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May 24, 2014

"The Power is in the hands of the People" -- Max Igan (video)

Good News! "The Power is in the Hands of the People"!

For some reason today I'm relating Max Igan's new presentation to the deception and formation of 'the Fed'--probably because that is good news--and the American people would like one of those helpings of Pluto's power please! The tyranny of the Federal Reserve System--a surreptitiously planned and established central bank of the US--has grown grey around the whiskers and toothy of grin, don't you think?

Let's have a peek at the Dec 1, 1910 New Moon @9Sag during the secret meeting/s of the NY and foreign bankers who met on Jekyll Island GA after their undercover train ride from Hoboken on the night of Nov 22, 1910, shall we? Let's look at the horoscope's YOD pattern, a 'crisis-turning point-crossroads-special-task' configuration consisting in this case in a sextile of Neptune Rx in Cancer and North Node ('NN' = meetings; encounters; future direction) @19Tau14 pointing to the out-of-bounds Mercury @19Sag28 (in 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Transformation, the Occult, etc) with Mercury signifying on one level the reporters who were given 'the slip' at the Hoboken train station that night.

As participant Senator Nelson Aldrich's 'Plan' called for, and it was revealed later that, "The public must not glean a hint of what was to be done." And they didn't--even when the Federal Reserve Act of Dec 23, 1913 passed through the US Congress after most members had left Capitol Hill for the holidays, the beaky snastards. Did only Senator Aldrich know about the scheme? I doubt it. And the whole enterprise was strangely inappropriate since Congress basically handed its constitutional duties--and power--in the finance department over to unelected plutocrats (to print and own our money privately.) And this turn of affairs occurred after President Andrew Jackson had quite successfully fought off the claws of such monetary vultures in the 1800s on our behalves.

Well, greedy vultures and vampires seldom if ever give up, do they?

So in the Dec 1, 1910 horoscope we see the New Moon's YOD/s forming two midpoint pictures which you may be curious about if you wonder what these agents of foreign banks perpetrated upon the American people at that time. And of course you know of the booms, bubbles, and busts they've engineered since then--fraud and theft with no if any accountability.

YOD #1: (fraudulent) Neptune sextile NN inconjunct Mercury in 8th house: 'needs for explanation of your reclusiveness or isolation' (secret deliberations!); 'avoiding communications' (they were allegedly on a 'duck hunting trip' and staying at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club--under assumed names.)

YOD #2: Neptune sextile ASC (@19Tau14--NN is rising exactly) points also toward Mercury, planet of plans, news, and reporters: deluding others about the current state of the economy (did they pretend it was worse than it was after their Banking Panic of 1907??); scandals in the news. (M. Munkasey, Unleashing the Power of the Midpoints.)

Neptune/NN tends toward 'a lack of community spirit and the use of deception'; Neptune/ASC = 'crooks, liars, cheats, insincere people'--well, peep eye, Fed! (Tyl; Ebertin.)

In addition, Pluto @27Gem16 Rx--in 2nd house of the National Treasury!--is at a degree of BANKRUPTCY (the word picture or Sabian Symbol for '28Gemini'--the void-of-course Moon's position on the morning of 9/11/01) and we find that the plutocrats of the day who were in place to make big things happen within the US economy are denoted by powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto traversing the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini which handily accuses them all of such tendencies as: 'mass suggestion; organizers; adventurers; ruthless behavior regarding society or the social order and with regard to the generally accepted view.' (R. Ebertin, The Constellation of Stellar Influences.)

Okay, I'll hush for now but there are many more interesting planetary factors and history to consider on the topic of America's misbegotten 'Fed' and their secret meeting in 1910 that resulted in the insinuation of the organization (or, syndicate) into our financial affairs but I must leave it to you, if you haven't before, to check out the horoscope for all the old-news-still-mucking-things-up that you might ever wish to use.

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