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Jan 5, 2024

Are Judges Scared Trump Mob Will Come After Them? - Thom Hartmann clip

Here's Thom with a question that the Mainstream Media should be discussing but seldom if ever does:

Of course judges and SCOTUS justices are wary if not scared of the Trump Mob! Wouldn't you be if agent orange used his rhetoric to send thugs against you and your family?

Astrologically, challenging planetary transits are in force right now in relation to the SCOTUS Horoscope of 1790 (1st session) and the Judiciary Act of 1789 Horoscope. If you check out the charts, note Nemesis in both charts, the positions of brilliant Minerva, asteroid of accomplishment, plus, the fact that the 1789 Act was signed during a 7 South Saros Series time period - the one we're in right now with its forceful Mars-Pluto-square energies - and that the 1st session of the Court in 1790 was held under the auspices of an 8 North Eclipse. And as you know, an 8 North Eclipse repeats on April 8, 2024 @19Ari54 (conjunct Chiron @19Ari54) as the third of three total Great American Eclipses with vibes of "visions and prophetic dreams" (B. Brady).

Previously appearing on SO'W: The Very First Great American Eclipse in 1878, a year of President Rutherford B. Hayes, yellow fever outbreaks, the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, the Posse Comitatus Act signed into law to protect the American people from the military, the final Salem Witch Trial held in America, and other events of significance. Obviously, a related current event issuing from the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 is wanna-be dictator Trump's sinister urge to use the US military to go after his opponents. See The Eclipse of PROJECT 2025.

So! it's 1. Great American Eclipse 1878: Rutherford B. Hayes and his controversial election;

2. Great American Eclipse 2017: Donald Trump with his controversial election and the help he received from abroad and from wealthy anti-democracy donors determined to destroy the US Constitution;

3. Great American Eclipse 2024: Joseph R. Biden in the White House, sore loser Trump's Big Lie ongoing to disguise his loss in November 2020 - and with democracy on the line for Election 2024 while enemies of America, both foreign and domestic, work to cheat their fascist way into authoritarian control of our country by use of disputed presidential elections, for one thing.

Vote Blue in November 2024 to Save Democracy and say NO! to a dystopian society of primal violence.

Feb 11, 2021

February 12, 2021: Spotlight on Trump Defense Team

February 11, 2021: Tomorrow, February 12, 2021, the Trump Defense Team of lawyers (such as they are) will present what some call a defense of Trump's indefensible incitement of the January 6, 2021 Mob Attack upon the US Congress with its goal of stopping the vote certification which favored President Joe Biden. As you know the Trump Mob's slogan "stop the steal" featured heavily on that day as our Capitol Building was breached, desicrated, vandalized, and rioters with violent intent searched the halls and chambers for VP Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi in order to - and here I'll use the word 'harm' - them. You've seen the disturbing videos this week or previously, or perhaps you watched the violent insurrection in real time as did I.

Today, House managers of the trial, the Democrats, wrapped up their case even as I typed (400 miles South of the Capitol) and personally I'm feeling about as sparky as a limp dish rag as this week draws to a close. So no horoscope of tomorrow in this post but let's share a few cosmic details concerning February 12, 2021 Capitol Building Washington DC.

February 12th: the Bundle shape of planets continues which is the shape of dictatorship (ex: see Benito Mussolini's natal chart, or this).

Obviously, with the planets gathered these days on one side of all horoscopes, the Bundle relates to Trump's plan for a successful coup on January 6th which could have installed a Trump dictatorship by negating America's traditional 'peaceful transfer of power' via certification of the Electoral College Vote. (As Trump had said in an interview, it would be a continuing (of his regime) rather than a transfer of power to Joe Biden.)

So looking at two horoscopes, one set for 12 noon and one for 1:00 pm est tomorrow, in both charts transiting Icarus @24Cap37 (who flew too high; associated with downfall and assassination) conjuncts saboteur Pluto, quite a cosmic picture of instigator Trump's behavior. He called his violent thugs and other supporters to the Capitol Building on January 6th like the Pied Piper he is!

Now as you know, today at 2:06 pm est, a New Moon perfected @23AQ13 so this week of the Senate Trial has occurred undercover of a Dark of the Moon phase, a good time to discuss and review (Mercury Rx) 'things that go bump in the night', only the January 6th insurrection happened primarily in broad daylight.

Therefore, today's cosmic weather for the Democrats is a reasonable, civilized Sun AQ-Moon AQ double Air blend of conscious and unconscious energies while tomorrow the cosmic picture for Trump and the Republicans changes to an Air-Water Sun AQ-Moon Pisces. So let's not bother expecting substance from an Air-Water combo, for it's misty, unsubstantial, and on the ethereal side. Double Air prefers benefits for society and strives for objectivity. Air-Water is known for an impractical approach that uses the intellect to defend against or deny emotions.

Why, the emotions of senators (even senators!) have been stirred this week - visibly on their faces! So for me it will be a sad and predictable drama tomorrow to watch lawyers for Trump attempt to defend his indefensible words and actions which led to violence on January 6th as the Executive Branch attacked the Legislative Branch of government. Then comes the farce of Republican senators contorting themselves as they try to justify their refusals to hold the culprit accountable by voting for the conviction of the violence-promoting Pied Piper who calls himself Donald Trump.

And then? He'll feel and be emboldened.

Jan 6, 2021

DC Horoscopes: Trump Mob Breaches Capitol Building

January 6, 2021: Today violence occurred in Washington DC. A woman shot earlier during the breach has died, WaPo reports, and others are injured. The stirred up Trump Mob of malcontents stormed and breached the US Capitol Building this afternoon while Congress had begun certifying the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden. Few astro-notes will be added tonight (it's after 6:00 pm est and I'm pretty wumped out at the moment) other than what I've marked on the bi-wheel charts you see below.

The chaos occurred after sore loser Trump spoke earlier at a 'rally' in the Federal City, exhibiting his usual 'low and mean way of acting' in the midst of his malicious scheme to stay in power. Meanwhile, the combustible Mars-Uranus duo draws nearer to conjunction each day and will peak @6Tau44 on Inauguration Day 2021. DC police officers and the National Guard were somewhat slow to begin defending the Capitol Building today and one must wonder why. Well, some members of the political punditry class have suggested that a desperate Trump wants - called for - such upheaval so that he can declare martial law.

Tragically this seems plausible. So see what you think of the charts:

The Federal City Horoscope is in center; outer chart: January 6, 2021 6:00 pm est (the curfew time Mayor Bowser set earlier for the District this evening). Circled are the primary contacts that pop out to me and note that activist Mars entered Taurus at 5:27 pm est, and 00--1 Taurus are considered degrees of violence - it's actually an aggressive, ego-gratifying Mars-to-natal-Sun transit - for Adolf Hitler:

Note that Trump natal Pluto @10Leo02 conjuncts 1791 Uranus. Rebellion!