Feb 15, 2007

White House Oct 13, 1792

After Bush mentioned the beautiful White House yesterday, it seemed time to get off my duff and post the natal chart for the White House.

Put on your peepers and click to enlarge chart for the Feb 16, 2007 transits, sunrise, scribbled around the outside.

You'll find controlling, restricting Saturn stomping upon natal Uranus, the reformer and rebel, tr Venus conj n South Node--a separation point, tr Mars, the testy instigator, nearing Ic, the Foundation of the chart (although this is only the sunrise chart, 'tis true.)

There's a full 5th house of Speculation and Risky Ventures including tr Sun conj the 5th cusp, plus you'll notice that natal Mars 11Sag17 is in the same degree as the plutocratic Chiron/Pluto conj of Dec 30, 1999. Chiron/Pluto were parallel in mid-August, 2004...so tr Pluto/Chiron = n Mars (Mars = energy, action, initiative, and in a national chart, the military. US imperialism shines forth.)

Astrologically speaking, it seems there is much to what some people said and wrote early on in the Bush regime--that plans for war were pre-laid from the start...with which SO'W must concur.

The natal chart of the White House has 3, count'em, 3 planets at the crisis-ridden 29th degree--and two of them are Saturn opposite Neptune under which the world suffers now by transit...true or false, reality vs illusion, accountability vs slackness, traditional religion vs mystical pursuits and esoterism.

There's also an explosive opposition between Uranus and Pluto, and tr Saturn is now opposing n Pluto, the generational transit which was in effect on 9/11/01. The White House probably was a target on 9/11.

There's a lot of karmic stuff is goin' on, m'peops, but there's no time today to type out more notes. Please refer to your own noggin for more details, if you speak astrolgese.

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