cycle began then and the current Jupiter/Pluto square represents a crisis point in their cycle and brings much dissent among those who are disenfranchised and bereft by global banking policies which steal from the poor (and from middle class America) in order to give to the rich.

So with May now declared 'Robin Hood Month' it's quite a perfect time for a rehash of the legend of Robin Hood, isn't it? The film with Russell Crowe starring as the arrowed-one opens on May 14.


*Source: Michael Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

Dec 18, 2007

Spotlight on Mercury: Barack Obama

Speedy Mercury, whose orbit lies inside that of Earth in relation to our Sun, is not much larger than Earth's Moon, yet astrologically describes the focusing lens through which one's creative powers are directed. The characteristics of the sign of Mercury indicate influences in thinking, ability to communicate, and what occupies the mind.

What one notices and considers important is also shown by this important chart factor; plus, neutral Mercury (as the Eternal Youth, Mercury can be male or female) may be thought of as tofu--taking on the flavors of any planets which are linked with it.

The god Mercury has quite a varied career and many talents including communication ability and style, speaking, writing, and commerce.

As the god of wisdom, Mercury is associated with the Buddha (divine wisdom = buddhi), and was known as Thoth in Egypt; aka Odin (or Woden) in Norse mythology, making Wednesday Mercury's day.

In Homer's Odyssey we meet him as Hermes, the Greek god of the 'persuasive tongue' and as the messenger of Zeus...aka The Divine Herald with wings on heels and helmet. And though this function of divinity is not prevalent in Washington, I think that a consideration of various candidates and their natal Mercuries may be somewhat informative as we listen ad infinitum to Mercurial speeches, expressed plans and ideas, and promises promises--all brought to us by Mercury as Orator, spinmeister, and Messenger.

Some comments will be included on aspects of their natal Mercuries by sign, and by other distinguishing factors which quicksilver Mercury may wish to mention. Only some of the R and D candidates have a known birth times so I'll leave out questionable factors which a vague hour of birth would render off-the-mark, particularly the house (department of life) of natal Mercury.

The charts for which I use sunrise, are also checked for the noon hour to see if anything interesting turns up.

Let's begin with Barack Obama whose natal Mercury is posited at 1Leo14--very creative Leonine thinking and communicating here in the purest expression of Leo--the first decan (first 10 degrees.)

(If Mercury in Leo sounds familiar, it's because it's the sign of George Bush's natal Mercury--plus, it's Gonzo's, and the R Party's as well...9-10 Leo, Jupiter's decan.)

Sen. Obama has an out-of-sign conjunction of Jupiter (00Aq56 Rx) and Saturn (25Cap22 R) opposite Mercury, so we may wish to consider their midpoint picture--and as usual, the picture may indicate all, none, or any combination of expressions esp when triggered by transits, progressions, and such...

Jupiter/Saturn = Mercury: desire to make changes; studying one's life philosophy; studying hard and asking the right questions; speaking with great maturity; travel; the search for variety; inconstancy of mind or philosophy; a fortunate separation (all mdpts: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Another midpoint pic with which Obama's Mercury is entwined is...

Mercury/Mars = NN (the public): realization of thoughts in association with others; quarrels within a community; determined expression of one's views in public.
(I added that last one.)

Planetary Aspects of Mercury:

Mercury opposite Jupiter: tendency to promise more than can be delivered (uh oh); follow-up actions may be insufficient; attention to detail may be lacking--thoroughness is needed and must come from other factors; may be literary, scholarly, or pursue esoteric studies; may be not good at keeping secrets (uh-oh squared); intellectual conceit may be present.

Perhaps we should count Saturn as being in opposition since old Cronos may provide a steadying effect to the above woolly difficulties...

Mercury opposite Saturn: somewhat self-defensive; may be critical with few friends; ambitious for intellectual recognition but may encounter obstacles to its achievement; may arouse jealousy in colleagues; attacks on reputation occur; challenged to listen well to what others say; "the world is against me" attitude; may be rigidly opinionated; subject to depression, nervousness or respiratory disorders.

Well, ooo. Doesn't sound so helpful but our charts are what we make of them, si?

And Alan Oken says that Saturn opposing Mercury can teach mental discipline, responsibility, and the necessity for precision (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology.) Seems it must have done for Barack Obama esp since Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn.

Rx Saturn must develop his own inner authority for the father may have been absent in some way or was somehow insuffient in his authority role...the weak when he should have been strong, domineering when he should have been gentle model which many people must work through during their adult lives (from Erin Sullivan's info to me.)

Mercury in Leo: strong willed, fixed purpose; capable of focused concentration with the Sun dispositing Mercury; dramatic and forceful manner of speech; likes to be considered an authority; mental self-confidence gives positivity in thinking which aids in problem-solving; may deal with the broader view at the expense of important details.

Because Leo is a Fixed sign, opinions form slowly and change with much reluctance (or never, as with the current White House denizen.) Continuity of purpose bestows executive ability, and a love of travel for business or pleasure may be enjoyed.

Obama has been criticized as being short on details--now I see how that may be a permanent facet of his style of thinking, and not just a campaign ploy or a sign of lack of preparation. Details may be someone else's province were he to become president or vp.

The unveiled hook-up of Obama with former Clinton adminstration advisers may be their way of greasing wheels for a Hillary-Barack regime (I say regime because not much will be changing for America--sadly.

And John Edwards' out-of-bounds Mercury seems not to wish to cooperate as closely with the corporate gamesters and robber barons--Edwards is playing Robin Hood's part but I'm not convinced it means any real improvement for the common good. Wish it could, but if it did, who'd cooperate with him?)

~(Update 2008: Edwards dropped out of the race but is said to be consulted often by Clinton and Obama--an Atty Gen post for Edwards would be okay be me--or vp.)~

Well, that's my Capricorn Mercury attempting to communicate some info about the shiny, proud Leonine Mercury of roaring Barack Obama. Guess I'll continue next time with other Dem candidates, then it'll be on to the Republicans. Or perhaps I'll alternate R and D in no particular order.

To be continued...