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May 17, 2014

Old and New Atlantis: a Mysterious Legend that won't fade away

On September 24, 2012, I embedded a YouTube video, Atlantis: The Lost Continent, on this blog for your consideration. Perhaps it is not too soon to ask if you've had a chance to view it yet though it is admittedly a fairly long one clocking in at 1 hour 35 minutes 57 seconds. If not, here is a link to the post where you'll find the video snuggled and waiting.

The reason it occurred to me to mention the video to you on this bright Sabbath morning, May 17, 2014, is that I'm rereading some information on the records brought to America in 1653 by a relative of Sir Francis Bacon, author of The New Atlantis, one Nathaniel Bacon which is the name Henry Blount of England adopted when he migrated to America along with said records concerning the founding of our nation as a land of liberty and a "philosophic empire," as Sir Francis styled it. And of course Science (Uranus) was to be uplifted alongside Faith and Ideals (Neptune).

To you I shall leave it to decide how Bacon's ideology has turned out (or been perverted into something sinister by our modern day psychopaths) with such overarching intentions of a Grand Plan said to be centuries-long in the making--for the existence of the North American continent was known of in Europe long before 'Christopher Columbus' sailed to these idealized shores.

As for Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia--the old Colonial Settlement purchased by John D. Rockefeller who then donated $55,000,000 for its restoration--it is known that three churches were on the site where the current one stands and the original building followed the ancient practice of placing a vault under the church altar. In Bruton Vault, located in 1938, is believed to have been placed by Nathaniel Bacon documents relating to The Secret Destiny of America (see Manly P. Hall's book by that title; Hall's wife, Marie Bauer Hall, was part of the 1991 excavation endeavor.)

Even Thomas Jefferson figures into the mysterious tale for in youth he studied near the Church and is said in 1803 to have dug up the Vault or been part of such an enterprise. Were any or all of the records (which allegedly included birth records of Francis Bacon, illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I and thus a Tudor!) spirited away by Mr. Jefferson so that when Mr. Rockefeller and his money took over the scene there were none left for him to purloin?

Ah, that is a good question for pondering purposes, is it not?

For much more information about these topics you may wish to visit the Sun Nation website concerning the attempted, unauthorized excavation of the Bruton Vault in 1991 as Uranus and Neptune, the Enlightenment planets (and 'new world order' planets a la Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Bush Sr), prepared to meet three times in Great Conjunction/s all through 1993--at or near "18 Capricorn", a degree with a Sabian Symbol now so obviously being played out on the world stage and forced upon global populations with sinister intentions in their control-obsessed minds:

'18Cap': "The Union Jack Flag Flies From a British Warship"...'Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.' (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Its dangers? That's what power elitists are determined to force upon the world now!

Related: Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 (100 years before 1776) between Nathaniel Bacon and Virginia's royal governor Berkeley, which may possibly have been a cover operation under which relocation of the secret Bruton Vault records was accomplished or was in some way related to it.

Sir Francis Bacon's natal details and horoscope, Rodden Rating: C (original source unknown.)

Now here's a classic Bill Cooper presentation on weird topics such as the Order of the Quest:

Feb 3, 2007

plutocratic Bush puts the ic back

Now that I've read more of Bush's comments to the Democrats today during their Williamsburg retreat--to the Democrat-ic Party, as he now says with charm and mojo turned up High-- it's difficult to pass up the thought that Bush has been ic-ky all along and is one of the sleeziest pard'ners of the sidewindin' variety that any decent person has ever had misfortune to meet.

He and Cheney have left me feelin' like Pearl Pureheart tied to the tracks with train oncoming--and with false flag ops as my--and your-- fate...a common fate involving masses of people.

They are truly Greedy Desperados cornering the market in water, metals, energy resources, and more--these skullduggers follow a Machiavellian agenda, plan, and philosophy which was embraced by the direct ancestors of the current hombres in the time of the Great Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the early 1890s by the monied classes who had an understandable urge to hang on to what they'd got. King Midas, his Daughter, and his Son rule the world.

