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Mar 9, 2008

Spitoon Blues

Sad for you, dear reader...the muse of political rhymerie has landed heavily upon my furrowed brow after watching this morning's political programs on TV...resistance is futile...

Salivating GOP
pray the nom is Hillary
if it's not they'll be in trauma
have to face Barack Obama

latest polls McCain is down
touting war all over town
tasted violence on his tongue
sacrifice our poor and young

Hill and Bar are neck'n'neck
job loss gone way up by heck
better talk about inflation
homelessness across the nation

or you'll both be flash-in-pans
like elite Republicans
Democrats it's yours to lose
US got the Spitoon Blues.

jc 3.9.08

Mar 7, 2008

Is this the real John McCain?

Has this Navaho deal affected McCain's campaign coffers? Will the cold winds of cynicism blow into his lackluster, Bush-infused presidential bid? Planet Calamari sent SO'W a much-appreciated heads-up on the matter with a link to the orginal article.

This controversy is bigger than the Vicki Eisman flap, but not as sexy by half. What are the odds that mainstream media pay attention?

Years of McCain's bluster about integrity reminds me of the good advice my Mama gave many moons ago: never trust a man who says, Trust Me.

And that surely goes double for the infestors of Washington DC.

~btw: Lim's Limericks has a new political rhyme published as Dumbleheaded Democrats? if you're up for answering.

Jan 8, 2008

Oil and the Betelgeuse: Jan 8, 1979

Today I've been composing elsewhere concerning Neptune, Pluto, oil and gas, and the 29th anniversary of 1979's Betelgeuse incident at Jude's Threshold if you'd care to read it.

Plus, Lim the Cat and I have posted something called Ganda Propping: a poem over at Lim's Limericks (cat photo included for the feline-inclined.)

Jan 5, 2008

campaign 2008: is hanky panky on the way?

It's only a matter of time (perhaps mere minutes) before hanky panky is revealed in the 2008 Lim the Spycat's take on scandal kitty 2008 and get thee ready!

And scroll just below to read some interesting readers' observations on campaign machinations and trickeries...see government's cousins and fools.