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Apr 26, 2009

Nader, Whitney, and Michael Hudson: financial truths

A bitter cud to chew? Perhaps they're pessimistic or perhaps they're realistic, but here's a financial article and video round-up for you:

No Light In The Tunnel A Housing Crash Update

By Mike Whitney

Why is the press misleading the public about housing? The housing market is crashing. There are no "green shoots" or "glimmers of hope"; the market is worn to a stump, it's kaput.

Where's My Change?

By Ralph Nader

The corporate chieftains have easy access to the White House and the new President, whether these bosses come on missions demanding power or missions of beggary for bailouts. When will he meet with the leading heads of consumer protection groups with millions of dues-paying members who could give him the base to hold accountable and regulate the democracy-denying, economy-wrecking corporate supremacists?

This Is A Must Listen:

The Financial Barbarians at the Gate: Guns & Butter Interviews financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson

The history of banking and the criminalization of the banking system; tax policy; real estate asset inflation; US imperialism via the monetary system; similarities with the Roman Republic; what measures labor should take.

Mar 5, 2009

Controlling Wall Street

Corruption-US gives account of how the US Congress slowly sold out to Wall Street.

The results we know. And the culprits still walk free.

Feb 14, 2009

Is Neptune behind the Economic Crisis?

Have I found a great article - using an astrological lens to investigate the current financial crisis - for you! Paul Wright's article is a fine example of the excellent writing in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, as you probably know.

Neptune and Economic Turmoil goes into detail on Neptune's 164 year cycle, phases, and implications, its ongoing transit opposite the UK's natal Saturn (which opposes n Venus-Pluto in the *UK chart; therefore, n Venus-Pluto = tr Neptune: immorality; a sense of tragedy), transit Saturn's current effects on America's n Neptune, and Neptune's return to Discovery degree (23AQ; Sep 23, 1846; Return 2008 - 2009.)

As you know, Venus and Pluto relate to money, banking, and high finance through the signs they rule, the Taurus-Scorpio polarity - and thus possibly to bankruptcies.

Mr. Wright, a gifted and experienced astrologer of 30 years, says that with all the current Saturn and Neptune action involving the US and UK charts, we have the opportunity now to gain clarity and "set (our) houses in order" for it is the "unrealistic price of housing underpinning the crisis."

And as he further states, "Even the ancients warned against usury. There has to be a better way."

No argument here! I only hope the ruling class has that as its ultimate objective.


*UK chart: May 12, 1707 (NS); 00:00 LMT; Westminster, England

US chart: July 4, 1776 (NS); 5:10 pm LMT; Philadelphia, PA
('Sibly' chart)

Also used in article: Bank of Scotland: July 17, 1695 (OS); noon; Edinburgh, Scotland; data from historical record, Act of Parliament.

Jan 30, 2009

Gordon Brown touts the NWO ~ video

Here Britain's PM Gordon Brown touts the New World Order and seems quite pleased as punch with how things are proceeding.

Yes, with the current manufactured financial meltdown being worldwide, as they keep reminding us, things are barrelling right along for the global elite, aren't they?

You know what I wish? That someone would ask President Obama on camera what his position is concerning the New World Order - and isn't the current economic crisis an integral part of the NWO agenda for gaining global totalitarian control?

Now that would be a fire to hold his presidential tootsies to!

Oct 12, 2008

Chomsky: US capitalism anti-democratic

Anti-Democratic Nature of US Capitalism is Being Exposed

By Noam Chomsky

"Bretton Woods was the system of global financial management set up at the end of the second World War to ensure the interests of capital did not smother wider social concerns in post-war democracies. It was hated by the US neoliberals - the very people who created the banking crisis," writes Noam Chomsky. #


In searching this blog for references to the Bretton Woods Treaty (which established the World Bank) I discovered a small mention in my post on the day of the mysterious fire in the VP's office of Dec 19, 2007...remember?