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Oct 27, 2018

"Trumpenkreigers" Act For Mr. Trump!

Talking Points Memo October 24, 2018: FBI Arrest Leader, 2 Other Members of Violent California Neo-Nazi Gang aka, "Trumpenkriegers." These "fighters for Trump" made their first major public appearance at Trump's Huntington Beach, California rally of March 25, 2017 where, as TPM reports, they "allegedly peeled off from a 'Make America Great Again' rally to target a group of counter-protesters. Videos reviewed by the FBI show (a member named Laube) grabbing a journalist and punching him in the face three times, as well as (leader, Robert Rundo) punching a protester in the back of the head" as other group members looked on. The March 2017 violence in Huntington Beach was held under the auspices of Trump's last/current Jupiter Return, a three-fer, with his natal Jupiter @18Libra, the Sabian Symbol of which is somewhat explained in 2018--"Two Men Placed Under Arrest." This also happens to be the degree where America's Mars turned retrograde by progression in 2006 just as Germany's natal Mars once did, with both Rx conditions of 80-years' duration.

Then after the Trumpenkreigers' Huntington Beach 'debut', videos and photos of their violent actions were "triumphantly" shared with a certain white supremacist publication (which shall remain nameless here) and the group went on to attend the Charlottesville SC protest where they continued their assaults on Trump's behalf--little Donald Trump, born under the brutal, violent, raging, destructive energies of the Mars-Saturn = Pluto midpoint picture as we've previously discussed. Upping the stakes of brutality (disowned) is Trump's 12th house unaspected Pluto, the 'overshadowed by shadows' indicator. And of course, the Mars-Pluto combination alone represents 'violent force' and 'brutality' and Mars-Saturn is notable as the 'death axis' (Ebertin). The Mars-Saturn-Pluto picture of violence has been forming off-and-on-again by transit as well (!) and is aided by the transiting on-and-off Saturn-Uranus trine, for as you know, the 'sociological correspondence' of the Saturn-Uranus pair = "violent people" (Ebertin), as in, "Trumpenkreigers."

And curiously (or perhaps not), transit Uranus now hitting the 00-1 Taurus zone of the Zodiac has been activating Hitler's natal Sun. Subsequently, 00-1 Taurus has ingloriously been termed a degree of violence for during his lifetime, Hitler was spurred to violent actions of brutality when his natal Sun was transited.

And if we look to Trump's current Secondary Progressions ('SP') we find his SP Pluto in Leo is now apex of a different midpoint, the 'lack of community spirit' pair of Neptune-North-Node--with SP Pluto = 'willingness to use strong destructive forces', and, 'increased needs for isolation from the influences of society'. Guess that's Mr. Ivory Tower, alone in the White House, as white supremacists carry out physical assaults intended to "forcibly excommunicate political enemies" (TPM). Do you think that bombs in the mail sent to certain of Trump's liberal critics could have a similar effect? See Trump fumes after mail bomber "interrupts" his campaign message for the constant media coverage apparently "ruined" Trump's week of bombastic propaganda.

Yet the underhanded RAM plot ('Rise Above Movement') is even thicker and drearier for as TPM details (view the Criminal Affadavit dated October 20, 2018 shown in the article), in Spring 2018, a trio of the 'Trumpenkreigers' allegedly traveled to "Germany, Italy, and Ukraine to 'celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday' and meet with members of European White Supremacy extremist groups" and this, according to Customs and Border Patrol interviews and social media posts, is now part of the evidence against them (their 'recruiting' videos--shared brazenly or simply stupidly?). Apparently while in Europe they met with "the head of Azov Battalion, a paramilitary unit of the Ukrainian National Guard which is known for its association with Neo-Nazi ideology." Well, I won't bore you further if you've read this far but recommended is the TPM article linked above for those who dare face what Mr. Trump's weasel-like equivocation concerning the violence during the Charlottesville protests in August 2017 and his other white supremacy shout-outs and mealy-mouthings have been hiding underneath his semi-invisible plutonian hood.

For as Mr. Trump has so ably informed us, what we see and hear isn't what's really happening.

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Mar 14, 2016

Violent Protests as rebel Uranus Returns to its Fascist Solar Eclipse degree

2016 Trends of Violence and Government Take-Over

by Jude Cowell

In February 2011, I posted the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse horoscope of 1933 which you see, below. As the Campaign 2016 rallies of Republican candidate Donald Trump have forced violence into view and is being fully covered by the news media, we should note that transiting Uranus, America's totem planet of rebellion, revolt, revolution, shock, and disruption, is now in process of returning to its Mars-ruled Aries degree in the 1933 eclipse chart:

Added to the disruptive shock of the current Uranus Return (2016 to 1933) are the two interlaced YOD patterns with their turning point-crossroads-special task vibes of crisis. For more info on the Fascism Rising horoscope, here is my original post. You will note other current transits to the planets of 1933 and, of course, the recurring Uranus-Pluto square (Aries square Cancer in 1933) of a titanic generational clash as we've been experiencing again in this, the New Millennium, but with Pluto in Capricorn (signature of 'the dictator'). It seems to me that megalomaniac Trump's rhetoric triggers the violent Marseillaise Mars-Jupiter-Neptune trio to march again to the Bastille with fists and elbows ready to strike all who disagree.

Now as you know, Uranus in Aries is the blind zealot and fanatic anarchist (Ebertin) and along comes candidate Trump born under Mars Rising with kingmaker star Regulus in tow--in egoistic Leo. Mr. Trump has made himself a willing vessel for violent Mars-Uranus energies that seek expression in our era for we know that fascist authoritarian elements in the Collective never disappear completely, they simply cower in darkness in preparation for another government take-over attempt as they re-arm to fight another day.