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Apr 8, 2011

11:04 pm Obama on TV: Shutdown Avoided 4.8.11

Did I just hear a Breaking News announcement from President Obama that a government shutdown has just been avoided less than one hour before it would happen? A temporary spending bill has passed, says his nibs, yet with Mercury Rx and Pluto turning Rx at 4:51:03 am - in a few hours - who can know such a hapless and wispy bill's ultimate fate?

No time to put up the chart of his announcement (it's late) but my Solar Fire software is showing 00Sag47 rising at 11:04 pm edt in Washington DC. And my local CBS channel was featuring military families who wouldn't get paid during a shutdown - and then the President's special announcement broke in with the mercurial good news.

Interesting because the Sabian Symbol for '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which may have awakened Dems and Repubs to how both parties would be perceived by the general public if they proceeded with their shutdown script. How can they ask our valiant soldiers (many families of which live paycheck to paycheck) to keep fighting on behalf of Imperial America if they're not being paid?

As you may have heard in the news earlier today, lack of pay makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their warring efforts if they have to worry about their loved ones - and bills - at home.

But you know already know one of my favorite quotes which is allegedly from FDR:

"In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way."

Yet here's someone who disputes that FDR actually said those words. Still, after living in DC twice in my life (many moons ago) and soaking up the cynical atmosphere of our premiere city so full of blackmail, cynical politics, and intrigue, I shall stand by the sense of the utterance if not its purported utterer's attribution.

You may wish to check this blog's sidebar for a quote that is from FDR to Colonel House...two grand poobahs with their noggins together. It's quite a doozy.


Previous post on a similar topic from 2007: Homelessness Rising where I unhappily had to predict soup lines across America.

And how about a blog with insightful Astrology articles: Starstruck Astrology - enjoy!

Jan 20, 2008

What's for dinner, America? Soup!

Leather-Sole-of-Shoe Soup is a thing of the past, you say? Only because in 2008 it will have to be Plastic Stew!

A post from Oct 2007, Homelessness rising: Bush vs FDR, has a link to an earlier post, FDR: a test of our progress which I recommend.

If you're a returning and homeless war vet or know one, if you're a family who bought into the American Dream of home ownership--loudly promoted by a newly installed George Bush (his come-on to the dubious subprime loan victims who bought into the scheme--the duped dreamers), you may wish to consider a comparison (contrast, actually) between Pres Franklin Roosevelt and our current infestator of the White House's crooked nooks and cranies.

Soup lines across America where the rich get richer by sneaking their greedy fingers upon the scales and the taxpayers foot the bill.

Isn't that the set-up in Iraq and the entire so-called WOT? The rich profit while we pick up the tab. At least Roosevelt and some of his contemporaries had more shame than that.

Is this the population control tactic as exercised during the French Revolution?

Rebel if you must, at the suggestion, but I suggest you hold your final judgment on the issue until all the plastic shoes drop into the cauldron, for you may be getting hungry any day now with the globalists in charge.

Oct 7, 2007

Homelessness Rising: Bush vs FDR

Now I know that Bush and cronies are allergic to social net programs that aid those who aren't as fortunate as 'the elite' but after years of their class warfare, homelessness is on the rise in America. Who didn't see that train coming? It's a no-brainer under George Bush.

Please read a few words from FDR's Inaugural speech of Jan 20, 1937:

FDR: a test of our progress which mocks the ridiculous compassionate conservatism swill the GOP used against the American people--well, at least against the gullible who like holding onto their holdings even if it means the return of soup lines across America!

On today's menu: Cold-Heart Soup which will be served...cold.

May 24, 2007

war drums will go on and on

AP: House approves war-funding bill by a vote of 280-142 so here's this from the SO'W What's Wrong With This Picture (if anything) Department:

From US taxpayers it's:

$93 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan--until Sep 30 (that's 4 short months) vs a 70- cent-per-hour increase for working Americans who are struggling to keep food in their children's tummies and a roof over their heads. God help them if they should get a tummy ache from inferior food which the FDA--also tax-payer funded--lets through so their pals and relatives can make more moola bwo outsourcing ingredients to the cheapest bidder.

Esp since their local Emergency Room (assuming it hasn't been closed down) is overflowing.

FDR tests our progress.

soup lines across America?