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Apr 24, 2013

Network: "I'm Mad as Hell" speech (video)

When I found a link in my inbox from Forbidden Knowledge TV to Peter Finch's "Mad as Hell" speech I knew I had to post it to remind me that the presidency of Barack Obama is forever imprinted with the signature of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction/s of 2009 conjunct US natal Moon (We the People) with the themes of inflation, speculation, fraud, waste, and grand schemes:

Mar 9, 2008

Spitoon Blues

Sad for you, dear reader...the muse of political rhymerie has landed heavily upon my furrowed brow after watching this morning's political programs on TV...resistance is futile...

Salivating GOP
pray the nom is Hillary
if it's not they'll be in trauma
have to face Barack Obama

latest polls McCain is down
touting war all over town
tasted violence on his tongue
sacrifice our poor and young

Hill and Bar are neck'n'neck
job loss gone way up by heck
better talk about inflation
homelessness across the nation

or you'll both be flash-in-pans
like elite Republicans
Democrats it's yours to lose
US got the Spitoon Blues.

jc 3.9.08