Feb 21, 2006

Plutocrats: Generation of Materialism

Although the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto (oil, gas, water, mining) marks the beginning of the Golden Age of the Robber Baron Class of the 1890s, Pluto and Chiron were hanging out together back in the day when the robber barons, crime barons--the pirate class--cemented and studied cementing their hold on natural resources, political power, and so on.

And the world banking system is implicated, natch. Wall Street gentry, as Eugene Debs termed them so appropriately.

Plus, the Uranus/Chiron (the system busters) midpoint is conjunct this Ascendant 5Leo38, which is less than 2 degrees from GWB's natal Ascendant. And he's a real system-buster and boundary-ignorer, as we've observed.

>>2006 - 1881 = 125, so add 125 degrees to NN 18Sag43, and it's Solar Arc NN conj natal Mercury at the top of the chart. Merc/NN = common or joint plans; meetings; communicating with the public.

So the Merc/NN Sabian Symbol, "19 Ari" is: "The magic carpet"> PANORAMA:

pos: full realization of the broad endowment which every man may make his own;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: detachment from ordinary living and a scorn for its responsibilities.

(And scorn for the ordinary folk who play by the rules, I assume...we're the pigeons and chumps.)

The midpoint between Plu/Chir in late degrees of Taurus is very near the Great Jupiter/Saturn conj of May 28, 2000, and only a whistle away from Fixed Star, Caput Algol...nasty.

Algol's keywords: decapitation; losing one's head; sickness; violence; criminality; murder; horror. (Horary Astrology, Anthony Louis.)

Diana Rosenberg reports that Caput Algol is the fixed star most often active in charts of harmful fires.

Wish I could say more now, esp since I've spread such joy all about...have the Secondary Progr'd Chart, etc, right here, but it is growing late. (In too many ways, my friends.)

And as to the common swill being passed around, we don't have time to be forced back onto belly-button-gazing mode yet again.

Committees proliferate more committees while making certain people look busy--and they help cover shiny patooties the world over...esp in varmint-infested Washington.

Feb 20, 2006

a tortured rhyme for presidents day

Tortured artist escapes from drawing board to deliver message from her fussy inner astrologer:

There once was a man from Connecticut

who craved DC power not etiquette

He made and broke rules consulting with fools

the worst president we have met as yet.

jc 2.20 2006 1:20 pm est

Feb 15, 2006

Update on Quails and Karma and Such

Since Cheney's life-threatening peppering incident won't be going away for some time, if ever, here is his natal chart with the Shooting (2.11.06 6:30 pm Armstrong Ranch, TX) surrounding.

You'll notice that the Asc/Desc and Mc/Ic axes are very near those of DC's natal chart, so it's a pretty slam-dunk situation as far as planetary placements are concerned...and an important time in the VP's life esp considering what he chose to do with it. (DC = Dick Cheney.)

With Mars, planet of conflict, violence, and quarrels directly over their heads, the hunting party members were expressing a Mars function perfectly, quarrels or no, because Mars also rules firearms. But with Mars at DC's natal Mc, and factoring in his Uranus nearby, a couple of midpoint pictures are then formed at 6:30 pm:

Mars/Ura = Mc: getting one's way; taking drastic measures; the sense of either/or; putting a gun to someone's head. (Well, in a sense he did, even if it was an accident.)

Ura/Mc = Mars: upping the tempo; temperamental drive for ego recognition; argumentative and challenging; rash action.

There are several other planetary placements we could discuss, but let's move on to the asteroids' archetypal contacts, which may be illuminating. (But remember the Sun was conj veiling Neptune at the Unmasking degree a few days ago--plus you see that DC's just before having a Venus Return in Capricorn, 5th house of Romance and Speculative Ventures. Venus in Cap indicates a stable or longterm relationship, but one which may be somewhat constricting.)

On the Nodal axis>>NN = the path forward, SN = where one's been (or the Unconscious past), Sigma (the scribe or writer) is conj SN--Cheney stated today that there were no press or pr staff with him--and opposite there are 3 asteroids at NN--

Diana, the Huntress = survival; self-protection, or where one expects absolute respect and obedience as if he/she were divine...and Diana is intolerant of "lesser types"...

