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Sep 5, 2021

Upton Sinclair, his Eclipse, and the Democratic Party

Sunday September 5, 2021: Here's a link to a 5m-20s video with more historical details on the political career of author Upton Sinclair than I ever knew before: How Upton Sinclair and EPIC Swept the Democratic Primary 1934 involving Sinclair's run for the governorship of California! He was way ahead of all opponents in the race until Hollywood came out against him with what apparently was the very first 'attack ad' - a campaign tactic that we're overly accustomed to these days. But one result was that thanks to Sinclair's mass of supporters, California turned blue. Of course, now in 2021, Governor Newsom and Democrats are in peril in California and it reaches all the way to the US Senate.


In his natal horoscope (RR: A) set for September 20, 1878 9:00 am LMT Baltimore, Maryland, we can see Sinclair's practical Earth-Water Sun Virgo-Moon Cancer personality blend with its Mercury-Moon flavors. A socialist off and on, Upton Sinclair is known for a famous quote of his which I have added to SO'W posts more than once through the years:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?"

And as I've typed before, yes. It is. Because few if any of "the powers that think they be" (credit to activist Max Igan!) will ever willingly sacrifice any measure of their exalted positions over the masses after clawing their way to (what they consider to be) the top - or being born there. The earthly top, that is. Where things rust and pass away.

Now for one more thing: the Total Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of Upton Sinclair manifested on July 29, 1878 @6Leo33 in the 6 South Saros Series with themes of 'being forceful, taking power; manic energy; exerting huge efforts in group activities' (B. Brady). And as eclipse cycles would have it, a 6 South eclipse repeats on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio - and manifested @8Vir09 on August 31, 1932 as the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse. I do hope you feel forewarned!

Apr 2, 2020

The "Response to Covid-19" is a Plan for One World Government

April 2, 2020:

Stars Over Washington Has Always Been a Saturnian Endeavor

For years posts have appeared on SO'W concerning the 'new world order' and 'One World Government' and I believe that Max is correct--government response to the coronavirus catastrophe is The Plan to fully implement global authoritarian control. Evidence may be found within the use of the Hegelian Dialectic by which problems are created/engineered (ex: a highly contagious virus of mysterious origin) so that "solutions" (long-planned) can be forcefully induced with apparent justification.

And in at least one previous post I have asserted what many intuit to be true--that such a global "problem" would at some point (it's all about timing and preparation!) be engineered and presented so that the world populace in One Voice would plead, Oh please form a One World Government because old governments of the nation-state variety--shown now to be out of their depths--can no longer solve such a huge catastrophe (as a global pandemic). Of course, Globalism has been a basic part of The Plan so that all systems are dependent upon one another--like dominoes falling. And if such a cry is heard across the land, then my status as something of a Kassandra figure can be renounced!

So tragically, the time for warnings has ended, the signs and signals are evident. One World Government is here, folks, and ready to devour any remaining freedoms of The People.

Astrologically, you may find that much is revealed by eclipses which work through, and influence, historical and global events. Here's a post showing the DC Horoscope of the July 5, 2020 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which eclipses America's Sun @13Cancer (July 4, 1776: Sun = leader/s) for your consideration if you haven't already. Of course, for World Government to be successfully installed, America and the US government, our principles of freedom, and our traditional '3 branches' had to be sabotaged and undermined as completely as possible. We've watched with alarm as criminal Trump and his corrupt enablers have achieved this very thing. The lunar eclipse post also contains links to the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse of 'traumatic transformation' under which the world now suffers, plus, other links of interest intended for the daring reader. Then there's the upcoming Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse conjunct a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation (00Cancer) with themes we're already experiencing: restraint, restriction, separation, illusions, misjudgments, and blockages (Brady) so expect more of such on into 2021. By summer 2021 my fervent hope is that some measure of relief may be felt and we must ready ourselves for 2022 when US Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn returns to its 1776 degree - exact three times through 2022. Power-mad Pluto's de-structuring of government continues with regeneration to follow once the dust clears. For as you know, empires always fall - see Saturn-Pluto in the Roman Empire for more details.

