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Jan 5, 2023

Vote for Speaker of the House Day 3

Planet Mars now Rx in Gemini: NASA photo

by Jude Cowell

As Kevin McCarthy has fallen short of the required number of votes to catapult him into the Speaker of the House position since Tuesday January 3, 2022, planets have continued along their courses. Today at noon the Republicans and Democrats will assemble once again on Capitol Hill and votes will be cast and tallied, perhaps with the very same outcomes as on Day 1 and Day 2, and no Speaker will be chosen. If so, no business can be conducted, no oaths of office will be sworn, and Republicans can congratulate themselves (and Tr*mp) that the Biden administration is somehow being hornswaggled in the GOP's "own the libs" kind of way.

Astrologically, there are several reflections of such studied incompetence in the sky over our heads but one that seems significant is that transit Mars, of late its perigee condition close to Earth, heated, and retrograde, continues its activation of US 1776 Uranus (8Gem55), America's totem planet of independence and revolution. The Mars-Uranus combination suggests unstable conditions such as anarchy, revolt, and incendiary potentials, and as you remember, their last real-time conjunction occurred on Inauguration Day 2021 @6Tau44.

This cosmic time link directly reveals this week's political highjinks acted out by House Republicans (or 10% of them, the so-called "Freedom Caucus") as one of their motives against President Biden, as noted.

Meanwhile, political pundits are saying that this week's stalemate makes the GOP "look bad" (it does) yet it's the harm seditionists are doing to our country that's my primary concern. After all, the Republican Party already looked bad, and I consider this clown car exercise to be a continuation of their January 6th coup attempt. And unfortunately, misguided Midterm voters let the seditionists inside the House! This week's antics begin their beguine and it promises little if any better for the next two years the toddlers misrule and show their anti-governing, anti-democracy ideology.

Then if we look for Kevin McCarthy's travails more specifically in today's noon horoscope set for the Capitol Building, we might consider the applying inconjunct between the Moon @1Cancer (females like Boebert) in 3rd house of Communications (00Cancer = the world is watching!) and 10th house Venu$ in early Aquarius indicating someone making too many concesssions in an attempt to be liked and approved of. Thing is, bribes are involved as well as one motive behind such zealous activities; this suggests what McCarthy has promised his wayward members as well as money and favors paid to the Never Kevin voters - pay-offs from outside sources intended to undermine the legitimacy of the US Congress. Note that today's position of lawmaking planet Saturn @23AQ has a curious Sabian Symbol, "A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws." And you know which country is represented by The Bear.

Another factor is Mercury, planet of speaking and voting. In governmental Capricorn, but retrograde, Mercury turns direct on January 18, 2023 @8Cap08 so surely a Speaker of the House will be elected around or by then!

Well, there are plenty more factors of interest in today's noon horoscope but with my real-world scene busy today, my typing time is brief so I'll leave it for the curious to investigate.

DC Horoscopes: 118th Congress January 3, 3023.

Nov 22, 2022

DC Horoscopes: 118th Congress January 2023

Now that it's known that the House has been commandeered by Republicans through whatever means they could finagle (exs: gerrymandering districts in red states, voter suppression tactics) and that Democrats have kept control of the Senate, here again is a dual image of both the 9:00 am and 12:00 pm est horoscopes set for the traditional opening day of the US Congress, January 3, 2023; exact hour of the gaveling-in as yet undetermined:

Oct 3, 2015

Kevin McCarthy Admits Caucus Room Conspirators Now Target Hillary! video (Astrology included)

We know they wasted time and taxpayer money scandal-hunting against Hillary Clinton but did Kevin McCarthy and fellow conspirators of the Republican persuasion commit a crime?

A related post: brief astro-notes on Kevin McCarthy with a video concerning why he should not be Speaker of the House. His apparent inability to speak the English language without sounding foolish and inept should be one of the reasons.


And then there's Timing the Natal Chart of Hillary Clinton if you're interested. She's been ready for primetime for years.

