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Aug 13, 2014

Capricorn Radio: Max Igan on "The Situation in Gaza" Aug 13, 2014

Capricorn Radio presents: Max Igan - "The Situation in Gaza" August 13, 2014:

If the above 29-minute+ video does not embed or play for you on SO'W please visit YouTube's The Crowhouse channel or search for the video's title on YouTube. Typically, Western media spins the situation in Gaza and the horoscope of September 22, 2014's Autumn Equinox (Libra Ingress) set for the White House denotes much propaganda concerning dire circumstances abroad (which includes US military action in Iraq and elsewhere, of course.) As along as the *Interweb works, we must ferret out the truth when and where we can.

*I believe Craig Ferguson coined the term, Interweb/s. Mucho descriptive.

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