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Apr 3, 2012

The YOD in Thomas Jefferson's Natal Chart

Post Updated April 10, 2012--see below for new info on apex Saturn; original post begins here:

Discovering that the natal horoscope of Thomas Jefferson is replete to overflowing with intriguing facets describing an intellectual giant of The Enlightenment, his natal chart has been an off-and-on study about the place and here I shall make mention of one primary--perhaps The Primary--personality dynamic in President Jefferson's psyche as denoted by his natal planets. (Birth data below.)

This important determinate for understanding a small sliver of TJ is the pattern of a YOD, like a squished down triangle with two sides 150 degr or thereabouts, and both aiming at an apex planet or planets, and in Mr. Jefferson's case, that would be his natal Saturn (sense of authority; maturity; government) Rx in 7th house of Partnerships/Legal Relationships, and posited @ 29Leo04 (conjunct Royal Star Regulus--success if revenge is avoided--and at a critical-crisis 29th degr.)

The sextiled planets at the base of the YOD are Uranus 26Cap56 (conj US n Pluto Rx) just having risen though ASC = 00AQ29 (you note that this degree is the position of the Sun during our modern era presidential inaugurations since they've been held on January 20 (1937) rather than in early March. Is Thomas Jefferson secretively honored each US Inauguration by those who use whatever means necessary to stay in power? Was the 00AQ52 association--Office of the President = Thomas Jefferson's natal Sun? If so, this concurrence had to be synchronized by people who knew how.

Ex: Benjamin Franklin published an almanac for years and made his fortune therefrom; as a scientist and philosopher he was known to dabble in what today we term, Astrology. Now you know that astrological prowess is always passed down through generations, that's nothing new. So let us not fuss over whether Mr. Jefferson, whose aftereffects were found to include a Rosicrucian decoder in his possession (for writing and reading secret messages--they had code names, too) was in alignment or not with groups that are perhaps only now revealing their true designs. Being a loner, perhaps he wasn't a joiner, and being of an ivory tower temperament (so he could think without interruption) Jefferson would have been more of a spiritual adherent to a philosophy rather than a practical one (showing up at regular meetings, etc.) He was accustomed to coming up with his own concepts and developed his inner authority (Saturn, the father, Rx--didn't model authority well for young Tom for Dad was either weak when strength was needed, or absent on one or more levels.)

Jefferson was known for speaking publicly--in a whisper! If you could prevail upon him to do it. Natal Mercury (speaking; communication style; thinking processes; whispers, apparently) @ 26Pis36 was mystical and at-one and thrived on his gardening pursuits (Venus and NN in Taurus near natal IC 22Tau02 = Home) and intellectual wanderings--of course you know of his professions of longing for home and family whenever he was away.

So! What of TJ's YOD (special purpose; crisis; turning point; crossroads; a spiritual opportunity), what midpoint picture might fit the bill of Mercury-Saturn-Uranus (all associated with Astrology, btw)? Here are some possible manifestations for the emphasized trio in the horoscope of this deeply complex man:

Mercury-Uranus sextile (brilliant problem-solver; individual v group; rational thinker with high intuitions; can approach concerns with a fresh or different perspective; intellectually stands apart from the group; uncomfortable if ideas are too readily accepted--did his best when he rejected group assumptions; desired to awaken or convert others; society's critic; an emotional outsider; heretical views created controversy; little confidence in new situations; the spiritual debate between good and evil; a philosopher; foreign travel or self-exile brings insights that lead to wisdom. (The Sextile, Alan Epstein.)

Here's the trio's midpoint picture which I shall ask you to consider in the light of US Inaugural Sun 00AQ+ (the leader.)

Mercury-Uranus = (apex) Saturn: a desire for personal liberation; suddenly overcoming inhibitions through acting quickly; a correct grasp of a difficult situation and attainment of success and life advancement; separating oneself from others or attaining safety for oneself.

