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Aug 23, 2022

Aug-Sept 2022 New and Full Moons with Mars in Gemini

Late Summer Lunations 2022: Cosmic Spotlight on the Virgo-Pisces/Victim-Savior Axis - and Mars Acts Up

by Jude Cowell

DC Horoscopes: A seed-planting phase of new plans begins with the New Moon @4Vir03 August 27, 2022 (lower left) culminating with the Full Moon @17Pis41 September 10, 2022 (upper right) spotlighting relationships and bringing fuller awareness and perhaps a measure of fulfillment. So this times a season when practical, methodical, critical Virgo leads society toward receptive, impressionable, secretive Pisces, with the polarity's Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Neptune vibrations.

Are These Lunations 'Wild Cards of the Universe'?

Notable is that New Moons can affect earthly events much as Solar Eclipses, disrupting and revealing such as erratic planet Uranus tends to do, while Full Moons can mimic the effects of Lunar Eclipses on health (mind and body), drug reactions, family matters, relationship dynamics, and criminality such as the throttle-hold on US Politics by a global network of organized crime now working in league with white nationalism, a global neo-nazi/fascist movement, and funded by freakish, wealthy ideologues and theocrats, many with bizarre religious views (exs: Opus Dei; The Family, promoter of annual 'National Prayer Breakfasts'):

Please enlarge or print the image for easier viewing. A few Sabian Symbols are notated on the chart along with basic chart details.

Prominent indications in the lunation charts include finances (Jupiter Rx until November 23, 2022), women's issues (exs: abortion; sex-trafficking), political power and struggles for control (Pluto in Capricorn in the lead again in September as America's first-ever Pluto Return proceeds with its destructuring-transforming activities of systems and institutions), "rapidly disseminated news" (Mars @"5Gemini" = "A Radical Magazine--"), the Full Moon's "famous revivalist" symbol: perhaps an orator such as Tr*mp, and rebellion and resentment (T-Square: Venus-Saturn = Uranus in the New Moon chart) ongoing by domestic seditionists and saboteurs of democracy many of whom are encouraged and funded by foreign governments (ex: foreign asset Tr*mp with the August New Moon's Vertex - 'VX' - of fated encounters @21Sag30 conjunct his natal Moon-SN with its revelatory Sabian Symbol: "A Chinese Laundry," an obvious reference to his decades of illicit money-laundering on behalf of various countries and oligarchs).

We should also keep in mind that the Sabian Symbol for Tr*mp's 10th house Uranus @18Gemini = "Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese in a Western Crowd" - and disruptive Uranus leads the rest of his natal planets.

A Big Wad of Stinky Old Gum Stuck to America's Shoe

Besides a variety of positive and negative transits to Tr*mp's natal chart during this time frame, of interest here is the fact that the September 10th Full Moon highlights the second of three oppositions by transit Jupiter Rx @5Ari49 to Tr*mp's natal 2nd house Neptune which denotes current conditions surrounding the orange document-thief with vibes of deception, illusion, delusion, unrealistic expectations, and clouded judgment.

This period began for him (and thus for America) with the first opposition by transit Jupiter-to-his-Neptune on June 15, 2022; (September 10); then the third opposition to his Neptune peaks on January 30, 2023. And of course, all of his speculation-prone, 2nd hou$e Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio in Libra of grand schemes, bubbles, and fantastical expectations (with wounded Chiron in the middle, a blindspot!) will be affected by the Jupiter opposition as well - opposing his natal Jupiter, no one will be impressed with his overblown efforts, plus, finances may suffer or donations stop piling in; this transit's effects will hit his Jupiter once on March 24, 2023 when "greener pastures" may call his name (flight risk!).

Yet ten days prior, transit Jupiter opposes his Chiron which suggests a more intense period of radical activities such as anarchy and zealotry - and the opposition perfects only once, with concentrated energies on March 14, 2023. I say, Indict Already!

Restless Critic Mars @ Perigee: Bigger-Brighter-Closer!

Now the primary planet to watch during the late August to September 2022 period and into 2023 via the motivational planet's long sojourn in Mercury-ruled Gemini is energetic Mars, moving direct in both lunation charts, as you see, then turning retrograde ('Rx') @25Gem36:50 on October 30, 2022 (at 9:25:39 am edt). Plus, the above Virgo New Moon on August 27, 2022 is squared by testy Mars (see lower left corner: The Cosmic Itch!) and perfects upon the very day that the 2022 Mars Max period begins; the period extends until March 16, 2023 with Mars @25Gem32 ('26Gemini' = "Winter Frost in the Woods").

For details concerning Mars Max periods when heated conflicts, confrontations, fires, danger, anger, unrest, turmoil, upheaval, and potentials for violent acts can more easily occur or be stirred up, see expert astrologer Richard Nolle on the topic.

