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Dec 18, 2017

Horoscope Dec 22 2017: Midnight on Capitol Hill

Horoscope December 22, 2017 11:59:59 pm est: Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Capitol Hill legislators at midnight when the time for legislating runs out? Government shutdown? ALEC bill-writers toss Americans into the streets and off their health insurance policies? Needy children starve? Arctic wildlife is decimated by Republican oil drilling? Corporations celebrate their free money at our expense? These are merely some of the possibilities that may be brought to fruition on Capitol Hill as this sessions ends.

Please enlarge the horoscope for a few chart factors are penned on; some details are noted, below:

As you see, brash Mars @8Sco40 ('9Sco' = "Drilling for Oil") leads the throng of planets in BOWL formation with lawmaker Saturn @00Cap21 conjunct IC ('The Drain'), a symbol of mining in 4th house. The Old Man is just growing accustomed to being back in his own sign of Capricorn (the sign of government, law, and business) during this Hour of Saturn with its freshly Stationed Direct Mercury @13Sag00, and valuable if vengeful Venus @27Sag27 out-of-bounds of the Earthly plane and isolated from the other planets (actors) yet by degree, Venus conjoins the December 18, 2017 New Moon (26Sag31), the 'Syzygy Moon' of the chart.

Leaving the 12th house of Karma, Politics, and Backroom Deals is the current Solar Eclipse @28Leo32 (the chart's 'PE'), aka, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 containing 1 North vibes of "information distorted and possibly false" and "great pressure is put upon relationships" (Brady).

This chart and the conditions it reveals contains potentials for quarrels, heavy and bitter attacks (Mercury-Pluto = Saturn), hysterical outbursts (see the Moon in 5th house--almost a US natal Lunar Return), realizing plans fanatically (Mars-Pluto = Mercury), tragic realizations (Moon-Mercury = Pluto), egotism, skepticism, nervous irritation, prosperity through cooperation and consciousness of objectives (Moon-Mars = Sun), indifference (Saturn-ASC = Jupiter), a persuasive orator (Mercury-Pluto = Sun), and obliging others (ASC-MC = NN); (Ebertin).

And of course, wealthy saboteur Pluto @18Cap29 (conjunct Minerva, journal of the Hegel Society) continues stimulating the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune so we know that, "The big picture must be followed, very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl); this, in part, is a picture of the bribes, payoffs, and blackmail used on Capitol Hill by wealthy donors, bankers, and foreign financiers in order to sway US legislation and subsequent vote-counting their way. Herr Hegel would be proud!

Wonder how US finances would be now if it weren't for decades of embezzlement, financial sleight of hand, misuse of taxpayer funds, backroom deals on covert ops, secret slush funds, overblown military expenditures, and outright theft of taxpayer monies?

Well, as we know, the crooks are in charge and they're attempting now to avoid the financial reckoning they so richly deserve for their decades-long mismanagement of America's resources which rightly belong to...

Looking ahead to 2018, here's a link to the next Solar Eclipse of February, 15, 2018 @27AQ, what I prefer to call the We The People Solar Eclipse.

Aug 12, 2009

Perseid meteors hide from a Lightening-Lit Moon - Aug 12, 2009

In evening, then the early morning of August 12, 2009, the Perseid meteor shower peaked but we were prevented from seeing nary a glimmer of them. What we did see near Atlanta, Georgia, was a powerful display of cloud-to-ground lightening which occasionally lit up an edge of the Moon and gave the near-night sky a hyper-real quality of great beauty.

The photgrapher's use of black and white captures the almost-eery effect more closely than color would have done, I think. Any thoughts?

Plus, this celestial event of grandeur was the true kind of awesome, not the stage-crafted kind we hear so much about over and over until the term is meaningless and opinion-numbing.

Checking the Astrology chart to see where the Moon glowed in the zodiac when this photo was taken, Earth's lantern glowed at '29Aries'..."A Celestial Choir Singing."

And was Luna reflecting an archetype of the asteroid persuasion during her photo op, by chance?


Minerva, whose bird is the wise Owl; keywords: the urge to be accomplished.


Photo by Maya. All rights reserved.

Feb 4, 2008

Super Tuesday 2.5.08

Here you see the 7:00 am CST chart of tomorrow's Super Tuesday primaries set for St. Louis, Missouri, chosen for its bellweather state status.

When set for Washingotn DC, the MC (Aspirations; Goal) is 00Sag09 and if we round up for the Sabian Symbol degree for DC, and round down for St.Louis, we get "1Sag", the "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree. I just wanted to get that mention out of the way at the start.

Rising is 13AQ27 in St. Louis--in DC it's 10AQ46, conj Dick Cheney's natal Sun.

But for brevity's sake, let's focus on the St. Louis chart you see here for planetary positions are the same as for DC, cusps are in slightly different degrees.

Chart-ruler Saturn (Dem Party) is Rx in 7th house of partnerships--and is conj Barack Obama's natal Pluto 6Vir58--this describes his recent endorsements by key Democrats--Saturn (authority; control) conj Pluto (power potential.) However, when a chart-ruler is Rx, there are usually delays involved esp when it's Saturn, planet of delay, frustration, and inhibition.

This reminds me of Harry Truman's appeal to a young John Kennedy to "wait", the video of which was shown this past Sunday on Meet the Press. Yet Ted Kennedy and crew seem to be saying the opposite to Obama, don't they? Probably because they think the Senator can inspire the populace to (re) gain the White House for the D-Party by a 'landslide' which can't be denied if it happens.

Saturn makes only one applying aspect in the chart--a trine to Pluto. That will help the outcome for the Democrats, and Pluto has a link with the public--the masses, the collective unconscious. But Pluto also signifies the power-behind-the-throne plutocrats.

