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Jun 25, 2011

Rick Perry prez bid awash w controversy (video); his Natal Chart

Yes, Stars Over Washington has been late boarding the Rick Perry presidential campaign train 2012 so here's a video concerning the Texas governor, along with an astro-peek at his natal horoscope.

Apparently all manner of controversy haunts this wolf in sheep's clothing like a cheap one-world-government suit! Among other considerations, a certain Mr. Rove lurks in his background. In this video:

Alex talks about Rick Perry’s long time mentor, Karl Rove and how Rove convinced Perry to flip his image and save his political career. Perry exposes his own dishonesty when he breaks his own pledge to remain outside the Presidential race. A President Perry would further America’s dark journey toward her own destruction. Invited to the Bilderberg conference in Istanbul in 2007, Rick Perry is a servant of the globalist’s plan for a one world government and their population reduction scheme.

You may also be interested in Paul Watson's assessment Perry Supporter Claims Alex Jones Works for Obama which is rich with links and revelations concerning Governor Perry and others.

Plus, you'll find biographical details on his Wikipedia page including a bit about his friendship with former rocker and ace racial slurrist, Ted Nugent. Funny thing is, in the 1960s I attended a Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes concert in Atlanta and got the once-over from him backstage. Of course, I was under-aged so was thankfully spared his...attentions. And I remember that his hair was as long as mine! But he could definitely play guitar, no question about it, and that was what I was there for.

Now how about a little Astrology concerning Gov. Perry, a western varmint said (as are the majority of US politicians including Mr. Obama) to be firmly in the pocket of the social tinkering, one-world-government Bilderberg Group?

Richard Perry born March 4, 1950 Paint Creek, Texas, birth hour unknown so 'noon' CST is used; Sun in Pisces; Moon remains in Virgo for the 24-hour period. No house positions will be mentioned without a known birth time.

Little Rick Perry was born into a fortunate Solar Eclipse Series, the *5 New South, which denotes peak experiences, joy, good news, and a potential for falling in love. This must help abate some of the conflict, depression, restriction, and oppression seen within his natal planetary placements which are:

Sun 13Pis36 (see Moon, below; opposed by Saturn: early childhood restrictions from authoritative parent; resents The System; thinks people, law, and authority are against him personally; early oppression becomes a tremendous ability for accomplishment and follow-through as an adult if this Saturnian energy is well-managed; inconj Pluto: father's values or inherited values conflict with those of his generation - Dad wanted a return to 'the good old days' which strained his son's seeking of selfhood; drives himself very hard, then can become bitterly resentful of duties; driven to prove himself; good at focusing on a particular objective; makes sacrifices to reach goals; creates conflict when dealing with others; 'use or misuse of power' issues.)

(Note: Perry's Sun position conjoins US presidential Suns when Inaugurations were held in early March - uh-oh! The change came during FDR's terms - between 1933 and 1937 with the switch on January 20, 1937. Would a Perry presidency represent a return to 'the good old days'? Ugh! People running about in chaos without laws or government is what these Utopian rationalists envision for us all! The Age of Reason? Puh! French Revolutionists enshrined Reason as their goddess in the 1790s and we know how that turned out for the populace.)

Moon 17Vir48 (a Full Moon personality: conflict between ego and emotions; relationships are all-important but may be filled with conflict; needs to learn the art of compromise; unwillingness to let go of the past creates handicaps; see Saturn, below.)

Mercury 24AQ56 (see Jupiter, below; trine Uranus: intuitive flashes; genius in certain areas but indifferent if uninterested; attracted to Science, Technology, the Occult, and Astrology; not bound by tradition; conclusions are arrived at independent of popular views; dramatic expression of thoughts - good for public speaking; ideas may be ahead of their time; plus, Mercury is oriental, rising just before the Sun, which is a dot all Is, cross all Ts indicator of perfectionism.)

Venus 5AQ45 (trine Mars = can appeal to others emotionally; sex appeal; fun-loving; sextile NN: gives knowledge of how to use charm to gain approval and popularity; favors marriage, business affairs, and public relations.)

Mars 18Lib21 Rx (conj SN - see NN, below; conjoins US Sec Mars Rx which underscores US militarism; sesquisquare Jupiter: somewhat dynamic energy which must be well-paced to be effective and not burn out; demands immediate rewards for efforts yet may feel frustrated; with experience, meets challenges forcefully but with a sense of irritation.)

Jupiter 21AQ15 (conj Mercury: big ideas, expansive plans, plus Jupiter is in futuristic Aquarius; trine Neptune: lover of mysticism; fond of grand ceremony such as those found in Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, or__?__; may lose self in religious ecstasy and be deceived by such; may be parasitical or self-indulgent; possesses a boundless imagination.)

Saturn 16Vir15 Rx (Moon-Saturn contacts are emotionally depressive - see Sun, above; materialistic; somber; common sense; in Virgo, Saturn denotes scientific interests and hard, concentrated, detail-oriented work.)

Uranus 00Can57 Rx (a World Point of Fame and Recognition; behaves tribally like a self-protective, business and home oriented Cancerian; see Mercury, above; semi square Pluto: an aspect of irritation showing he'd be first to react if his own liberties were threatened; good for work as a public official and may be giving him a resonance with the ongoing, transiting Uranus/Pluto square now spurring revolution across the globe.)

