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Nov 18, 2019

Cold War Horoscope 1945 meets Saturn-Pluto 2020

Cold War-Yalta Astro-Notes: 1945 and Beyond

by Jude Cowell

It's probably not good news that one of the planets in a historical horoscope soon to be 'hit' by the harsh January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction @22Cap46 is Mars in the February 4, 1945 Cold War Horoscope of the postwar Yalta Conference between FDR, Churchill, and Stalin which suggests potentials for 'brutality, violence, ruthlessness, and the necessity to fight for one's existence' (Ebertin). Additionally, the January 12, 2020 conjunction of compressed energies manifests upon the Cold War's 19 South Prenatal Eclipse ('PE' of January 14, 1945 @23Cap41 = 'lucky breaks'--Brady) and it conjuncts Trump's natal Vertex ('VX' @22Cap51), all of which are penned on the right side of the chart; Roosevelt's birth data is listed, upper right; and a Vertex is a point of 'fated encounters' and/or 'changing work conditions':

Also listed on the chart underneath FDR's natal data is a depressing cosmic occurrence--Yalta's Saturn Rx @4Can36 conjoins FDR's natal Moon, and Yalta's Moon conjoins FDR's natal Saturn--a double whammy, we could say. So obviously, the conference was held during an emotional low point in Roosevelt's life, plus, Moon-Saturn contacts often have health connotations. We can see this in Yalta photos and the dark circles around his eyes.

Then sadly, as you know, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of a brain hemorrhage about 2 months after the Yalta Conference ended, his "willful ignorance" about Stalin and communism no longer influencing him. Yet due to recent events and Trump's turns against traditional US alliances, one may wonder if in 2019 and beyond the tendency toward such 'ignorance' continues to influence certain denizens of Washington DC who thereby work against the better interests of our nation.

Recommended: Roosevelt's Failure at Yalta from the Hoover Institute circa 2004 which touches uncomfortably upon the current day relationship between the US and Russia via Donald Trump's transactional, subservient union with Vladimir Putin. Alternatively, here's a different view, Why Roosevelt was right about Stalin - that we could do business with him because at heart Stalin was a businessman. So was FDR naive about the Russian leader of his day? Does Donald Trump behave like a Kremlin asset? The horoscope, above, has some indication of threatened violence and of course many folk (such as yours truly) suspect that Putin controls Trump bwo blackmail and/or threatened violence--and perhaps Stalin controlled Roosevelt in a similar fashion. If so, are current events and those of the Roosevelt administration and the Stalin regime more alike than we know?

Well, for more info on 1945 events, try a Politico article by Andrew Glass Roosevelt departs from Yalta, February 11, 1945 which details some of the aftermath of the Yalta Conference such as FDR's assurance to Congress that, "I come from the Crimea with a firm belief that we have made a start on the road to a world of peace." But it soon became clear that Stalin would not honor his promise of free elections for Poland. Naive? Willful ignorance? Complicity under duress?

So I surmise that the upcoming planetary pile-up upon the 23 Capricorn degree indicates a cosmic time link involving events of 1945 and today, with the same nations participating. And on the horoscope you see (mid-center, top) a notation replete with on-topic cosmic synchronicity: 23 Capricorn = Governmental authority, according to fabled astrologer Nicholas Devore.

So as 'they' always like to say, timing is everything which suggests to me that whatever upcoming shift "this is," it has been in the planning stages for a very long time meant to coincide with the beginning of a new order timed by Saturn conjunct Pluto, then at Winter Solstice 2020, Jupiter conjunct Saturn upon US Inaugural Sun (the Office of the President), and with three conjunctions of the wealthy plutocrat duo Jupiter and Pluto sandwiched in between.

Aug 24, 2007

Churchill's thoughts on Iraq

"When Iraq becomes strong enough in our opinion to stand alone, we shall be in a position to state that our task has been fulfilled, and that Iraq is an independent sovereign state. But this cannot be said while we are forced year after year to spend very large sums of money on helping the Iraqi government to defend itself and maintain order." --Winston Churchill, 1922

"Forced" to spend very large sums of money?

After reading this quote from Sir Winston, I took a peek at his current Minor Progressions which describe the mental plane, for as you know, our natal charts continue to be impacted long after we're gone.

Sir Winston Churchill, born Nov 30, 1874, 1:30 am GMT, Woodstock England; chart progressed to Aug 25, 2007, midnight. Here are his Minor midpoint pictures which may or may not apply to anything under the sun, but as a consumate politician, perhaps they--and his sort of thinking--do:

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: sensitivity; lack of willpower; sentimentality; depression; fear of the unknown; feeling weakened somehow.

Moon/Saturn = Mc (Minor Mc = "4 Gem", near tr Midas 2006/07): sense of duty; feeling deserted; self-control; feeling ill or sad. (This Mc has Minor Pluto/Chiron, the plutocratic duo, upon it as well. Why does this not surprise me? And Moon/Saturn as a pair = ambition; strategy; direction. Hmph.)

Sun/Saturn = Jupiter: good fortune of an old or ill person; break-up of a value system for eventual recovery; cloud with a silver lining (that'd be nice.)

Mercury/Saturn = Jupiter: industriousness; philosophical thinking; success with irksome work; a fortunate separation.

Mars/NN = Sun: good cooperation; excellent teamwork.

You may have noticed the strong-armed paternalism in the above quote.

NWO's Uranus/Neptune Conjunction degree of 1892 (the robber barons and their spawn are riding still) is "18Cap": "The Union Jack flies from a British destroyer"...SUPERVISION.

pos: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches (like the 'mark of the beast'??);

neg/shadow/unconscious side: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

And the know-it-all Western occupiers are still trying to tell Iraq what to do.

New World Order chart and details are linked here.