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May 24, 2018

Trump Cancels NK Summit - DOJ Meets w Nunes

May 24, 2018 in the news: Donald Trump has sent a letter to Kim Jong Un cancelling their planned Singapore 'Summit' in June. A previous post containing founding data and chart/s for Singapore is available but has little details on the iffy meeting between two Uranians who tend to behave predictably in their unpredictability.

Meanwhile, today at 12:00 noon edt a meeting is scheduled between the DOJ and Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly--and Mr. Trump, one assumes. This will be a divulging of information on the Mueller investigation which is completely out of character for the US Department of Justice but is said to be for the placating of Donald Trump. A second meeting is scheduled for 2:00 pm today between the same as above, plus, members of the 'Gang of Eight' which necessarily includes Democrats. The first meeting is a Republican-Trump strategy session to 'get their stories straight' for spinning purposes, the second is meant to look bipartisan.

See DOJ Briefing Gowdy-Nunes; also see Astro-Notes on Devin Nunes. Here's his official portrait:

Pundits are saying that such a meeting during an ongoing investigation is unprecedented and so it is. However, today's astrology shows an interesting cosmic condition--that the DOJ has just entered its first-ever Uranus Return period, a three-fer that first perfected on May 3, 2018. As you know, the sign of Uranus reveals behavior in a horoscope and the DOJ's natal Uranus of 1934, at a critical 29th degree of Aries, aspects its natal Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Little is understood of the effects of a Uranus Return which occurs for human beings around age 84--perhaps a time of leaving the past behind? So this means that the DOJ's current Uranus Return/s are exact transits to the natal planets as seen in the DOJ natal chart so let's consider them here in light of today's meetings at the White House intended to 'clue in' Mr. Trump and his associates (to facilitate better spinning and tweeting).

Basically, Uranus, the disruptive planet of separation and chaos, on May 3, 2018 (and again on November 24, 2018, and finally on February 18, 2019) opposes three of the DOJ's natal planets. All the oppositions contain vibes of separation of some kind but the one that peaked my interest is Uranus opposite n Sun (1Sco43) for it suggests the DOJ behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. Yet this behavior will not necessarily satisfy or soothe any bruised egos that are involved in current circumstances, and of course, outcomes are unpredictable, as always with Uranus. Changes or a turning toward a new direction are also indicated but the permanence of a new direction is in question for it may only be temporary. Someone's will power and leadership are challenged which may point toward the DOJ's Rod Rosenstein but, as we know, may also denote Donald Trump or any of the actors in today's political theater performances (in relation to the DOJ).

DOJ's natal Venus (25Lib37) opposed by transit Uranus hints at reactions, attitudes, and pespectives that are unpredictable and/or unorthodox, unstable events and relationships, separation, and a potential for reversals in legal affairs.

DOJ's natal Jupiter (3Sco10) opposed by transit Uranus suggests issues of misplaced confidence, unreliable sources of information, and challengers who cannot be controlled or manipulated. Perhaps that will change as of today.

DOJ's natal Mars (4Vir29) trined by transit Uranus denotes unexpected or unorthodox activities and male relationships being favored. It suggests a period when actions may not have the desired outcomes but do not automatically lead to negative results, just different ones from what was expected or intended.

On the generational level, the DOJ's natal Pluto (26Can04--opposite US natal Pluto so this transit of Uranus affects both with a double Pluto vibe) squared by transit Uranus hints at the usual Uranus-Pluto unrest, protests, and social strife. The status quo and our established principles are disrupted and shifts are occurring within political power and social institutions (such as the the Executive Branch, Congress, and the DOJ). Military activities and control of resources are emphasized along with societal issues such as civil rights, women's rights, and the expansion vs restriction of governmental power.

Also, the DOJ's natal Neptune (13Vir39) sesqui-squared by transit Uranus shows 'squares within squares', a complex condition of obstacles within blockages. This suggests a period when a battle is being fought but it's difficult if not impossible to draw battle lines because the identity of the 'real enemy' is elusive and is being purposefully concealed or muddied. Terms and conditions for surrender are seldom clear during this transit and primary targets are institutions that deal with minority rights. Prevailing circumstances disrupt our sense of reality (tr Neptune through Pisces can do that all by itself making this complex condition worse!), and some form of idealism is prevalent though shaded--or there's a mission not fully revealed..

Well, it's now almost 1:00 pm so the first meeting may have ended if the schedule went well so I shall leave this annoying topic for now. Please follow the DOJ link, above, to view the DOJ's founding horoscope which is calculated via the Masonic ceremony with which FDR started the entity we call the Department of Justice, and please Share as you wish!