Neptune 16Lib50 Rx (wide conj w Mars: strong psychic magnetism, unrealistic expectations tie into pie-in-sky Mercury-Jupiter conj; generational sextile to Pluto: holds revisionary attitudes on philosophy, religion, education, and relationships; occult interests - see Mercury, above.)

Pluto 16Leo24 Rx (opposes Jupiter: indoctrinates others w his philosophy; must reform others spiritually; great desire for wealth and power; autocratic; lack of humility, or hidden or misused wealth may cause downfall.)

NN 7Ari31 Rx (SN conj Mars: militaristic values; decisions disregard others; actions out of harmony w societal standards; see Venus, above.)

Chiron 21Sag06 (in the sign of The Seeker and about to be spotlighted by transiting NN; besides the squares to Moon/Saturn, Chiron sextiles Jupiter: seeks opportunities and forums for self-expression through Jupiter's broadcasting and proselytizing functions in order to advance his theories of transformation; seeks through willpower, daring, and strength to express a 'mass yearning for integrity' and for 'certainty based on inspiration' - R. Nolle.)

Gov. Perry's squares to Chiron from Moon and Saturn indicate childhood wounds from both parents but if well-managed, this energy may be transformed in adulthood into much directed ambition and strategic ability.

As for his Water-Earth (mud!) Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo personality blend, we know there's a practical streak in him with Water-Earth yet he can get bogged down by inertia, possessiveness, and limited viewpoints.

Sun Pisc-Moon Vir gives Mr. Perry a wide-ranging intellect, wit, and a perceptive talent for analysis and for dealing with details (see Mercury oriental, above.) Problems are considered from all angles, yet there may be an overly critical attitude toward others; escaping into fantasies or addictions cannot be ruled out; feelings may become confused with rational thought as heart and mind either complement one another, or clash (Sun-Moon opposition.)

Mystical Pisces gives, of course, talent or interest in the Arts such as music, poetry, and drama and this obviously aids him with his public speaking. Lofty visions there may be, but Virgo keeps his feet on the ground most of the time for managing the implementation of those visions (my fear: another Utopian!)

Intellectual rapport is needed within partnerships but living with him isn't always easy; he tends to escape behind a newspaper, book, or laptop whenever conflict arises (and it does with Sun opposing Moon.) Yet he has a winning sense of humor which can see him through many a scrape or misunderstanding.

Images for Integration of Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious):

"Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and Reason shake hands...A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself" (like a Mandelbrot set! and great for Astrology studies. jc)

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Evolutionary Progress: Life Passages

As for his Secondary Moon Phase, his Sec Full Moon occurred on or about (depending on a correct birth time, dates may vary slightly) August 22, 2008 @ 11Sco15; his Disseminating Phase (putting out the info, propaganda, teaching) begins on or about November 3, 2011; this indicates to me that Mr. Perry expanded on the world stage as far as he could in 2008 which does not bode well for an expansive presidential run in 2012 since his 'light' is dimming rather than brightening - as is America's and that of the Republican Party for the same reason.

So there just for you is a small astro-peek into the personality of Gov. Rick Perry. You may not have enjoyed it, but perhaps you now know more about this proposed 2012 presidential candidate than you did before! Si?


The Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo blend is shared natally by Senator Ted Kennedy, Peter Fonda, Alexander Graham Bell, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Glenn Miller, Gloria Vanderbilt, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, psychologist Roberto Assagioli, and Luther Burbank, who informed us that,

"It is well for people who think to change their minds occasionally in order to keep them clean."


*Solar Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology; 5 New South last manifested in November 2003 @ 9 Gemini; its next occurrence: December 2021 @ 12 Sagittarius. jc


Anonymous said...

Y'know, if I were going to run for King or Queen of the World as the Presidency of the United States is reputed to be, I wouldn't sell my soul for it. But that's just me. I guess being King or Queen of the World ain't what it's cracked up to be. Too many bosses.

Simona said...

Fantastic post I must say! So many interesting facts and so much to consider about how everything is affected by our planets and the stars.Even politics is affected by the sun and the stars. Looking forward to your next post!
Best wishes / Simona

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for commenting, Anonymous, but ruling this old world takes exactly that: selling one's soul to the ruling elite!

Even entertainers who hit it 'Big' do the same and are 'rained' on w expensive gifts, wealth, and international fame. What they are called upon to do or promote when the tap on the shoulder comes, is anyone's guess. Sometimes a 'fall from grace' is engineered and shows which of them has balked at following the power elite script.

Same goes for politicians! jc

Hi Simona, nice to 'meet' you. That's an interesing website you have there and I thank you for the encouragement for my freebie blogging attempts! Jude

Patty said...

Jude, Thanks so much for the 'Rick Perry' focus. As a staunch Dem...I can honestly say...Wow, Rick Perry is so darn handsome--amazingly! He will attract many voters who go for the 'sizzle not the steak', I predict.
I hear the Pubs saying the GOP-Ticket will absolutely be Perry/Bachmann! Any insight on Michelle Bachmann?

Jude Cowell said...

Patty, you're very welcome! Yes, he's something of a looker w that Venus/Mars trine but the rest of his chart concerns me since he may get the GOP nom if Romney doesn't.

If you scroll the sidebar to Natal Chart Astro-Peeks (not very far down) you'll find some info on M. Bachmann's chart (though I can't imagine her carrying the globalists' water as predictably as they prefer w her 'oddball' independent streak.)

Thanks for weighing in, Patty, and I hope you & yours are well, Jude