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Sep 2, 2023

Sept 6, 2023 Trump to Atlanta: a double Hades Affair

Hades-MC and Hades-North-Node: Underworld Crime

by Jude Cowell

UPDATE Sept 3, 2023: Word from the judge is that Trump and his co-defendants can simply enter their pleas without physically showing up in Atlanta on September 6th, therefore, Trump may or may not show up. Whether he does or not, the transits to his natal chart described below, remain operative.

Original post begins here:

Just a quick post tonight concerning September 6, 2023 9:30 am edt Atlanta, Georgia (inner chart) when and where underworld figure Donald Trump (outer chart) is ordered to turn up and is expected to plead Not Guilty to the racketeering and conspiracy charges brought by Fulton County DA Fani Willis who has the RICO Act on her agenda.

My study notes are penned on yet I trust you to find additional planetary contacts if and as you wish.

What stands out to me are: Mars to natal Neptune, Venus to natal Pluto, Neptune trine natal Venus and inconjunct natal Mars, Uranus sextile natal Saturn and conjunct his natal MC (changes to his reputation), and his natal Mercury at Midheaven ('MC'); brief details concerning these contacts are listed:

Oct 7, 2022

The GOP Wants Confederacy 1861 Back

But Nationwide This Time Around as They Try Try Again

by Jude Cowell

Earlier this week Thom Hartmann began his broadcast discussing what must be described as the Republican Party wanting to re-establish The Confederacy, those who are determined to take America back to the period of the 1830s-1860s when there was no democracy in The South, only top-down oligarchy, Thom says. And as you know, war broke out in April 1861, and it was brother against brother, child against parent, cousin against cousin. Even so, disease was the primary killer in this war.

So to my ears, when I hear Republicans say things like, "take our country back," this is a large part of what they mean along with taking over power and control of the US Congress, and in 2024, the presidency (tragically, they have a majority of the 'Supreme' Court already). But such potentials are precisely what the October 25, 2022 6 South Solar Eclipse themes suggest: 'being forceful, taking power; huge efforts in group activities' (paraphrasing B. Brady). I mention this once again because forewarned is forearmed, as you know, and a massive turn out of voters for democracy will be necessary at the November Midterms in order to rescue America from the clutches of totalitarians with fascist-nazi leanings - saboteurs who are 100% unAmerican.

And so, because Thom the Historian mentioned the 1830s-1860s period of US history, and knowing a little about Southernism as I do as a native of Georgia with CSA ancestors, I took a peek at all the Solar Eclipses of that era to see if a power-grabbing 6 South Eclipse manifested therein. And I found it.

Shown below are dual charts of two 6 South Solar Eclipses, both Total: lower left = July 18, 1860 @26Can05 conjunct Venus Rx, and upper right = October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio - again conjunct Venus, but this time she's Direct in big-business Scorpio, a sign that can have issues with betrayal. And since the October 6 South is the 'Prenatal' Solar Eclipse ('PE') of our 2022 Midterms, its themes add extra significance to our country's future direction (even non-astrologers are admitting this about Midterms 2022) - and cosmically enough, the 1860 Eclipse (26Can05) lands upon the Midheaven (26:54) of the 2022 Eclipse Horoscope which is the Goal Point of the October 2022 chart when set for Washington DC. Therefore, forcefully grabbing power is the point.

Additionally, the 27Cancer Eclipse opposes US 1776 Pluto (wealthy, stealthy 'Mr. Hades' of the Underworld in process of returning to his 1776 degree, three times in 2022, with exploitation and primal violence in tow). This opposition to the eclipse suggests a reversion to animalism (aka, violence) while value$ planet Venus conjuncts both Eclipses and denotes materialism unless fairplay is the motivation.

Then in the 1860 Horoscope, Mars Rx is out-of-bounds (up to who-knows-what: like insurrection?), leads a ruthless, success-at-all-costs Locomotive shape of the planets, and opposes the 1860 Eclipse which indicates resentment and tug-of-war conditions (R. Lineman):

Meanwhile, if we round-up the 1860 degree of warrior planet Mars to 25Capricorn (a sensitized degree area) we have: "An Oriental Rug Dealer." Crazily, this symbol could refer to a future Herr T since he's associated with the concept of 'the deal', has shady links to regions like Saudi Arabia (MBS), and sports chaotic planet Uranus in Mercurial, duplicitous Gemini, the orator and trader, as his 'oriental planet' (last to rise before his Gemini Sun = his guiding planet, in the visible 10th house of Career and Public Status). For as we all know, chaos is Donald's jam, along with his Mars rising belligerence and aggression. These traits are partially why in 2016 he was installed in the White House by enemies of America (and perhaps we can agree that NBC has much to answer for, thanks to the deceptive public image created about him in The Apprentice; he's the dark lord's apprentice, more like.)