Unfortunately, More Tr*mp Is Involved

Those familiar with the natal chart of Donald Tr*mp see that transit Mars in Gemini, during the turbulent Max period of perigee, will steam through the orange blighter's 10th house of Career and hit his chaos-creating Uranus (17Gem58 - his oriental "guiding planet") with its typical explosive, incendiary, overboard possibilities of the Mars-Uranus pairing - unstable and volatile especially in Mutable signs such as Gemini. Plus, Tr*mp's natal North Node and Sun in 10th house will also be hit by Mars in Gemini suggesting a period of energy, activism, and his usual duplicitous rhetoric issuing from the Geminian voices in his head.

So, my friends, forewarned is forearmed! Yet these are only some of the cosmic influences in late August into September 2022 which society must navigate prior to Autumn Equinox 2022 which begins on September 22nd when the Sun enters Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice - and transit Mars @17Gem04 directly ruffles the natal Uranus of Herr you-know-who.

Related Posts include: Trump Regime Identified by Mars-Uranus since 2017; and, America's initial Mars-Uranus Cycle @7Gem51 - soon to be hit by transit Mars during the 2022 Mars Max period.

Mar 9, 2022

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2022

Morals, Ethics, Spies, Gossip, and Finances

March 9, 2022

by Jude Cowell

Today just a quick look ahead at the Autumn Equinox 2022 Horoscope of September 22, 2022 with Venus in Virgo in her role as chart-ruler - conjunct US 1776 Neptune and reminding us of the ongoing Neptune-oppo-US-Neptune transit (clashing ideals; persecution), and conjunct fixed star Denebola ('to go against society; against the mainstream'). A few notes are penned on the chart for the curious but with events and upsets occurring thick and fast these days, it's too soon to make very much of the planets' activities six months from now. But for you I'll try.

Because after all, Midterms 2022 with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse will occur during the Autumn season - and the Eclipse rises in the Autumn Equinox 2022 chart seen here.

Autumn Equinox 2022 in DC: General Indications

Sun 00Lib00:00 at 9:03:31 pm edt: Hour of Jupiter Rx.

Morals and ethics are in the Venusian spotlight, shabby wealth is suggested when US Neptune is added to Venus-Neptune, and Venus opposing Neptune indicates illuions-delusions, spreading vicious gossip, shameless exploitation, and/or empty diplomacy. Yet Venus in Virgo is intercepted in 5th house (Placidus House System; opposite, Pisces and Neptune are intercepted in 11th house along with the Syzygy Full Moon @17Pis41) so for those who use them, this suggests karmic conditions that must be dealt with such as problems which have been passed down from previous actors, and possibly festering. Of course, currency devaluation may be one of those problems with petro-dollar issues in question. And don't look now, but hiding under a Neptunian veil is Nemesis Rx @23Pis26, the position of the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, the speculation, inflation, and grand spirit pair. There are spies lurking in America's financial branches, cyber and otherwise, while corporations raise prices because they can.

Then, Venus trining Pluto denotes those who can read body language and use it to their advantage, plus, the possibility of turning the tables on the past; major financial matters are also suggested by the Venus-Pluto duo (exs: 'private wealth in hidden places' along with 'attracting elements of organized crime' - Munkasey; additionally, the planetary duo may also link to bankruptcy).

We should note that the Leo Moon is unaspected (detached, estranged) yet Luna reflects her waning light upon two asteroids Ceres ('democacy'; security; oil and gas production; family; motherhood, nuturance) and Kassandra (a prophetess no one believes). Sadly, separated parents and children may be implied here, along with a continuation of the potentials for fluctuating food shortages and empty shelves. The world is ill on multiple levels.

Meanwhile, the Sun @00Lib00:00 conjoins Mercury Rx in the Sun's natural 5th house of Children, Speculation, and Creative Pursuits, and 2nd hou$e Mars @17Gem04 conjoins Herr T's natal 10th house Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, rebellion, and disruption (obviously here, money is involved). Then as you see, radical Uranus Rx @18Tau34 rises with the North Node (@14Tau17 - conjunct Menkar and US Inauguration Ascendant) suggesting focuses on saying what needs to be said, plus, changing the world, new contacts, and a need for feedback.

Powerful, subversive Pluto Rx @26Cap10 has crossed Midheaven (in DC - also conjuncts US Inauguration MC) while leading a ruthlessly determined executive focused on success pattern, a Locomotive shape of planets; Autumn 2022 begins during a Balsamic phase of the Moon, a dark phase when things go bump in the night, and forecasters like Kassandra make their predictions. Or read their scripts.

Then there's 10th house Saturn Rx @19AQ19 conjunct the generally accepted position of Herr Putin's natal North Node suggesting isolation and teamwork becoming more difficult as time goes on. Also karmic Saturn rises with Alpheratz, a cosmic combo that reduces the star's usual gifts of independence, freedom, honors, and riches, and hints at darker potentials such miserliness, decreasing popularity, and fatal tumors.

So! As always, you're invited to leave your on-topic, name-tagged comment (no ads or personal insults) with this post if you like. Don't be shy! jc

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