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Nov 30, 2010

"Austerity is here!" Alex Jones video; US transits of austerity

Video: Alex Jones on Austerity in America.

Well, if someone wanted my top picks of astrological factors that describe our nation's current atmosphere of 'austerity cuts' I would have to cite four:

1. the background influence of America's Secondary Progressed Full Moon of December 24, 2008 when we reached our limits of expansion (4Vir10/Pis) during the throes of Financial Collapse 2008;

2. the transit of Saturn (planet of austerity, realism, restriction, loss, and delay) to US natal Neptune 22Vir25, planet of dreams, ideals, illusions, loss - and the masses which in 1776 was posited in Virgo, the sign of Work, Service, and Health.

3. the transit of often fraudulent, deceptive Neptune to US natal Moon (we-the-people) bringing the difficult transit's ongoing sense of rootlessness, losses of homes and possessions, lies to the people, and the BP-Gulf oil blowout that still bedevils the livelihoods and health of the good people of the Gulf Coast region.

In addition, US Secondary Moon has this year conjoined US natal and Progressed Neptune as well which adds more misery and confusion, and lengthens and intensifies the dissolving effects of Neptune-to-US-natal-Moon transit such as we see with this year's revelation of robo-signed foreclosures, etc. (See sidebar link to John Townley's article on Neptune afflicting America's natal chart, or simply click here.)

Certainly other transits and progressions are playing their parts as well - some positive and helpful, some adding to our woes - but these four are proving massive enough to steal most of the cake from our economy, job market, and dinner tables. (Let them eat GM corn?)

4. the next planetary influence on my austerity list has to be: US Saturn Return, a drawn out three-fer this time, and in progress as I type (14Lib48: Dec 3, 2010, Mar 22, 2011 Rx, Aug 28, 2011.) Accountability is one of Saturn's dearest lessons and perhaps the fresh release from WikiLeaks of docs from the 'diplomatic' community gives an example of such a lesson sorely needed by the US government.

Yes, a return to realism and sanity is definitely indicated during a Saturn Return, and imho, the vision of a one-world-government ruled by the US needs to be abandoned once and for all - even though I believe our nation and people have already been sacrificed on the altar of that agenda.

Our Loss of Illusions

Though transiting Saturn conjoined US natal Neptune only once on August 27, 2009 (this time around in Saturn's 29/30 year cycle), the hit was apparently strong enough given other circumstances and weaknesses.

Around that date and ever since, the Saturnian word austerity rings from Capitol Hill and across the nation and threatens more sacrifice and loss for those tottering upon the bottom rungs of society - with some Americans newly ensconced upon the bottom rungs since the grossly wealthy Oilcan Harrys of the world are having their financial way with those whom they perceive to be their underlings while corporate titans fail to create US jobs - no matter how big or extended the fatcats' tax breaks become. ('Demand' follows paychecks, fellas!)

Yes, Saturn-to-natal-Neptune can mean a dream (Neptune) coming true (Saturn) yet in our financial condition it has brought us its 'grim face of reality' vibe with a huge splash of Saturn's cold water upon the idea of 'jobs coming back'.

Plus, the phrase austerity (Saturn) cuts (Mars) implicates the planet of quarrels and war in the dire picture as well, and many people (self included) think that slashing US war expenditures would be highly beneficial for our national budget. For US tax payers to continue funding security for all of Europe seems ridiculously laughable, and now is financially undo-able.

Watch This Video?

Yes, I too wish Alex Jones would remove the bullhorn from in front of his mouth and calm down so that more people would take his words and warnings seriously. For like most people, I don't respond well to someone shouting at me and am convinced that the info gets through to my pea brain a lot more efficiently when a measured case using lower decibels is made!

And President Obama's announcement of a two-year pay freeze for government workers? It would dovetail nicely and make more economic difference if Washington willingly added a two-year (or permanent) pay cut for all congress members, something that Rep. Marcy Kaptur called for months ago.

To close this austerity-laced post, here's a relevant bit of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Inaugural speech of Jan 20, 1937:

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."

To which I add a hearty and common good Amen.

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