And now that transit Pluto has hit 1860 Mars, US society is experiencing intense karma via warriors focused on an aggressive male figure (of an orange hue) and thinking they have a 'special mission' to accomplish. Their aggression and seditious behavior reveals to me, if not to you, that the "oath" some of the sore loser malcontents take is not to the US Constitution but to the Constitution of the Confederacy.

The GOP: Chaos-Disruption-Deception-Brutality-R-Us

Now looking again at the 1860 Eclipse Horoscope during the lead-up to the separative Civil War, we find rebellious anarchist and Utopian zealot Uranus @10Gem33 conjunct the Eclipse's Midheaven during a contentious period of time when US 1776 Uranus returned to natal degree (8Gem46/55) and Uranus is, as always, America's totem planet of upheaval, war, revolution, freedom and independence. (Note that the next US Uranus Return won't occur until 2027-2028.)

And with a measure of cosmic synchronicity, the 1860 Eclipse = The Goal of 2022 and this makes the 1860 Eclipse's rounded-up Sabian Symbol highly instructive in light of current events being driven by the control freak orange Uranian fanatic and his rabid thugs and zealous comrades who, on January 6, 2021, "stormed" the US Capitol building and the congress folk working inside; deaths occurred. And we know that the seditionists and saboteurs of America mean business and are not done yet:

'27Cancer' = "A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon", a symbol containing a negative potential for "fatuous enjoyment of turmoil" (M. E. Jones).

So! When did a 6 South Solar Eclipse occur in the 1930s era of fascism and hitlerism, you ask? On August 31, 1932 @8Virgo as what I tend to label the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse. And that, I'd have to say, qualifies as a brutal and furious storm of destruction that today's thuggish criminals, on-the-take politicians, and their corporate backers want to enforce upon America.

But hold on a minute! Their sinister plot failed in 1933 against FDR and, though corporate-backed and thus much better funded now, it must be made to fail again.

Feb 6, 2022

Nazi Book Burning May 10, 1933 and Joseph Goebbels

Not February 6th but August 25, 2022: An Update

by Jude Cowell

Although the first Nazi Book Burning occurred earlier in May 1933, below is an updated Horoscope of the more famous event that occurred on the night of May 10, 1933 in front of the State Opera House, Bebelplatz, Berlin, Germany. Approximately 30,000 books were set alight including those of Freud, Marx, Hemingway, plus, books on Science, Philosophy, and more. Head Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels spoke at midnight, then bonfires were set in Berlin by members of the German Student Union as well as in multiple university towns across Germany - a campaign of censorship against ideas which were 'contrary' to Nazi ideology.

Highlighted in green, you'll see that natal placements of Joseph Goebbels are all over the event chart! Rising is his natal Scorpio Sun along with his other Scorpio planets, his natal Ascendant @1Leo42 has just crossed Midheaven ('MC' = The Goal: he and his ego are on full display), and the North Node of public contact @4Pis34 points toward his hellish Hades. If you wish, check out Goebbels' AA-rated natal horoscope here.

Please note that this post is being edited on Thursday August 25, 2022 and the above May 10, 1933 Horoscope is now set more accurately for 11:59:59 pm CET Berlin - and, for the purposes of this post - the 1933 Book Burning Horoscope is no longer surrounded by the event's Saturn Return Horoscope (Feb 2, 2022) @16AQ09 as in the original version of this post, but the event's Saturn Return is listed at the top of the horoscope.

A few factors not penned on the chart include: Jupiter at Station Direct (turned Direct 12H 39 M prior @13Vir17:24), the Moon is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane ('OOBs'), the infamous 'Marseillaise Trio' of violence (Mars-Neptune-Jupiter) is there in 10th house, and the dynamic T-Square of Mars-NN = Moon also contains another midpoint picture of significance:

Neptune-NN = Moon: 'lack of community spirit; cessation of an inner understanding between people' (R. Ebertin), an anti-societal tactic which we may agree describes a splitting or division of society and which Nazi ideology must have in order to successfully force itself upon a population. And please note that the event's 7 North Prenatal Solar Eclipse @5Pis28 (4th house) is what I've previously labeled the 'Fascism Rising Eclipse' - and a 7 North eclipse repeats on April 20, 2023 @30Aries.

