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Aug 17, 2011

Alexander Hamilton disses the Tea Party! And reviewing Inauguration 2009's midpoint pictures

Tea Party Approval Rate Trending Down with American Public

by Jude Cowell

Protest4Democracy quotes Alexander Hamilton on the sort of undermining of the US government which the Tea Partisans, theocrats (feelin' all righteously resurrected from their Ronald Reagan 'Religious Right' glory days), and other corporatist shills are espousing in 2011 into 2012.

So as Presidential Campaign 2012 heats up and the overblown rhetoric with it, I sincerely hope all US voters will be able to tell an patriot from a Utopian anarchist, a true Christian from a cold hearted not-my-brother's-keeper-er, a globalist from a real American.

Let's not toss such principles as separation of church and state, freedom to worship--or not--as we please, our national sovereignty, and compassion for our fellow Americans into the historical dustbin. Better to jettison the expectations of those who use political sloganism to steal a national helm which belongs to all of we-the-people, not just the chosen few who choose to tow the corporatist line for some promised reward they may or may not find at the end of a deluded Utopian, One World Government rainbow.

Besides, if corporate tax breaks, huge loopholes, and government subsidies were going to create jobs in America, they would have done so by now--and all through the l o n g eight years of the Bush-Cheney regime when the economy fell apart.

And I say all this even while knowing how the Horoscope of Inauguration 2009 showed the midpoint of the oppressive, disenfranchising, primally violent, racist, corporatist, fascist, communist pair of Pluto/Chiron sitting upon the Obama Inauguration's Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart.

For 'company' at Inaugural 2009 MC as well is US natal Pluto in Capricorn, and a 10th house Jupiter 3AQ25 (money; banking; bankers)--which conjoins China's natal Moon, signifying the people who have many jobs while the American people seem to have fewer jobs each day. Jupiter's Bottomline Economics will be with us a long time, tinged with Saturnian austerity.

Disillusioned with President Obama?

Click for a write-out of the midpoint pictures which were in effect at noon edt in Washington DC on January 20, 2009. In my post from November 2009, I optimistically characterized the pre-inaugural midpoint pictures as being mostly positive yet upon review (Mercury Rx now!) this evening, some of them in particular don't seem nearly as full of optimism on behalf of the American people as you and I had hoped on that 'Game Changing Day'.

That is, you had hoped--unless you're a corporatist, sour grapes Republican, or a Tea Partisan--then you want to see Pres. Obama 'fail', right? No matter who gets taken down with him, it's okay by you because (you think that) all your ducks are in fancy rows and ready for the paradigm shift of a New World Order.

Of course, I cannot yet rule out the possibility that the 'see Obama fail' political script is just another cynical planned-at-the-top ruse to hide a deeper agenda while keeping we-the-people divided against one another--and thereby conquered!

Anyway, read the midpoint pictures for yourself. Looking back during a Mercury retrograde phase is often profitable and it may serve to take you down memory lane to that bitter cold day in Washington DC which now seems so long ago...


The plutocratic duo Pluto/Chiron's favorite equation? Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

America is ruled by corporations who, it has come to light, actually write the bills for Congress to sponsor and push giving the term 'Corporate America' a deeper level of meaning.

In case you haven't, you may wish to check out Move To Amend and get involved! For if you're American, this is your country, too.

Oh, and speaking of corporations, the ground underneath the Fukushima nuclear core reactors has begun to crack. Things are seriously out of control in Japan, the MSM is blacking out the truth, and the world can 'thank' the nuclear industry and their transnational backers for the disaster.

Read more or watch broadcast videos by Thom Hartmann who covers the real news such as Japan's ongoing 'China Syndrome' situation.

Jun 7, 2009

Summer Solstice 2009 + Solstice New Moon 1Can30

Summer Solstice June 21, 2009, 1:45:19 am edt, Washington, DC, is the upper chart; June 22's New Moon 1Can30 opposite Pluto 2Cap00 Rx is the lower chart, with America's natal Nodal axis at Mc/Ic.

Sun, Moon, and Pluto are highlighted in pink; click image to enlarge. Still under-girding things is the speculator pair, Jupiter/Neptune, conjoined at 26AQ+ with Chiron still in tow at 25AQ57; all three are Rx and in effect through 2009.

