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Apr 17, 2019

Redacted Report planets vs Mueller Report Submission

Assuming that AG Bill Barr (a Sun Gemini like Trump!) releases a redacted version of the Mueller Report tomorrow morning (Thursday April 18, 2019), a quick peek at tomorrow's planetary positions reveals a couple of interesting transits to the Mueller Report submission planets of March 22, 2019.

MRS = Mueller Report Submission; BR = Barr Redactions April 18, 2019.

BR Neptune conjunct MRS Mercury (in secretive Pisces) suggests potentials for covering up or veiling the report in order to confuse issues (or deep-six them), deception, erroneous conclusions, and/or mysterious communications.

BR Mercury conjunct MRS Sun indicates potentials for strong and dramatic expressions in a forum (the public discourse? in congressional committees?), hiding difficult conclusions, taking the ideas of others and adding your own (Barr's) input to create something entirely different (the goal of Trump's man Bill Barr as was his earlier "summary" letter/s that allowed Trump the opportunity to brag about being "exonerated").

This transit info sounds accurate to me, how about you?

Plus, there are the increasingly harsh energies of the Saturn-Pluto duo in process of aligning for their January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction and now oppose Trump's watery natal Saturn (authority; accountability; limitations) in Moon-ruled Cancer. As previously discussed, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction when exact @22Cap46 will conjoin the natal Vertex of Mr. Trump, a sensitive point of fated encounters. Significant? Karmic setbacks? Both? We'll see.

And perhaps a midpoint picture involving the planet of reports and communications is revealing of current events for it forms tomorrow...Mars-Saturn = Mercury: loud shouting at formal speeches (Munkasey); bad news; separation; bereavement; murderers (Ebertin)--surely murder doesn't turn up in the Mueller Report!!? If so, that would be something worth hiding at all costs. Additionally on April 18th, the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint conjoins the March 22, 2019 Sun (1Ari55): inability to meet all demands or master all situations; weak vitality; death or illness of male persons (Ebertin).

Now data for both horoscopes are listed, below, if you haven't already set up the charts and looked for more transits that apply to the Mueller Report Redaction situation once it drops tomorrow-if tomorrow! will its edge be softened by dropping just prior to the holiday weekend? I used '12:00 am edt' for April 18th but perhaps we'll have a definite hour of its release once it's done.

And to paraphrase one of the political truisms I always go by (even if FDR didn't say it as has been asserted through the years)--that whatever happens in Politics is meant to happen for nothing in Politics happens by accident (note that astrological symbols and signs are found embedded all over Washington DC--and that Astrology adds the element of Time and timing to any circumstance, in 1776 and in 2019). This follows along with the political use of the Hegelian Dialect: create chaotic problems then offer the solutions you wanted all along. To me this a large part of Why Trump As POTUS--to create chaos and massive problems so that Americans and the world will accept whatever draconian 'solutions' the puppet masters of the Universe decree--perhaps with Trump continuing as their shill and instigator or perhaps with some other raptor-brain of low character.

Now as you know, the Sun conjoins quirky Uranus (Trump's 'guiding planet') on Monday April 22, 2019 @2Tau31 and when we round up the conjunction's degree to '3 Taurus' we find, "Steps Up to a Lawn Blooming with Clover"...Keyword: HOPEFULNESS. Positive expression: a creative optimism brought to embrace every facet of everyday living; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): an unwarranted self-indulgence and a disregard of all practical reality through a concern over the phantasmal and impossible. And of course, this symbol (word picture) always reminds me of the White House lawn! Do the 'clovers' suggest good fortune for Donald Trump? Well, Sun to Uranus hints at potentials for stubborn pride, loyalty issues, and uniqueness that invites further scrutiny.

As for Barr's release of his version of the Mueller Report tomorrow, it was noted on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams that we Shouldn't Put it Past Trump to Distract from tomorrow's release of the redacted Mueller Report for distraction is one of Trump's go-to political tactics meant to soften criticism of whatever jam he's in at that moment. Yes Big T or a minion of his will think of something!