Jun 29, 2016

Vince Foster leaves the White House: "I'll be back," and Mr. Trump's troublesome Pluto

White House 1993: a New President, a Resignation, and Uranus Meets Neptune

by Jude Cowell

As you know, 1993 was the year that Enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune met three times in Great Conjunction on or about the 18th degree of Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for 18Cap is: POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones).

The following paragraph is the text of what is allegedly the suicide note of Vincent Foster who died July 20, 1993 after leaving his White House office and saying he'd be back. Wife Lisa Foster has said that the following text (or part of it) reads like a letter of resignation which it could be since Mr. Foster apparently intended to resign from the President Bill Clinton administration only 6 months into Mr. Clinton's first presidential term which began on January 20, 1993:

I made mistakes from ignorance, inexperience and overwork I did not knowingly violate any law or standard of conduct No one in The White House, to my knowledge, violated any law or standard of conduct, including any action in the travel office. There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group The FBI lied in their report to the AG The press is covering up the illegal benefits they received from the travel staff The GOP has lied and misrepresented its knowledge and role and covered up a prior investigation The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC The public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons and their loyal staff The WSJ editors lie without consequence I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport

Yes, "ruining people" in DC still takes up quite a bit of their time and effort, even on a good day. And so I must agree with Mr. Foster on that point even though my DC residence in decades past (during the Nixon era) was not specifically related to Politics or to politicians other than having friends who were the children of diplomats. Yes, a few paths were crossed but I was not the political one and did not care to be.

Is It Time for Smug or Strong-Armed Maternalism?

Well, here it is, 2016, and a presidential campaign is underway which provides the American people with two wounded candidates (unless a replacement is brought in for Trump or for Hillary). And if Vince Foster is correct, "the public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons..." particularly Hillary Clinton, a current presidential candidate. If she is (s)elected for the Oval Office, the American people will be subjected to an endless stream of Republican criticism, innuendo, and fluffy scandals about her activities and I doubt that GOP Capitol Hill-ers will behave any better toward her than they did during the presidency of Barack Obama. (Much of that behavior is Political Theater, designed to keep the American people divided and conquered.)

However, this week another Benghazi Report was released and Trey Gowdy and his Republican posse held a presser yet couldn't provide any new information they'd found in any of their several 'investigations' of Hillary Clinton--concerning Benghazi or her State Department emails--after millions of dollars down the drain when Republicans could have been doing something actually useful for the American people. A spendthrift, in-breach-of-public-contract GOP has become quite a bunch of wheel-spinners, haven't they? And with Democrats enabling.

So although yours truly is not the best at believing in the innocence of the Clintons, come November 8, 2016 my vote will go to the Democratic nominee, no matter how much baggage the yappy GOP loads her down with for 4 years or 8. Because for one reason--always consider the source, and after 8 excruciating years of oilmen Bush-Cheney in the White House, I dearly wish for America's sake that Hillary Clinton weren't so obviously a neocon follower of the Global Government script of world domination. And we can't depend on mainstream media to honestly inform us.

Well, let's be thankful for small favors because at least Hillary wasn't born with an unaspected Pluto, an astrological condition which describes Donald Trump and accounts for some of his lack of personal reflection and his I-never-make-mistakes stupidity. An unaspected Pluto identifies him as an isolationist and a man "overshadowed by shadows" with "primal urges and obscure drives" in control, plus his separating (and thus unconscious) Mercury-Neptune square only distorts his thinking further and scrambles the facts.

So in November, I'll be voting for Hillary's shadows over Trump's. Even if shades of Vince Foster come back to haunt us all.

Data: Vincent Foster January 15, 1945 Hope, Arkansas (birth hour unknown); Vince Foster leaves his White House office: July 20, 1993 1:00 pm EDT; Rising is 21Libra17; his first natal planet to rise: Mercury @1Cap33 (conjunct Mars @7Cap17); in process was a transit from Jupiter @8Lib10 to his natal Neptune @6Lib24 Rx, a time with potentials for: scandal, paranoia, fanaticism, funky or inflated financial schemes, pretense, and/or illusion.

R.I.P. Mr. Foster.

Oct 22, 2015

Congressman Jim Jordan Accuses Hillary of Lying about Benghazi - clip

October 22, 2015 5:04 pm EDT: it isn't over yet but here are two video clips concerning today's Benghazi Committee 'hearing' for those with no time to watch it unfold. Yours truly watched for the first 5 hours until the 1 1/2 hour break at 1:19 pm edt. I'll pick it up again this evening:

Oct 20, 2015

Trey Gowdy Tells the World: GW Bush is a Traitor! video

My thought is that Republicans and other politicians in breach of the public trust should certainly be able to recognize a traitor since it takes one to know one.

