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Mar 9, 2022

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2022

Morals, Ethics, Spies, Gossip, and Finances

March 9, 2022

by Jude Cowell

Today just a quick look ahead at the Autumn Equinox 2022 Horoscope of September 22, 2022 with Venus in Virgo in her role as chart-ruler - conjunct US 1776 Neptune and reminding us of the ongoing Neptune-oppo-US-Neptune transit (clashing ideals; persecution), and conjunct fixed star Denebola ('to go against society; against the mainstream'). A few notes are penned on the chart for the curious but with events and upsets occurring thick and fast these days, it's too soon to make very much of the planets' activities six months from now. But for you I'll try.

Because after all, Midterms 2022 with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse will occur during the Autumn season - and the Eclipse rises in the Autumn Equinox 2022 chart seen here.

Autumn Equinox 2022 in DC: General Indications

Sun 00Lib00:00 at 9:03:31 pm edt: Hour of Jupiter Rx.

Morals and ethics are in the Venusian spotlight, shabby wealth is suggested when US Neptune is added to Venus-Neptune, and Venus opposing Neptune indicates illuions-delusions, spreading vicious gossip, shameless exploitation, and/or empty diplomacy. Yet Venus in Virgo is intercepted in 5th house (Placidus House System; opposite, Pisces and Neptune are intercepted in 11th house along with the Syzygy Full Moon @17Pis41) so for those who use them, this suggests karmic conditions that must be dealt with such as problems which have been passed down from previous actors, and possibly festering. Of course, currency devaluation may be one of those problems with petro-dollar issues in question. And don't look now, but hiding under a Neptunian veil is Nemesis Rx @23Pis26, the position of the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, the speculation, inflation, and grand spirit pair. There are spies lurking in America's financial branches, cyber and otherwise, while corporations raise prices because they can.

Then, Venus trining Pluto denotes those who can read body language and use it to their advantage, plus, the possibility of turning the tables on the past; major financial matters are also suggested by the Venus-Pluto duo (exs: 'private wealth in hidden places' along with 'attracting elements of organized crime' - Munkasey; additionally, the planetary duo may also link to bankruptcy).

We should note that the Leo Moon is unaspected (detached, estranged) yet Luna reflects her waning light upon two asteroids Ceres ('democacy'; security; oil and gas production; family; motherhood, nuturance) and Kassandra (a prophetess no one believes). Sadly, separated parents and children may be implied here, along with a continuation of the potentials for fluctuating food shortages and empty shelves. The world is ill on multiple levels.

Meanwhile, the Sun @00Lib00:00 conjoins Mercury Rx in the Sun's natural 5th house of Children, Speculation, and Creative Pursuits, and 2nd hou$e Mars @17Gem04 conjoins Herr T's natal 10th house Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, rebellion, and disruption (obviously here, money is involved). Then as you see, radical Uranus Rx @18Tau34 rises with the North Node (@14Tau17 - conjunct Menkar and US Inauguration Ascendant) suggesting focuses on saying what needs to be said, plus, changing the world, new contacts, and a need for feedback.

Powerful, subversive Pluto Rx @26Cap10 has crossed Midheaven (in DC - also conjuncts US Inauguration MC) while leading a ruthlessly determined executive focused on success pattern, a Locomotive shape of planets; Autumn 2022 begins during a Balsamic phase of the Moon, a dark phase when things go bump in the night, and forecasters like Kassandra make their predictions. Or read their scripts.

Then there's 10th house Saturn Rx @19AQ19 conjunct the generally accepted position of Herr Putin's natal North Node suggesting isolation and teamwork becoming more difficult as time goes on. Also karmic Saturn rises with Alpheratz, a cosmic combo that reduces the star's usual gifts of independence, freedom, honors, and riches, and hints at darker potentials such miserliness, decreasing popularity, and fatal tumors.