Bacchus = the addiction syndrome, esp when related to the denial, substitution, or management of uncomfortable emotions; seeking ecstasy through direct experience or passion (Bacchus being the Roman version, Dionysus being the Greek--and this does have shades of Greek tragedy etched upon it)...and

Atlantis = abuse of power; where one feels doomed--Atlantis is 8+ degrees from meeting up with tr NN, but is on DC's natal 8th cusp to the degree...8th house = legacies, other peoples' money, credit, insurance, debt, sex, transformation, shared income including the control and investment of others' money, what you feel others deserve, investigation, power over others, the sharing of resources, the occult, the eliminating of nonessentials.

And asteroid, Nemesis, has just arisen in 12th house of hidden things...
Nemesis = conscience, tendency to attribute fault or blame, Achilles Heel.
Key phrase: source of blame.

And Nemesis is opposite the setting Sun...seems as if someone was blaming someone else...or each other. And firing, it was said, into the setting Sun. But it wasn't the Sun's fault. He just didn't call out as he approached. And they had to call off Sunday's hunt. It just wasn't seemly, if you will.

(I tend to think the Leo Moon in the behind-the-scenes 12th house represents DC's hunting partner, with Venus in Cap as Mrs C. You see Moon near Saturn, the boss, in the hidden 12th.)

Well, I wanted to ignore the 2 nasty Fixed Stars that are at Mc...one conj Mc, and the other conjunct Mars. But I can't:

Capulus at Mc = intense male energy, sexual passsion, turbulence, strong feelings, "to lose one's head", focused, penetrating, and clear actions, or hastiness and ruthlessness. This hard-to-manage Star has an association with blindness...including blind jealousy, and with the eyesight of the hunter.

This Star has been very active of late, and is much-used in Middle Eastern Astrology. (They've been at it a lot longer than Westerners have, too...and btw--Capulus is quite near the Great Conj of Jupiter/Saturn of May 28, 2000, mentioned previously in relation to Dems + Repubs getting together...they are now at the waxing square--the crisis-in-action phase...next exact contact = June 22,'06, and last/3rd contact = Oct 25,'06.)

And, more bad news...sitting upon contentious Mars, there is fearsome Algol, one of the most powerful Stars in the sky--it's described in Arabia as "the head of the dragon" or "the devil's wife"...and in China, Algol's keywords are: "piled-up corpses."

Algol indicates a strong, consuming passion, may involve an unconscious compulsion for revenge, describes ruthless destruction if not well-handled, and its keywords are: intense female energy and passion.

One more Fixed Star is connected to Mercury (6:30 pm on this date is a Mercury-ruled hour, so Mercurial things hold sway such as messages, or communictions):

Deneb Adige = strong will; strong temper; or a willingness to become aware. (From the first moment I heard of this, I had a "someone was told news they didn't want to hear" feeling--and of course, we may never know the full truth.)

Now for a couple of midpoint pictures which formed at 6:30 pm:

Plu/Mc = Ura: impatience; nervousness; sudden changes; publicity; rewards; a sudden attainment of one's aims with irresistible force; restlessness; sudden occupational changes.

Sat/Ura = Mc: rebellion; provocation; separating oneself from others; breaking away from the old; recognition of one's thrust for individuality, or loss of self to the grip of controls.

Nep/Mc = NN: difficult relationships; peculiarities; sharing of bad intentions with others; bad company; unpleasant associations.

Well, there's more to say, esp since I have Mr Whittington's birth date (but no time, of course, and I must assume he was born somewhere in Texas--if you know where, please let me know!), yet I've had as much of this Gorgon's head as I care to fiddle with tonight.

As you see, it was a passionate time on the Ranchero that evening, and I hope all the above is unapplicable...for the sake of America, if not for the participants, who are, as are we all, the authors of their own fates.

jc Feb 15 2006 7:11 pm est

MORE>>2.16.06> 2:23 pm: Didn't mention yesterday that in the chart for Saturday, Mercury is in NODAL degree, signifying a karmic or fated situation.

And with Mercury conj Fixed Star, Deneb Adige ("strong will; strong temper") it seems that someone's temper may have gotten the best. (Chiron is also in Nodal degree...the "performer of a mystery play" degree.)

Being a Saturnian astrologer, when I use words like "karmic", I refer to unconscious and possibly neurotic behavior which was a useful defense when first developed, but no longer brings the hoped-for results. (As a Saturnian, I don't mess around with the "past life" stuff, but with heredity and genetics.)