Horocope data used in this post: Mueller Report Submission March 22, 2019 4:00/4:35/5:00 pm edt Washington DC (4:35 pm puts Trump's natal chart angles on the Submission chart's angles); Barr Redaction Release April 18, 2019 '12:00 am' edt Washington DC. Also note that on March 22, 2019, the Sun and wounded healer Chiron conjoined @1Ari51/55 which suggests someone with a strong will on a mission seeking recognition and positive feedback, someone for whom "pride and power may lie in wait"--R. Nolle, Chiron The New Planet in Your Horoscope, The Key to Your Quest.

Above portrait: Attorney General William Barr.

Jan 22, 2019

Corruption and the Coming Chaos - ep 362 Max Igan

From January 11, 2019: Max Igan's Surviving The Matrix via the American Voice Radio Network comes episode 362, "Corruption and the Coming Chaos" which opens with a quote by Benjamin Franklin on freedom of thought as chaos agent Trump the Uranian undermines America and democracy endures attacks across the globe:

Diss corporate media; support the independent work of Max Igan at Patreon.

Jul 4, 2017

The Presidencies of Washington and Trump = Uranus!

Let's Get Mystical: Astro-Fun with the US Presidency (Uranian Topics Arise)

by Jude Cowell

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans!

Quite a while ago I posted on another blog the horoscope of America's very first Inauguration of George Washington, an event held on April 30, 1789 at 12:45 pm LMT on Wall Street, New York City. Around Stars Over Washington you'll find more than one copy of the horoscope of Inauguration 2017, a post displaying a synastry grid between the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope and Mr. Trump's natal planets as well as his natal chart.

Patriot George Washington Not the Only Quirky Rebel Around Here!

Now since the quirky rebel Uranian Mr. Trump, the gold-loving brander-in-chief, tends to make light of the US presidency in the view of many people (he dabbles), why not engage in a quirky consideration of the 1789 Inauguration horoscope blended with the chart of Inauguration 2017--just to see what the resulting Composite/Davison relationship chart tells us about George and Donald and the American people? Perhaps an interesting topic will arise! And so it does, as you see in the chart, below.

But if you, dear reader, are sensitive to such lighthearted shenanigans (such as utilizing Astrology as a tool for speculation--and on Independence Day no less!), you are hereby cautioned to stop reading here. Seriously. Stop.

For the rest of us celebrators, below is a view of the 1789 + 2017 Composite/Davison horoscope with way too many factors penned on (as usual) so please enlarge the image if you wish to read my notes. Penned around the chart are some US natal planets (green), some of Trump's natal planets (yellow orange), and a few current 2017 transits (also in green). Chart-ruler Jupiter is robed in blue (no application), rising Uranus, planet of Technology, radical reforms, upheaval, and shock, is lavender.

Mystical Neptune-and-Pluto are both turquoise, US natal Mars is between them in red, the trio's midpoint picture added which also involves Trump's natal Sun @22Gemini, and the Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo opposition is marked in yellow while the 'brave new world' opposition of Uranus and Neptune (one at Cardinal World Point 00Cancer) are lavender and turquoise, respectively, and reminds us of oh-so-rational global government and the chaos deemed necessary in order to force authoritarism into place:

As for the Mysticism pair, Neptune and Pluto, please note that George Washington and many other presidents were Freemasons and therefore of a mystical bent. My suspicion is that Mr. Trump is a Mason and/or Illuminati adherent as well, especially considering all those hand symbols he constantly throws out during speeches--such as his odd Inaugural Address promoting a dark dystopian view of America. (See George W. sporting his Masonic apron and symbols, sidebar->).