So! As always, you're invited to leave your on-topic, name-tagged comment (no ads or personal insults) with this post if you like. Don't be shy! jc

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Apr 1, 2021

Spring and Summer 2021: The Path of Benefic Jupiter

The To-and-Fro of the Benefic Planet of Hope, Expansion, and Discovery

by Jude Cowell

April 1, 2021: On February 25, 2021, when we discussed the Summer Solstice 2021 Horoscope, what has happened since hadn't happened yet. You may remember the chart:

And perhaps you remember that the chart angles in the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope mimic those in the Summer Solstice 2021 chart shown above - with Jupiter, planet of hope and expansion, ruling The Goal or Aspiration Point ('MC') in both charts and futuristic, scientific Aquarius rising:

The Path of Jupiter 2021 into January 2022

One significance is that protective Jupiter in Aquarius rises at Spring Equinox (of influence now) which suggests the improvements we're hearing about in health conditions and in the social justice and finance departments. Even our political system seems somewhat less negative than usual, a temporary respite though it may be.

Yet I know you don't need this meager post to clue you in on current news about medical matters or concerning the multiple lawsuits (Jupiter the Judge!) being brought against bad actors, and these are just some of the events and conditions that have occurred since my February post, as noted. And as you see, by Summer Solstice in June, transit Jupiter will have moved into compassionate if secretive Pisces (as you see, strong and emphasized here at Station Retrograde) and will back into Aquarius during the last week of July 2021.

Obviously, delays, reviews, and revisions (Rx) may be expected within the areas that mundane Jupiter rules (finances, funding and budgets, politics, religion, corporatism, exploration, discovery, travel, and/or the military with Jupiter the General) until The Great Benefic turns Direct on or about October 18, 2021 @22AQ19. Naturally, it will take a while for Jupiterian things to move forward again beginning in November 2021, but things won't really speed up until Jupiter reaches and passes his Shadow Degree of 2Pis11 (where he turns Rx in June) during the second week of January 2022 - then it's on to new discoveries.

And as you know, Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and both signs are prominent this Spring and Summer along with their ruler Jolly Jupiter. Why, on the day of Spring Equinox 2021, Jupiter arose with fixed star Alpheratz (keywords: wanting freedom and movement, two things that Jupiter always insists upon!)

'Cosmic Blink' Eclipses: 'Wild Cards of the Universe' = Agents of Change

Now there are two major cosmic events of directional change possibilities that we should be aware of during Jupiter's 2021/2022 to-and-fro: the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021 @5Sag25 and the 5 South Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 on December 4, 2021 with its potentials for 'good news, benefits, peak experiences' (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). Jupiterian Truth has its own ring and hopefully, we'll be hearing and appreciating more and more of it as freedom-loving Jupiter glides along his cosmic path through Spring and Summer 2021.

And so for the sake of comparison, let's close with a consideration of the midpoint pictures that involve Jupiter in the two horoscopes (seasons) shown above and their potential expressions which are not all cases of peaches'n'cream:

Spring Equinox 2021: 'inventiveness, mobility' (echoes starry Alpheratz), 'far-reaching activities, success' (Sun = Jupiter-Uranus) and 'raised hopes, powers of visualization and perception, inspiration, pretending or putting on an act' (Jupiter-Neptune = Mercury) with the Jupiter-Neptune duo also suggesting 'political conflicts', 'speculation' and bubbly 'inflation' (which stock markets can't exist without).

Summer Solstice 2021: pictures have both positive and negative qualities and include potentials for health issues, social safety net programs, government systems, and realism vs fantasy - Saturn-Neptune = Jupiter: 'expanded ideas that reality is just a vision' (Row Row Row Your Boat?), 'deceptive practices concealed by religious ceremony or implication, fortunate answers, very upset with the ways of the world, narrow-mindedness, egoism, sensitivity, easy upsets, liver or lung disease, joyous excitement, unexpected events' (Venus-Jupiter = Uranus).

And, with liver imbalance possibly involved, here I'll add the potential for moodiness.

For more midpoint picture info see: Noel Tyl, Reinhold Ebertin, and Michael Munkasey.

Feb 19, 2021

Republic of Texas 1836 Horoscope with Storm 2021

Republic of Texas in 2021: independence at what cost?

by Jude Cowell

February 19, 2021: Before annexation by the United States on February 19, 1846, the Republic of Texas was proclaimed independent from the Spanish Empire as part of Mexico on March 2, 1836 (N. Campion, p. 376) and independence was established by victory at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. The battle's date was selected as the anniversary that opened a Texas Commission in London in 1986 so this is the date of the Republic of Texas Horoscope, below. Follow the Battle's Wikipedia link for more historical details.

