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Nov 8, 2010

Neptune Direct Stations @ Discovery degree 11.7.10

In the wee hours of November 7, 2010, gaseous Neptune turned Direct @ 25AQ55 with its traveling partner, Chiron, @ 26AQ04 now Direct as well - and both still affectng US natal Moon.

On September 24, 1846, Neptune was discovered when @ 25AQ53 and Rx, conjunct Saturn 25AQ08 Rx, with both planets at the base of a YOD pattern (Finger of God; turning point; crisis; special task) which points to Mars 25Vir59. The other planet at the base of the YOD/s is powerful, manipulative Pluto 25Ari23 Rx.

This creates two midpoint pictures to consider relating to the discovery (and meaning) of Neptune which in 1846 and 2010 conjoins US natal Moon (the people):

Saturn/Pluto = Mars: fighting battles to keep life going; enormous undercurrent of frustration; a gun with a cork in its barrel; activating plans for much upheaval or destruction; a need to use whatever means or power is available to continue working.

Neptune/Pluto = Mars: added compulsion to use violence to achieve one's dreams; use of drugs to speed up or alter life; great personal magnetism to set things right, or rejection of actions due to misunderstanding.

We might substitute Neptune in the equation with US n Moon...

Moon/Pluto = Mars: too much energy not knowing where to go; frustration and anger; use of force to achieve changes in corrupt practices; deep irritation about any delays; active in assuring that promised protection is delivered.

( that last one a reason the president is in Asia? His trip's theme inspired by Gandhi: 'Be the change you want to see' yet with Neptune, one can never be certain what one is seeing. Dubious trade deals behind-the-scenes is more up Neptune's secret alley.)

So with President Obama now on his 10-day trip to Asia and speaking from New Delhi India, Neptune activity in the heavens seems appropriate for these mystical places and for a US president traveling over Neptune's oceans. When the Neptune Direct Station chart of Nov 7, 2010 is set for Washington DC, the Ascendant 6Vir06 'brings up' Mr. Obama's natal Pluto. With the chart set for New Delhi, India, his natal Midheaven in late Scorpio has the Moon (publicity) upon it as he spoke to a joint session of the Indian Congress.

Now I'm tempted to add the Sabian Symbol for Neptune's Direct Station-Discovery degree but am feeling too sassy for that. So here's Adriano Carelli's analysis from his The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac for '26AQ' which fits well into watery Neptune's realm:

'26AQ' = "A water source spurts forth by a high mountain top and dashes down, filling its boulder-strewn path with hissing foam."

This degree is about one who 'stands out like a beacon' but may have a position as unstable as water. "The danger of tumbling is an ever-present one" but Carelli reminds us that, of course, the rest of the map must support the tumbling.

"Should other strands in the pattern offset the headiness of the temper and induce a certain order in the turmoil of ideas babbling up in his mind, the native could turn into a real master (initiatory components would make him into an occult master); on the other hand, baneful components may warp his recklessness into blindness (taken literally or figuratively.)

So, happy Asian trip, Mr. President. Enjoy revisiting your roots and spouting your babbling of ideas...but do avoid the hissing foam.


Check out events of 1846 (see Feb 1 for an initiation involving hashish, both Neptunian by nature!); 1846 was the year the Donner Party was wandering about and freezing to death.

Plus, here's the Wiki page for 1846, if you prefer - there was a cholera outbreak in England - in Haiti now. And you know that the US annexation of California began in 1846 as well, with California now tending to be overcast with Neptunian puffs of smoke!

Flowers of India, my most-viewed drawing at Jude's Threshold.

Midpoints pictures: Tyl and Munkasey.

Mar 23, 2010

Maoists terrorizing India

Are you aware that Maoists are terrorizing parts of India? Well, I wasn't and am saddened to hear of it.

In fact, I have missed the ball on the Naxalites all together, lucky you're there to guard my back on the throw. Turns out, the Maoist political party was founded on September 21, 2004. It was in mid-August 2004 that Pluto and Chiron were parallel for two days and of course, Pluto/Chiron is the epitome of disenfranchisements of all kinds with oppression tossed in to make certain those victimized go down and stay down.

(Parallels may be used as timing devices in Astrology and are similar in nature to a strong conjunction.)

You will notice, if you click on the Maoist info link, that 'Sept 21, 1967' falls under the spell of the major Great Conjunction which defined the energies of the 1960s: Uranus conjunct Pluto.

Disruptor Uranus met saboteur Pluto 3 times in the mid-60s:

1. Oct 9, 1965 @17Vir10
2. April 4, 1966 @16Vir28
3. June 30, 1966 @16Vir06

My point is that astrologers tend to look at the beginning of planetary cycles to see where in that cycle the same planets are on a particular date. Similar themes, issues, and concerns will come to the surface especially during 'quarters' times...the waxing squares (90 degrees, crisis in action phase), the opposition (180 degrees: stand-off, culmination, and/or partnership), and the waning square (also 90 degr, crisis in consciousness phase.)

The long-term Cardinal T-Square pattern (Spring 2010 - 2014/15) contains within it the ongoing Saturn-Uranus cycle now at opposition phase off and on, the Saturn-Pluto cycle, now at waning square phase (Libra to Cap), and the Uranus-Pluto cycle, now approaching exact square (partile) with one another in this their dance of shockingly deep energies. As Uranus screeches across the Aries Point from sedate, surreptitious Pisces, 'scientific breakthroughs' will be announced or discovered (as noted on this blog previously as, Uranus = AP.)

Aries to Capricorn: hard work, frustrations, and delays? (Mars-Saturn)

Once again the Saturn-Uranus puzzle of old vs new supports the prominence of the current Uranus-Pluto square - it is the most prominent of the titanic battles going on over our noggins for it is the rarest of those now in play. Aries, the first sign of Spring, the pioneering adventurer discovering and claiming new vistas -vs- Capricorn, the manager, so set in his ways and fond of tradition, status quo, and gilt-edged securities.

So we are now called upon the deal with and hopefully successfully manage the energies of the crisis in consciousness phase of the electrifying, stupefying Uranus-Pluto Conjunction of the 1960s with all the issues, themes, and record albums of the day. Oh, and the protests, demonstrations, and riots from those days, too.

This is well the time to get questions of equality and freedom right!

image: Flowers of India.