Related: Oct 22, 2015: Astro-Notes on Clinton vs Gowdy.

Oct 22, 2015: Astro-Notes on Clinton vs Gowdy

October 22, 2015 Re-Match: Gowdy 1964 vs Clinton 1947

by Jude Cowell

On September 3, 2015 I posted a video of Thom Hartmann discussing Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and his "political witch hunt" against Hillary Clinton, a 2016 candidate who is again scheduled to testify before a Gowdy-run Benghazi hearing on Thursday October 22, 2015.

Looking at a horoscope for Oct 22, 2015 set for Capitol Hill it looks like fairly smooth sailing for Hillary with negligence as the main charge against her if a rising Saturn @3Sag04 tells the legal tale (Moon-Jupiter = Saturn.) Check the 10th house of Career, Public Status, and Reputation and we find quite a fortuitous line up of planets: Venus (leader of a Locomotive pattern of success and executive power) @12Virgo, generous Jupiter @15Virgo, Mars @17Virgo, North Node @00Libra (conjunct US natal MC in the 'Sibly' chart), and testifying Mercury @12Libra, a critical degree, with Mercury also ruling hearings and such. And at 10:00 am edt, Venus precisely conjoins MC on Capitol Hill...

A rounding-up of lady Venus' degree to 13Sag gives a very appropriate Sabian Symbol (word picture): "A Powerful Statesman Overcomes a State of Political Hysteria" which Dane Rudhyar describes as "a personage endowed with CHARISMA, this elusive and mysterious power that comes from a man's or woman's openness to the power of planetary evolution."

Plus, considering recent news reports that undermine Trey Gowdy and his Benghazi Committee, it would save US tax payers time and money if this wastrel Republican partisan 'take-down' of a democratic candidate--their political nemesis--was canceled though of course you may disagree. And naturally Committee Chair Gowdy is defending Committee Efforts ahead of Clinton's appearance.

Yet there may be a fly in Hillary's Benghazi ointment and his name is Trey Gowdy.

Born on August 22, 1964 just prior to the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto (1965-1966), Gowdy's natal Pluto @13Virgo is also triggered these days by Venus denoting a period when strategy is necessary in order to manipulate outcomes and he attempts to take charge of every detail. Simultaneously, Pluto @13Cap now trines his natal Pluto, a generational influence denoting added power (or the demand for it.) Plus, Gowdy's natal Mercury @17Virgo Rx is activated on October 22 by transit Mars which shows a tremendous increase of ideas and plans, a faster pace of life, and which partially describes his insistent demands that others speak (testify) in combative group sessions (hearings.) Of course, when Mercury and Mars are linked there's a decided leaning toward Politics.

In addition, Gowdy's natal Uranus @9Virgo has recently been activated by the Virgo line-up mentioned above so unpredictability is part of the picture (ex: Kevin McCarthy's inconvenient revelation on the political nature of the Benghazi Committee to lower Hillary's poll numbers.) With quirky rebel Uranus involved, alliances breaking apart and/or unusual if temporary partnerships are possibilities for Mr. Gowdy.

Now it seems interesting to me that a natal midpoint picture in Gowdy's natal horoscope is now echoed or stimulated by a transiting Mercury-Uranus = Pluto T-Square which is in effect on October 22, 2015. Mercury-Uranus = Pluto: added slurs and vulgarities in speech (Munkasey); getting the biggest job done in a commanding way (Tyl); a hasty realization of plans; over-strained nerves (Ebertin.)

And after three long years of Benghazi hearings we may wish to note that Mr. Gowdy's natal Saturn (authority; responsibility; accountability; fear) @1Pis49 Rx has in recent years been touched by nebulous Neptune's fairy wand of delusion with Neptune a higher octave ruler of Pisces. This marks a time when one becomes even more idealistic than usual and misguided tendencies cast an obscuring veil over one's sense of Saturnian reality. Add to that Gowdy's natal Neptune @15Scorpio--conjunct Hillary Clinton's natal Venus @16Scorpio--and it is doubtful that her relationships and diplomatic efforts can ever be truly and clearly perceived by Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy whose natal Sun (ego) conjoins royal star of Persia, Regulus, the king.

Sep 3, 2015

Trey Gowdy and His Political Witch Hunt - Thom Hartmann video

Although yours truly is no huge fan of baggage-encumbered 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton it feels as if the 'Benghazi investigation' led by Republican Trey Gowdy has crossed the line into political territory: