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Oct 27, 2018

"Trumpenkreigers" Act For Mr. Trump!

Talking Points Memo October 24, 2018: FBI Arrest Leader, 2 Other Members of Violent California Neo-Nazi Gang aka, "Trumpenkriegers." These "fighters for Trump" made their first major public appearance at Trump's Huntington Beach, California rally of March 25, 2017 where, as TPM reports, they "allegedly peeled off from a 'Make America Great Again' rally to target a group of counter-protesters. Videos reviewed by the FBI show (a member named Laube) grabbing a journalist and punching him in the face three times, as well as (leader, Robert Rundo) punching a protester in the back of the head" as other group members looked on. The March 2017 violence in Huntington Beach was held under the auspices of Trump's last/current Jupiter Return, a three-fer, with his natal Jupiter @18Libra, the Sabian Symbol of which is somewhat explained in 2018--"Two Men Placed Under Arrest." This also happens to be the degree where America's Mars turned retrograde by progression in 2006 just as Germany's natal Mars once did, with both Rx conditions of 80-years' duration.

Then after the Trumpenkreigers' Huntington Beach 'debut', videos and photos of their violent actions were "triumphantly" shared with a certain white supremacist publication (which shall remain nameless here) and the group went on to attend the Charlottesville SC protest where they continued their assaults on Trump's behalf--little Donald Trump, born under the brutal, violent, raging, destructive energies of the Mars-Saturn = Pluto midpoint picture as we've previously discussed. Upping the stakes of brutality (disowned) is Trump's 12th house unaspected Pluto, the 'overshadowed by shadows' indicator. And of course, the Mars-Pluto combination alone represents 'violent force' and 'brutality' and Mars-Saturn is notable as the 'death axis' (Ebertin). The Mars-Saturn-Pluto picture of violence has been forming off-and-on-again by transit as well (!) and is aided by the transiting on-and-off Saturn-Uranus trine, for as you know, the 'sociological correspondence' of the Saturn-Uranus pair = "violent people" (Ebertin), as in, "Trumpenkreigers."

And curiously (or perhaps not), transit Uranus now hitting the 00-1 Taurus zone of the Zodiac has been activating Hitler's natal Sun. Subsequently, 00-1 Taurus has ingloriously been termed a degree of violence for during his lifetime, Hitler was spurred to violent actions of brutality when his natal Sun was transited.

And if we look to Trump's current Secondary Progressions ('SP') we find his SP Pluto in Leo is now apex of a different midpoint, the 'lack of community spirit' pair of Neptune-North-Node--with SP Pluto = 'willingness to use strong destructive forces', and, 'increased needs for isolation from the influences of society'. Guess that's Mr. Ivory Tower, alone in the White House, as white supremacists carry out physical assaults intended to "forcibly excommunicate political enemies" (TPM). Do you think that bombs in the mail sent to certain of Trump's liberal critics could have a similar effect? See Trump fumes after mail bomber "interrupts" his campaign message for the constant media coverage apparently "ruined" Trump's week of bombastic propaganda.

Yet the underhanded RAM plot ('Rise Above Movement') is even thicker and drearier for as TPM details (view the Criminal Affadavit dated October 20, 2018 shown in the article), in Spring 2018, a trio of the 'Trumpenkreigers' allegedly traveled to "Germany, Italy, and Ukraine to 'celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday' and meet with members of European White Supremacy extremist groups" and this, according to Customs and Border Patrol interviews and social media posts, is now part of the evidence against them (their 'recruiting' videos--shared brazenly or simply stupidly?). Apparently while in Europe they met with "the head of Azov Battalion, a paramilitary unit of the Ukrainian National Guard which is known for its association with Neo-Nazi ideology." Well, I won't bore you further if you've read this far but recommended is the TPM article linked above for those who dare face what Mr. Trump's weasel-like equivocation concerning the violence during the Charlottesville protests in August 2017 and his other white supremacy shout-outs and mealy-mouthings have been hiding underneath his semi-invisible plutonian hood.

For as Mr. Trump has so ably informed us, what we see and hear isn't what's really happening.

Related Posts Include: NRA Founded Under Mars-Saturn-Pluto Vibes; Horoscope: Donald Trump's Mars Return August 31, 2017 where we see the Saturn-Uranus trine in action, and The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War III, Trump, and the US Congress. Guess whose statue?

Sep 26, 2018

Friday Sept 28, 2018: The Kavanaugh Vote?

An observation today rather than a post. That if Senate Republicans follow through on their plan to stage a vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court on Friday September 28, 2018 at 9:30 am edt the natal and unaspected Pluto of Donald Trump (@10Leo02) will be dominating and manipulating the scene, the vote, the hour from the Midheaven of the horoscope, the most visible point of any horoscope--the Goal and Aspiration Point.

