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Sep 17, 2017

Horoscope: The Vietnam War August 4, 1964

September 17, 2017: In a 10-part, 18-hour documentary, the Vietnam War receives the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick treatment beginning tonight on PBS. Below is the horoscope for the start of the Vietnam War set for the alleged assault (pretext) of the second Gulf of Tonkin incident. The resolution giving President Johnson authority for use of force was voted on in Congress and passed the House by a vote of 416 - 0 and the Senate 88 - 2.

The two senators who voted against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution were Wayne Morse and Alaska's Ernest Groenig. "When the resolution passed, Morse declared that Congress had surrendered its authority, and therefore the authority of the people it was elected to serve. Morse also deplored the open-ended nature of the approval and condemned Congress for giving the President and the military a “blank check” which would be cashed with taxpayer’s money and citizens’ lives."

And as my generation has known for decades, Senator Morse was all too correct, wasn't he? For more info, see The Wayne Morse Center. And here's another source of information on the Vietnam War.

So here is the Vietnam War horoscope set for August 4, 1964 at 21:30 -7:00 (9:30 pm USZ6 -7:00) at Vinh, Vietnam, the naval base from which the alleged assault on a US ship was launched. Please enlarge to read chart notes which include an unaspected Jupiter (Jupiter The General, large amounts of money, financiers, politicians, etc). The Great Benefic's unaspected condition denotes those who are disconnected from moral or religious standards, live an 'Ivory tower' existence, but are zealous toward the matters of Jupiter's house--here, the 2nd house of Money and, in the US, our National Treasury, from which the funds for weapons and war issued, thanks to US taxpayers (see Senator Morse's statement, above).

When North Vietnamese troops entered Saigon, capital of South Vietnam, on April 30, 1975, the Vietnam War came to an end. On that date, Venus @19Gemini27 was unaspected, a 'wallflower' condition for the usually sociable Venus. This condition of Venus suggests unusual perspectives, sporadic or unrestrained expressions, and an obsessive single-mindedness. Another April 30, 1975 cosmic condition of interest is karmic Saturn @13Can54 conjunct US natal Sun (POTUS = Nixon). This repressive transit indicates a time of disappointment, discouragement, and resentment toward limitations, rules, and regulations. It marks a period when past mistakes must be corrected so that moving forward is possible, aka, making karmic progress.

Tragically, through subsequent wars and their flimsy pretexts, Congress' continued negligence of its war-declaration duties and shady money management, Pentagon and CIA shadow activities, fear-mongering propaganda against We The People, and Washington's obvious plundering and global conquest obsessions, we see that 'the powers that think they be' (Max Igan's phrase) continue their Ivory Tower existences while perverting the course of our nation as 'global cop' and lining their pockets via several means including the racket that is war.

War Profiteering

Besides the Vietnam War's Jupiter in a Money house (and fraudulent Neptune in the 8th house of Corporations and Big Business), note that the IC (Foundation, Basis, the HOW? point, The Drain) of the war chart reveals, as you see, America's natal Jupiter @6Cancer: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (Jones).

2 New North: Collapse of 'The Tower'

One more prominent chart factor to note is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) series under which this particular hell of war was unleashed, the 2 New North, which manifested @17Cancer27 (4th house) on July 9, 1964. Themes of 2 New North, also called 'The Tower' (see Tarot card #16) are: changes of direction, sudden collapse of plans, lifestyles, and/or an existing structure; confusion reigns but after the dust settles, reshaping and rebuilding have far-reaching effects (Predictive Astrology, B.Brady).

Also note that unaspected Jupiter is apex planet of a midpoint picture--the karmic Sun-Saturn pair = Jupiter: break-up of a value system (Tyl), plus, Jupiter @23Tau28 conjoins the difficult cluster in Perseus, Capulus ('the sword hand of Perseus'- Devore), star of intense male energy, blindness, turbulence, ruthlessness, penetrating action (Brady's Fixed Stars). Capulus is partner to the intense feminine star, Algol.

The last occurrence of 2 New North was @8Leo on July 31, 2000 (not quite 9/11's PE, but obviously still of influence). The next occurrence is @19Leo on August 11, 2018; 19Leo is a sensitized degree from the King of Alarm Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, aka, the 'Nostradamus Eclipse' with its mid-degreed Fixed Grand Cross as described in the Scriptures' Book of Revelation. And on 9/11/01, transiting Venus activated the 19Leo degree and thus 1999's King of Alarm Eclipse.

3 Related Natal Horoscopes:

Lyndon B. Johnson; Richard M. Nixon; Ken Burns.

Vietnam War horoscope/data: The Book of World Horoscopes, N. Campion; chart #429.

Sep 15, 2014

Teddy Roosevelt (Oct 27, 1858) and kin showcased on PBS

Though it's never been convenient to post on my blogs concerning the natal chart and life of President Theodore Roosevelt, it isn't for lack of interest by yours truly. So now that Ken Burns has turned his expert lens upon Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor, I am glad to find a posting of Teddy's natal horoscope with details at the excellent Neptune Cafe (scroll down a ways to view the horoscope.)

Check out the article to read of Teddy's "bellicose" nature with his Sun-Pluto opposition and larger-than-life personality as shown by expansive, adventurous, exploring Jupiter Rx rising in Gemini along with plenty of mystical and secretive Piscean influences suitable for a master Freemason such as Theodore.