So "karmic" is the reap-what-you-sow condition of our dualistic world...a natural law we're all subject to, and is described in the chart by, among other things, the South Node of the Moon (SN).

We tend to "fall back" on this behavior 'cos it's easy, and it often represents an inherited talent or ability.

And on one level, the Moon herself represents the Unconcious, our heredity, and our habits...and, as you know>>habits = character, which = karma!

As John Lithgow said in 'Buckaroo Bonzai': Character is what you are when you are in the dark!

Feb 14, 2006

Ben's 1st Fedhead Shout Out

Tomorrow, 9:30 am, as Ben Bernanke straightens his tie for his first statement as head of the Federal Reserve Bank, the midpoint between the Sun and Midheaven (Sun/Mc = "the goal or objective") has Chiron at their midpoint, at 5AQ41, in 10th house of Career/Public Status/Aspirations.

"6AQ": "A masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play." (DR)

Keynote: The individual's involvement in long-established patterns of activity aiming at the release of collective power. The individual is seen to have assumed TRANSPERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

(This is also the Medina Degree--so-named because spiritual Neptune was upon it when Islam began.)

Or, if you prefer the almost passed, unconscious or shadowed degree of "5AQ" (= US natal SN--business and entanglements from the past; old issues; mastered talents):

"A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader."

Keynote: The Root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual. This degree suggests that in many situations RELIANCE UPON PRECEDENTS will enable the aspirant to greatness to tap the power of his deepest roots.

And while he's tappin' those roots, Venus, associated with money and with values, is sitting niftily upon the Uranus/Neptune conjunction degree of the NWO Chart...

Ura/Neptune = Venus: peculiar relationships; an extremely high sensitivity; fantasy life.

Uran/Nep>"18Cap": "The Union Jack flag flies from a British warship."

Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.

This degree brings us the realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its values, and its dangers. The need for protection may be in evidence--or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage.

When used negatively this degree is "smug or strong-armed paternalism."

Well, it'd be great to believe the horse isn't outta the barn on THAT one, but sadly, I don't think so (see my NWO post.)

And in 4th house--the base or foundation of the chart for this Congressional and Senatorial day...is Rx Saturn 6 Leo 23..still within orb of Bush's natal Ascendant.

Well, George did the nominating, but of course he was just following orders.

Have you heard that Dick Cheney is a real wheeler-dealer on Wall St? At 9:30 am tomorrow, Mars 28Tau51 is in 1st house, and will rise as chart-ruler, applying to a square with Pluto, then a trine with the Moon. Mars has Cheney's natal Mc in tow, y'might say. So after some blockage--Mars square Pluto...it's onto a lovely trine with the Moon. So I would expect the publicity to be helpful to Mr Bernanke's chairmanship, at least for now.

Yep, Bernanke's sure to be affable and obliging, and he certainly shares objectives in this 'mystery play', for secret arrangements have been made before they begin.

Yet there's a "ruthless" influence to the day, as well as vocational success for someone--Bernanke well fits this description. Actually there's deception afoot, too, and the "mystery play" sounds like a veiling tactic or perhaps just the usual and secretive who's-really-in-charge pile o'merde by a secret society or two that pull the strings...

...and so some are marionettes, and some are behind the curtain.

And for Ben Bernanke, Feb 15th is Showtime.

2.14.06 8:48 pm est

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Feb 12, 2006

Pepper Cheney's Collateral Damage

Who could resist a mention of VP Cheney's Shotgun Weekend from PR hell?

Poor Harry Whittington, victim of Cheney's undoubtedly bad mood from the prospect of being investigated for leaking national secrets (after Dick's previous chiding of others for supposedly doing same) seems to have paid the price for Someone's Bad Mood.

The VP's mask is definitely cracking, and the roaches are crawling out. And you know I was with Jon Stewart from the beginning, who early on called Cheney a "murderous cyborg" who "eats puppies." Yeah, and shoots lawyers when distracted by political woes, it seems. For all I know, he shoots them at will, if you will.

So just what IS the Bush administration coming to? A crossroads? A brick wall? An international criminal court? (I'm kiddin'--they've got that one sewn up already.)

Is Cheney's aim that bad, or did he hit the target? Does he have it in for attorneys who tell him what he doesn't want to hear, or is Whittington simply hapless around guns and VPs?

If the end is in the beginning--and it is, Republican denial aside--I suspect the Bush administration, which began under murky, contentious circumstances, will be ending much the same, if not worse...shotgun blasts notwithstanding.