Jul 30, 2021

Demeter and Ceres grace the City of Washington DC

A drawing of Ceres and Pallas (Demeter and Persephone) by Jude Cowell

Nurturing Ceres/Demeter: the Corn Goddess of the District of Columbia

Friday July 30, 2021: For many Americans, current events transpiring within the District's city limits are head-scratchers now more than ever after four years of Tr*mp, so it seems to me that a study of the founding of Washington DC can gain the curious seeker a more complete understanding of DC's environs and the good and bad actors within, political and otherwise. If one has the time that is!

So although it's only one resource for such specialized study, within the pages of Alan Butler's Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets website lurk many intriguing factoids of a Freemasonic-Sacred Geometry nature concerning the esoteric founding of our nation's capital, the whys and the wherefores. Author Alan Butler published an accompanying book as well: City of the Goddess: the Freemasons, the Sacred Feminine, and the Secret Beneath the Seat of Power in Washington DC (2011) #ad.

Meanwhile, I'm quite certain that many dear readers of SO'W have previously checked into the Eleusinian Mysteries which is what the Mythology of Demeter, Persephone, and Hades (Pluto) are all about. (Rather creepily, America's first-ever Pluto Return/s will occur all through 2022.) So basically I'm saying that many or most of the Masonic founders of America and of Washington DC were of a pagan persuasion and, classically educated, were familiar with the Mysteries of ancient Greece. Then at some point in time, the religious rites at Eleusis had migrated to Rome where 'corn goddess' Demeter was called Ceres, and Persephone was known as Prosperpina. And as you know, the reunion of mother and daughter began the first spring and explained the archetypal concept of death and rebirth, a prominent theme in Freemasonry (and in Christianity but we're talking paganism) and one that no one born upon the Earth can escape. Even now, we can find Virgo and the sign's wheat sheafs of Ceres-Demeter represented in various images and Zodiacs all over the District. And significantly, the signing of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787 was a tribute to the pagan Demeter Mystery rites held annually in Greece on the 17th of September.

Thereby, the signing of the US Constitution can be said to represent the death of the US as a colony and its birth as an independent nation - or, as a symbol of the death of tyranny and the birth of liberty! So in our era we find our Constitution under siege by anti-democratic, unAmerican actors, both foreign and domestic, attempting with all their might to substitute tyranny in place of liberty - in America of all places.

What a rotten exchange that would be!

In closing, here's a word or two about Corn, the matrix of life:

"From the corn we learn to live, we learn the life that is ours. By grinding the corn we learn the footsteps of life." — Sharon Naranjo-Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo.

And for more info about such topics, there's a YouTube video (14m 35s) which may interest some readers: An Overview of the Eleusinian Mysteries (Terence McKenna). Plus, for a related SO'W post (although it may not seem to be!) check out Is Washington DC the 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says Yes!

Feb 9, 2021

February 11, 2021: New Moon @23AQ w Hades Rising

February 9, 2021 12:42 pm est: With Senate debate over Trump's second impeachment set to begin today at 1:00 pm est, there's no time to type a bunch of details concerning the Horoscope you see below. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes where you'll see that hellish Hades Rx @9Can07 rises along with America's 1776 Venus-Jupiter-Sun trio in Cancer, North Node @17Gem44 points toward Trump's natal Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, disruption, and rebellion, Venus @12AQ47 conjunct$ Jupiter in the corporate 8th house, deceptive Neptune @19Pis37 conjuncts MC (The Goal Point, highlighted in pink), and the New Moon (which can affect and redirect events much as a Solar Eclipse can do) is in the 9th house of Legal Affairs while forming midpoint pictures with two powerful planetary duos: Neptune-Pluto and Pluto-MC. See the center of the chart for a few of the midpoints' potentials and notice on the left this difficult picture - Mercury-Pluto = Saturn:

Oh and just as in Trump's natal chart, Pluto is unaspected and "overshadowed by shadows."

Nov 9, 2019

DC Horoscope: 1st Public Impeachment Inquiry

Image: A speculative '10:00 am' Horoscope for the 1st Public Impeachment Inquiry into Donald Trump scheduled for November 13, 2019, probably opening at 10:00 am est Capitol Building Washington DC. US diplomat to Ukraine William Taylor is expected to present a damning case against Donald Trump--and note that personal name asteroid Taylor @22Lib53 sits atop the Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point of the chart and of the inquiry. Also at MC are starry Arcturus and Spica (the spike), and in L'Enfant's original plan for the District of Columbia, Arcturus represents the White House while Spica is the Washington Monument, or, the presidency as archetypally modeled for us by George Washington.

