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Sep 17, 2023

Recognizing the Evil Confronting Us

by Jude Cowell, posting on behalf of the common good

During the spite-filled years of the kleptocratic "Trump era," many commentators, historians, politicians, and political pundits have called out a variety of negative conditions as being "existential threats" facing society but few if any of them have put the primary threat at the very basis of the problem. This, of course, is the primary threat in my opinion so let's consider the topic bwo astrological principles since SO'W tends to investigate issues through a Political Astrology lens - admittedly, with a common good slant.

Yet it isn't as if the dreary topic of evil hasn't turned up here before: a basic discussion in 2022 concerning the karmic planetary pair of evil appeared in a previous post, America's Initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle, when the 'clock of evil forces' began ticking for our nation. In fact, if one wished it, every position of both Saturn and Pluto during the intervening years can be compared with the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Horoscope of 1777 if one had the interest and the time to do so.

And yes, we must eternally remind ourselves that our world is one of duality, that good and evil, positive and negative, light and dark, yin and yang, etc. are for all earthlings to ponder and manage a dichotomy that is part of the human condition - and which gives us --

Two Earthly Paths: The High Road or The Low Road

The main point of this post is my contention that some people choose to trod the low road and commit evil acts upon his/her fellow man/woman. These malcontents can't be happy unless other people are miserable. By their fruits we shall know them, and evil is their chosen fruit.

Well all right, such topics are well beyond the scope of a SO'W post but we can still display two DC Horoscopes: first, the current Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 20, 2020 @22Cap46 (worth keeping an eye on for transits, etc); and the November 12, 2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction which ties wealthy elites, their bankers, and anti-democracy corporate titans into the cosmic cycle of Saturn-Pluto evil - the two conjunctions occurring a mere 8 days apart - so that's two significant cosmic clocks beginning in January and November 2020, the very year of Election 2020 when modern-day fascists of The Bie Lie made their stand to take over America, and big donations, some of them 'dark money', fueled political campaigns that culminated in November 2020:

Distressingly enough, the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction landed directly upon the natal Vertex of one Donald Trump, the 'VX' being a point of 'fated encounters' but can also relate to 'wish fulfillment'. We should also note that, at the opposite end of the axis (similar to the ASC-DESC polarity), Trump's Anti-Vertex conjuncts his 11th house Saturn in watery Cancer which provides a double-Saturn emphasis to the 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction and connects his "build a wall" scam with his acts of evil at the Southern border. Plus, you know that planet Saturn has been called, the "old devil," (Dr. Liz Greene). Well, don't look now, but a certain 'old devil' is running for POTUS in 2024.

Now here's the DC Horoscope of the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction of November 12, 2020 (conjunctions which always time with actions by the Fed), and creating quite a bunch of planetary actors nestled around America's Inaugural Midheaven of Goals:

Now here's a message from the desk of economics Professor Robert Reich: From Nixon to Trump: The Decline of The Common Good.

And for details on Saturn-Pluto's karmic affects upon America in the historical arena, see Washington and Saturn-Pluto at Valley Forge 1777. Plus, for more cosmic details concerning what we call 'The Fed', see Astro-Notes regarding the US Federal Reserve Banking System.

And check out a previous post concerning a cosmic influence now operative upon authoritarian Trump, and thus affecting an America determined to retain democracy and reject Trump's vengeful authoritarianism through which he intends to fulfill his vision of "American carnage," which I assume is a direct order from his pal, Putin: Solar Eclipse Notes on Trump's Current Saturn Return.

Aug 21, 2022

America's initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle

Saturn-Pluto: Fanaticism and Turmoil Against Rigid Structures

by Jude Cowell

To my surprise, the horoscope of America's initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle which began November 21, 1750 sports '23Cap47' rising, a sensitized degree which brings up the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 - along with the natal and karmic Vertex ('VX') of one Donald Trump (22Cap51). Perhaps you agree that our current conditions feel like a double Saturn-Pluto emphasis now bedeviling society, led by an orange-hued figurehead who simply refuses to go away. Recognizing evil when we see it is one part of this cosmic picture, and the practice of Politics, corruptly done, provides decent folk with multiple opportunities to recognize evil each and every day.

Yet for about 1/3 of the US population, the orange blighter is a real pied piper, only fit for fussy fascist-minded fanatics - with fanaticism, violence, and victimhood showing in the horoscope, below.

One example is the Moon in fussy Virgo conjunct victim star Zosma); listed upper right is the fact that 1750 Luna conjuncts September 2016's 19 North Eclipse of "realism" and "tackling the truth," a promising eclipse which had the misfortune to be opposed by transit Neptune in Pisces, a planet of deception, fraud, and the gaslighting that was used to muddy all waters, erode facts, and disguise pathological liar Trump the grifter as being suitable to inhabit the Oval Office. Sad to say, he was, and is, not:

For better viewing, please enlarge the image, print the chart, or set one up for yourself!

