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Aug 6, 2017

A Message for Stars Over Washington Readers: currently yours truly is recuperating from surgery and will return soon. Please keep an eye on Washington for me, ok?

Update August 23, 2017: now home from surgery and rehab, lots of effort lies ahead until I'm tip top, probably until November or early December. Until then, I'll be posting here lightly concerning as much Washington DC politics and Trump antics as I can manage--that is, if Chrome code and other tech changes can be successfully navigated or Stars Over Washington (12 years old in October!) ends up sabotaged and discarded by Google.

My warmest thanks go to all SO'W readers for continued support and for Sharing posts which for now remain timely!

Jude Cowell

ps: My general astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology will also be updated but less frequently since my typing time must be briefer than usual as I recuperate. Jupiterian-Uranian Donald Trump (Jupiter-Uranus = political conflict; Ebertin), now moving into exact opposition) keeps us all busy, doesn't he? But of course creating distraction and chaos is one of his and his secret backers' primary goals, and the way Trump habitually operates, isn't it? jc

Aug 26, 2017 Update: recovery is going well. Look very soon for a new post written by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes who is helping me out here at SO'W while I'm out of commission. Thanks a bunch, Kevin!

And in light of currently retrograde Mercury exalted in its own sign of Virgo (though backing into Leo and conjoining royal star Regulus, Direct Sept 5 and hitting the August 21 Solar Eclipse degree, here's a piece I wrote for Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker way back in the olden days of September 2009: Unruly Tricksters of the 12th House--featuring guess-who?

Jun 20, 2017

Why We Are Seeing So Much Chaos in the World - Max Igan

June 16, 2017 American Voice Radio: Max Igan's Surviving the Matrix episode 297:

Visit The Crowhouse and consider supporting the independent work of Max Igan.

Nov 5, 2015

Eclipsed! Now We See America's Endless War Economy

If it weren't tragic it would be amusing how there is so much dancing around the facts by Obama administration officials and staffers concerning the re-deployment of US troops to war in the Middle East so why not Tell Us Why We're at War Again in Iraq, Mr. President?

These days, many Americans can see through the veils and propaganda to the plain truth--that the so-called 'Great Plan' for religions and races to wipe out one another has been the goal all along whether anyone calls it 'Armageddon', World War Three, or a 'clash of civilizations' whose time has simply come--not engineered at all. Don't look at us, says the White House, the CIA, NATO, the UN, the CFR, theocrats, satanic occultists, secret societies, supranational bankers, etc etc.

What many people now see is that the power elites' New-World-Order-Out-of-Chaos agenda is at stake and proceeding along and that such a draconian globalist goal makes its operatives and agents say anything--any lie or half truth--and do anything--any crime or malfeasance--to make certain they create chaos and 'win at any cost.'

Here are three related articles on these topics:

One of the more misguided among the devilish class was Albert Pike, a Confederate General and arch conspirator whose statue remains standing near Capitol Hill in Washington DC, for some unknown reason. A Scottish Rite Mason. Freaky.

Remember Secretary of State John Kerry's confirmation hearing in 2013 when he gave a major shout-out to a New World Order? (Video shown. He can't deny it.)

Oh and Roman Catholic Popes have quite a history of calling for a New World Order like an echo out of Hades.

An excellent presentation is Max Igan's Mind Control and the Power of Suggestion (a video-audio broadcast) from his Surviving the Matrix series and please visit The Crowhouse website for more.

A Full Circle Summation via a Certain Solar Eclipse

Then last, but most definitely not least is Leuren Moret's encompassing article that begins with The Historical Roots of the New World Order and its Permanent War Economy and doesn't let up until the atom is split, our weather is manipulated, the environment contaminated, and a variety of crooks and villains are noted. It's a great read especially now that Bush 41 is again in the news because of Jon Meacham's new book Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush (pre-order), a biography of Jeb's father.

Wonder if Mr. Meacham mentions GHWB's Operation Desert Storm, a US-led "UN Coalition" invasion as what Bush Senior trumpeted as a "triumph of the "New World Order"?

