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May 18, 2011

Nomi Prins: The Fed holds America hostage (video)

Former managing director at Goldman-Sachs, journalist, and financial whistleblower Nomi Prins speaks with Alex Jones on how The Fed is holding America hostage.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

As you know, they're describing the Pluto/Chiron pair of plutocracy, oppression, and primal violence against those who don't fall in line with IMF and World Bank programs. Now Pluto is wealthy and underhanded enough but adding wounded and wounding Chiron to the blend is what forecloses on your family's home, puts you out on the street, robs you of your pension, and laughs 'all the way to the bank'.

America's Dream of Rescue January 20, 2009: Faded

On January 20, 2009 at President Obama's inauguration, the midpoint of Pluto and Chiron was at Midheaven of the Inaugural chart describing The Goal and agenda that Mr. Obama would follow. And while you may think there's nothing to that synchronicity (what is this strange thing they call 'Astrology'?) no one disputes that a Goldman-Sachs crew was put in place in the White House along with a new president.

My intuition has always told me that Barack Obama would not have gained the bullhorn of the White House if Summers, Geithner, and others had not been part of his financial 'team'. The econo-team appointments were announced as Obama moved in to the executive mansion but were already known to him - the Bilderberg Group meeting that chose between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama occurred in Chantilly, Virginia during the 2008 campaign when Obama slipped away from his campaign plane and left Robert Gibbs to explain his mysterious and sudden absence to the planeful of reporters traveling with them.

So if you are awake to the Big Heist being perpetrated upon the American people (and the world's population) but know others who still snooze, please pass on the message and some video links so that we-the-people can finally jettison the R v D/con v lib fallacy and stand together en masse - on the same side - OUR side!


The website of Nomi Prins has details on her books: 2004's Other People's Money (in which she predicted what we're experiencing now) and her latest book It Takes a Pillage.

Doesn't it though?

Another informative video on such financial topics is from John Pilger (Dec 2010.) Post includes a brief astrological discussion of America's Mars/Neptune square (inspired or deceptive actions; confused motivations; massive army), the Obama-Mars/US-Neptune conjunction, and the recent Saturn/Uranus opposition which was totally in effect on Election Day 2008 (status quo v progress) and is thus imprinted upon the presidency of Barack Obama whose natal Saturn in Capricorn has kept the US financial system in place without ruffling too many Wall Street feathers so far.

Looks like we're on our own, m'peops.


Blog Note: the only info I've found online for Nomi Prins' birthdate (in order to set up her natal horoscope) is '1950' which makes it seem that she has knowledge of Astrology's usefulness and prefers her privacy (understandable!) Plus, working in the financial industry for years as she has, perhaps she knows what old J. P. Morgan admitted years ago:

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

Which means that World Bankers know it, too, and time their sorry actions by planetary cycles.

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