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Dec 25, 2013

"Signs of the Times" (Max Igan video)

Christmas Day 2013: please pass on "Signs of the Times"--it's a recent Max Igan video (actually a gift!) for those who are awake or awakening and have moved beyond the false reality that's been spun to ensnare us into perpetual debt and slavery:

And, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


Update 12/29/13: as you see, the video above seems to be having trouble loading and displaying. I'm leaving it here for now in hopes that mysterious tech things will be sorted out soon. jc

Original post proceeds here:

ps: in addition, here's a 3-minute ditty explaining who runs the world via three city states with corporate executives who act as laws unto themselves--the Vatican (spiritually), the City of London (financially), and the District of Columbia (militarily). You'll note that 'The Crown' mentioned in the Max Igan presentation, above, is spotlighted as well and, of course, you've seen US presidents traipsing to Rome to kiss the the Pope's golden Ring plenty of times.

Apparently, President Obama has not lip-locked a smooch upon the Fisherman's Ring of Pope Francis as of yet:

It may seem weird but the Vatican has All of us bowing and scraping in one way or another, even if it's unconsciously done. For examples, I think of Protestants revering today--Christ's Mass--and of the Seventh Day's solemnity allegedly switched to Sunday, the day of the Sun (ego) and the first day of the week as opposed to Sabbath, the Day of Saturn, and the Seventh Day (as found in the Fourth Commandment). You may disagree on these points, of course. But there it is.

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