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Jun 28, 2024

DNC and RNC 2024: Significant Lunations

Great American Eclipse 2024 Sponsors Both DNC and RNC 2024: Dreams/Visions

by Jude Cowell

According to details on the DNC 2024 Convention, the event is scheduled to be held from August 19 to August 22, 2024 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. On the first day of the convention, a Full Moon perfects upon America's Aquarian Moon (in the July 4, 1776 late afternoon Horoscope) with "28AQ" = "A Tree Felled and Sawed." This Aquarian Moon (1776 and 2024) is opposed by Tr*mp's natal Mars rising which describes agent orange's aggressive targeting of We the People. So here's DNC 2024's Full Moon Horoscope with a few of my study notes penned on:

RNC July 2024 then DNC August 2024

Recently we Moon-tracked RNC 2024 (July 15--18, 2024: Moon from Scorpio to Sag). The DNC 2024 Moon (from 12:00 am CDT on August 19th to the midnight hour of August 22, 2024), begins in Aquarius and floats through Pisces into Aries. Not that political events tend to occur in the middle of the night, of course, but because the mundane Moon's signs and aspects provide information concerning the moods, trends, and feeling nature of the public as a convention proceeds from opening to closing day, and perhaps a few minutes before and after.

At DNC 2024, by entering Aries, the Moon crosses the Aries Point (of global events) and the North Node of public contact (7Aries+) along her way - and while in mystical Pisces, status quo Saturn and urge-to-merge Neptune will be met. To me this suggests that topics such as our social safety net programs are on the party's agenda via the Saturn-Neptune combination.

Add this to the Full Moon conjunct 1776 Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, and cosmic conditions point toward democracy's capacity to once again vanquish the brutality of the fascism offered by the anti-American GOP and their figurehead, agent orange, dictator-wannabe and convicted felon.

At least, that's the fight I hope the Democratic Party has and is prepared for. And We the People must join the fight by Voting Blue in November!

Meanwhile, within both conventions presidential nominations will be proposed, the primary objective of national conventions, expectably occurring during the final evening with DNC Moon in Aries (RNC 2024 Moon in late Sagittarius), along with multiple speeches, an acceptance speech by the nominee, and other events. But our focus with this post is primarily on the mood of the public which includes that of convention attendees and viewers at home (voters), with publicity of and during the conventions part of the cosmic lunar picture.

Death Cult's Moon 2017 Returns in 2024

For context, when we Moon-Tracked RNC 2024, Luna ranged from 7 Scorpio to 28 Sagittarius (crossing Trump's natal Moon-South-Node conjunction of fluctuating popularity). And perhaps you remember the position of the Inauguration 2017 Moon @9Sco21 so there will be a Lunar Return during RNC 2024 for Trumpers who fantasize about that 2017 feeling, deluded folks as they are. As you know, a Scorpio Moon suggests 'fighting for survival' issues along with the fabled moodiness of Scorpio and the potential for betrayal concerns. Additionally, Trump will experience a Lunar Return during RNC 2024 which for him always denotes a Moon-to-South-Node transit--not the best indicator for good timing or for popularity. Plus, for his nibs, every single Lunar Return is always a Moon-opposite-natal-Sun transit as well, so naturally relationships are involved.

Now for the sake of comparison, here's a dual image of both Lunations that occur during DNC 2024 (upper right) and RNC 2024 (lower left), again with astro-notes penned on:

Political Conventions in 2020 Restricted by Covid-19

Nostalgically, another cosmic comparison is when we Moon-Tracked DNC and RNC in 2020 which you'll recall were held virtually due to Covid-19. Even so, the DNC Moon of July 13, 2020 began her journey in pioneering Aries, while the RNC 2020 Moon of August 24th began her travels in--you guessed it--Scorpio, yet another echo of Inauguration 2017's Scorpio Moon.

DNC August 2024 - in Chicago!

Now perhaps you'll agree that the Democratic Party seems brave (or stupid!) to hold their 2024 Convention in the same city as in 1968 considering the upheaval and violence that erupted in Chicago (staged by opponents for the most part--I watched it on my TV: hired thugs). So here's a previous post concerning the solar and lunar background influences of that time via 1968 solar eclipses which have already repeated in 2022 and that is likely a moderating factor for 2024.

Plus, in 2024, came the visionary 8 North Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024 holding sway over both conventions, as noted, and it's the third of three Total Great American Eclipses. Then for astro-notes concerning the televised melee in Chicago in 1968, see 6 North and 6 South Eclipses of 1968 which, as noted, repeated in 2022.