Now regretfully I must add that this disturbing post containing a message from Max is one that should be shared as widely as possible for a broader view of what's occurring is owed to the American people and to other nations as well upon whom vast reforms are about to descend with 'Covid-19' as the plutocrats' justification. Yet because this post concerns dire subject matter, few if any on-topic readers' comments are expected but, as always, a share-if-you-dare would be much appreciated! For we must inform others while we are able. Seriously.

Do note, however, that all spam and ads are moderated and deleted so spammers should not waste their time. Oh! and a special shout-out is due to Hong Kong whose many visits of late are duly noted. jc

May Kassandra's Blessings be upon us all:

May 8, 2017

Is Trump Suffering From Dementia? Or Is He Just a Clueless Narcissist?

From a May 2, 2017 segment of his broadcast, Thom Hartmann discusses the mental state of Donald Trump and Mr. Trump's newfound idolatry of slave owner President Andrew Jackson (Bannon-inspired, I've heard):


And here's a recent post on a related topic The Attempt on Andrew Jackson's Life: Does Trump Know?

Now how about some inspiring news? From activist-broadcaster Max Igan: The Power Is In the Hands Of The People. If we demand it back, that is. #Resist

Jan 20, 2017

Trump Inaugural Address Full of Illuminati Hand Symbols

January 20, 2017 Trump Inaugural Address 12:00 pm est - 12:18 pm est

Those who watched today as President Donald J. Trump took the presidential Oath of Office then began his inaugural address couldn't miss his typical use of hand symbols such as the 'okay' sign which tends toward the positive in America, but holds very negative meanings in other countries. Now like most of my fellow Americans, I hope for best results for our nation and people in the years ahead under the Trump-Pence administration.

However, what secret beliefs and allegiances are held by Mr. Trump I do not know but his constant use of Freemasonry and Illuminati hand symbols when speaking provides this particular Child of the Revolution no comfort at all.

Recommended is a very interesting Related Video Presentation from Max Igan: Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, and Illusions.

Jul 13, 2016

Horoscope: US Moon Return on Election Day 2016

November 8, 2016: Synchronicity and Sadness

by Jude Cowell

Since basic notes are penned upon our November 8, 2016 Lunar Return horoscope (please enlarge to read), I'll simply add a few thoughts in the following text. This Return chart is based on America's July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA horoscope which many astrologers use as the US natal chart--the date, if not that precise moment.

On November 8, 2016 at 11:37:43 am EST, the critical degrees of 20Capricorn and 20Cancer are rising and setting which makes status quo authoritarian Saturn the chart-ruler. Saturn @15Sag 12 is in the 11th house of Groups and Associations and is within US natal 1st house having been plopped on our nation's Ascendant, crossing and recrossing, for some time during which we've seen Republican attempts to hold Hillary Clinton accountable. Some little effort has been made to hold Donald Trump accountable for his several financial irregularities as well, and of course, President Obama never completely escapes the moral high horse of the Republicans.

Yet Moon Return Saturn provides a bright note. See it, upper right on the chart for chart-ruler Saturn applies to a trine with Uranus in 3rd house, giving a lift to business and financial sectors, and possibly affecting student loans or other economic matters. (My nag in the race is eternally the American people, oppressed by a greedy ruling elite.)

Then there are the Democrats--those who fund them and those who tend to vote for them--who have also participated to varying degrees in the Hold Accountable Political Sweepstakes as transit Saturn has lurked about, ready to file lawsuits if they were deemed beneficial to the litigant. Tragically for the American people and our form of government, our degraded justice system has continued to perform in a less than stellar manner as our nation's formerly exalted-in-Libra Saturn now progressed and retrograde in betraying Scorpio can attest.

So is this a significant synchronicity we see with a US Lunar Return occurring on a very important Election Day? To me it seems so. Here the Moon (27AQ09) rises in the 1st house but only after contentious Mars, at a critical 29th degree, rises. Powerful, wealthy Pluto has just arisen @15Cap23, conjoined with the lovely fixed star, Vega, and a few hours earlier, the Sun arose with Vega (aka, Wega), a star with potentials for: luck in Politics, wealth through dealing with the government, but also fleeting fame and double dealing. Problems via mother also may apply (A. Louis).

And with Mars and Pluto (ruler and sub-ruler of Scorpio) rising, we have what may be a picture of force, violence, compulsion, war, and/or nuclear potential rising. The 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies may be involved since the Moon is ruler there with 20Cancer on the cusp and Twin stars Castor and Pollux spotlighted, the light and dark twins. Both stars denote creativity yet murder and other crimes and scandals are tucked away for future reference (via either the Clintons or Mr. Trump, if he's the GOP nom.)

Okay, there is much more to say about this curious horoscope with its synchronicity standing out like a you-know-what thumb but I won't just now--except for one question: is a Lunar Return on Election Day 2016 a symbol of the American people (Moon) re-turning to Hillary Clinton, also signified by the Moon (a woman)? The planets are in a Locomotive shape with political planet Jupiter in the lead and indicating a high-powered executive. The Scorpio Midheaven, Sun, and Mercury (just past Hillary's Mercury Return!) seem to whisper if not shout her name while wifely Juno (politics) @00Sag conjoins Hillary's natal Jupiter. Also @00Sag is the day's Sun-Saturn midpoint which hints at good fortune for an older person (Grandma Hillary?) and this pile-up spotlights the degree's Sabian Symbol: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Plus, Sun-Saturn links to karma and Mrs. Clinton apparently expects to garner the White House Oval Office for her past efforts towing the Global Government line (which must include the corporate coup, the TPP).

This militaristic word picture reminds me of Hillary Clinton as neocon with her warhawk-esque stance that the baton-passing on January 20, 2017 will give a nod to in Washington's quest for perpetual war and world domination. Was she anointed from the start to follow the 'new world order' script? In my opinion, yes, she was, and the overblown Political Theater which the Mainstream Media has pedaled 24/7 as "Campaign 2016" has done its best to disguise that very sad fact.

Now let's close with the one chart factor that may override all the others and 'run away with the chart' and the day's big event: Mars at a critical 29th degree is unaspected. Is this Donald Trump going it alone to the White House? Perhaps, or does Mars represent former President Bill Clinton who will be the very first First Gentleman we've ever had in the White House? It may even be the temperament of Hillary Clinton which the latest tell-all book says was explosive and nasty in her days as First Lady. Well, I'll add here what I understand about an unaspected Mars and let you decide his or her identity--or identities:

When Mars, the planet of motivation, energy, and action is not aspecting other planets (actors) in a chart it is able to express its traits in an undiluted, unrestrained fashion since limitations from other planets are nonexistent. This is a first-house Mars rising which emphasizes its Aries nature and its aggressive warrior tendencies. Here, Mars rules the 3rd house of Communications and the 10th house of Career and Public Status so these departments are where his unrestrained, boundless energies will express most visibly.

An unaspected Mars tends to be self-centered which may be seen as he acts in his own self-interest (this describes most politicians in general!). He prefers to be in constant motion, always on-the-go, or, he may operate in fits and spurts. A lack of compromise may also be evident along with an independent mindset that is compulsively one-pointed in its focus. Although components in his psyche are missing, boundless enthusiasm may be noted though the negative Martian traits such as aggression, anger, violence, a me-first attitude, and foolhardiness (where angels fear to tread, etc) are unmodulated by planetary influences for he listens very seldom to others and disdains advice. Bad tempered may be a mild description depending on how often things go his (or her) way.

Then if we add a Martican 'never admits to his mistakes' we can envision Hillary's fly in the ointment as Mr. Trump playing the spoiler role as the unaspected Mars who runs away with the Oval Office on November 8th. Plus, there's Mars' Sabian Symbol for '30Cap': "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs"...'EXECUTIVE POWER' (Rudhyar), a picture which speaks of an 'occult hierarchy' and a 'supreme Council of quasi-divine Beings.'

Hmm. That sounds like those who select presidents--those often described by Max Igan as, "the powers that think they be."

But then there is the feminine influence on US Presidential Elections of the 8-year Venus Cycle...


For more info on unaspected planets, see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

May 18, 2016

The Ways in Which We're All Living the "Truman Show" - video

Thom Hartmann has a few questions concerning The Truman Show sort of lives we've been taught to lead which reminds me of the many 'false reality' mentions in posts here on Stars Over Washington, plus, several of the broadcasts posted here and presented by Max Igan who has attempted to awaken We the Snoozers to reality.

