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Nov 5, 2015

Eclipsed! Now We See America's Endless War Economy

If it weren't tragic it would be amusing how there is so much dancing around the facts by Obama administration officials and staffers concerning the re-deployment of US troops to war in the Middle East so why not Tell Us Why We're at War Again in Iraq, Mr. President?

These days, many Americans can see through the veils and propaganda to the plain truth--that the so-called 'Great Plan' for religions and races to wipe out one another has been the goal all along whether anyone calls it 'Armageddon', World War Three, or a 'clash of civilizations' whose time has simply come--not engineered at all. Don't look at us, says the White House, the CIA, NATO, the UN, the CFR, theocrats, satanic occultists, secret societies, supranational bankers, etc etc.

What many people now see is that the power elites' New-World-Order-Out-of-Chaos agenda is at stake and proceeding along and that such a draconian globalist goal makes its operatives and agents say anything--any lie or half truth--and do anything--any crime or malfeasance--to make certain they create chaos and 'win at any cost.'

Here are three related articles on these topics:

One of the more misguided among the devilish class was Albert Pike, a Confederate General and arch conspirator whose statue remains standing near Capitol Hill in Washington DC, for some unknown reason. A Scottish Rite Mason. Freaky.

Remember Secretary of State John Kerry's confirmation hearing in 2013 when he gave a major shout-out to a New World Order? (Video shown. He can't deny it.)

Oh and Roman Catholic Popes have quite a history of calling for a New World Order like an echo out of Hades.

An excellent presentation is Max Igan's Mind Control and the Power of Suggestion (a video-audio broadcast) from his Surviving the Matrix series and please visit The Crowhouse website for more.

A Full Circle Summation via a Certain Solar Eclipse

Then last, but most definitely not least is Leuren Moret's encompassing article that begins with The Historical Roots of the New World Order and its Permanent War Economy and doesn't let up until the atom is split, our weather is manipulated, the environment contaminated, and a variety of crooks and villains are noted. It's a great read especially now that Bush 41 is again in the news because of Jon Meacham's new book Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush (pre-order), a biography of Jeb's father.

Wonder if Mr. Meacham mentions GHWB's Operation Desert Storm, a US-led "UN Coalition" invasion as what Bush Senior trumpeted as a "triumph of the "New World Order"?

Perhaps Mr. Meacham notes that Operation Desert Storm launched on January 16, 1991 but it's doubtful that he mentions that this occurred one day after a Solar Eclipse @25 Capricorn--conjunct transit Saturn which conjoined US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx), a transit relating to power, loss of control over large issues, and a need to manipulate current conditions as a result of past disappointing behaviors. What seems quite curious about this Solar Eclipse in relation to our NWO topics is that it falls into the 11 North Saros Series and repeated--guess when??? Oh take a wild guess. 11 North repeated 6 days after Inauguration 2009 on January 26, 2009 @6AQ (conjunct US natal South Node of past behavior) and therefore is permanently imprinted upon the entire presidency of Barack Obama. And so is the 'New World Order' agenda. You expected his presidency to be different?

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Jude Cowell said...

On June 19, 2020 ('Juneteenth') the statue of Albert Pike was finally dethroned from its place of honor if honor is the word - and burned.

Many news sources, including The Guardian, published reports and recorded the event.