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Jan 31, 2011

Will globalists install ElBaradei to rule Egypt? (video)

The following video presentation from The Alex Jones Show of January 30, 2011 may contain controversial remarks and, as usual, this lone blogger cannot endorse each word spoken in the presentation.

But I do agree that ex-pat Mohamed ElBaradei is not the leader the majority of the Egyptian people want or need and I'm not certain how much of an improvement over Mubarak's regime he would be if his 'installation' by Soros, Brzezinski, and other globalists is successful.

ElBaradei, if installed, may prove to bring no more than temporary calm to a nation now in justified upheaval. And if he, too, doesn't represent the needs of the Egyptian people, the calm won't last even that long and will only make things worse.

A Million-Man March is scheduled for tomorrow, February 1, 2011, and my thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Egypt. May they prevail over all despotic forces!

(Now if only the American people could prevail over same. Again.)

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

For further reading, don't miss Paul Watson's Mohamed ElBaradei: Global Pied Piper of the Egyptian Revolt. Egypt is a "vassal state for the new world order" and "pays out $1.1 million annually to the Podesta Group, an organization closely tied with the Obama administration to act as 'foreign agents' for Mubarak's regime."

If you want something done in Washington, call the Podesta Group! says their website. Perhaps we-the-people should text them pronto because we're in big trouble, too.

Plus, here's a post on the natal horoscope of Zbigniew Brzenzinski (chart shown) with a video of ZB being interviewed by Charlie Rose during the Bush-Cheney regime.

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