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Sep 14, 2011

Elizabeth Warren announces Senate Run (video); Sun Can-Moon Tau

Video: Harvard's Elizabeth Warren announces her candidacy for US Senate:

Now this sounds like good news to me! But then I always remind myself of the crooks and weasels she'll have to deal with once she's a member the elitist club of the US Senate.

Astrology: Elizabeth Warren's Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus

Elizabeth Warren was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 22, 1949 and the Moon was in Taurus for the 24-hour period so her personality is flavored by a practical and nourishing Water-Earth Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus blend.

Sun Can-Moon Tau gives her great powers of perseverance and dedication, a practical idealism (supported elsewhere in the natal chart), a belief in the worth of every individual, and a great capacity to listen to others. Perhaps she paints, too...

"Images for Integration: A family photo album...A painter captures the taste and smell of a landscape...A flourishing family business." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Born on a Summer Solstice, Prof. Warren's Sun at 00Cancer+ makes her a natural on the world stage; Venus-ruled Taurus is one of the money signs with a shadow side of greed, possessiveness, and intolerance. On June 22, 1949, the Sun joined Uranus at 00Can+ which adds progressive Politics (Uranus) to her essence and hero's journey (Sun.)

A Sun/Uranus conjunction gives her a high self-awareness, willfulness, and what some consider an eccentric vibe. Yes, Prof. Warren is shocked when people oppose her or stand in her way yet she closely guards her right to speak her mind freely and without compromise. Social limitations which issue from tradition are not well tolerated by Uranians who know that "times change" and adjustments become necessary.

Career potentials for a Sun/Uranus conjunction person are unlimited, with Politics one of its expression along with Science and Education. Lessons from the past are foundations for continued development and progress is 'the thing'. Add to this her Mercury/Mars conjunction in communicative Gemini, energy which also likes to voice itself freely along with much nervous energy, a sharp mind, original creativity, and a direct frankness.

Yet there is an applying aspect to natal Sun that describes Elizabeth Warren and it's part of a double YOD ('Finger of God' pattern = special task; turning point; crossroads; crisis): Sun sextile Saturn (2Virgo) which forms two midpoint pictures for Saturn and Uranus are also sextile, and you'll note that some potentials relate to her recent political experiences in Washington DC:

Sun/Saturn = Jupiter 00AQ30 Rx: strong sense of morals; ability to remain quiet especially in formal settings; happiness in solitude.

Saturn/Uranus = Jupiter: a turn of destiny; adaptability in every situation; a fortunate release from tension; advice on how to effect change to traditional ways; traditional politics shattered by new, unexpected practices; conservatives v radicals.

(Mdpt pics: Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

Sun sextile Saturn shows concern with limits and boundaries. It indicates modesty in accessing one's self-worth, great depth of understanding, and a driving ambition to succeed. Occupations such as Teaching, Politics, and Law are indicated; work is taken seriously and much competence is evident. This aspect denotes and supports Warren's 'advocating for people with limited means and few oppostunities' inclination.

Saturn sextile Uranus indicates keen comprehension, a deep respect for knowledge, an ability to capitalize on resources (inner and outer), and an instinctive search for truth; progress is necessary for maximum development of success potential.

YODS with Apex Jupiter in Aquarius and the 5 North Eclipse Series

Natal Jupiter conjoins the degree of our US Inaugural Suns on January 20 at noon--can a White House run be in her future? Perhaps not but natal Jupiter's Sabian Symbol is important with her Jupiter the apex planet within two YODs...

'1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission"...DURABILITY...

positive expression: effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: lack of ambition and and blind adherence to superficialities. (Jones, with my 'unconscious/shadow side'.)

Supporting the 'breadth of vision' influence of this degree is Elizabeth Warren's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, 5 North, a very creative series which brings prophetic dreams and visions, hunches and flashes of insight, and gives an unconscious, psychic flavor to her life; her hunches may be acted upon in practical ways. 5N last manifested on May 31, 2003 @ 9Gem19, and conjoined and triggered her Mercury/Mars conjunction.

When Jupiter is apex of a YOD pattern, faith is put in things that are workable--another sign of her practicality. Apex Jupiter in a YOD is a broadcaster who is given opportunities to take part in larger social issues; too much attention may be paid to unessential details. Prof. Warren is subject to twists of fate which provide her with opportunities which may be used benevolently and unselfishly for the greater good of society. A long-held ideology or formerly held belief may have to be abandoned in order to continue in the new direction once the YOD is activated.

Now I don't know if she's already given up former beliefs to do what she does now or if she will do so if victorious in her run for Senate. Hopefully, senatorial service within the system won't change her progressive views overmuch though we know that Capitol Hill tends to favor its cushy status quo conditions and perks.

A caution with Jupiter apex in a YOD pattern is that of indulging in self-aggrandizement (yet this seems to be a requirement of joining the US Senate!)

Born during a Balsamic Sun-Moon phase, even more prophetic talent is indicated; this phase denotes that she tends to come onto a scene and take over responsibilities when another is unable carry on.

There's another midpoint picture which remained in effect for the 24-hour period and relates to glamorizing and to economic issues such as fraud, deception, and inflation because it involves veiling Neptune...

Neptune/NN = Venus (19Can): misconceptions about other people's relationships or associations; vagueness about emotional values; suspicion.

Natal Venus in workaholic Virgo is oriental (last planet to rise before the Sun rises) so her work with finances and things of value is shown.

Neptune/NN itself may expect more than is possible from a community or group of people--in a word, disappointment. It also relates to publicity and one's image projected upon the screen of other people's imaginations (Neptune = media, the masses; NN = contacts with the public)--and to scandals which I hope won't be a part of Warren's senatorial campaign.

From Stars Over Washington, I'm wishing Elizabeth Warren a very good and clear outcome with her senate run! We can definitely use her original thinking and progressive ideas for improving conditions in our struggling America.

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