So one factor always interesting when two charts are blended (averaged) is the resulting mid-point date - here between April 30, 1789 + January 20, 2017 the date is May 13, 1903 so right away we both think of our 26th President Theodore Roosevelt (October 27, 1858--January 6, 1919), in office from September 14, 1901 to March 4, 1909. In May 1903, On This Day lists him engaged in his anti-trust-busting campaign but can his campaign relate to our speculative topic here? Apparently so since nowadays multiple corporations are busy forming monopolies, regardless of the affect on our nation's economy and people. Any US presidency is a mere part of a process or a cycle, after all, and in 2017 We The People have reached where we are, here and now, with all that has gone before part of our national DNA. Not that 'government by consent of the governed' is followed anymore by current oligarchs but we retain the right to redress of our grievances, don't we?

Well, here are a few articles concerning monopolies, all from 2017 and in no particular order: Tech Sector Has Built a Monopoly; This Budding Movement Wants to Smash Monopolies; Want to Rescue Rural America? Bust Monopolies. The Atlantic asserts that America's Monopolies Are Holding Back the Economy while Bloomberg View says that Monopolies Are Worse Than We Thought. (Not worse than you or I thought but worse than someone in charge thought. Duh. Of course, money and power are always their primary goals.)

Okay, so techie futurist Uranus, quirky planet of new thoughts and methods, radical politics, startling reforms, shocks and chaos rises in the Comp/Dav chart of May 13, 1903 bringing the need for anti-trust-busting with it. What else? Well, any of Teddy R's Progressive Movement policies may be spotlighted here (and require protection in 2017) along with his vast Jupiterian personality and style of leadership fairly similar in some respects to Mr. Trump's.

Now remember that our study is only speculative yet another chart factor we may wish to consider is the Pisces Sun (POTUS; leadership) opposing the Virgo Moon (We The People) and what this implied in 1903, yes, but what it may also imply for societal conditions in 2017.

How do you read the Sun-Moon opposition? I read it as vague, secretive, mysterious leaders (Sun in Pisces) promoting, allowing, and/or using misconceptions, misunderstandings, distraction, confusion, and deceit to affect current conditions and to hide sneaky legislation that most of us will loathe when we find out about it. The people (Moon) are critical and nervous (Virgo) because leadership (Sun) hides (Pisces) its true motives while propagandizing, weaponizing, privatizing and monetizing everything they can get their greedy little claws on. Scandals, leaks, cover-ups, step-downs, pay-offs, and favors abound while leaders make impossible demands without caring how the consequences will affect We The People (ex: Trumpcare passage).

The negative conditions and chaos thus created can be overcome but it won't be easy.

For you know that a regressive Donald Trump Hearts President Andrew Jackson whose natal Sun-Moon blend is the very Pisces-Virgo polarity revealed in the 1913 horoscope! How crazy is that?

Solar goals hidden beneath Piscean shade, in Politics a corrupt picture that is astrologically supported in 2017 by the fact that transit Neptune (today @14Pisces), planet of fraud, loss, disappointment, and dissolution now surrounds in mystery and obfuscation US progressed Sun (POTUS) indicating a period when a public image can be deceitful, secretive, crime-ridden, scandal-prone, and/or eroded. Actually, we've discussed this Neptune transit to US SP Sun in a previous post if you care to take a look.

So! What else has our speculative chart investigation with Uranus rising revealed? Transit Saturn in Sagittarius is on course to visit this Uranus (25Sag29) denoting a period of limitation of freedom and resistance to unorthodox ideas which may be rejected as structure and tradition are called for. Initial delays are frustrating but better planning and organization may eventually carry the day--such as with Trump's 'travel ban' against Muslims being reworked and its provisions partially allowed by a SCOTUS decision recently.

We also see that instead of pro-society progressive reforms Mr. Trump and his Goldman-Sachs minions and regressive bigoted operatives and amateurs in the White House are mooning us with Uranian chaos, shock, and disruption. Journalist-author Naomi Klein calls this Mr. Trump's 'shock politics' and if you haven't, you may wish to check out Ms. Klein's best selling new book on the topic No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need. And here she is in a presentation originally posted by The Intercept where she is now a Senior Correspondent:

Follow this link in case the video is removed (it will be worth your time).

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