Asteroids America (10th house), Columbia (5th house), and Washingtonia (7th house--conjunct US natal Mercury Rx @25Cancer) are penned inside the chart as well; opposite Washingtonia is Hopi (ambush or prejudice) conjunct US natal Pluto Rx (1st house). The chart's Vertex @10Leo, a point of fated encounters, points directly toward Trump's natal 12th house Pluto (10Leo02), his Underworld planet and part of his natal midpoint picture of which to be afraid--Mars-Saturn = Pluto: brutality; rage, fury; murder; death of many people -Ebertin). As you know that Trump has already caused tragedies for many. That's his creepy, subversive Pluto in egotistical Leo.

Just crossed the 10:00 am MC is Trump's natal trio in Libra: Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter. He of the speculative ventures, fraud, and grand schemes of bubbly proportions (aided by his natal Mercury-Neptune square of fantasies, lies, inability to learn, and confusion). He's having morbid thoughts now (Mercury-Neptune = Saturn @16Cap23 in 1st house).

Lower right is marked transiting Icarus (who flew too high) @24Scorpio39--conjunct Trump's natal IC of Endings (round up to "25Scorpio" = "An X-Ray"). What is an impeachment inquiry if not an x-ray, a scrutiny looking beneath surfaces? As you see in the 12th house, Trump's natal South-Node-Moon conjunction has already risen so his next natal planet to rise is his 10th house Uranus (17Gem53) all the way over in the 6th house of this chart (unmarked). His North Node, then natal Sun in perverse Gemini soon follow Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos. And notice that the transiting North Node @9Can16 (conjunct hellish Hades!) still points in the general direction of the current 3 North Solar Eclipse ('PE" marked in red) with its 'news that transforms a situation'/'large plans are wanted--but don't get carried away' vibes (Brady), news that the first and other inquiries are certain to provide.

Now sprinkled around the outside of the horoscope, highlighted in blue, are a few of Trump's natal placements (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY), plus, there's US natal Moon (We The People; the public) in 6th house with the Pluto-Chiron midpoint of Plutocracy @26AQ26 sitting atop it/us. I can feel the weight of plutocrats' boots on our backs, can't you?

Edit January 24, 2020: this month the Pluto-Chiron midpoint by transit has conjoined with America's natal Moon (We The People) in late Aquarius. Ouch. Exploitation and power abuse. Both perpetrated and experienced.

At 10:00 am "30 Sag" rises ("The Pope Blessing the Faithful"--and I'm sure he does) so let's not forget that a key player in Trump's so-called administration is pretend-AG Bill Barr, an ultra-right ideologue they say in league with Opus Dei. This gaggle of gangster kleptocrats surrounding Trump don't believe in democracy (asteroid of democracy, Ceres, is rising with passionate Eros, the piercing) so why are we allowing them to sabotage America? Besides, starry Acumen also rises with keywords: attacks which weaken and I sincerely hope that this and other political performances we're being 'treated' to these days bring a loosening of the grip around the necks of decent people the world over by global mob syndicates, networks of gangsters, bankers, corporatists, and other criminal elements banded together and now clawing and grasping for total control.

That my expectations for our nation's better future are very high, I know. But what better can a Child of the Revolution pray for?

Jun 1, 2019

Trump as Apollo, Hercules, Bacchus? Venus applauds!

Image: Bacchus; Peter Paul Reubens 1638/1640; public domain

By studying his natal horoscope, curious cosmic myths and mysteries turn up concerning Donald Trump who, if one is to believe, was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am edt in Queens, New York. Notice the royal reference of his place of birth and, if his hour of entering the earthly flux is accurate, also note that royal star Regulus, the "king maker" or "little king", rises with his natal Ascendant (@29Le55: Self; Physical Body) at the moment of his birth. Also rising is a 'godly' asteroid, Apollo, the ancient 'sun god' along with a certain midpoint associated with goddess (or god) worship, veneration, and idolatry, Venus-Neptune. Perhaps you've noticed that in his own perverted way, Trump worships the female form, craves its beauty. In fact, only young, beautiful women will do! But is his vain self-image detached from reality? In the outer world, yes, but not on an inner level for he sees himself as the handsome Apollo and a royal king, the divine ruler! And we witness his sun worship via the orange face and white circles around his peepers ad nauseum! So whether by spray tan or tanning bed, there slouches our orange-hued 'Apollo' for all to see and marvel upon, red tie pointing ominously downward!