Add the truth-tackling September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse with its realism themes of 'coming down to earth' and 'seeing an old situation for what it really is rather than what you thought it was' (in time to affect Election Day 2016 and Inauguration 2017) and it's plain to see that our nappy time is over. Unfortunately, the September eclipse also contains vibes of financial concerns along with the Shemitah prophecy of judgment upon America, the government of which led its people astray via lies, fraud, and ensnarement within a false reality:

Tap or click for an excerpt from a recommended Max Igan broadcast: Lies You Have Been Told! Wake Up! (with the awakener-dreamer pair, Uranus-Neptune, added).

Jan 30, 2016

2016: a Solar Eclipse and a Message from Peru - audio

Here is a timely message from the jungles of Peru delivered by Max Igan who shares with us the need that we wake up and see the system for what it really is. This message resonates perfectly with the 19 North Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 @9Virgo with its themes of realism, coming down to earth and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is, not what we thought (or were told!) it was. So from mid-August 2016 until at least the next Solar Eclipse (February 26, 2017), this will be an excellent time for tackling the truth (though for early responders to cosmic messages it can be from now until February 2017!)

And I'm certain that you're noticed the fact vs fiction quality of Campaign 2016 between the various candidates with Senator Bernie Sanders and corporate mogul Donald Trump drawing the largest crowds who come to hear their messages. Well, when it comes to hearing truth and seeing things the way they really are, I admit to favoring Bernie Sanders' messages for he has called out the greedy billionaire corporatists-oligarchs-plutocrats regularly and named them as the society-crashers, saboteurs, and gold-hoarders (my words) they truly are: Pluto's plutocrats.

Ignore the Plutocrats' Divide-and-Conquer Tactic Meant to Weaken We the People!

As you know, 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for a *Political Revolution in America and if you agree that we as a nation and a society cannot go on like this, perhaps you may take 57 minutes to listen to the following supportive message from Max Igan, episode 248 of Surviving the Matrix...The Revolution Is Now.

Unfortunately, the Max Igan video is no longer available on YouTube so it's been deleted here. You may locate it on Max's Crowhouse website.


*After all, the American Revolution was a Political Revolution so it's in our DNA which on one level can be seen astrologically for those who favor use of late afternoon horoscopes for America's natal chart (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA). I've tried the various 'birth times' but have returned to using 5:09 pm LMT when the Aries Point crossed the IC, and this is where political, ideological Jupiter and radical, rebellious Uranus conjoined on June 8, 2010 (00Ari18), a World Point of Manifestation, Prominence, and Recognition. This denotes a global awakening (ex: Egypt!) - now if only We the People can stay awake and pay attention long enough to become active and respond to the real world threats that surround us and undermine our very freedom.

Please note that Solar Eclipse themes (19 North) are paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology. 19 North's initial manifestation occurred on July 5, 1331 @20Cancer, a critical or dangerous degree. Therefore, the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer is the security-minded lens through which we may view the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo. Both signs are intimately associated with the founding of this nation and the architecture, symbols, and ritual ceremonies of "the Federal City," Washington DC.

A look ahead: The Great American Eclipse of August 2017 (horoscope shown), plus, a few similar topics for the curious.

Dec 3, 2015

The 'X' Zone Radio Show w Rob McConnell - Guest: Leo Lyon Zagami - audio

Since the creation of Stars Over Washington ten years ago we have discussed such topics as the 'new world order', the push toward global government, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati. Here Rob McConnell interviews once again Leo Lyon Zagami on such topics:

Related are two broadcasts by Max Igan: Rebalancing the Matrix and Illuminati Mind Control, Spells, and Illusions.

And here is a modern natal horoscope of the New World Order based on the third of three Great Conjunctions in 1993 of Illuminati planets, Uranus and Neptune, @18Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. Tragically, as transiting Pluto, planet of the Underworld, assassination, sabotage, and death, moves even closer to an exact conjunction with the 'NWO' degree of 18Cap, we will--and already are--seeing and experiencing an increased number of acts of violence, catastrophes, and disasters in and against the Collective--some events finagled by the power elite, some perpetrated by 'lone wolves' and 'domestic terrorists' with serious mental and emotional problems. And yet are some of the perpetrators fighting against the 'new world order' -- or for it?