Now in the 1750 horoscope, there are other cosmic links to Tr*mp's natal planets for those who care to look, and there are a few chart factors which simply must be listed here. For instance, as noted above, the Moon @8Vir49 reflects the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (19 North) which brought along both the 2016 Election (selection, with Russia's help) and the 2017 Inauguration of the orange blighter whose current plight is our plight, more's the pity. Of interest may be a view of the dual horoscopes of the 1993 Clinton Inauguration and the cuss'ed 2017 Inauguration with its Scorpio Moon of betrayal. (You know, like seditionists and traitors do.)

Curiously, the 1993 Inaugural Moon conjuncts the 1993 Saturn-Pluto midpoint suggesting potentials for 'strong control over people's habits' (Munkasey) and/or 'a tragic destiny for women' (Ebertin). Naturally, the antiquated opinions of Justice Samuel Alito and his reactionary comrades come easily to mind although from 1993, it took the backward misogynists 29 years to overturn Roe v Wade. Yet happily, the Court's bizarre opinion has brought out women voters by the droves! (Did you hear that in Florida, DeSantis' list of banned books now includes The Handmaid's Tale? A brazen attempt to hide his true dystopian agenda for women all barefoot and pregnant, it appears.)

In addition, the Syzygy Moon prior to the 1750 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction falls @21Tau21 (4th house) conjunct a certain asteroid Phaethon, a figure who tends to take on more than he's ready for in similar fashion to the Icarus myth. Wouldn't it would be fabulous in 2022 and beyond if GOP neo-fascists and nazi-wanna-bes turn out to be doing just that - taking on too much so that failure results? However, we should add that the Sabian Symbol for the 1750 Ascendant ("24Cap") is quite descriptive in a handmaiden sort of way: "A Woman Entering a Convent" and yet it hints at "a deep-stirring challenge" (Jones). So it's to the polls, ladies!

Then around the IC of the horoscope (@17Tau16) you see both a solar and lunar eclipse listed. One is the current solar eclipse season we're now in since April 2022, the 6 North (@10Tau28: 'relationship to authority figures; the need to take control'), which spotlights the Uranus-Neptune midpoint of 1750 (@10Tau43, 3rd house) with the planetary pair's 'One World Government' vibes (aka, 'New World Order'). Plus, there's a very Uranian Lunar Eclipse in Taurus occurring on the day of our 2022 Midterms at the Base or Foundation of this Saturn-Pluto Cycle chart - with the Eclipse conjunct radical zealot Uranus, intent on stirring things up. Meanwhile, the axis of the 2022 Midterms Lunar Eclipse hits the Venus of 1750 (@16Sco12) conjunct the 1750 Midheaven (The Goal Point) which suggests materialism, valuations, and perhaps extravagance on a negative level, but fair play and cooperation if energies are positively directed for then karmic progress can be made.

However, this cosmic time link connects the hard work of Saturn-Pluto, even its violent reactions, to Election Day 2022 via Venus and the Taurus Lunar Eclipse which will certainly lead to inconvenient secrets uncovered or leaked, plus, the potential for disruption on a scale we've seldom if ever known.

Now there's one more chart factor worth a mention in this text: the Saturn-Pluto Cycle's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') @11Can33 (6th house) in the 4 South Saros Series with themes of 'strong emotions over relationships and/or money; a desire to suddenly end relationships' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Disturbingly enough, 4 South is the same Series that manifested on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 (ruffling Tr*mp's natal Gem-Sag Sun-NN/Moon-SN opposition), the day of the 2020 Electoral College Vote for Joe Biden and which times the beginning of the turmoil and turbulence that sore loser Trump and his 'Big Lie' continue to cause our nation as he struggles to shrug off paying for his many crimes while pining for a return to the protection of the Oval Office from whence more larceny and sabotage can be perpetrated by this thuggish creature. If we allow it!

So let us end with the Sabian Symbol for our country's initial Saturn-Pluto Cycle's degree of "4 Sagittarius": "A Little Child Learning to Walk" (which America would go on to become via Revolution and the Declaration of Independence):

"Keyword: INDIVIDUALITY: positive expression: exceptional facility for entering experience on its own immediate terms while yet preserving the full genius of self-hood; negative expression" (unconscious/shadow side - jc): "inability to take any real initiative" (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones #ad).

Well, I don't know about you, dear reader, but as an American I can't imagine the initial cycle of our nation's Saturn-Pluto duo, hard-driving and determined as it is, as lacking "any real initiative" at all so let's claim the positive expression for America, shall we?

Looking Ahead: The Cardinal World Points of 2022 into 2023 (Equinoxes, Solstices, etc).