Yet there are deeper mysteries and intrigues under the surface of this superficial Gemini (Uranus-North-Node-Sun) who desperately longs to be taken seriously and to have speaks with world leaders of the strongman variety for Trump considers himself a strongman, too. But as with all human beings he is weak and flawed yet we find clues to his essence by his Regulus rising with lusty Mars in royal Leo (26Leo46) and in the myths associated with the royal star that Roman poet Ovid called Bacchi Sidus, "Star of Bacchus" (the Roman name for Dionysus, who remains well-known for his popular cult following). Of course these days, Regulus-rising Trump enjoys a (dwindling) Twitter following but still reaps benefits from the usual 'cult of personality' made familiar to the American public since the hallowed days of the high-minded George Washington (with whom his nibs can never compare, imho; in fact, they're opposites).

Now everyone knows that the leonine Regulus (now progressed from Leo to 00Virgo) is associated with the Nemean Lion who kidnapped maidens and kept them as hostages in his lair deep within his cave. (This sounds much like the myth of cave-dweller Pluto, god of Hades, and perpetrator of murder, assassination--and rape.) The warriors from surrounding towns would attempt to rescue the damsels in distress but misfortune resulted and so the myth goes that Heracles (the Roman Hercules, the strongman) was given the task of killing the Nemean Lion which he did by breaking its back with his bare hands for the Lion was impervious to all weapons. Does this remind you of the myth of "Teflon Trump"? Apparently it should. And according to the Trumpian mythology of his nibs, he plays the roles of both the Lion and the strongman who conquers!

Now curiously, Bacchus is associated with Regulus, an intriguing connection when it comes to D. Trump. Follow the Dionysus link, above, for more mythological info but I'll include a few details of interest here so you might consider whether or not they apply to his nibs. Such as:

Bacchus is known as the god of fertility, ritual madness (delirium), freedom to do as one wills (as with the satanic Thelema cult "of the Crowned and Conquering Child"), the harvest (grapes in particular), theater (Trump the thespian plays POTUS on TV!), and wine--or in the case of fussy narcissist Donald Trump, whine. In some cultural references Bacchus is a sibling of Apollo, and as the god of epiphany, Bacchus is "the god that comes" and his "foreignness as an arriving outsider" is an essential part of his cult and his reputation.

So if we cast our fatigued minds back to the 2016 Election, we find the Venus Cycle and goddess Venus' 4-and-8-year predictive relationship with the US Presidential Election cycle. In 2016, "Venus in Sagittarius supports a change to someone 'different'", I wrote then--in other words, election Venus in Sagittarius in 2016 supported the coming of a foreigner, a member of the rival party, an "outsider" who would be victorious over the incumbent party. A Bacchus figure, we might say if we wished.

Now let's allow goddess Venus to lure us back to Trump's natal midpoint picture of Ascendant = Venus-Neptune. Ebertin says of the Venus-Neptune pair (in no particular order per Trump and with a few mild edits):

'an erotic imagination, illusion, a person easily influenced, a dreamy nature, high ideals (when it comes to feminine beauty, at least--jc), a mistaken sense of love, indecision, uncertainty, a seducible character, erotic aberrations, inclination to mysticism (ex: idol worship; the occult--jc), romantic reverie, a poorly developed sense of reality, weakened glandular functions, pathological enlargement of the glands, weakness of the sex organs, lover of beauty and art, mystics, dreamers, visionaries, longing for love, peculiar desires and objectives, an unstable existence and changing occupations, difficult realization of ideals and wishes, awakening from emotional infatuation with awareness of disappointment or disillusionment, wrong ways of love.'

Add Trump's Ascendant for more specific potentials: 'A peculiar disposition with regard to love life, impressionable, lack of good taste, a union with persons of a peculiar disposition, and/or disappointment in love'. (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin.)

Now let's consider the combined energies of the Venus-Neptune pair in the realms of Politics and Business a la Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets through his helpful inclusion of the Hegelian Dialect used by ivory-towered societal meddlers and chess players of the world for whom we are only the pawns:

"Thesis: Appeals to the ideals of the people; an inflated treasury; use of inflation as a means for controlling or manipulating growth; wealth derived from gas, chemicals, or oil; exaggerates or misstates internal resources.

