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Mar 9, 2008

Spitoon Blues

Sad for you, dear reader...the muse of political rhymerie has landed heavily upon my furrowed brow after watching this morning's political programs on TV...resistance is futile...

Salivating GOP
pray the nom is Hillary
if it's not they'll be in trauma
have to face Barack Obama

latest polls McCain is down
touting war all over town
tasted violence on his tongue
sacrifice our poor and young

Hill and Bar are neck'n'neck
job loss gone way up by heck
better talk about inflation
homelessness across the nation

or you'll both be flash-in-pans
like elite Republicans
Democrats it's yours to lose
US got the Spitoon Blues.

jc 3.9.08

Jan 20, 2008

What's for dinner, America? Soup!

Leather-Sole-of-Shoe Soup is a thing of the past, you say? Only because in 2008 it will have to be Plastic Stew!

A post from Oct 2007, Homelessness rising: Bush vs FDR, has a link to an earlier post, FDR: a test of our progress which I recommend.

If you're a returning and homeless war vet or know one, if you're a family who bought into the American Dream of home ownership--loudly promoted by a newly installed George Bush (his come-on to the dubious subprime loan victims who bought into the scheme--the duped dreamers), you may wish to consider a comparison (contrast, actually) between Pres Franklin Roosevelt and our current infestator of the White House's crooked nooks and cranies.

Soup lines across America where the rich get richer by sneaking their greedy fingers upon the scales and the taxpayers foot the bill.

Isn't that the set-up in Iraq and the entire so-called WOT? The rich profit while we pick up the tab. At least Roosevelt and some of his contemporaries had more shame than that.

Is this the population control tactic as exercised during the French Revolution?

Rebel if you must, at the suggestion, but I suggest you hold your final judgment on the issue until all the plastic shoes drop into the cauldron, for you may be getting hungry any day now with the globalists in charge.

Oct 7, 2007

Homelessness Rising: Bush vs FDR

Now I know that Bush and cronies are allergic to social net programs that aid those who aren't as fortunate as 'the elite' but after years of their class warfare, homelessness is on the rise in America. Who didn't see that train coming? It's a no-brainer under George Bush.

Please read a few words from FDR's Inaugural speech of Jan 20, 1937:

FDR: a test of our progress which mocks the ridiculous compassionate conservatism swill the GOP used against the American people--well, at least against the gullible who like holding onto their holdings even if it means the return of soup lines across America!

On today's menu: Cold-Heart Soup which will be served...cold.