I'll say it once again: Jup/Nep = US natal Moon: becoming involved in speculation; instability; wastefulness; going with the wind.

The pile-up of powerful midpoints at 29Cap+ - Pluto/Chiron, Neptune/Pluto, and Jupiter/Pluto - will soon meet exactly with the tr NN 00AQ29, indicating meetings and associations with plutocrats and corporatists, resource-plundering Robber Baron/Gilded Age types (actually their current spawn and successors), and world bankers...with the president (00AQ+) - in Solstice chart, see 10th house.

Sun reaches 00Can00 at a Venus Hour with Venus 14Tau56 (conjunct US Inaugural Ascendant = the office of the president; oath of office), closing in on conjunction with Mars 15Tau02 in 1st house - both planets are on the US Inaugural Asc.

Also conj Inaugural Asc is the Solstice's Sun/Uranus midpoint...

Sun/Uranus = Asc: sudden experiences or events; new associations; excitability; appearing at one's best.

Venus/Mars = Asc: unconditional love shown easily; a lively expression of feelings; affection.

As marked, you see the Sun/NN midpoint rising with the Solstice Ascendant 14Ari43...

Sun/NN = Asc: seeking or making contacts.

Now you will find many interpretations online of the Summer Solstice 2009 chart, so I shall focus on a few factors (with emphasis on political implications) such as the dissociate T-Square between the Sun/Pluto opposition pointing toward apex Uranus 26Pisc35 (conj two asteroids, Icarus: risk-taking; flight; assassination, and Juno: the wife; legal restrictions or definitions; the abused or the abuser ); this T-Square forms a midpoint picture...

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstances (arrest); new individual perspectives; sudden change; reform; rebellion.

In the New Moon chart, Moon joins Sun so the T-Square's midpoint picture expands on June 22 to include more sudden upsets (in a mundane chart, Sun = the leader, Moon = the people/populace/the public)...

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: intensity that can get out of hand; possible nervous crisis through excesses; tremendous self-projection possible; sudden upsets; fanaticism; the desire to fight; identification with the world.

And of course 'Moon/Pluto' implies public relations matters, too, with Uranus linked with electricity, technology, and the worldwide web.

Apex (focal) Uranus is dissociate in the T-Square pattern because it is not in a Cardinal sign as are Sun and Pluto (but it will be when Uranus reaches Aries Point in 2010, a Cardinal Point where world events occur.)

The dissociate quality indicates that reformist-minded Uranus has an easier time of it on an inner, psychological level, yet the pattern's dynamic energies function as usual on the situational level. As with all dissociate patterns, the expression isn't weakened in the T-Square, but indicates that attitude adjustments may be needed for best results to manifest.

Apex Uranus is a social catalyst or activist, a crusader for a group cause or a mass movement. But quirky Uranus' usual tendency toward abruptness tends to alienate or intimidate others as aggressive reforms are imposed; 'he' is excitable and straightforward yet can make sudden moves that seem inconsistent or contrary to plans already set in motion. (This sort of reminds me of: "Try something - if it doesn't work, try something else," says BHO. Like FDR did.)

If mismanaged or wrongly directed, this apex Uranus indicates lawlessness, social defiance, and the unsettling of group endeavors, so I'm reading this on one level as a reckless individual or group intent on causing disruptions from behind the scenes (12th house.) Life is complex and multi-leveled - so must be the Astrology describing it.

As you know, the Cardinal mode thrives on change and movement in the outer world and radical Uranus is driven towards reform. So this apex Uranus may represent the social innovator, freedom fighter (supposedly America herself), and/or a busy experimentalist evoking social changes within existing structures.

Providing shocks or jolts to established conventions is Uranus' cup of tea as 'he' spearheads an ideal vision of progress. This does sound like America and our president, doesn't it?

Here are the rest of the midpoint pictures beginning with the Summer Solstice 2009 chart - with Sun ruling 5th house of speculation, gambling, and risk-taking and the Jupiter/Neptune = US natal Moon opposite in 11th house, the ongoing financial shenanigans continue. If you have a question about something not included here, please leave a comment...