Antithesis: Scandals concerning the misuse of, or deceptive practices within, the treasury or internal resources; subversives who desire to gain access to finances; spies in the financial branches; monetary fraud; art deception." For Trump I would add, artful deception.

And Munkasey's Venus-Neptune potentials conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant?

"An appreciation of how reality can be altered for your own enjoyment; indulging in another's fantasy for personal gratification; perceptions about the illusions of how matter or form combine in the world."

And so it seems obvious to me that Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square, a major fantasy-prone factor of misconception and falsehood lurking deep within his psyche, aids and supports his Venusian-Neptunian dreams, imaginings, illusions, and deceptions quite perfectly. Yet on this can we ever agree?

As you know, all royal stars in contact with personal horoscopes contain a caution not to be ignored. Here's A Very Closely Related Post: Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump?.

May 20, 2018

DC Horoscopes: All Four 2018 Cardinal Ingresses

As you may remember, year 2018 opened its cosmic curtains with a New Moon @26Capricorn54 which perfected very near US natal Pluto (27:33) and echoed RNC 2016 when disruptive Uranian Donald Trump was nominated for the US presidency. For an overview of 2018, here are previous posts showing DC horoscopes of the 2018 Cardinal Ingresses which mark the beginning of each season of the year: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox 2018 (with chart details) followed by a view of the Winter Solstice 2018 horoscope which is also set for our nation's capital:

Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and shown below...

Winter Solstice December 21, 2018 5:22:46 pm est Washington DC; Hour Mars; chart-ruler Moon in Gemini in 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Large Institutions; Mars-Neptune at Midheaven denotes weakness and failure and echoes America's natal Mars-Neptune square of misdirected action and confused motivation; the 'fog of war' may be suggested; evaluating Venus in Scorpio in the 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking leads a Locomotive shape of ruthless ambition and her trine to cloudy Neptune suggests what you see penned in the center of the horoscope including monetary fraud and an inflated Treasury, or, inflation used to control a nation's finances. the 2nd house of the National Treasury holds the Solstice's Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 2 New North Saros Series, aka, The Tower Eclipse which manifests on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 (DC horoscope shown). The 2NN began in 1928 if that tells us anything:

That Tweeter-in-Chief--You Know the One

Please enlarge the image to read my scribbled notes if you wish; highlighted in pink (for bullies like you-know-who) are most of Donald Trump's natal placements, and as you see, his natal Mercury precisely rises in the chart along with transit *Hades and asteroid Hebe (the server; also a Hebrew indicator), both retrograde. Fixed star Alhena ('the wound in Achilles' heel'--bone spurs?; and, to have a mission--to tweet, perchance to tweet alone) also rises, plus, North Node in 1st house is fortuitous and points toward starry Procyon (short-lived opportunities)--perhaps they are our own chances to improve our lot and make karmic progress within this kitten-in-string condition of ours.

A cadent Winter Solstice Sun @00Cap00:00 is in 6th house of Military-Police-Civil-Service (and Health) as are Mercury and Jupiter--conjunct upon malevolent, headstrong, royal star and Watcher of the West, Antares, a red star of war and/or violence. Meanwhile, the Tail of the Dragon (South Node) @26Cap55 is in process of swiping US natal Pluto Rx as it nears Donald Trump's natal Vertex (VX, a point of fated encounter; his @22Cap51) and if you look, bottom right, I've penned a note--that the January 12, 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction will 'hit' the natal VX of Mr. Trump. Basically, the Winter Solstice 2018 Nodal axis spotlights America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of propaganda, intelligence gathering, political talk of reforms, secrets, orbital weaponry, space exploration, toxins, and self-destructive impulses in business (Munkasey).

As for current nuclear issues, destructive, transforming Pluto (planet of plutonium), is at a critical degree (20Capricorn), power asteroid Toro, often active in nuclear or atomic charts, conjoins South Node, a Saturnian point of separation, and creator-destroyer Siva sits upon the 8th cusp conjunct US natal Pluto. And of course, as noted, there's Trump's natal Vertex in the midst of them all.

Of course, many other chart factors are worth noting for those who dare but I must leave them to you now as the Gemini Moon in 12th house hides away while activating Trump's natal Uranus (his 'guiding planet' in his 10th house of Career and Public Status) and note that the Moon-Uranus combination of energies in Political Astrology indicates excited people, and--an emotionally immature leader who rules by whim.