Well, there you have it, a sort of jumbled up assessment of DNC and RNC 2024. With Google's threat of deletion of my 18 years' worth of images and other content (July 1, 2024), I may decide to copy/paste this post into my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold (named after my 12th house Saturn). But for the weekend, this post is available right here on Stars Over Washington for your consideration. jc

Dec 26, 2021

1968 Eclipses Repeat in 2022: Strategy and Turbulence

by Jude Cowell

December 26, 2021

Since August 2018, the History dot com channel has sported a brief YouTube video of Chicago's rioting at the DNC in 1968 (Democratic National Convention) described as "a political and cultural watershed moment" in America. As a teenager I remember watching the Convention and the melee on TV, possibly on the 'evening news' or in 'real time' and feeling suspicious of the participants and their aggressive actions. Not that 'plants' were understood by yours truly back then but it seemed clear to me that something sneaky (meant to spark violence) was going on in an attempt to undermine the Democratic Party and its candidates. While the riots were disturbing, that 'voting Republican' should be the result of watching the conflict on the evening news did not dawn upon my teenaged brain and it did not sway me toward Republicans in the voting booth on Election Day (my first-ever!). Nor will any similar events that may occur sway me in 2022.

Now in hind sight, a Timeline of the Events of 1968 tells a difficult tale of a year of turmoil and strife in the US. And if we consult them, solar eclipse themes of 1968 can reveal background influences during that year via the 'As Above, So Below' model (on Earth as it is in Heaven). Therefore, I regretfully inform you that the two solar eclipses of 1968 fell into the difficult 6 North and 6 South Saros Series (series are like families) - and both 6N and 6S solar eclipses are due to repeat in 2022, but in different Zodiacal positions, of course.

Now naturally 6N and 6S eclipses have manifested between 1968 and 2022 (their years are listed, below) but since we're still in 2021 for a little while longer, let's focus on what's coming down the political pike, as they say, especially since 2022 is a year of risky Midterm Elections in the US and we already know we've got worlds of trouble with America's future hanging in the balance bwo 'democracy vs fascism', which is one way to describe our current existential predicament. So shall we keep our Republic, or lose it?

See Midterms 2022 Brings a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct radical planet of anarchy and zealotry, Uranus.

March and September 1968 and April and October 2022

So as it happened back in the day, the 6 North Solar Eclipse of March 28, 1968 functioned as the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE") of both political conventions - the RNC (August 8, 1968 Miami Beach, Florida) and the DNC (August 26, 1968 Chicago, Illinois) with themes of: 'relationship to authority figures; the need to take responsibility and control; accepting commitments due to another individual's unreliability or illness'. Well, in 1968 it was Republican Richard Nixon vs Democrat Hubert Humphrey, as you know, and political trickiness ('strategy'!) was afoot. For as you know, eclipses are considered Uranian (quirky, chaotic) and often disrupt earthly events like a 'wild card of the Universe'. Changes of direction have been known to occur. View the DC Horoscope of the 6 North Solar Eclipse of April 2022 @10Tau28.

Then before 1968 ended, on a 'cosmic blink' level there perfected a 6 South Solar Eclipse on September 22, 1968 @29Virgo, a 29th critical-crisis degree - and was the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Election 1968 in November. (For those who use a late afternoon Sagitarius rising horoscope for the US, this eclipse 'hit' the Midheaven of July 4, 1776 - and I suspect that its themes relate to someone's goal in 1968. Certainly, power plays and high stakes are common features of every election year and nominating convention, yes?)

History Rhymes, Echoes, Reverberates

So to close this fuss, here is some "you have been warned" info because in October 2022, a 6 South Eclipse @2Scorpio conjunct Venus will be the "wild card" we may as well expect since it's the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') of Midterms 2022:

6 South themes: 'being forceful and taking power; manic energy, great force or strength in relationships; sudden events; huge efforts in a group activity' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

My thought for 2022? That vicious anarchists and zealots, determined to take over the US despite how the American people vote, must be challenged and repelled with equal - no, with stronger force, even if it takes a gargantuan record-setting Blue Wave of voters to do it.

6N and 6S Eclipses occurred in the years 1914, 1932, 1950, (1968), 1986, 2004, (2022), and next: 2040.

Above image: an early depiction of the US Capitol Building; attribution unknown.

Jun 9, 2016

The DNC Willfully Ignored Election Fraud in Chicago - video

US elections are riddled with fraud and I wonder how apathetic the American people can possibly be concerning an issue that should form the basis of a democratic society. Farron Cousins and Lee Camp discuss: