Oct 4, 2009

Iran-Contra videos + Solar Eclipse of constitutional crisis 2011

This link to 8 videos shows participants and players of the time (1988) speaking on the Iran-Contra Affair - including Ronald Reagan himself. Not having had time to watch all 8 videos yet, I wanted to publish the videos' link here for you and for my own easy-locating convenience.

If you're too young to have been around for, or aware of, the Reagan administration's Iran-Contra Scandal, it is highly recommended that you play catch-up before America's shadow government bombs nuclear facilities in Iran - especially if you care whether the US Constitution is followed and honored in Washington DC.

For even if such acts of war were ever warranted anywhere in the world, how could bombing facilities containing nuclear material EVER be a sane idea?

(See previous post on Zionism for hints on who might be just insane enough.)

Well, there is one Saros Series of Solar Eclipses that has a 'constitutional crisis' flavor - the 13 South Series, which will manifest in timely fashion on June 1, 2011 @ '11Gemini' conjunct US natal *Descendant, the Angle of Partnerships, Legal Affairs including pacts and agreements, and Open Enemies.

With our Constitution under serious attack for years now, will its 'pact' with the American people be irrevocably broken as timed by the 13 South Eclipse? This would indicate much danger to our system of government - already a factor - during the second half of 2011 in particular.

That this bodes ill for America and for the Obama administration, I have few doubts, especially with 2009's worrisome void-of-course Inaugural Moon at crisis degree, an indication that little about Barack Obama's presidency will turn out as expected, if it turns out at all. Whether that means only the peoples' expectations being unsatisfied or the administration's plans going awry remains to be seen...perhaps both on various levels if special interest lobbyists and Mr. Obama's opponents have anything to do with it.

Of course, another reading of a VOC Moon is that things proceed without interference, as did the attacks of 9/11 and the VOC Moon at '28Gemini,' a degree of bankruptcy. I'd say that VOC Moon has yielded much fruit for the wealthiest classes, wouldn't you?

So after watching SNL's opening skit last evening with 'Barack Obama' checking off a list of promised 'to-dos' that he hasn't accomplished in his 9 months in the Oval Office, I could feel that 29Sco45 Inaugural Moon hanging over America - in place of the Aries Harvest Moon. An Inaugural chart is good for as long as the presidential term it describes lasts.

Now you may remember that Michael Tsarion makes several points about the true nature of the US Constitution and the Founders' intentions at TarotScopes in case you missed it (I gave you his article's link back in May, lone reader; it's worth reviewing if only to cause thinking to occur, even without complete agreement with Mr. Tsarion's alternate views.)

Yet I, an Independent, must speak up for a Democratic president just as I did when Bill Clinton first took office: even if he (they) actually want to do positive things on behalf of the American people and the working class, there are those in Washington DC who will do anything to interfere however they can.

Does it seem to you that as far as the Obama adminstration is concerned, this is precisely what is happening once again to the people's business as the issues of the common good fall by the partisan, Zionist, NWO, world domination wayside?


*Descendant in the US 'Sibly' natal chart is 12Gem13; 13S Solar Eclipse info from Brady's Predictive Astrology.
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