Perhaps Mr. Meacham notes that Operation Desert Storm launched on January 16, 1991 but it's doubtful that he mentions that this occurred one day after a Solar Eclipse @25 Capricorn--conjunct transit Saturn which conjoined US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx), a transit relating to power, loss of control over large issues, and a need to manipulate current conditions as a result of past disappointing behaviors. What seems quite curious about this Solar Eclipse in relation to our NWO topics is that it falls into the 11 North Saros Series and repeated--guess when??? Oh take a wild guess. 11 North repeated 6 days after Inauguration 2009 on January 26, 2009 @6AQ (conjunct US natal South Node of past behavior) and therefore is permanently imprinted upon the entire presidency of Barack Obama. And so is the 'New World Order' agenda. You expected his presidency to be different?

Oct 21, 2015

Caller: VP Biden, Republicans ARE the Enemy! - clip (plus a grump)

A 'go along get along guy' is not the lackadaisical way that yours truly would describe VP Joe Biden's attitude as discussed in the following clip from the Thom Hartmann Show.

*Unforgivingly, I'd use terms involving the Big Picture 'Chess Game' played by imperialist global government operatives, a game or 'great plan' which is often referred to as a 'new world (economic) order' and total control grid being implemented by groups such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the supranational banking system, and other cabals, councils, and societies both secret and invisible which work toward a common goal. Any politician can afford to be graciously inclusive when he's part of the R vs D ruse, a convenient scam used to keep the American people divided and weakened since he (or she) was read in to the mission years ago and supports the Big Picture.

But of course, everyone likes Joe Biden so my fuss is only Capricorn me--a dissenting American who became *fed up years ago with what they've 'done with the place', the idealistic land we like to call the United States of America, the nation that infiltrators have worked so diligently for years to undermine and hollow out our government and Constitution, and collapse our society into complete chaos as a model for the entire world. This way the engineered global collapse will be total and all those left standing will plead for a 'new world order' to be installed to allegedly 'solve' the chaotic conditions that surround us. Joe Biden has been in politics for what--40 years? What has he done to stop America's decline? For example, did the 'war on drugs' stop it or boost it?

Yes, it's the Marxist Hegelian Dialectic being used against humanity to manipulate and force the Collective toward a predetermined outcome, aka, the Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis model. 1776 marked the beginning of a new world order which peaked with the Bretton Woods Agreement but now 'the powers that think they be' want a different global system that leaves behind what the power elite sees as the outdated concepts of democracy, freedom, independence, liberty, equality, and privacy. Outdated for the masses, that is.

Okay, I'll hush this grump for now amidst tonight's multiple media tributes to Just Joe Biden and immediately suggest a listen to Thom speaking with a caller to his show who makes a point that stood out to me as I listened to VP Biden's announcement of his non-run and which inspired my above grump:


Related: Astro-Notes on Joe Biden, and from 2011: Is the US Infected with the Hegelian Dialectic? Well, what do you think?

Jan 11, 2015

"Chaos is Manageable" - Max Igan (video)

Here's an excerpt from the latest Max Igan transmission on the topic of managing (Saturn) chaos (Uranus):

#SurvivingTheMatrix #thecrowhouse

May 14, 2011

Joining the NWO? See "IllumiCorp" the film (video)

This creepy video presentation mimics what an Illuminati initiate's introduction could be like if such a toady were inclined to join and carry the water for the New World Order's one-world-government agenda.

It explains methods of infiltration, demonstrates Illuminati hierarchy, and reveals how the world has been inundated with their propaganda of "inevitability" from all directions - from inside our societal institutions (Politics near the end of Part I, Media near the beginning of Part II, plus, Banking, Religion, Education, etc.)

No, this isn't at all easy to watch or consider yet its imaginary way of delivering information is worth checking out whether the fright factor is haunting or not. Actually the content riles me no end but I managed to get to the end of it.

Now if only the reptile-brained, bold-hearted casterds would slink away to their lusty dairs and leave fecent dolk alone. (That's code for They Su*k.)

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


Many thanks from SO'W to for the heads-up on this presentation.