Why even his Cancer Moon has a certain psychic quality to it and with an occult-leaning Scorpio Sun, we find a courageous man with a Water-Water personality blend that denotes a natural leader--a hard working, passionate public crusader who can be brooding, darkly intense, dryly witty, ruthless, and self-righteous.

The 'Images for Integration' for his Sun (conscious)--Moon (unconscious) blend are: "A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Finally, illumination of Teddy's personality may also come from a quote by a writer who shares the Sun Sco-Moon Cancer blend in her natal chart, George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans):

"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow."

Yes, I'd say that sums up rough-rider Teddy rather well.

May 23, 2013

'Too Hot for PBS: "Citizen Koch" trailer' (w Koch astro-notes)

Update May 24, 2013: see article Spying on Occupy Activists by Matthew Rothschild (in which we find that overbearing corporatists are not going to let US citizens get away with protesting against them and their sorriness no matter how much surveillance it takes.)

Original post begins here:

This just in from Forbidden Knowledge TV:

The Big Push is all happenin' at the state level, folks. If we've learned our lesson about neocons, endless war, and the super rich 1% who care not a fig for democracy, we've got to get with our own program and help each other out!

Here's the Wikipedia page for the Koch family. I'm sure you can sort out the two politically active siblings from there. A few astro-notes concerning them might be of interest so read on, if you wish!

Both brothers were born in Wichita, Kansas: Charles the elder on November 1, 1935 and David on May 3, 1940 with Moon either in Pisces or Aries. I'm using noon for both horoscopes in lieu of a correct birth hour, and for David, Moon in fiery Aries rather than in dreamy, compassionate Pisces. (On May 3, 1940, the transiting Moon reached Aries Point of Fame and Prominence at 8:52 am CST, and David the Libertarian has run for public office.)

Charles the elder was born with a Sun Scorpio-Moon Capricorn personality blend (Mars-Pluto; Saturn), a practical Water-Earth combination. Fanatical views both political and financial may be found within his Uranus-Pluto square (early Taurus to late Pisces, with both planets Rx and feeling their oats since 2010 via the current transiting Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square.) Charles will be experiencing his Uranus Return around age 84, and his natal Pluto 27Can24 Rx opposes US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx: power v power for ultimate control.

Historical note: 1935 is the year the swastika became the official flag of Germany, and the Gallup Poll was introduced in the US.

Natal Mars @2Cap+ directs his energies and actions most efficiently and Jupiter in corporate Scorpio speaks for itself given his extreme wealth. Disruptive if restricted, Charles is actually something of a worrywart and this is born out by his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series, 9 New South, with its theme of 'long term worries over loved ones or communications, or, chickens coming home to roost in relation to paperwork' (Brady.) You may remember this PE the last time it occurred on September 11, 2007, and if I had time, I'd search for what ruthless Mr. C. Koch was up to in 2007 because the info might be quite elucidating.

Public crusader Charles Koch has two apt 'Images for Integration' as given by Charles & Suzi Harvey (Sun Sign-Moon Sign): "A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact."

And I can't resist adding three quotes from three people who share his Sun Sco-Moon Cap blend for they might illuminate his character a bit:

"Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash." Gen. George Patton.

"Puritanism...helps us enjoy our misery while we are inflicting it on others." Marcel Ophuls.

"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow." George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans.)

Now let's peek at David using the Venus-Mars, bulldozing Earth-Fire combo of Sun Taurus-Moon Aries. Charismatic and stubborn, this blend denotes one who has unswerving belief in himself--he's a go-getter who aims for what he wants without hesitation. Taking charge in all cooperative ventures is a talent (for those who like that sort of riding-roughshod method); domination and power are his goals. David is quite a pioneer, a trait supported by his adventurous Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries (as is his natal Mercury.)

Yet curiously, with Saturn in Taurus, he is actually rather cautious with money, plus, he was born during a harsh Saturn-Pluto square with Pluto in very early Leo (powerful ego.)

Historical note: 1940 saw The Blitz (bombing of London and other cities), Winston Churchill became Britain's PM, and in the US Franklin Roosevelt was elected for the third time.

Now the PE for David Koch is the 14 South which last manifested on May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 (conjunct fixed star Alcyone of the Pleiades, key phrase: something to cry about; 14S's theme has a compulsively manipulative Mercury-Pluto flavor and denotes 'an obsessive idea is finally accepted' vibe (Brady.)

Perhaps you'll agree that one of the Sun Tau-Moon Aries "Images for Integration" may apply closely to the strong personality of the super rich and politically active Mr. D. Koch:

"A pirate's chest full of gold is discovered, which adds to the already vast empire of Genghis Khan." (Harvey.)

And there's only one descriptive quote from a fellow Sun Tau-Moon Aries personality that I care to type for you in this post so let's close with it since for me, it sums up a certain type of character now financially dominating US politics from the shadows--democracy and We the People be da*ned:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." Rabindranath Tagore.

Yes. It certainly does.

Mar 4, 2010

2012 and the Shift of the Ages

A resource just found: Shift of the Ages which is a site for promoting a film by that name but it could be interesting to follow when I, and you, have the time.

It's all about Time! (And so is Astrology.)

In popular culture Dec 21, 2012 has been made a boogieman date but is this a correct interpretation of the Mayan Calendar and its meaning?

Last evening I watched again PBS' Cracking the Maya Code, first aired in 2008, and have now discovered the website Shift of the Ages - and the transcript of Cracking the Maya Code!

Jul 21, 2009

PBS' 'Cracking the Mayan Code': text link

In April 2008, PBS first presented Cracking the Mayan Code so click to read the transcript, if you like.