Wonder if Dick enjoyed his quail stew supper? Somehow I doubt it, don't you?

2.13.06 6:50 pm est

Feb 11, 2006

Orwell and the WTC Attack 9.11.01

There are many things to say about this comparison between George Orwell's natal chart and the attack/s of 9/11/01, NYC. (Here using Orwell's generally-accepted birth time of 11:30 am LMT which has a decent B rating--and which gives Virgo Rising, esp considering his health problems and fairly early death.)

Here are some highlights...or should I say, lowlights?

9/11/01>>With Mercury (air travel) rising 14Lib17 (conj US natal Saturn--authority) on that obscene day, we see it near Orwell's ("GO") North Node (NN), which points to destiny or to the path one is on. (GO's Mars is nearby, also in his 1st house.)

And it's difficult to miss the pile-up in GO's 10th house--top o'the chart, with 9/11 Moon (publicity; the public) near his Mc, and an even closer aspect between 9/11 NN to GO's Neptune, a planet connected with receptivity and impressionability. (His Neptune in Cancer = spiritual perception; sensitivity; a deeply feeling nature.)

Plus, 9/11 NN is very near conjunction with GO's 'Sun conj Moon'--his natal Moon is just before New Moon, the Balsamic phase mentioned earlier today...the prophet.

In 9th house, we see GO's Mercury/Pluto--the combo of these two = the art of persuasion; suggestion; good powers of observation; sharp criticism; wielding influence through speaking or writing. The other George--Bush--has these two planets conjunct in his 1st house, so there ya go. And tr Saturn is about to stomp upon them,
Merc/Plu = Sat: exposure to bitter attacks; irritability; skepticism; quarrels; separation.) And so, with GO's chart and 9/11, and with Bush 2006, we see the same picture!

Before now, you've noticed that 9/11 Venus, triggering the "King of Terror" Eclipse degree of 8/11/99, is conjunct GO's Venus, 1 degree+ orb. Using "18Leo" as the 1999 Eclipse degree:

"18Leo:>>"A chemist conducts an experiment for his students." ALCHEMY.

Keynote: In inquiring into the hidden process of nature, the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery. (DR)

The MEJ* version gives this neg/shadow side interpretation: unintelligent dependence on supposition or on the rules of the book.

Or, if you prefer "19Leo", the neg/shadow side: thoughtless self-indulgence and contempt for the general welfare. (That last sounds more'n'more familiar as the misguided Bush ship careens on, doesn't it?)

Now for one more thing--at the foundation of the chart/s, we see that on 9/11/01, transiting Chiron, the Wound and Blindspot, is sitting upon GO's Uranus at 23Sag, and you know, lone reader, about the Chiron-Uranus combo from a previous post.

Rudhyar's version of "23Sag">> "A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into a new country."

Keynote: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present. (Yep.)

This describes an inevitable ordeal--a threshold...and everything that will follow depends largely on how it is crossed, and on the spirit in which we meet unfamiliar and perhaps shocking experiences. We find ourselves in a period of TRANSITION. We have to imitate, yet retain our inner integrity.

MEJ's version>>"23Sag"...neg: a surrender of the real in a pursuit of the false.

Given the Chiron-Uranus Types we now have infesting the US government and their lack of respect for borders, this comes as no surprise to me.

How about you? Surprised?

jc 2.11.06 5:28 pm est

*MEJ = Dr Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology

Feb 10, 2006

Astrological Facts on George + Propaganda

There are three personal name asteroids related to Mr Bush's natal chart.

They are asteroid, George, at 7-8 Aries, and asteroid, Georgia, at 6 Aries. The transiting North Node of the Moon has been pointing to them this year. NN, as you know, has a joining quality, and is the path or destiny in a chart. Seems the Universe has been pointing its wand at our George, such as he is. (Do ya think he's wandering about the White House at night talking to portraits yet?)

Also asteroid, Guernica, at 24 Aries, is conjunct Bush's natal Midheaven--the most visible point in any chart--the Aspirations/Public Status Point...the highest we may aim for.

Wonder if Picasso would be miffed?

2.10.06 4:53 pm est

And>>Bush's natal Ascendant degree "8Leo" (the man himself) has this Symbol:

"A bolshevik propagandist."