And you know, the film's theme echoes a book I've just begun reading and which I recommend to you: Nicholas Hagger's The Syndicate: The Story of the Coming World Government which gives a behind-the-scenes look at such topics as above, which include the secret and undermining machinations through the centuries of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others too numerous to mention know: those who own governments and fund both sides of wars and revolutions.

Well, if you've visited this site before, perhaps you noticed a quote in the sidebar from Woodrow Wilson:

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

And (in a whisper, she typed) that "something" is most often called: Illuminati, a very Uranus/Neptune affair.

Apr 3, 2008

US economy: what would FDR do?

Stephanie Salter has an article concerning not just Washington DC's FDR Memorial but some of Roosevelt's policies, economic and otherwise.

What Would FDR DO? contains some of the quotations which are engraved in his Memorial in red granite and apply with lasered foresight to today's financial and other societal woes.

Why, it's almost as if he knew ahead of time...

On Jan 20, 2006 I published this: 1933 calling: Hello? also citing a little FDR in quotes such as this...but not this one:

"The structure of world peace cannot be the work of one man, or one party, or one nation. It must be a peace which rests on the cooperative effort of the whole world." Mar 1, 1945

As a lifelong American, one of the Flower Power Generation, this can still evoke in me what it always has--a warm fuzzy feeling about the longed-for unity of all humankind.

Except it's 2008, and I hear his words through a different lens--or perhaps a lens that has been polished into more clarity--FDR's bon mots are code words for the one world government--the New World Order--that we should be fearing, but are kept busy wondering instead where the next house payment is coming from.

(The lens has been polished by the rag of Bush, Clinton, and their like.)

It also is apparent in FDR's words that "one party" can't do it--is a signpost to our "illusory two-party system" which is actually one party in disguise--grinding down our defenses ("con vs lib"; oft-repeated propaganda eventuallly seeps in as truthiness), while rearranging the world to suit their interests both financially and socially, and using revolution and chaos to stir pots, if that's what it takes to perfect the witches' broth.

It Takes a Village, eh Hillary?

Jan 17, 2008

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: April 4, 1968

Never can I fully express the sadness and horror felt as I watched the TV news shouting out the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968--another one gone leaving America once again an assassination nation oppressed by unnamed murderers and political fanatics...the chaos creators.

One of my Gather friends, Andrew, has captured the times and feelings better than I ever could in his A Poem on the Anniversary of Dr. King's Birth which inspires me to publish the chart of Rev. King's assassination with his natal planets added by hand on the chart of April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN.

With my usual chickenscratch, you see I've run out of space around the outside of the chart, so I've listed King's natal placements coded in green.

Pink marks the Eclipse Series (6North) in which this murder took place, with asteroid, Icarus (assassination; flying too high; risk-taking) nearby and tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer/Christ archetype) at Aries Point (AP) of fame and prominence. Rev. King had become too prominent, too loved, and too listened to for the men in charge.

6N Series: relationship to authority/father figures and the need to take control; another's illness/unreliability brings commitments and responsibilities (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 6N last manifested April 19, 2004 and was the PE Series of the 2004 US presidential election. Um-hmm.

(Note: any reference made here to 'MLK' or 'King' is for the sake of blogging brevity and implies no disrespect for Reverend King for I have none.)

With America's natal Sun at MC, this mayhem was carried out on behalf of America's goals and objectives, pathetic and cruel as it was, and the US n Jupiter and Venus are piled up at the top of the chart as well. Cancer is a very self-protecting sign, as you know, and there was much at stake in 1968 - for war profiteering must go on, as we see ad nauseum.

The chart shows the Moon 2Can08 being oppressed by the cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Saturn/Pluto together = reactionaries; violent people; criminals and with Cupido conj Moon we have a vivid picture of the violence against Rev. King, his wife (Moon), and the American people (Moon in a national or event chart.)

And btw: the Pentagon's natal Mars (sniper/sharpshooter?) is conj the Moon, Saturn/Pluto, and Cupido. In a national chart, Mars represents the military, police, activists, etc.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; renunciation; a tragic destiny.

Asteroid, Cupido = The Family; crime syndicates; corporatism. Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy) 25gem34 in 9th house of philosophy along with the Mercury/Pluto midpoint = powerful persuasion...King's ability to sway the People. His speeches had become very inconvenient to the empire.