Sep 29, 2015

Why Kevin McCarthy Should NOT be Speaker of the House (video) and his Sun-Moon Blend

Note November 22, 2022: The following post has been mildly edited for the sake of clarity.

by Jude Cowell

Earlier today I marveled at the mild manner shown by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy during his interview on Morning Joe. As you know he is now being spotlighted as a potential successor to John Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives. But something bothered me about him and his demeanor but my memory wasn't serving. So helpfully this evening I visited YouTube and found Thom Hartmann reviewing for us the arcane rules of the House and reminding everyone what sort of anti-Obama conspirator Rep. McCarthy really is:

Brief astro-notes concerning Kevin McCarthy reveal his Sun in Aquarius, Moon in either late Scorpio or early Sagittarius. Born January 26, 1965 (age 50) in Bakersfield, California (birth time unknown) his personality blend is an Air-Water affair if the Moon is in Scorpio, or an Air-Fire combo of energies if the sign of The Seeker describes his natal Moon. Air-Water folk tend toward an ethereal aura of mistiness which doesn't seem to me to describe this particular political animal or support the prominence of pragmatic Earth planets in his chart and psyche. Yet I've never seen McCarthy burst into tears (like Mr. Boehner!) not in public anyway. However, with an Air-Water personality, ideology can be a driving force for this insurgency promoting politician.

On the other hand, Air-Fire individuals are the 'live wire' blend always full of ideas who tend to get carried away by their own rhetoric. Eloquence (or the illusion of it in his own mind) describes the Air-Fire person who is, at heart, a visionary Utopian idealist.

With Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio, Rep. McCarthy would display traits such as a powerful intellect, stubbornness, dogmatism, ambition, pride, charisma, egoism, self-reliance, and keen observation skills. Demanding recognition, he would easily convince other people of his capability and importance. A 'commanding haughtiness' would sometimes be exhibited along with reformist and investigative tendencies of a 'rational scientist.' Even so, Republicans do love to use their "I am not a scientist" excuse for all sorts of denials of conditions and conclusions they refuse to share in the face of evidence while having no problem posing as pontificating gynecologists and obstetricians when it suits their purposes. In addition, over the weekend McCarthy expressed his desire to send more US ground troops into the Hades that is Syria--perhaps you caught his warmongering performance.

Do I digress? Perhaps but consider a famous quote from a man who was born under the influences of Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio--these words been posted here before and here they are again:

"Politics, as a profession, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds." - Henry Brook Adams

Well, now let's consider the Sun AQ-Moon Sagittarius blend in case it belongs to his nibs. This combo imprints its natives with a philosophical mind, an interest in social concerns, gregariousness, openness and honesty, tactlessness, an urge for expansion, an austere moralism, and a lucidity of thought that can go right to the point. Here is a natural teacher with a detached and imperious manner who tends to seek the limelight (perhaps onstage but I suppose our in-breach-of-the-public-trust Capitol Hill Political Theater and its mummery suffices the dramatic urge if AQ-Sag is his blend.)

Rather than a 'rational scientist' as above, this blend of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) flavors denote something of the 'absent-minded professor' archetype though I personally have yet to notice this easily recognized archetype on display by Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Plus, if practicing politics as a profession represents adventure to him, this could be his personality blend, plus, Jupiter is both a corporate and a political planet. But is he outgoing and adventurous enough for a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarian Moon? Or is he intense and secretive while conspiring against his colleagues in the Republican Party and Democrats with his Moon in Scorpio?

I shall leave it for you to decide though I'm leaning toward a Scorpio Moon with its spying and betraying tendencies (no, not all Scorpios are this way but he is after all, a politician.) For if McCarthy is one of those anti-government instigators and becomes Speaker of the House--intent on shrinking and drowning the US government into collapse--he'll gain a larger platform and a loud Speaker's gavel with which to force the agenda of Congress and make his anti-democracy stand.

For background info, let's close this brief consideration with Mr. McCarthy's Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 2 South with its themes of becoming involved with unusual groups and organizations because of an expectation of great gains (Brady.) 2 South last manifested on Christmas Day 2000 @4Capricorn and will occur again in the year 2019.

And speaking of big money billionaires meddling in and ruling US politics, 2 South is also the PE of the Bank of England (Republicans are economic royalists, aren't they?!) and of the secret meeting on Jekyll Island during which plans were set in motion in 1910 for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US which came to fruition in December 1913, then took control of our monetary system.

Note that Rep. Kevin McCarthy's insurgency-prone Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo and his Mercury-Venus conjunction @18Capricorn (the "The Union Jack Flag Flies on a British Destroyer" degree; keyphrase: POLITICAL POWER; negative expression: 'smug or strong armed paternalism'), has been overt in 2022, and he finally expects to take the House gavel now that the Republican coup attempt against the US Congress on January 6, 2021 is under Kevin's belt.


Recommended: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology (Jones), An Astrological Mandala (Rudhyar), and Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.