(The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)

I shall close with Jefferson's birth data and a few more details:

Thomas Jefferson
April 13, 1743 NS
1:53:48 am LMT
Shadwell, VA

38N00 78W23
True Node

ASC 00AQ29 conj Uranus 26Cap56 (an ability to cope with anything--FDR has Uranus rising); MC 22Sco02 conj Pluto 15Sco49 Rx (the Eagle Point); Sun 22Ari54 conj 3rd cusp; Moon 10Sag46 in 10th H of Public Status; Career; Mercury 26Pis36 in 2nd H of Values; lusty Mars 18Leo42 in 7th H conj Pan Rx, a trickster element quite suitable for conducting back door romances (in Leo-esque France); a scientific Jupiter 4Vir45 Rx (7th H conj Saturn in Leo.)

In a few days, he'll be 269 years old! And there's much more contained in the natal horoscope of the mysterious Mr. J, but you'll want to set up his horoscope for more details, if you don't have it already. Have you seen his close conjunction between Neptune 9Can26 and Chiron 9Can37 (6th H), a spiritualized duo which curiously was eclipsed on July 1, 2011 @9Can12 by a Solar Eclipse which began a fresh new Saros Series...

April 10, 2012: The following paragraph is hereby updated concerning Jefferson's apex Saturn in a natal YOD configuration:

Thomas Jefferson's natal YOD's apex Saturn indicates a karmic challenge which emphasizes what already contains karmic implications due to the presence in the natal horoscope of the YOD pattern--a 'fated' undertone is present in the life. This means that both timing and inner maturity were necessary leading up to 1776 for Jefferson to properly use and deal with the dynamic energy of the YOD at the turning point the pattern represents and from which issued the Declaration of Independence. That Thomas Jefferson was given a cosmic purpose to work out seems obvious in hindsight and imho, he was aware of it as well considering his extensive research and study into cosmic or occult subjects, and in light of the critical, soul-trying events of his day.

Though he was happier in solitude, it was a priority (said the Universe) for him to join with others of the New Atlantis persuasion and get the job done of creating a new nation free from religious persecution. His establishment of the University of Virginia further bears out his intentions on the matter.

Apex Saturn in a YOD configuration shows one who makes continuous adjustments when it comes to his ego-security and self-preservation at the start, then experiences much anxiety and self-doubt (part of his whispered speeches? natal 12th cusp of Karma, Self-Undoing, Politics = 5Cap56, ruled by Saturn) due to a lack of support in his early environment. Plus, natal Saturn Rx = weak or absent father; Jefferson's Moon out-of-bounds--his only OOBs natally--shows his well-known faulty relationship with his Mother which was never resolved in her lifetime.

Apex Saturn leads to a painful awareness of one's personal deficiencies and to feelings of being an unwanted outcast, an emotional and psychological condition which must be conquered in adulthood in order to take correct action at YOD's turning point or crossroads, and to successfully manage the special task which the YOD decrees. Yet Saturn's natural drive to overcome obstacles along with the corrective nature of a YOD (for those who cooperate with the Universe rather than selfishly balking) made Jefferson well-suited to take whatever actions and studies necessary to reorganize himself and his attitudes which assured efficient functioning in the world.

YODs are often considered cosmic tests, and Saturn is the planet of tests and lessons, so a great sense of freedom from past burdens may be experienced when a karmic YOD involving Saturn strengthens the character and its energies are thus well-managed. This leads to a definite life direction and an acceptance of social responsibility (something many modern day politicians fail in miserably--so are they 'politicians' at all?); plus, purposeful activity, steady focus, realized ambitions, hard work, and dedication to serious goals are uplifted and, as we know, a significant, well-respected social status results which his name continues to enjoy to this day.

Thomas Jefferson's karmic YOD with apex Saturn made his Saturn Return around the age of 28 highly important to the requirements of his natal YOD's purpose. His Saturn Return occurred three times: Nov 12, 1771, Jan 7, 1772 (Rx), and July 23, 1772; apex Saturn came into play again with a special purpose of karmic proportions at his next Saturn Return of Sept 2, 1801 for he had been inaugurated US president on March 4, 1801 with Congress deciding on his behalf on Feb 9, 1801.


Recommended for more info on YODs and other planetary patterns, see Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney.