Uranian planet *Hades: a Scorpio-Virgo quality which adds fragmentation; associated with the Greek god Hades or Pluto; the Underworld (mythological or criminal-jc); the hidden; debris, recycling; unpleasant things; analysis; breaking down into parts; antiquity; ancient cultures; Astrology; Jazz; a study from the distant past (genealogy? jc); artifacts of past cultures; used items; discarded marriage partners; adopted children or stepchildren; karmic references ( New Insights into Astrology, Nona Gwynn Press).

Also of note in 2018 comes our annual 242nd Independence Day, aka, America's Solar Return 2018 with karmic Saturn, planet of accountability, authority, authenticity, limitation, delay, status quo, work, The Establishment, law, government, and business uppermost in the horoscope set for Washington DC.

Nov 7, 2015

Alan Grayson: TPP Greases the Skids on the Road to Hell! - interview clip

Are the American people too apathetic to Stop this draconian Orwellian "trade deal" from Hades?

corporatism + statism = fascism

Sep 26, 2011

UK's Nigel Farage to Parliament on the EU Crisis (must-see video); Pluto in Capricorn

A year or so ago, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage gave a clear-eyed and forceful assessment of the European debt crisis and a scalding critique of those with "bunker mentality" who are "happy to destroy democracy" while untold millions suffer and fanatics v the Euro sceptic movement continue denying reality in an attempt to implement their Euro Dream.

Among several other things, "--the game is up," he tells them. "--your fanaticism is out in the open," says he and I can hardly agree more with Mr. Farage's sentiments especially since, due to its global nature, the tentacles of the one-world-government conspiracy stretch deeply into American Politics as well, as we now see in Benton Harbor, MI, Madison, WI, Washington DC, and elsewhere across our land.

Now here's a previous post which details the birth data and natal planetary positions of the European Union; included is an explanation of the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series in which the Union was born (created.)

With ongoing troubles looming over the EU's economy and with its continued existence placed in doubt by certain people--as noted by Mr. Farage in the video above--factions work to undermine the Union, and it is with trepidation that I mention the fact that the EU's PE repeats on November 25, 2011 @ 2Sag37, a zodiacal degree at the Foundation (IC, the HOW? Point) of the Autumn Equinox 2011 Horoscope.

In a post subtitled Drastic Measures, the Autumn Equinox 2011 chart is set for Washington DC. if you wish a peek. To me, this indicates what commentators, talking heads, economists, and others have been saying--that the European debt crisis may indeed undermine the American economy and world stock markets with negativity as its effects spread across the globe. It already has, as you know.

And once again, as we've seen since 2010 with the Cardinal Grand Cross ('Cardinal Climax' or 'Crisis') configuration in action-oriented Cardinal signs (Ari/Lib, Can/Cap), Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, is most often the focal player (apex) planet (actor) making ultimate, string-pulling decisions that adversely affect world populations. In view of underworld Pluto's agenda and strategy for global domination, this is bad news for anyone who thinks to stand in the way of wealthy plutonian overlords and their treasured goals.

So to echo Mr.Farage: who in hell does Pluto think he is?

Why, he's the god of Hades, that's who. And a perfect representative in Mundane Astrology for the satanic force and its earthly servants and politicians who now plague decent people everywhere as these anarchists work to force upon us their dream of a regressive Utopia of austerity and deprivation for us while they themselves benefit from the world's abundant resources.

Yes, you are correct: it's jackassian politics being practiced all around!

UPDATE Sept 28, 2011: please read Comments below this post--I wrote in confused fashion concerning Euro sceptics and Gawain Towler of the UKIP has clarified the issue of who the EU fanatics are--thanks, Gawain! Jude

Oct 21, 2010

By the Light of the Full Moon 29Ari33 Oct 22, 2010

Check out EarthSky for astronomical info on the Full Moon (Hunter's Moon) of Friday, October 22, 2010. Astrologically, the Full Moon clocks in at 29Ari33 with Sun 29Lib33, both crisis degrees, and eager to reach Taurus/Scorpio.

In Washington DC, the luminaries oppose one another (relationships; awareness) across the 5/11 axis of the will, and perfect at 9:36:28 pm edt, says my Solar Fire software. The Hour is Mercury 3Sco35: Venus is Rx @ 9Sco00. Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in 5th house of Creative Pursuits, Gambling, and Risk-Taking.