Here's an excerpt from a previous post regarding Trump's unaspected Pluto:

Unaspected Pluto @10Leo02 in 12th house of the Unconscious suggests one who is 'overshadowed by shadows' (Tierney) with Pluto, the isolationist, being the planet of Psychology, Psychiatry, and persuasion. There are subterranean forces within his psyche that are totally fragmented from the rest of his personality and because they are buried, he is unaware of them which gives them even greater primal power. This, I believe, suggests the "he can't help himself" remarks that perhaps you've heard from commentators and reporters (exs: all-hours tweeting about former Miss America, Alicia Machado and her weight gain, and other crass behaviors and remarks that set him back in the polls).

Unaspected Pluto is the essence of overwhelming compulsions and powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto (the plundering plutocrat and manipulator) needs aspects to other planets in order to modulate its extreme tendencies. But with Mr. Trump, Pluto doesn't receive them, and nor do his other planets which could use the regeneration principle that Pluto could supply via aspect. And we have to say that Pluto's association with nuclear weapons is difficult to accept if under the thumb of Mr. Trump, the plutonian.

Also note that astrological Pluto is the planet of the Underworld, death, waste and pollution, destruction, de-construction, sabotage, threats, and criminal organizations. When it comes to autocrats in government, any plutonian regeneration must include new forms and reforms that a majority of Americans will reject and resist. And rightly so.

Aug 15, 2018

The Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2019 with Themes

August 15, 2018: Now that the last eclipse of this year has perfected on August 11, 2018 as 'The Tower Eclipse' during which season the 2018 Midterms will take place, let's look ahead to a chronological list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2019 with brief details of eclipse planets' links to the natal charts of America (1776) and Donald J. Trump (1946):

1. Partial Solar Eclipse January 6, 2019 @15Cap25 in the 2 South Saros Series with a theme of: 'joining unusual groups and feeling a great deal will be gained'; 2 South's initial eclipse occurred on April 17, 991 (OS) @1Tau47, the spot in the Zodiac where transit Uranus continues to ruffle off and on. As you know, eclipses are 'wild cards of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' that disrupt, intervene, reveal, and/or cause a complete change of direction in similar fashion to astrological Uranus, planet of chaos and Trump's guiding planet (his 'inner voice' of 'intuition' in Mercurial Gemini). For 00Taurus is the 'trigger degree' of Adolf Hitler, his natal Sun degree (00Tau48) through which it gained a reputation for triggering violence or military action of a forceful, invading kind when activated--and transit Uranus is known for such ability although as a catalyst Uranus may act early, on time, late, or never.

So 2 South's influence begins in late December 2018 (up to two weeks before January 6) and affects the first half of 2019; this is an unpredictable period and since planet Uranus is America's 'totem planet' of rebellion and war, the Pentagon may lead our nation into what once would have been uncharacteristic actions and reactions (though some might say Not so uncharacteristic but aggressive--similar to a belligerent man with Mars rising). Plus, the association of Uranus with Aquarius and with groups and causes suggests that efforts of the current administration (if it remains in the White House into 2019 as I suppose) will result in the break-up and reordering of the Trans-Atlantic Alliance and perhaps of other traditional bonds. For as we've seen, knee-bowing Trump does just like Putin would do!

2. Total Lunar Eclipse January 21, 2019 @00Leo51 opposes US POTUS Sun (00AQ48 for Trump 2017) and as you see from its date occurs just after the 2019 Solar Return to the 2017 Inauguration horoscope (inner chart); will the eclipse bring full awareness or even a culmination of some kind related to the US presidency? The Syzygy Moon (previous lunation) of this Lunar Eclipse is the Solar Eclipse of January 6 which isn't always the case so January 2019 should be a very eventful month.

3. Total Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019 @10Can37 (between US Jupiter and Sun) in the 3 North Saros Series (the PE series of the 9/11/01 WTC attacks) with themes of 'news that transforms a situation possibly involving young people; information causes worry and obsession and large plans are formed but don't "get carried away."' Apparently, security measures, business, finances, funding, and/or currency issues are involved as perhaps secrets and scandals revealed with this eclipse almost in time to act as a national birthday present.

4. Partial Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019 @24Cap04 opposes US natal Mercury Rx: plans, revelations, and/or secrets leaked or uncovered? New Scandals--or solutions? Cautions: dishonesty and/or grandstanding;

Year 2019 Ends With a Slightly Belated Christmas Gift from the Cosmos:

5. Annular Solar Eclipse December 26, 2019 @4Cap06 in the 3 South Saros Series and opposes US natal Venus in Cancer (2--4 Cancer) and US natal Jupiter (5--6 Cancer) continuing what is mainly 2019's Cancer-Capricorn themes across the Home and Security axis with its ambitious or depressive Moon-Saturn influences that stretch into 2020 and include the next Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. 3 South contains potentials for 'sudden and (what could be deeply emotional) endings of relationships, possibly with young people'; Pluto @10Leo15 is strongly involved in 3 South's initial eclipse of August 13, 1208 (OS) @27Leo10 which conversely conjoins the natal Mars rising of Donald Trump--and curiously enough, we might say that Mr. Trump's natal Pluto (unaspected in his 12th house) @10Leo02 is a sort of 'Pluto Return' to the initial eclipse's Pluto of 1208.