We've got the noblesse oblige--who rarely if ever follow that model anymore--such as the Rothschilds and their ilk, and the Rockefellers in America, the Adamses, the Astors, etc...but some made it by the skin of their will + brain powers.

You will find a link (in the above title) to a previous SO'W post on The Generation of Materialism--it was the rise of the robber barons, the energy/industry mavens--brazen in their actions, self-interested to the nth degree--dynasty-builders. And it required the pillaging of nature in order to make a buck or two and employed the usual exploitation of the masses--in a word, plutocracy.

It had been done before.

An Astrological Planetary Question: are plutocrats funding science's recent Pluto-spurning?

Well, this reluctant astrologer didn't fall for it...Pluto is welcome here at SO'W--but, no, I never use outer planets (Uran, Nep, Plu) as rulers. Epochrophal, yes; generational, of course. Giving special purpose or imperative when attached to one's personal planets? Okay. They think they've made Pluto's Cloak of Invisibility pretend-operative!

Sadly this may hint at the hiding of nuclear weapons and plans, m'peops, among other things.

Remember the olden days at SO'W when I ranted about Ds and Rs being in bed together and that the deal was sealed (the last time) on or around May 28, 2000?

Squabbles broke out last year when Jupiter and Saturn squared (obstacles; blockages) one another. A square aspect has a blindsided quality to it--someone didn't see something coming and there was trouble on Capitol Hill.

It fits into today's badly-played charade of making-nice and it turns my tum-tum. I don't mean that they pretended to make-nice...I mean that there was no un-nice to remake. In bed. Together. The Capitol Hill Theater's Winter Tour to Williamsburg. Personalities clash, of course, but they all want the same thing--to keep their cushy jobs.

Cast Your Mind Back to May-June, 2000

May 28, 2000 was the time of the last Great Jupiter (Jup = Rs) and Saturn (Sat = Ds) Conjunction (22Tau+) a cycle which repeats about every 20 years, and is the background transit in the so-called US can find reams of writings on that topic if you ixquick or google so I'll not go into it at this time...except to remind myself that Reagan "beat" it when the bulle's timing was off enough that Reagan could be saved in surgery...barely.

And you know whom he and Nancy relied on for timing questions, don't you?!

(This post's title links to my previous 'Generation of Materialism' Chart's comments (only) so my next post upcoming will contain the Chart which uses the New Moon to mark the occasion bwo astrologer and author, Ed Meece.)

Bush Offers Dems Conciliatory Words

Looking at the chart for Bush's words with the Democrats who are huddled in Williamsburg VA today, are Bush's words all they seem?

Mercury = communications; what condition is Mercury today? In fuzzy, dissembling Pisces...Mercury 1Pis50 is applying to opposition with the Moon 00Vir44 at 11:00 am, the approximate time he addressed his Dem critics.

It's an hour of Venus (positioned at 8Pis07) and Mercury will conjunct chart-ruler Venus.

This may describe the warm fuzzy agreement Speaker Pelosi expressed after their snuggle. I hope she was being just as fake as he was!

Rising is Taurus, sign of money, possesssions, stubbornness, and sometimes of intolerance.

Mercury opposite Moon is similar to their square--rationalizations of actions and sentiments.
Their opposition is given by astrologer Alan Oken as Communications vs Feelings and brings challenges to be true to oneself regarding personal relationships.

It indicates one who tends to alter facts to suit the mood and talks too much while saying too little...Bush said that he welcomes debate in a time of war--really? Tell Joe Wilson that.

In private Bush told the Dems that the war is "sapping our soul"...but we know Bush's soul was sapped long ago, so he must be talking about the rest of us.

His worry is, as you know, the financial windfall for the war which the Dems may now control and limit--and which is the American people's only hope that sanity may be regained in bankrupted Washington.

(post's title is link to AP article for ya.)