The Full Moon's rising degree 29Gem00 (in DC) brings up the topic of the upcoming December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21 - another 29th degree indicating crisis or critical conditions. Also rising? Hades, a pseudonym for Pluto - and Pluto 3Cap11 is across the axis in setting position (Desc) with North Node 4Cap55. Pluto, NN, and the Moon will meet precisely @ 3Cap36 on November 9, 2010 at 3:13 pm edt, Washington DC. The trio has a definite public relations/publicity vibe along with mass detiny indications.

The December 21 Lunar Eclipse has been blogged upon already so you may find the post linked in the sidebar under "SO'W's Top 10 Posts." Warning: markets and finances may be adversely affected though we're still operating under the rays of the last Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010: things at first seem worse, then clear with successful outcomes. Yet soon the New Year arrives and awaiting is the Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011, also at crisis degree and opposing US natal Sun (the leader); domestic and foreign conditions are of critical concern for the president.

Chart-ruler Mercury makes two applying aspects: sextile NN (1A20) and conjunction Venus (5A26), both indicative of easy, and perhaps pleasant, communications and meetings. In fact, the Mercury/NN sextile forms the base of a YOD pattern that points toward President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini...

Tr Mercury/NN = n Moon: sharing emotional thoughts with others; details meant for the general public; sensitivity about how others use the information presented; using associates to research or pass on information; locating people to gather info or intell. (Tyl; Munkasey.)

Also, there's a Mystic Rectangle pattern formed, if you don't mind using the ASC (which conjoins the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse) and NN, between: Moon, Pluto, NN, ASC, Sun, and Mercury. This is a pattern of practical mysticism; no planets are out-of-bounds so all energies are busily working on the earthly plane.

At Midheaven (The Goal; Aspirations) is President Obama's natal Chiron 6 Pisces and US natal Ceres and Pluto/Chrion midpoint (2-degree orb); the current Solar Eclipse's degree 19Can24 conjoins the Hunter Full Moon's 2nd cusp of Money, Self-Worth, and Earning Ability. SN, a Saturnian point of separation, rises in 1st house, not a fortunate placement and indicating some sort of separation or dependency on past behavior.

Old Man Saturn himself 10Lib26 conjoins the 5th cusp 10Lib24; testosterone-driven Mars 26Sco17 (6th house) is disturbingly conjoined with transiting asteroids Eros (the piercing) and Icarus (associated with assassinations, on one level.) Saturn rules the 8th house of High Finance; monetary retrictions continue.

America's Saturn Return (14Lib48) occurs soon when our nation's authority and maturity will be tested and accountability will not be avoided. One thinks of the latest news today about the banking-foreclosure crisis (robo-gate?) and the potential, massive burden on US taxpayers thanks to the criminals on Wall Street and on Capitol Hill, plus Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, agencies that have already helped funnel the American into indebtedness for years to come.

(I finally got around to finishing Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone article from the August 19, 2010 issue, How Wall Street Won so don't even ask me any time soon my true feelings about Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Blanche Lincoln, Tim Geithner, or the rest of the predators and pawns infesting our nation and representing themselves as offering us "financial reform legislation." Puh!)

But enough of Washington politics, its corruption, fraud, manipulation, and downright sorriness!

For there's a Full Moon to admire Friday evening so happily I pass you on to an insightful analysis of the Hunter Full Moon of October 22, 2010 authored by Julie Demboski, in a post titled 'The Precipice' with its 'factor of revelation'!

Aug 23, 2009

Warpaths and a Joyride to Hades

And in front of military veterans, too!

President Barack Obama sounds predictably Bush-like as he stumps on behalf of war to an allegedly willing audience, while evoking 9/11 to justify US imperialism against the whole world - but most especially against the Middle East where the oil lies.

Never mind the true and lasting consequences.

Did I hear you whisper, hope, change...or...audacity?

Once again I assert that changing presidents in honor of the Oval Office is a baton-passing exercise. It has nothing to do with deserting a previous agenda. It has everything to do with continuing an agenda, though perhaps under a different guise...this time, a suave one.

You know the old saw: would you buy a new or used car from this man? Well, it seems you and I already have, but unbeknownst to many, George and Dick were huddled together in the rumble seat, grinning like satanists on a joyride to Hades.

Mr. Obama steps on the gas...

Sep 21, 2007

Hades and George Bush

This evening I posted on the Uranian planet Hades and its position in Bush's natal chart which is, as you may know, conjunct his Midheaven, the Goal or Aspiration Point.

That's Hades aka Pluto, ruler of the underworld! Follow the link and get to know Bush a little better than you wish you did...