Oct 3, 2015

October 13, 2015: The First Democratic Primary Debate Astro-Notes

Tuesday October 13: CNN Sponsors the 2016 Democratic Primary Debate

by Jude Cowell

To save you the mild angst of clicking or tapping in the SO'W sidebar, here is a handy link to the Campaign 2016 Democratic Debate page with a list of the Democratic Primary Debates Schedule such as it is known for now. Only the first of the six debates includes the names of the invited candidates and they are: Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley, Webb, and Chafee. It has been announced that VP Joe Biden will not participate in the first debate. No promises on the remaining debates for the gaffe-prone CFR-Bilderberg vice president and self-avowed Zionist.

Edit Oct 15: recommended for coverage of issues is The District Sentinel.

Now if you're familiar with astrological principles (as I suspect you are), it is a maxim that how things begin is how they will end so we may wish to consider the astrological conditions in effect at (9:00 pm ET; 8:00 pm CT) 6:00 pm PT on October 13, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover the blend of the earthly and cosmic atmospheres during this political event. As above, So below therefore we'll consider how things will proceed based on the chart-ruler's applying aspects, if any. Planets are the actors and in this case, politicians are the main actors on the world stage as they each attempt to impress the public and convince their supporters and the DNC that theirs is the winning presidential bid to vie successfully against whichever Republican candidate makes a run for the White House in November 2016. Who can sway the public most effectively? Well first, let's consider the ringmaster of the evening.

Astro-Notes: Moderator Anderson Cooper

Debate moderator Anderson Cooper has an interesting natal chart if you care to take a look and its Rodden Rating is B (source: bio/autobiography.) With his Mars @15Lib25 and Ascendant @19Lib04 precisely setting on the Descendant of the 6:00 pm PT debate chart (19Lib07) a close angular contact seems quite pertinent. Cooper's natal Moon @23Ari26 rises in the debate chart, good for publicity and favor, and his natal chart has recently experienced eclipse contacts of note which bode well for important events and conditions and indicate a busy year for him: the Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 precisely conjoined his natal Chiron @29Pis27 (conjunct the Aries Point of Fame, Fortune, Prominence, and Recognition), and the current Solar Eclipse @20Vir10 (September 13, 2015 with its themes of a high stress level and an overtaxing of strength) now sits upon his natal Uranus (20Vir17)--this is new or novel (Uranus) work (Virgo) for him. And we know that having natal Uranus in Mercury-ruled Virgo gives him good intellect and reformist tendencies but can also supply tactless frankness and misplaced criticism! (Ebertin.)

And so with October 13's transit Uranus @18Ari25 Rx rising at 6:00 pm PT in Las Vegas, we may expect Mr. Cooper to cope well with the debaters and with any unexpected occurrences that may crop up (Uranus rising) especially considering the disruptive tendencies of quirky Uranus on hand. However, his own Uranus degree and the current eclipse degree 20Vir10/17 are near a difficult star Denebola (to go against society, or, going against the mainstream) so it will be interesting to see if Anderson Cooper partakes of or receives this energy in some way especially since Denebola's "mainstream" reminds us of the "mainstream media" in which he plays a role. Will the proceedings be done differently?

As for the 1st Debate chart itself, the tiresomely ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto is angular because not only is Uranus rising, but power manipulator Pluto (13Cap03) conjoins the chart's and debate's Midheaven (MC), the WHY? Point of Aspirations and Goals. One of Pluto's roles when in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) is the dictator but I shall allow you to decide what the candidates desire as they make a bid for the Democratic nomination and the coveted Oval Office. If either of us make it through the evening's debate perhaps we'll hear a pitch for or against a foreign dictator, or from Bernie, a riff against wealthy plutocrats who gain by exploiting the masses. Plus, some of psychological Pluto's prime propaganda may be a goal of the night's agenda compliments of publishing moguls or corporate titans.

Now it's true that no planet in Cancer opposes debate Pluto except for US natal Sun (POTUS), however, the hidden IC's Sabian Symbol is "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" (12Cancer) which I've always considered an important symbol in US Politics--and also in US Finances. As you know, the IC is the Foundation or Basis of the Matter and denotes The Drain which suggests currency manipulation, trade deficits, and other thorny monetary issues.