Aug 19, 2009

Leo New Moon in Washington DC 8.20.09

New Moon 27Leo32; August 20, 2009, 6:01:31 am edt Washington DC, Hour of Saturn; chart-ruler Sun; New Moon opposes Jupiter Rx, Chiron Rx, and Neptune Rx 21 - 25 AQ (conj Descendant...but mostly the New Moon opposes Neptune.)

Sun/Moon = Neptune: misunderstandings in relationships; discontent; deception.

Midheaven (Mc = The Goal/Aspiration Point) 14Tau41 conjunct US Inaugural ASC (Presidential Oath of Office - on January 20s every 4 years at the Capitol Building.)

New Moon opposes US natal Moon in AQ (Sibly chart); US natal Moon now being transited by Neptune...sense of rootlessness; family relationships either become eroded or spiritually closer; mystery and confusion abound; creative and promotional talents may prosper.

Highlighted in orange, you can't miss the big honkin' YOD (Finger of God pattern, sextile base pointing to apex planet/ this chart it's Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune in AQ) since it kind of overlays the ASC of the New Moon chart here, with Venus/Saturn midpoint at ASC:

YODs signify special tasks, talents from an odd genius, neuroses, turning points, crises that seemingly have no solutions - the cosmos may have to give a hand, and/or adjustments which must be made. A diverging path is indicated, but things can't be rushed. Appropriate to the public discourse, there may be health or medical connotations to a YOD pattern as well.

And on a spiritual level, it's where one picks up the higher thread in order to follow God's will rather than work toward selfish aims at the expense of others...especially when outer (transpersonal) planets are involved in the pattern.

Venus/Saturn = ASC: emotional inhibitions; shyness; seeking solitude; separation.

Jupiter/Neptune = ASC: living in an unreal world; speculation; sharing great hopes with others; appearing to live in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda.

Perfecting during a Saturn Hour, we see emphasised with this New Moon (a new cycle beginning) that Saturn in 2nd house conjs Fixed Star, Denebola, keywords: to go against society; to swim against the mainstream.

Also in 2nd house of Earning Ability is Mercury, Exalted in Virgo 24:29 which sextiles US natal Mercury 24Can+ Rx, making car sales a continued hot tamale - at least for those who seek out the opportunity (sextile.) 'Cars' and 'sales' are both of Mercury's realm; trade issues are on the president's menu.

Highlighted in green is the T-Square configuration between Mercury/Uranus and Mars 26Gem36 (apex) in 11th house of Groups, Associations, Friends, Hopes, Wishes.

Merc/Uran = Mars: nervous drive finds the mark and usually pays off; courage; determination; the instincts of a fighter hitting home; summing things up quickly and acting accordingly; sudden success; nervousness; assaults; a sudden realization of ideas.

These T-Squared energies may signify the recent arrest of the hacker who stole the most credit and debit card details ever (since his last big online heist - he's already in jail) along with two or more accomplices who are represented by Mars in multiple and duplicitous Gemini (Gem = communications; Merc/Uran = computers; Mars = males, and more specifically, Mars = instigators and agents.)

You'll notice that much hinges upon Saturn at the New Moon because the old timekeeper is the one planet involved in both the YOD and the T-Square.

Well, hopefully you can click to enlarge the chart and read a few more details. I don't especially care for this New Moon chart although it is said to be a powerful one as New Moons go. Creative projects should really rev up over the weekend which gives the Moon time to grow in light. Perhaps I'll draw.

And yes, you're right. The crisis situation between the New Moon and the spiritual~health~speculation trio in AQ (Jup, Chir, Nep) is descriptive of the health care 'debate' going on now, and of our health care systems' decrepitude and frauds.

So with a new cycle beginning in spirit-of-endeavor Leo, perhaps around the time of the Full Moon in two weeks, we'll be in sight of a resolution of some sort. Or at least we'll have more details on the bill.


The pressure from the YOD is so extreme, it breaks up the whole system into smithereens, and the legislative process turns into a bigger mush than it is now, if their Political Theater is to be believed. And I always think that most of their rehearsed bluster is 'on purpose', meant to slow things down, or to not pass bills the powers-that-be don't want passed. (Gotta protect that bottom line.)