Realistically I've accepted the idea that no one can be US president without the blessing and annointing of these shadowy types--have you? Sadly I must say that an Obama 'landslide' may not turn out as we hope for the sake of the common good, for plutocrats of today are the antithesis of the concept. Visiting more wars upon the world which thus create chaos is part of their world domination plans, m'peops. And so the chaos creators tinker with our lives.

John McCain is obviously part of this world view, and H. Clinton is as well, imho, in spite of what she now says about ending the Iraq's only campaign rhetoric. Please don't be duped--uless you really want Bill and the Clinton can of worms back in the White House.

Super Tuesday's Moon (the people or the public; publicity) is in 12th house, out-of-bounds, and unaspected and void-of-course (voc--no applying major aspects), but that's not all--Super Tuesday is John McCain's Lunar Return (7:38 am in St. Louis.) Perhaps some of the public who have left McCain will be returning to support his dreams of occupying the White House. The entire chart looks to me to be a more-war vs stop-illegally-occupying-Iraq-asap contest.

(12th house has connections to Politics, and it's the behind-the-scenes, karmic house where McCain's Moon Return is now occurring--natally it's affecting his 4/10 axis of Career.)

So the Moon's position is opposing McCain's n Pluto 27Can00, thus triggering his natal Moon-Pluto opposition, and points out his emphasis on more war in the Middle East which is "okay" by him.

In fact, the transiting South Node (SN) will be conjuncting McCain's natal line-up of Mars, Pluto, and eventually his MC...Mars/SN, Pluto/SN are both indicators of war and violence, so we can take him at his word on that. This transit begins in Dec 2008with Mars, early Sept 2009 for Pluto, and April 2010 for McCain's MC.

Tr SN to MC, however, is not good for one's public standing in the world so if McCain becomes US rep in the world as our leader, our lowered reputation in the world will be assuredly reduced. How much lower can America go? With McCain we will be certain to find out.

Natally, McCain's Moon/Pluto opposition relates to his POW status and treatment, and indicates one who has trouble dealing with the public--yet with a job that necessitates it. There is a tendency to become involved with dubious characters, and a demanding nature which is easily hurt if rebuffed.

A spirit of revenge is likely and there is a lot of unconscious anger in this placement--anger which is seldom consciously recognized. Publicly he plays the mild card well, but is known for other traits in private...aka a politician.

Back to the chart:

With wounded Chiron 15AQ50 rising in the Super Tuesday chart, bad weather and computer issues may be bring problems, and Sun 16AQ06 is just before the "Unmasking Eclipse" of Feb 7, which makes this a dark-of-the-moon Balsamic chart, the endings and partings phase which may describe candidates leaving the field (although Super Tuesday was not originally intended as simply a weeding out stage but more to give southern states greater say in the election process) so we may see campaign staff saying adios instead.

Many shenanigans may take place under cover of the darkened Moon, and if you click-to-enlarge the chart, you'll see asteroid Minerva at MC. Minerva is the name of the Hegel Society's Journal, and Minerva archetypally represents one's need to be accomplished.

Will Romney's plea to Huckabee to skedaddle bear fruit? But Huckabee is hoppin' mad at the suggestion, it seems, and determined to stay in the race. We'll see.

As for Hillary and Barack, there are factors of interest--Hillary's natal Jupiter 00Sag37 (she voted for the war--"1Sag", as mentioned above) is conj the 7:00 am MC. Seems money-bags Jupiter is helping her in her continuation of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton program. Of course, Jupiter is also related to ideals, philosophy, and aspirations and having Jupiter in Sagittarius is so expanisve it's difficult to describe in a few words.

Will the good fortune of Jupiter reward Sen Clinton's ambitions? Or merely highlight her rubber-stamping war votes?

Mars' recent Direct Station is ongoing amd the warrior planet is at his Station degree Tuesday and very strong. Mars to Clinton's natal Uranus is very energizing, has associations with computers (men using computers? hacking?), and may indicate danger in the environment.

Senator Obama's Nodal Half-Return is inevidence now, a time of broken relationships if they are weak already, but relationships may be strenthened now if they are useful for one's purposes.

His natal Jupiter 00AQ56 is conj the Inaugural 2009's Sun and Mercury, with 09's Mercury opposite natal Mercury in Leo. Sun is the leader in a national chart, of course, so Obama's Jupiter in AQ is a good portent of his presidency.

(However, here are a couple of odd notes: in the Inauguration 2009 chart set for noon, Capitol Building, Jupiter at 3AQ+ is conj a certain personal name asteroid...Bill. And Jan 2009's Jupiter 3AQ+ is a Jupiter Return for old Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian sect of the Illuminati--and possibly the "mystery man" who gave America the design for her Great Seal.)

Super Tuesday's tr North Node points to a link with publicity (NN of the Moon) and is conj US natal Moon (the people), so voter turn out should be good and results will be closely followed (at least by those who aren't being seriously inhibited by bad weather.) This may indicate a woman's destined meeting with the public--in a word, Hillary.

That's about all I can type in now with my knarly typing finger but I am preparing a post at Jude's Threshold for this evening concerning the Solar-Lunar phases of the candidates, paying particular attention to the year 2009.

Check there later, if you can, for Secondary Lunar Phases give a general background of what stage in life has been reached and will affect a 2009 presidency in some very basic ways.

(Blogger is trying to crash this post, so typos will have to be reparied later. If you are one of two readers who get this blog first-off, you must be regularly and understandably repulsed by frequent typos which are corrected a few minutes later, I hope, so my apologies to you!)