Oct 26, 2010

Got Obama Disappointment? US Neptune = Obama's Mars

Writing in The Independent, Johann Hari presents The Real Reason Obama Has Let Us All Down (which translates into a Saturn vs Neptune face-off.)

Now I agree with the basic ideas Mr. Hari poses yet it seems to me that GOP undermining from Day One has something to do with how the Obama presidency has not been as effectual as most of us wanted it to be by now. The legendary American impatience is involved as well, yet the article certainly gives a run down of the areas and ways in which we have been disappointed by Barack Obama.

And if you've ever read this blog before (or study Astrology yourself) you may remember that I fretted quite a bit over the fact that America's natal Neptune 22Vir25 and Barack Obama's natal Mars are closely conjoined which, I thought - uh-oh! - would veil the public's eyes from seeing President Obama's actions and motives (Mars) for what they really were and are. The lack of clarity, fuzzy dreaminess, and adoration exhibited by 'rockstar Obama' voters in the early days of his term are so perfectly described by our shared Mars/Neptune conjunction that it isn't funny.

The whole situation isn't funny at all, of course, for those of us who wish America to continue in decent fashion. But the rose-colored sunglasses of glamorous Neptune have made it difficult to face the facts - even now, with a clear-eyed assessment of our disappointments (Neptune) with Obama's failures and deceptions (Neptune) laid out in an article such as Mr. Hari's. Yes, facts and accountability are the provinces of realistic Saturn and not part of Neptune's cloudy, watery realms at all.

But feeling let down is. Plus, US natal Neptune is in Virgo, the sign of work, health, and service!

Ex: If you and a friend were born with one's Mars conjoining the other's Neptune, it can be 99% guaranteed that 'clear-eyed' would not describe your relations and dealings unless the one with Neptune was spiritually honest and on the up'n'up - fraudless and genuine, you might say. And the person with Mars (planet of action, energy, and motivation) could easily get away with all manner of things - basically whatever he or she desired - a confusion which also falls into the 99% range of probability. Others might see the Mars person's true motives, but the Neptunian in the equation probably never would (and would prefer not to.)

Perhaps the walk-on-water Apollo sun god that many of us expected or dreamed of for all our problem-solving needs has had other things to do of a more...material nature. Such as taking care of the wealthy bankers and other power eliters who installed him in the White House. To imagine that it was simply we-the-people who put Mr. Obama in the Oval Office is yet another Neptunian delusion we need to break free from.

So when/if the GOP takes over the House and/or Senate next week, you won't be too surprised for it's another chapter in the globalists' America-down-the-drain script. Then once again, we-the-people will know (or should know) we're being royally had.
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