(Originally about the health care reform efforts, I said that the proof would be whether Congress acts on behalf of the people and accomplishes something practical, or whether reform languishes in willy-nilly-land. Not my original words, but you know what I mean - show me the outcome of all their fine 'debate' - aka, wing-flapping and squawking to establish or maintain pecking order.)

Plus, as you see notated in 12th house, with the Moon's South Node conjunct July 21's Solar Eclipse 29Can27, we're all getting the full treatment now from the Eclipse's 'systems fail; new methods needed' influence.

After all, how many times have you heard or read the word 'system' in the news in recent months?

Midpt pics: Tyl; Ebertin; any-all-or-none may apply.

Jan 19, 2009

Inaugural Synastry: Obama + Oath of Office

As you see, the synastry grid between Barack Obama's natal planets, angles, and Nodal axis (in blue - across) and the planetary positions at noon, Jan 20, 2009 (in red - down)Washington, DC, have many aspects or contacts, between them.

Applying = A

Applying aspects have not yet become exact and thus indicate a meeting or other catalytic ingredient which may yet occur.

Separating = S

Aspects exact from the past yet still close enough in orb for SolarFire software to include them, have an 'S'...separating aspects are waning but may be still influencing the planet/point they contact. ('2S02' is 2 degrees, 2 minutes apart and widening.)

Transits are external forces, actors, events coming along, and here we see a great amount of happiness (Moon sextile natal Jupiter; Jupiter trine natal Moon, Sun trine natal Moon and conj natal Jupiter by 5 minutes!)

We-the-people and they-the-Obamas are as happy as puppies with multiple tails! Yes, it is a very happy and jolly occasion, agreed.

But let's look deeper with the deepest of planets, god of the underworld, invisible helmet and all.

Let's consider the YOD (Finger of God pattern: crisis or critical situation which must be dealt with; special task or purpose; turning point or crossroads) which Obama's natal sextile between Moon (Gemini) and Mercury (Leo) forms the base of, along with the focal or apex planet which completes the YOD - Pluto, clocking in at 1Cap57.

Midpoint picture ('any, all, or none' may apply):

Moon-Mercury = Pluto: a reorientation of one's thinking due to special circumstances or events coupled with destiny; tragic realizations; new perspectives; persuasion or being persuaded; the force of thought. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

But what about transformative Pluto as apex in a YOD configuration?

Cuing the lights and checking with Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, we find a karmic and dramatic situation in store, for Pluto is particularly linked to karmic reap-what's-sown situations having such a long orbit round the Sun as Mr. Pluto has.

Inaugural Pluto Represents Obama on One Level

The president-elect (for about 15 hours more) is a catalystic figure for being the first African-American to rise to the highest office in the land which automatically makes him a Plutonian.

(A Constitutional lawyer-professor is all right by me, as previously stated, it's the secret hand ~Pluto~ calling the shots that makes me fret for the continuity of my country and for the common good's sake.)

So that's another level of existence which Astrology may describe archetypally bwo spying Pluto...catalyst; secret controller/s; criminal underworld; Mafia and other fraternal organizations; the seamy underbelly of Washington or any other place with a seamy underbelly; political movers and shakers - 'mob bosses'; mining industry titans; energy titans; and the obscenely rich of the world who guard their wealth and spoils like fire-breathing dragons with serious halitosis.

Therefore, as I talk of apex Pluto, I speak of Obama and of others who are not Obama, whoever they may be. Police forces are connected with Pluto's control and coping abilities, natch.

The extremely high level of surveillance at tomorrow's Inaugural events is also a function of Pluto in restrictive Capricorn. Agencies will obviously be focused as well on Mrs. Obama (BHO's natal Moon) and the Obama children (BHO's natal Mercury.)

As you know, life at any moment occurs on many levels simultaneously - Astrology can do no less than describe them as accurately as possible.

So apex Pluto in a YOD pattern signifies an entity with penetrating perceptions, a keen observer, but who is perhaps withdrawn and out-of-tune with the superficial levels of life. Others may not understand, seclusion is sought...perhaps to an underground lair.