Saturn Square Neptune: the Ill, the Elderly, the Weak, and the Poor

We may expect the Saturn-Neptune square to receive notice as working classes, social programs and possibly their funding, a living wage, and other societal ills are brought up for whatever discussion is allowed. Another monetary hint is restrictive Saturn @2Sag12 in the 8th house of Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, Shared Resources, and Corporatism and I suspect we all know that America was long ago sold out to the highest bidder/s such as creditor China. And in Mundane Astrology, karmicSaturn can represent those with seniority and authority but also lawmakers, judges, lawyers, managers, and in Sagittarius may also denote emigrants, philosophers, and/or religiously motivated individuals. Actually, there are reasons this 8th house Saturn may on one level signify VP Biden but I won't go into the details just now.

Instead, let's discuss the chart-ruler's applying aspect and with Aries rising (at the Exaltation of the Sun degree, 19), Mars rules the chart and the debate and also rules the 8th house via its 24Sco26 cusp (okay--along with wealthy Pluto at MC.) Mars makes two closely applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects in the October 13 debate chart. First he (and I'm calling Mars for Bernie Sanders!) trines Pluto (1A16) indicating that actor Mars will be able to exercise all the control he needs as long as he uses this power subtly and with incisive accuracy. Intense energy surrounds Mars in this debate and if the trine energy is used wisely, a high level of success may be his. Other factors and actors may interfere, of course, but a Mars-Pluto trine is a very beneficial aspect between these two dynamic planets.

However, America's perpetual warmongering (Mars-Pluto) is a potential debate topic (as it should be) but the debate should turn out quite well for Mars posited in studious, detail-oriented Virgo and ruled by Mercury in Libra which is in mutual reception with Venus @4Vir31, ruler of fair minded Libra, sign of diplomacy and justice.

The other applying aspect of Mars is a conjunction (1A39) with Jupiter, planet of the politician, banker, guru, priest, and the General. Mars conjoining Jupiter describes one who has an exaggerated or expanded part to play in the proceedings so we may expect a male (Mars) to come forward during the debate (whether that's Senator Sanders or not) and meet with good fortune (Jupiter).

As for the house of Politics, Karma (reaping what was sown), Self-Undoing, and Secret Enemies (the 12th h) we have the rising Uranus (apex of a Fist of God or Thor's Hammer pattern with the restrictive square between Venus and Saturn (money issues concerning law enforcement?) at its base. This trio denotes someone using their charm but there are also potentials for rebellion, resentment, and separation. We also have deceptive Neptune Rx in its own shady sign of oceanic Pisces--curiously, a sign of war--and priestly Chiron at a critical degree (17 Pisces) and retrograde. 12th house is where backroom deals are made and Neptune is traveling in tandem with asteroid Circe (where we seek rescue).

A second planetary pattern is a T-Square between a Venus-Neptune opposition (visionaries and dreamers) pointing toward that restrictive 8th house Saturn and we find that someone is coming down to earth, exhibiting frigidity, and/or using an effective delusion. The trio brings in an interesting picture according to Michael Munkasey in his midpoint book...see what you think:

Venus-Neptune = Saturn: creating circumstances that appear to mirror reality which for me describes closely the false reality or matrix We the People (and the populations of the world) are ensnared within as *Max Igan has so often alerted us to! And of course, it also relates to the falsity of television and the appearance that American voters actually have a choice of candidates to choose from.

Because to paraphrase Josef Stalin concerning all elections including ours in November 2016, It's not the vote that counts, it's who counts the votes. How very sad but oh so true.

Yet in spite of it all, Venus may take all the chips in the game for what do you know! There's lady Venus @4Vir31 just entered the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits--and she's taking over the whole shebang as the lead planet of a Locomotive planetary pattern! This leading Venus must signify Hillary Clinton and her lead in the polls, don't you agree? For as leading engine of the Democrats' debate choo choo train, she's in a high powered executive position and is determined to solve a problem and/or complete an important task.

So as a Child of the Revolution (30 Cancer), I can only hope and pray for the sake of America's future generations that she isn't focused like a laser on one of those lousy 'new world order' tasks that suck so mightily.

*The Max Igan link leads you to one of his Surviving the Matrix video series in 4 parts: Finding Your Path Through the False Reality which comes highly recommended if you haven't watched it. Also check out The Crowhouse website for more broadcasts and interviews when you can. jc