Sun 15Ari16, signifying Dr. King on the level of 'leader' is being inhibited by controlling Saturn (authority) which repressed his self-expression in the worst way possible--his death.

Sun may also represent the president of the nation repressing King's authority (Saturn)--it works in both directions as does everything in life and thus, in Astrology as it describes life.

Violent instigator, Mars (male, appr age 25--35) is conj tr Vertex (VX), a point of destined encounter. On this day in 1968, tr Mars/VX conjuncted Rev. King's natal Chiron 5Tau25 at the moment of his murder, with asteroid Arachne (network, including spying networks; web; entanglements) there as well.

Did US intell agencies hire criminals to perpetrate this unholy act against a preacher of the Word? (Anti-vertex in Scorpio.) Did the president or his Party have a satanic claw in it? The Sabian Symbol for the DESC degree, "11Ari" = "The president of the country"...I'm just sayin'...

Opposite the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is asteroid, Atlantis, one of the significators for America, keywords: abuse of power; feeling doomed.

Most people are aware now--if they weren't at the time--that King's plans to unite protestors for civil rights with protestors against the Vietnam War was a huge worry for the US government esp since the Civil Rights Act had been passed and Rev. King was more free to voice his longtime convictions against the war.

For then--as NOW--a wrong-acting government has everything to fear from such large numbers of the People, whom they supposedly represent, and in whose name they supposedly act. Rev. King represented a father figure who could--and would--unite the People for the common good and for right-acting that should be inspired from a higher plane than the Oval Office.

Rising at 6:01 pm CST in Memphis was the spiritual midpoint of Jupiter (the preacher) and Neptune (spirituality), a midpoint combo which has both positive and negative connotations...a mixture of both depending on motivations:

Pos: the grand spirit; idealism; religion; ESP; benevolence; humanitarianism; visualization; dreamers ("I have a dream," and "the mountaintop" speech of April 3); ability to shape things; mysticism; art, music.

Neg: speculators; wastrels and spendthrifts; hypocrites; ideals vs reality; gain without effort; scandals; losses; political conflicts.

Jup/Neptune = ASC: a visionary; speculaton; sharing great hopes with others; living in an unreal world; living in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda.

This is an important part of the chart--the ASC is the WHAT? Point and so it equals the assassination itself--Dr. King's death. "An emotionally rationalized agenda" seems to me to be a must if you travel in the circles that assassinate well-loved leaders of the nation you're determined to control and persuade to accept your selfish ends.

As I type that statement, I'm reading the midpoint picture created by tr Uranus/Pluto (fresh from their mid-60s Conjunction which caused so many of my generation to take to the streets...the Uranus/Pluto duo = overturning the status quo; new perspectives; attainment of great goals through great effort; upsets and tension; revolution; collapse of the old order, building the new; the process of transformation)..and it's pointing to America's natal Neptune...

Uran/Pluto = Neptune: falsehoods, lies; fraud; the desire to harm others secretly; delving into supernatural realms; sympathy; unfulfilled wishes; fatigue.

This picture among generational (slower-moving) planets would have been a background influence of the day (not only on April 4, 1968) and would've affected many dimensions of life...and is one of the reasons I referred to America's 'wrong-acting' above.

Please click to enlarge the chart for a few more of my notes, for being fatigued myself, I shall close with the *Images for the Sun Aries/Moon Cancer blend for April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST:

The Salvation Army...A lightening storm at sea gives way to a peaceful, radiant dawn.

What Leo Strauss and Dick Cheney share

A previous post of 2006 on Leo Strauss includes Strauss and Cheney's shared personality blend and a link to an excellent article on Strauss who is considered to be the father of neoconservatism.

Paul Spit-Comber Wolfowitz studied under Strauss (who died in 1973--Wolfie is still with us) and Strauss has been ID'd as the "ghostly mastermind of current US foreign policy" in similar fashion to Rousseau's being blamed for the French Revolution.

I cannot recommend highly enough the above-linked essay by Edward Skidelsky if you've managed to miss it so far.

Simply click and you shall find--for Knowledge Is Power.