And as previously posted, Mr. Trump is A Man "Overshadowed by Shadows" as revealed by his 12th house unaspected Pluto in ego-centered Leo.

Related posts: The Presidencies of Washington and Trump = Uranus!; The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017. We're now in the throes and woes of experiencing the unaspected Sun of January 20, 2017.

Eclipse Themes: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Jun 29, 2016

Vince Foster leaves the White House: "I'll be back," and Mr. Trump's troublesome Pluto

White House 1993: a New President, a Resignation, and Uranus Meets Neptune

by Jude Cowell

As you know, 1993 was the year that Enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune met three times in Great Conjunction on or about the 18th degree of Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for 18Cap is: POLITICAL POWER...negative expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones).

The following paragraph is the text of what is allegedly the suicide note of Vincent Foster who died July 20, 1993 after leaving his White House office and saying he'd be back. Wife Lisa Foster has said that the following text (or part of it) reads like a letter of resignation which it could be since Mr. Foster apparently intended to resign from the President Bill Clinton administration only 6 months into Mr. Clinton's first presidential term which began on January 20, 1993:

I made mistakes from ignorance, inexperience and overwork I did not knowingly violate any law or standard of conduct No one in The White House, to my knowledge, violated any law or standard of conduct, including any action in the travel office. There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group The FBI lied in their report to the AG The press is covering up the illegal benefits they received from the travel staff The GOP has lied and misrepresented its knowledge and role and covered up a prior investigation The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive costs incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC The public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons and their loyal staff The WSJ editors lie without consequence I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington. Here ruining people is considered sport

Yes, "ruining people" in DC still takes up quite a bit of their time and effort, even on a good day. And so I must agree with Mr. Foster on that point even though my DC residence in decades past (during the Nixon era) was not specifically related to Politics or to politicians other than having friends who were the children of diplomats. Yes, a few paths were crossed but I was not the political one and did not care to be.

Is It Time for Smug or Strong-Armed Maternalism?

Well, here it is, 2016, and a presidential campaign is underway which provides the American people with two wounded candidates (unless a replacement is brought in for Trump or for Hillary). And if Vince Foster is correct, "the public will never believe the innocence of the Clintons..." particularly Hillary Clinton, a current presidential candidate. If she is (s)elected for the Oval Office, the American people will be subjected to an endless stream of Republican criticism, innuendo, and fluffy scandals about her activities and I doubt that GOP Capitol Hill-ers will behave any better toward her than they did during the presidency of Barack Obama. (Much of that behavior is Political Theater, designed to keep the American people divided and conquered.)

However, this week another Benghazi Report was released and Trey Gowdy and his Republican posse held a presser yet couldn't provide any new information they'd found in any of their several 'investigations' of Hillary Clinton--concerning Benghazi or her State Department emails--after millions of dollars down the drain when Republicans could have been doing something actually useful for the American people. A spendthrift, in-breach-of-public-contract GOP has become quite a bunch of wheel-spinners, haven't they? And with Democrats enabling.

So although yours truly is not the best at believing in the innocence of the Clintons, come November 8, 2016 my vote will go to the Democratic nominee, no matter how much baggage the yappy GOP loads her down with for 4 years or 8. Because for one reason--always consider the source, and after 8 excruciating years of oilmen Bush-Cheney in the White House, I dearly wish for America's sake that Hillary Clinton weren't so obviously a neocon follower of the Global Government script of world domination. And we can't depend on mainstream media to honestly inform us.

Well, let's be thankful for small favors because at least Hillary wasn't born with an unaspected Pluto, an astrological condition which describes Donald Trump and accounts for some of his lack of personal reflection and his I-never-make-mistakes stupidity. An unaspected Pluto identifies him as an isolationist and a man "overshadowed by shadows" with "primal urges and obscure drives" in control, plus his separating (and thus unconscious) Mercury-Neptune square only distorts his thinking further and scrambles the facts.

So in November, I'll be voting for Hillary's shadows over Trump's. Even if shades of Vince Foster come back to haunt us all.

Data: Vincent Foster January 15, 1945 Hope, Arkansas (birth hour unknown); Vince Foster leaves his White House office: July 20, 1993 1:00 pm EDT; Rising is 21Libra17; his first natal planet to rise: Mercury @1Cap33 (conjunct Mars @7Cap17); in process was a transit from Jupiter @8Lib10 to his natal Neptune @6Lib24 Rx, a time with potentials for: scandal, paranoia, fanaticism, funky or inflated financial schemes, pretense, and/or illusion.

R.I.P. Mr. Foster.