Did you know that? Here's Rudhyar's* interpretation:

"A Communist activist spreading his revolutionary ideals." Keynote: The emotional and ideological attempt to return to a state of non-differentiation and chaos as a prelude to a new type of order.

>>>Hold onto your ethics seminar, 'cos here's the rest:

The old order is confronted by the youthful drive for a new way of life and a new sense of values. As the old order refuses to yield its prerogatives, this refusal polarizes violent revolutionary action.

The revolutionary may have beautiful dreams of a "classless" society free of greed and harsh struggles for survival, but the first practical result of his activity almost inevitably appears as "chaos."

Yet chaos is a state of being that calls for a new descent of the power to reorganize and differentiate. Alas, such a descent most often is still based on old concepts, and one witnesses a struggle for personal and dictatorial power.

Ideally it could show how the vision of a cosmic order might heal the potential conflict between an obsolete Establishment and its youthful challengers. But reality today presents a more cruel picture of CATABOLIC ACTION. #

So you see, the chaos and the polarization induced--no, increased--by the Bush administration are exactly what was planned all along, and is one of the reasons I said all along that the "cons vs libs" illusion is just that--a polarizing ploy used by globalists to get their agenda rammed down the world's throat, and to keep the sheeple busy.

Don't buy into it and do the world a big favor--stop playing that game--for it really is an "elite" vs the masses attack going on under our noses, and the New World Order is perking right along as per their plans.

Think "Pluto/Chiron"...Plutocracy, class warfare, and racism. And remember the Symbol for the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the NWO Chart of 1993--POLITICAL POWER>>>"smug and strong-armed paternalism."

>>>Those born during the Balsamic phase of the Moon--just before the New Moon--are often prophetically inclined. And who do we know who was born during that phase? Why, George Orwell, of course. And just who was president in 1984?

2.11.06 12:44 pm est

*Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala

>>>There's a bit of info on the Nostradamus-named "King of Terror" Eclipse of 8.11.99 here, along with a drawing, Basonge Dance Mask of Kifwebe:

Aug 11, 1999 Eclipse

Feb 9, 2006

Get Your US Constitution While Ya Can

Well, here is the natal chart for the US Constitution. She favors her mum'n'dad, doncha think?

Images for Sun Vir/Moon Sag: a bespectacled librarian locks the door and transforms into Superwoman...an anthropology class goes on a field trip.

Greatest Strengths: Understanding and improving life is what you're all about; fine intellect; ingenuity and perception of essentials; realism + optimism; ready to help, serve, and guide.

Greatest Weaknesses: desire for "reasonable" answers in the face of human suffering; lack of empathy which tends to judge those who appear to live without guiding ideals; moral certitude.

Her secondary progressed chart for Feb 2006--

Images for Sun Tau/Moon Sag: a monk* builds a cathedral whilst contemplating the infinite reaches of the universe...the prodigal son returns to the home farm...Balzac's La Comedie humaine...Brahm's Violin Concerto.

Greatest Strengths: common sense + inventive imagination; enthusiasm + practical politics; a good, but sometimes wild, business sense; inspired flair + a matter of fact realism...(similar to her natal abilities, for now anyway...is there a ray of hope that she'll survive?)

Greatest Weaknesses: infuriating unreliability just when you seem to have mended your restless ways (uh-oh); reluctance to be tied down; instability (ugh and then some.)

An interesting and/or worrisome note: her Solar Arc Pluto (Solar Arc directed is where all planets and points are moved forward 1 degree for each year since birth--she was 218 years old last September, so 218 degrees, then compare to natal or progr'd charts for conjunctions, etc)...SA Pluto (23Vir05) to natal Sun (24Vir39) =

powerful force creates major change; identity transformation; sudden prominence.

That'll be exact about a year from now, and the wheels are now in motion, as we know.
(SA Pluto crossed her natal Mc in 2001, and you'll remember a transformative experience that year. And what Pluto transforms is never again the same, plus Pluto crossing a chart's angle is a major occurrence.)

Another icky conjunction is from SA Mars in a couple of years--SA Mars to natal Pluto...extreme force; persuasion; control; brutality; excessive effort. (Mars combined with Pluto also has a zealous influence, as if the world needs more o'that.)

>>Shout-Out to expert astrologer and Jungian psychologist, Dr Noel Tyl, for Solar Arc info. Noel has also championed Quindecile aspect analysis (165 degress = an aspect of obsession-compulsion.) He's author of many weighty books on astrology, including one on medical astrology you might wish to wade through, if you dare!

Now some would call this a side note, but I think the midpoint of heavyweights Saturn and Pluto should be watched at all times. In recent days, and ongoing a while longer, their transiting midpoint has been hanging out around 17Lib+, which, if you will notice, is sitting just upon natal Neptune--and these are always a difficult trio for sure.

Sat/Plu = Nep: lies; fraud; falsehoods; secret desire to harm others; danger through water, poison, or gas. (Sounds like Wednesday when Senators' offices had to be evacuated because 'nerve gas' was suspected.)

(BTW--tr Sat/Plu will soon be upon George Bush's natal Jup 18Lib09...Sat/Nep = Jup: religious/social fanaticism; difficulties caused through illness; sacrifice; trouble with authority; trying to save what's left...

...plus, Sat/Plu is still affecting Bush's natal Moon 16Lib42: rigidity or coldness of feeling; a tragic destiny; renunciation. So with tr Saturn on natal Asc and about to bowl over his Mercury, Pluto, and Venus--in first house of Self--it's already a bumpy ride getting bumpier for Mr Bush, and sadly, for America, as I've previously stated.)

But back to US Constitution: transit Neptune now at the Unmasking degree, has been bouncing between natal Pluto (14AQ12) and progr'd Pluto (17AQ35) for some time now...Neptune to Pluto =

unusual problems; possible concerns about death matters; peculiar experiences; creative enterprises.

And you may have noticed that US Constitution is just before having sec prog'd Moon conjunct natal Moon--the closing of one era or cycle and the beginning of a new one, and relating to the populace...which means that progr'd Moon is at the same degree as natal Moon, thereby emphasizing it. (Her progr'd Sun 3Tau32 is conj the Discovery Degree of Chiron, I might add. Just did..."4Tau" = "Rainbow's pot of gold.")

The Sabian Symbol (DR's version) for her Moon, "5Sag" = "An old owl sits alone on the branch of a large tree."

Sounds plenty smart enough, and one-of-kind...let's hope she doesn't lose her poise and fall off.

Keynote: a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation. (The 'Greatest Weaknesses' above would fit into the 'unconscious' category.)

Ah hah! Well, we know someone was wise when they wrote and birthed her--now let's see if we can keep her in her place high above America, shall we?

jc Feb 9 2006 9:02 pm est

*If we're talkin' "monk", it reminds me of John Paul's call for the NWO, and oddly enough, of presidential hopeful Sam Brownback's conversion to Catholicism two or three years ago. "A little bit funny this feeling inside" when you consider our newly catholicized Supreme Court, huh? -jc

Feb 3, 2006

Bush Can Too Spy, Says Roberts

Senate Intelligence Committe Chairman, Pat Roberts, wrote a 19-page letter upholding Bush's snooping ability...touting Bush's inherent power under the Constitution.

Bringing George Washington back from his grave to bolster Bush's position, Roberts said that presidents from Geo Washington to GWB have intercepted communications to ascertain enemy threats to national security. Poor George--and he was resting so well.

It's not the protection of national security at issue--no sane American denies it needs protecting--it's what ELSE George, with his power obsession and his win-at-any-cost mentality might do with such draconian privileges.

Bush's use of the politics-of-personal-destruction mixed with his inability to face his critics straightforwardly--and the fact that he HAS so many critics--forms more the ugly image of a greedy ideologue protecting his turf (in tandem with legitimate national security efforts), more than a picture of a valiant, "homeland"-protecting commander-in-chief.

Sheeple who believe this goose-stepping, 19-page, heil of allegiance, will one day wish they'd paid more attention.

Perhaps I should resurrect Washington myself--publish his natal chart and see what's shaking with it. Out-of-town company about to arrive, so I'll have to do it over the weekend...it could be very illuminating concerning present circumstances, so stay tuned!

jc Feb 3 2006 6:05 pm est

5 is the magic number

Congress Extends Patriot Act Five Weeks

Or is it the loneliest number? I forget. Anyway, it's the number of Man...2 arms, 2 legs, and a noggin full o'fog....relates to creativity, and more specifically:

channeling one's understanding and creative abilities toward the realization of a social or collective need. (insert yeee-haw.)

Guess we're supposed to heave a sigh of relief that cooler noggins have prevailed.

