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Nov 17, 2019

August 12, 2019 Messenger Mercury whistles at Trump

When a CIA analyst became alarmed at Trump's shadow foreign policy after hours of going over records, he compiled his concerns into a report and hit the 'Send' button on August 12, 2019 thus blowing the whistle on scofflaw Trump and thereby triggering the current impeachment inquiry chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I finally got around to setting up an August 12, 2019 horoscope (exact hour of the 'Send' unknown so noon was used) and found Mercury, planet of communications and messages, @00Leo59 - and triggering potentials of the January 21, 2019 Lunar Eclipse that 'eclipsed' US Inaugural Sun; this was previously posted upon as significant for Donald Trump and the office of the presidency in 2019 with the lunar Eclipse reflecting and revealing all manner of unsavory things. This also means that during that time message-sender Mercury conjoined a couple of Trump's natal midpoints that surround his natal 12th cusp which thresholds the house of Self-undoing, Karma, the Unconscious, behind-the-scenes activities, Secret Enemies, and...Politics.

And in the Lunar Eclipse chart the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square of dream worlds and rude awakenings formed the base of a Fist of God, or Thor's Hammer pattern pointing toward August 12th Mercury and the eclipse Moon 00Leo52 (and Sun opposite--instability, deception, risk-taking, grand schemes) so a cosmic imperative was at play for the CIA analyst as he defended the rule of law against a lawless president and his syncophant cronies. Even governmental planet Saturn chimed in for transit Saturn @13Capricorn opposed US POTUS Sun, a time of delays, frustrations, criticism if responsibilities are not lived up to, and authority, integrity, and leadership are challenged by law-abiding legal eagle Saturn!

And hence we have Impeachment Inquiry 2019 into Donald Trump, the current thespian appearing in the POTUS role which always comes with a limited engagement.

NASA photo: Mercury

Jan 22, 2016

Transformational Astrology: Full Moon Jan 23, 2016 - Henry Seltzer

January 22, 2016: Here is an insightful report from Henry Seltzer, author of The Tenth Planet (Eris), concerning tomorrow's Full Moon @3Leo29 (spotlighting President Obama's natal Mercury), plus, more cosmic occurrences of note including asteroids, and a few words about the natal chart and early passing of David Bowie:

Be sure to visit AstroGraph where you'll find the excellent TimePassages software and apps (including mobile!)

Dec 28, 2015

Happy New Year! Capricorn New Moon AND Mercury Rx: Barbara Goldsmith

Here is an informative New Year 2016 report from Barbara Goldsmith featuring the Capricorn New Moon of January 9, 2016 @19Cap13 (8:31 pm EST). This new cycle of activity imprints its energies upon the year and though it perfects beyond transiting Pluto @15Cap, the planet of power, transformation, sabotage, and wealth is within a 5-degree orb and adding intensity to the New Moon phase which culminates or fulfills in the Full Moon of January 24th @3Leo29 (conjoining President Obama's natal Mercury.)

Also, on January 5th, Mercury's Rx Station @1Aquarius conjoins the 2009 Inauguration Mercury which you'll remember was retrograde and President Obama's Oath of Office had to be re-taken thanks to Justice Roberts' flub (which may have been intentional.) And on January 7th, Jupiter, planet of Money and Politics, retrogrades @23Virgo--conjunct US natal Neptune, an intensified period of fanaticism, paranoia, pretense, and illusion. If a scheme sounds too good to be true, it is.

As you may have noticed, President Bill 'Comeback Kid' Clinton is back in the news cycle thanks to Republican opponents of 2016 candidate Hillary and 1993 is echoed since the January 9th New Moon degree conjoins 1993's three-fer conjunctions of Enlightenment-Age of Reason-New World Order planets Uranus and Neptune so in 2016 we may expect a 'peculiar turn of events' to play out such as during November 2011 into 2012 with the 'Sequestration' scam. Will these odd energies affect the November 2016 Election? My vote is Yes. They're generational and thus affect the Collective on deep levels.

A date to watch for is April 18, 2016 when Pluto's Rx Station occurs @17Cap29 in the Uranus-Neptune vicinity with its vibes of 'the big picture demands a certain course of action, little option to do otherwise' demand (Tyl). Also note that warrior Mars turns Rx one day prior on April 17th @8Sag54, too close to warlike Antares for my taste or comfort.

But that's only Politics! A New Year celebration is upon us so instead, let Barbara inform you on a more personal level and finish her 2016 presentation with a lovely violin serenade:

Jan 21, 2008

Leo Full Moon 1.22.08

The chart for Tuesday's Full Moon, culmination of the New Moon of Jan 8 (day of the New Hampshire primaries), when set for Washington, DC, has an emphasis on 20--21 AQ bwo Mercury and Neptune.