All inconjuncts require adjustment/s and with transit Pluto inconjuncting (150 degr) BHO's natal Moon and Mercury, adjustment really is the keyword - and yes, health and safety can be issues with inconjuncts (aka, quincunxes.)

So apex Pluto here indicates that deep attitude adjustments will be necessary in order to make full use of this critical energy pattern...and I believe a hidden choir is singing, m'peops.

But what does provocative Pluto want? Can he do more than hum the tune he's out-of-sync with? When the dragon's breath scorches you or his tail swipes your world away, it's clear he whistles a tune completely of his own design, not ours, and it's based on his extreme perspectives.

YODs contain the image of a turning point, and apex Pluto faces pressure to adopt a new direction. Yet something from Pluto's past must regenerate or die before the transition can be advantageously undertaken. (A secret ritualistic inauguration aids US presidents in achieving this exalted state. And sacrificing one's conscience may be necessary at some point - if it hasn't been already.)

After this turning point, things are not meant to return to their original intentions, for Pluto's transformations are permanent. There is here a new level of POWER and old vulnerabilities are purged; a high level of authority has been attained which may usher in a new order of things to come (my ughiest fear!)

If poorly managed, an apex Pluto in a YOD pattern indicates self-destructive urges (something more than secret cigarette breaks in the Lincoln Bedroom - or not), futile manipulations of others, and/or open defiance to undermine existing authority at any cost.

Will Pluto allow Barack Obama's policies and methods to prosper on behalf of we-the-people - or (as usual) for themselves at the people's expense?

There is another YOD formed with BHO's natal Venus as apex planet, but I'm a pooped-out puppy and will save that for another time.

This posting of the synastry grid between America's Presidential Inauguration 2009 and Barack Obama is now closed, but the grid is hereby available for future reference, if you or I should need it.

One Final Note

Stars Over Washington , a grumpy, dissenting blog devoted to America and to my favorite of cities, wishes to Welcome the Obama family to Washington, DC and to the White House.

And I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys tomorrow's historic events in the safest and kindliest of fashions!

Dec 1, 2008

Inauguration 2009: YODs form with US natal Venus

Using the animated chart feature of Solar Fire software to 'look ahead' in the ceremony, an interesting pattern forms around 12:30 pm on Jan 20, 2009, Capitol Building, just as the Moon leaves its crisis 29th degree of Scorpio and enters the happier sign of Sagittarius, ruled by jolly Jupiter.

As you know, US Inaugurations are scheduled for noon on Jan 20, and the ceremonies tend to begin at noon, or a minute or so thereafter.

YOD, a Finger of God: a special purpose, task, or a crisis in need of attention NOW

A YOD pattern consists of two (or more) planets in sextile (60 degrees) at its base, pointing to an apex planet/s. 12:30 pm is when the 29Sco45 Moon reaches 00Sag00 (Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire") and begins an afternoon of sextiling and 'YODing' with Inaugural Mercury Rx, Sun, Jupiter, and Mc. (Jupiter 3AQ32 is conjunct Midheaven then.) All the planets sextiling one another are quincunx (inconjunct - 150 degr) US natal Venus, planet of money, relationships, and values, thus the YOD.

Checking Bil Tierney's book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis for apex Venus in a YOD pattern, we find that a negative expression of apex Venus results in anti-social behavior and alienation. This refers to America's loss of standing and reputation in the world these last 8 years, imo.

Barack Obama's natal Jupiter 00AQ is also involved in the YOD pattern as well as his natal Venus 1Can47 - which is in closer orb with the YOD than US natal Venus 3Can06!

If activated in positive fashion, apex Venus in a YOD configuration represents a fated turning point - a new direction of fulfilled purpose and advanced development of refined talents or attributes which have a marked influence upon the value structures of others.

This influence affects the sensibilities of people in ways that enable them to improve their own welfare. Constant efforts at inner adjustments and reorganization bring lasting security; the new direction stimulated by the YOD/s pointing to apex Venus results in individual participation in social enterprises, legal affairs, or counseling fields. ~

With Barack Obama's natal Venus so near US natal Venus in Cancer, we may say that the Inaugural YOD pattern points to America and to Obama as leader.

Well, yay. Sounds way better than the Bush model, doesn't it?