But you know what they're full of.

jc Feb 3 2006 1:00 am est (insert yawn)

ps: Lawsuit against Christie Todd Whitman and the EPA will proceed concerning her comments 2 days after 9/11 that the air was dandy fine, no problemo, breathe away, all is well. You'll remember the fires were still smoldering, and she was a shill.


Feb 2, 2006

Seeing Shadows

Punxsutawney George ought to be seeing his about now.

If any other CEO had flubbed as much as he's flubbed, his golden parachute would be a handkerchief tied to a stick and stockholders would be pushing him from the plane.

jc Feb 2 2006 10:23 pm est

Feb 1, 2006

Dueling T-Shirts Over America

Just before the State of the Union Address began last evening, Cindy Sheehan was ejected in handcuffs--being the ruffian she is--from the gallery for wearing a T-shirt that read, "2245 Dead: How Many More?". Seems a fair question, but I guess not.

I'm sure the Bush Team wouldn't approve of having a camera light upon Ms Sheehan's bossomy question, ya think? But if only side-lined Tom DeLay had been wearing a T-shirt for the event (how about the formerly popular, "I'm With Stupid"?)... he might've garnered more limelight.

Here's her natal chart surrounded by the Address Chart...with Bush's actual start time of 9:12 pm--wonder if he held back to make sure Ms Sheehan, and Beverly Young
(wife of Rep C W Bill Young of FL--Repub!) who was also ejected, were out of his hair and sight range? I thought he was suspiciously late starting.

(Mrs Young was ejected as Bush was speaking about our troops, and her "offensive"
T-shirt said, "Support Our Troops Defending Our Freedom". Seems odd that the Bush Team is against ALL T-shirts, or perhaps just ALL bossoms that compete for our attention to George's message. Some folk think it would've been an improvement. We knew before last night that Bush can't compete unless the playing field is slanted his way...apparently he can't fight his way out of a T-shirt either.)

So here is Ms Sheehan's North Node (NN = a meeting or joining point) being contacted by Jupiter, the moneybags, judge, big guy of the zodiac. And her natal Jupiter is rising as the speech begins...Jupiter expands, of course, and Jup/Asc = desire to be of importance in the world. (Well, none of my state Reps gave Me a ticket, now did they?)

Mercury is just about to contact her wound, Chiron--wounded communications, or communcations about the wound. (Mercury's orbit is about one year, so this happens once a year to all of us as Mercury contacts all our planets.) Her right to speak out--even with a T-shirt message--was wounded, all right.

And at the top of the chart, in full sight of the world, is transit Saturn (control; restriction; loss) who is, and has been recently, visiting her Uranus, planet of freedom and rebellion. Saturn's orbit is about 28-30 years long, so we all get his visitations upon our planets/chart points at least a couple of times, if we last that long...three times if we live to a ripe old age. And this conj of Saturn to her Uranus is also Saturn's conjunction to Bush's natal Asc, previously posted upon...a low point in the life when past chickens--or in his case, chickenhawks--come home to roost. So Cindy's Uranus, also called, The Awakener, has been trying to wake up George's chickenhawks to their true responsibility for his past actions!

>>Saturn to natal Uranus = circumstances conspire to restrict personal independence and freedom. Unorthodox methods do not meet with enthusiasm, and may be rejected completely by those who insist on more structure and tradition. Group endeavors are apt to be bogged down by red tape and delays, but the key is not to give up--you may be given more responsibilities in group projects.

No brainer: Cindy won't be giving up, Mr Saturn, Mr Man!

As you know, Bush cleared outta Dodge this morning to continue the catapultin'. Hope Nashville holds his tootsies to the fire of truth just as Cindy Sheehan continues to do...probably fat chance.

And today's GAO report blames this administration for its miserable Katrina response, or the lack thereof. That'll give Bush something to stew over while kickin' back at the "ranch" this weekend. Wonder what T-shirt he'll be wearin'?
"I'm the Culprit"? "Hollow Legacy"? Or how about "Cindy Doesn't Speak for Me"?

jc Feb 1 2006 12:57 pm est

>>>GROUND HOG DAY>>>New Leadership Vote will be taken by the Republicans, one of the more ethically-challenged political parties of the nation...one of the two. Everyone has had time to rehearse his or her part, so here's the Feb 2 9:30 am est Opening Curtain for the Capitol Building Performance of Ground Hog Theater:

Stars Over Washington: Backlashes, Whips, and the Ground Hog