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Jan 9, 2014

"The Power of an Idea"-- Max Igan video

"Rulers Are Just People": Maxwell Igan on The Power of an Idea:

As Astrology describes it, an idea (Uranus) needs a physical container (Saturn) in order to manifest upon the earthly plane. People born when the two planets are not in major (or at least, minor) aspect to one another have a difficult time bringing their ideas and plans into reality, the realm of Saturn. This is what I always think of when such a topic is discussed, as it is here, by Max Igan who provides us with good advice as always.

And in Political (Mundane) Astrology? The Saturn-Uranus midpoint relates to legislative and executive bodies, control of dissidents, sudden indifference to traditional *mores or laws, counterrevolutionary rule, and/or the balancing of conservatives (Saturn) and progressives (Uranus), among other things.

Obviously, that last relates to the ongoing stalemate in Washington DC between The Establishment that prefers the status quo and Uranian Utopians and other political radicals who don't necessarily have any respect for tradition, or for senior actors who may hold more mature attitudes.

In such a sense, we can probably consider America's Founding Fathers as previously denoted in horoscopes by rebellious Uranus (freedom and independence), but these days are represented in most realms by older, wiser Saturn!

Another way to say it is that their then-future has in the present become our past. How would you say it?


*I know I don't need to add this note for you, dear reader, but I've noticed a lamentable lack of correct pronunciation by our younger political pundits, newscasters, and interviewees on TV: in the context of morals and ethics, the word 'more' is pronounced mor ray', not 'more'! :) And while I'm at it, the word is spelled 'definitely', not 'definately'. Okay, I'll hush for now, jc

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey; also available in Kindle format.

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