North Node (a joining point) is conjunct US natal Moon (the people; the public) which gives two midpoint pictures to consider...

Neptune/NN = ASC: appearing strange to others; being duped; inhibitions; deceit from others.

Nep/NN = Moon: lack of adaptability or of community spirit; cessation of inner understandings between people; disappointments.

There may be some indications of health issues ("2Leo" = "An epidemic of mumps" but this could refer to the spread of infectious financial worries based more on emotions than on real statistics), yet the Goal (MC = "10Sag"; the WHY? Point) is REWARD with the Basis or Foundation (IC = "10Gem") having CRISIS at the HOW Point of the chart.

Is someone pulling financial strings to create crisis for their own gain? Well, didn't 9/11 do the same?

And if you noticed my post of a few days ago on current Jupiter transits to the US chart, 2008 finds no one likely to be impressed with the US financially. As you may read on the Full Moon chart, the US' Saturn (reponsibility; authority) is focal planet of Moon/Pluto ("zeal; upheavals; deep emotions") so we have...

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: pressure to regroup forces and plan anew; constraint; depression; inclination to feelings of loss. That's feelings which may be causing overactions all over the global markets...'demoralizing' is a word I'm hearing a lot, how 'bout you?

And I keep wondering how the modern progeny of the PROMIS software is involved in the current crises in world markets--software which can track finances and change whatever numbers it likes with a quick twitch of the globalist's finger, and your piggybank balance goes Pouf! at their whim. But of course we don't know just who has the software, so we may be watching tech wars in world stockmarkets more than actual loss.

And so...with this Full Moon--the Wolf Moon of January (when the hungry wolves howl outside the door) occurring within the 6/12 axis for Washington, you may want to search elsewhere for the Moon and Sun's Sabian Symbols for "1/2Leo" and "1/2AQ" and many sites and blogs will be emphasizing these degrees, I guarantee.

Therefore, I rebelliously give the Symbols for "20AQ" and "21AQ" instead, the idealistic, imaginative combo of Mercury/Neptune, with its capacity for special awarenesses. The first Symbol is one the world could really use about now and reminds us of the dove Noah sent out to find safe haven:

"20AQ"..."A big white dove, a message bearer"...CONVICTION...

pos: a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: sanctimonious self-deception. (Dr.Marc Edmond Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

("Message bearer" reminds me of the NASA's Messenger to Mercury, the messenger. Yet Neptune with Mercury may be "inspired young person" or "loss of a young person." We have Cheney's occupation of the Middle East to do plenty of that.)

Using the rounding-up method for Mercury/Neptune we have:

"21AQ"..."A woman disappointed and disillusioned"...CLEARANCE...

pos: the self's inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback;

neg/uncons/shadow side: acceptance of all defeat as final.

Somehow the last Symbol reminds me of the prez campaign and I keep wondering what sort of publicity is coming up for women (or a woman) with tr NN conjunct US natal Moon 27AQ10 (Sibly.) Hmmm...whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has been getting more and more attention online.

And then there's Hillary who's already reaping rewards of the meeting of Moon/NN, both of which represent publicity. Neptune/NN is contact with the public also but in a more deceptive, image-hiding-the-truth sort of way. Or perhaps I should say that Neptunian people in the public eye have the ability to reflect back what people want to see, not what's truly a word, acting. Plus, the Moon/Neptune/NN trio has a spiritual influence infused within.

There is a flavor of being misunderstood rising with this Full Moon which may work positively for those trying to veil their true natures, yet it's difficult to hide in the light of a Full Moon!

Click the chart to enlarge and read my notes for more info, if you may. And since the entertaining Leo Moon seeks profuse approval, affection, and applause, here is the admirable Sun-Moon blend of the Wolf Moon...then you can mosey on to other accolades...

*Sun AQ-Moon Leo (AIR/FIRE):

Fearless defender of principle; emotionally idealistic; chivalrous; wise and generous; renaissance man or woman; visionary artist; gentle surface but strong underneath; marked sense of individuality; honorable; proud and regal; fount of wisdom; humanitarianism vs egoism; enthusiastic for new ideas; need for control; vain, despotic, stubborn and arrogant; rational logic + romantic imagination; tends to glamorize other people.

Image for Integration: A modern actress takes a bow, then leads the audience to a political demonstration.

*Sun Sign-Moon Sign,Chas & Suzi Harvey; midpoint pictures: Tyl and Ebertin.