February 2021

Since the dire conditions in Texas are directly due to the winter storm ravaging the region, much blame for the people's suffering and loss falls upon the state's privatized energy sources (independent of the rest of the country as they so proudly are and echoing the sentiments of the 1836 Republic), current transits are penned round the Horoscope of the Republic of Texas. And perhaps it's curious to note that at noon on March 2, 1836 (independence proclaimed), a YOD of crisis had formed between Moon in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Cancer pointing toward watery Neptune in Aquarius; the trio as midpoint picture: bad social conditions (Ebertin). Yet as you see in the chart, below, by April 21st, the Moon @5Can49 (conjunct Mirzam: to have one's say) was nearing Jupiter (The General, exalted in Cancer) with both still inconjunct Neptune and thus echoing the YOD's portents. Naturally, any battle creates 'bad social conditions' before things can hopefully be improved. Otherwise, what was the fighting for?

So as you see, planets penned around the 1836 chart are for the monster winter storm system that hit the state on Sunday February 7, 2021 (highlighted in green). As of today's date, power is being restored even as a boil water advisory remains in place for millions across the region. See Families regain power in Texas, food and water shortages continue (ABC News, February 18).

And if there's one major transit that can describe current conditions in Texas and the surrounding region, it's 2021 Saturn @6AQ00 conjunct the Republic of Texas' 1836 Neptune, the 'grim face of reality' transit which also contains potentials for disillusionment and the misinterpretation of responsibilities. Hint: power outages from the storm have not been caused by "windmills" or by the as-yet unimplemented Green New Deal, but by the state's privatized energy grid kept separate from the rest of the country and therefore unable to ask for needed assistance in times of crisis as a regular state could do. Texans may not agree with me on this and of course that's their right! (Note that in 1836, independent Uranus, the rebel, rises with fixed star Alpheratz = 'wanting freedom and movement'!)

Now there's a whole lot going on in the 1836 Horoscope as you see by my many study notes penned upon the chart. Significantly, the Sun-Saturn opposition (strength, endurance; obstacles); Saturn in Scorpio adds 'skill and obstinacy') is essential as the Sun's closest applying aspect and forms a dynamic T-Square with nebulous Neptune (crisis; depressing circumstances via Saturn-MC = Neptune). Plus, note the importance of Saturn Rx @1Sco59 for, besides the T-Square, the karmic planet of restriction acts as the tail of a high-flying KITE pattern of success (highlighted in turquoise). In addition (!), Saturn is also the handle of a BUCKET shape denoting the old devil as the point of application for all the planetary energies (actors) similar to the lead planet in a Locomotive shape (ruthlessly determined on success):

As you see, warrior planet Mars is strong in its own sign of Aries, Pluto in Aries (craving power; extraordinary energy) conjuncts gold-loving MIDA$, and the Aries-Libra axis of war and diplomacy is intercepted across the 3/9 house polarity which to me suggests the karmic conditions leading up to the Battle of San Jacinto, the involvement of the Spanish Empire and Mexico (9th house), and its outcome of an independent Republic. As notated in 4th house, the Battle occurred within the difficult 18 South Saros Series @27Sco25 which contains themes of 'high stress level, taxing of strength, physical concerns and/or injury/illness/obsessive worry' (Brady's Predictive Astrology) #ad.

One further factor from 1836 which may be operative today: Pluto-NN = Sun = Saturn suggests flavors of rebellion and imposing one's will on others, plus, the Pluto-NN midpoint = 'common destiny of a large mass of people' (Ebertin).

So with this post, my hope is that the good people of Texas receive relief from all their troubles very soon.

As always, your on-topic yet courteous comments and observations are invited as long as your name is attached (No 'Anonymous' and No 'Unknown' commenters will be published - and No all-CAPS please for it comes across as shouting and I'm not deaf!). jc

Update March 2, 2021: an interesting comment has turned up which cannot be published because it's signed "Unknown." It seems that corrections are warranted on my use of the Battle's coordinates and on the timing of the Battle of San Jacinto which, Unknown asserts, was fought "around 2-2:30" pm. The Battle horoscope will be updated in my files and those who care may wish to do the same but for this post I'll stick with the Nicholas Campion horoscope set for noon, Republic of Texas. jc