Saturn/ASC = Sun: taking responsibility squarely into one's life plan; strategizing personal freedom; making things happen through hard work; overtaxing the body-health system (how about health care reform? Hygeia is at Ic in the Solstice chart with Panacea at Mc in the New Moon chart! -jc); keen awareness of lack of freedom of movement; difficult circumstances of living; suffering from environmental conditions; becoming ill; an act of separation; wanting to go one's own way.

Sun/Venus = Moon: feeling good about life; an attractive personality.

Sun/Mars = Moon: awareness of relationship dynamics in balance with individual needs; the husband.

Asc/Mc = Jupiter: the optimist; joy and success; pleased with things; justification.

Asc/Mc = Neptune: idealization; spirituality; quiet; feeling ill at ese within one's circle; simulating, pretending, or hiding one's true nature; being surrounded by deceitful or bad people; disappointments.

In both charts...Jupiter/Pluto = NN: political activities; working together with others for success; joint aspirations; relationship to the masses; far-reaching associations; joint or shared success ('Jup/Plu' = plutocrats; organizers handling large projects; world bankers.)

And since the current position of the transiting North Node (NN = destined encounters; meetings; associations) conjuncts US Inaugural Sun and Mercury Rx (2009) we see...

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: the creation of magical effects; successful use of extraordinary physical or mental powers; strong personality powers; doing well with all resources; keeping things within one's own grip.

Jup/Plu = Mercury: a propaganda campaign; promotion of a cause; persuasion; influence; the gift of oration; the desire to influence the masses.

Additional pictures in the New Moon chart of June 22, 2009...

Jupiter/Mc = Venus: success; reward; marriage; birth; a richness of feeling.

Jup/Mc = Mars: creating one's own good fortune; clarity of objective or purpose; successful cooperation; abundant creative powers.

Neptune/Mc = Venus: pretending particular feelings; an apparent show of attachment; acting; idealized love out in the open.

Nep/Mc = Mars: acting without clear understanding or purpose; the desire to bring the wrong ideas into realization; the desire to harm other people; metaphysical studies; charisma for professional gain; playing a role; sensual image.

As always with midpoint pictures, they may act in an any, all, or none manner.

So what else is there to say?

Oh, yes: the Summer Solstice Sun applies only to opposition with string-puller Pluto, the dragon that guards his riches against all challengers - thus financial power struggles continue as Pluto moves again into opposition to US natal Venus, Jupiter, and eventually to n Sun 13Can+.

Solstice chart-ruler Mars applies only to a sesqui-square with powerful Pluto. When waxing, this aspect of 135 degrees (a weak square, difficult and afflicting) indicates an awareness of dynamic interactivity - with an urge toward self-expression and the promotion of one's ideas.

And I have the distinct feeling we'll be hearing of those ideas and causes all the hot summer long through the auspices of propagandistic Washington yelling across Jupiter/Neptune's and Uranus' new-and-improved Digital TV Divide.


Sources: midpoint pics - Noel Tyl; Reinhold Ebertin; dissociate T-Square info: Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; sesqui-square details: The Astrology of Relationship, Michael R. Meyer.

Nov 15, 2008

Inauguration 2009 midpoint pictures

US Inauguration 2009, Washington, DC, 12:00 pm est.

These midpoint pictures are all transits and represent general atmosphere, tone, or background flavors for the inauguration of our new president. If you can manage to read my scratches, you'll see that they are mainly positive.

You will, however, notice my least favorite planetary pairing, Pluto-Chiron (plutocracy; corporatism and other -isms; primal violence; oppression) at Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart - aka the WHY? Point.

The Pluto-Chiron = Mc picture is perhaps softened by happy, successful Mars/Jupiter there as well - for the day if not for the 4-year term.

Of course, on another level it may indicate that behind-the-curtain plutocrats (our secret government) are successful through and happy with the election of Senator Obama...which is admittedly my suspicion because he couldn't have been elected/selected without their approval.

Even so, I'll be hoping and praying for America, my only nag in the race! And for Barack Obama as leader - for even with all his talents, he'll be needing all the prayers he can get.


You may view the full image of Inauguration 2009's horoscope here if you desire.