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Nov 4, 2008

Is Obama really a socialist?

"McCain called me a socialist for wanting to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can finally give tax relief to the middle class." Senator and candidate, Barack Obama


Yes, 'socialism' is always the boogeyman word the GOP pulls out and dusts off when their elite base squalls at the threat of social involvement waiting in the wings. As if they'd feel the pinch!

But there's a huge number of Americans who could do with some New Deal initiatives thanks to the monied class' thievery...will the common Joe and Jill vote against themselves today while giving Rovian politics a thumbs-up?

That the unemployed haven't had it up to Here with upper class banditry is difficult for me to believe, but of course, the electoral college may be what's used most effectively against the people's best interests and druthers.

So it's Nov 4th at last, and it seems Virginia is having serious problems today. Come on, Virginia! Contingency plans would have been a great idea, and as an artist of the drawing persuasion, you can't beat a good pencil and paper especially when all else fails.

Only a landslide will do, so I'm off to vote now - meet ya later! jude

Aug 13, 2008

Saturday's Lunar Eclipse over DC 8.16.08

Here's a freshly notated image of Saturday's Lunar Eclipse set for the White House, Washington DC, August 16, 2008, perfecting at 5:16:24 pm EDT.

This Moon Eclipse is a buddy of August 1's Solar Eclipse (the 'Olympics Eclipse') and both are related to the economy through linkage to the NYSE...the August 1 Eclipse is in the same Series that the NYSE was 'born' into...see both Eclipses discussed here as possible market paranoia bubbles on the front burner.

But here the Lunar Eclipse chart is set for the White House with attention toward Politics - Bush and Putin, and the current conflagration in Georgia and South Ossetia.

You see that the Jupiter/Pluto (plutocracy; men of power and wealth; striving for power) is rising so we have a midpoint picture...there are no patterns formed in this chart (T-squares, Grand Trines, etc):

Jup/Pluto = ASC: being known as an organizer and special achiever; prudence; far-sightedness; personal advancement; the desire for power. ('Prudence' is a Bush Sr word.)

Also angular at Mc (The Goal) we see...

Sun/Asc = Mc: seeking mental or intellectual contacts; attainment of esteem and respect; personal recognition esp through the profession.

That strong-arming is afoot in the Caucasus is obvious and you don't need Eclipse charts to tell you that. And since I've lost the ability to listen to the words of 'world leaders' at merely surface value, it seems to be more posturing and political theater, dahlink, with an emphasis on consolidating the old Russia (or Soviet State) as Putin continues nabbing ocontrol of natural resources - gas, oil and grain while undermining American power (what power the neocons led by Bush-Cheney haven't dispensed with already - plus, Neptune...oil, gas, at a 'Russian' degree, '23AQ"..."A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws.")

That Bush is in disagreement with Putin's actions is no given in my book, but we shall see how things play out - the whole sad mess is being perpetrated while Bush is still in office which is no coincidence. McCain would be gung-ho for more war but would Obama?

Mercury 11Vir18 is quite active being the apex of two midpoints - and is conjunct Bush Sr's natal Asc...Mercury is his natal chart-ruler...Mr. New World Order himself.

Sun/Mars = Mercury: ready for action; the desire to bring plans to realization; the thinking fighter or the leader in a struggle or fight; alertness; fast talk, fast travel.

Venus/Saturn = Mercury: searcing for the ideal; thinking about ways to feel fulfilled, to improve relationships, to feel wanted; sober thinking; visualizations of stark reality; narrow-mindedness; separations in relationships.

The Jupiter/Uranus midpoint has been on the collective path (North Node) for several weeks now...

Jup/Uranus = NN: showing oneself cheerful in the presence of others; a fortunate new aquaintanceship; striving together with others for a common purpose. (The Beijing Olympic Games fits this bill! And did you see Bush and Putin chuckling together as the Russian aggression answered Georgia's aggression toward South Ossetia?)

You see critical/crisis degrees on the Mc/Ic axis, 29Ari/Libra which relates to the many crisis situations on the table at the White House and on the world stage.

Perhaps the Sabian Symbols might elucidate the evolutionary landscape. Since the axis degrees are 29:46, I'll give both 29Ari/Lib and 30Ari/Lib using Lynda Hill's more modern analysis where she includes 'Cautions' along with Keywords...

~Mc = The Goal; Ic = The Drain or Foundation of the matter~

Mc '29Libra': Mankind's Vast Enduring Effort to Reach for Knowledge Transferable from Generation to Generation...

keywords: handing down possessions or knowledge; knowledge being changed, modified, or updated; teaching by example; the wisdom of the ancestors; research into history; striving for answers; reference books, encyclopedias, and the spoken word; the gift of knowledge.

caution: believing that one knows all; information, knowledge, or riches inherited by only the select few; fundamentalism; reliance on tradition; doing what's always been done, regardless of the reason.

Mc '30Lib': Three Mounds of Knowledge on a Philosopher's Head...

keywords: looking at the signs; wisdom that transcends book knowledge; philosophy; having a knowledgeable demeanor; making wise decisions regardless of hard-line opinion; the head, skull, or cranium; predicting the future; wit and style; seeing others' potential; receding hairlines.

caution: over-analysis and reliance on intellect; being a know-it-all; having a bossy attitude; thinking that doesn't clarify issues but muddies them; taking things far too seriously; people with 'highbrow' attitudes; feeling weighed down by intellectual concerns.

Ic '29Aries': The Music of the Spheres...

keywords: voices bringing messages; attunement to the messages in Astrology; harmonies, chrods, keys, octaves, tones; the beauty of the planets; the measurement of time; circadian rhythms; days of the week, dancing to the wind, humming of bees; sending love; Numerology; sound healing; the Atomic Clock.

caution: inflating rational ideas; delusions or enlightenment?; rejecting the obvious intuition in favor of more intellectual answers; getting lost in abstractions; loving the sound of your own voice; not listening to obvious messages.


Ic '30Aries': A Duck Pond and Its Young Brood...

keywords: nurturing, contentment; realizing limitations; reliability; psychoanalysis; finding friends or family that enrich life; family patterns and analysis; feeling safe in one's environs; being the mother duck; foster and adoptive families; communes and communities; facing the music that you've composed.

caution: denying one's own needs for sake of the 'brood'; narrow-minded attitudes; feeling stuck; not wanting to leave the nest; not inviting others in; borders erected to keep others out; distrusting those who are 'alien'; smugness or exclusivity; being lost in the crowd or not wanting to stand out. ~

Occurring during an Hour of Mars, we may be certain that this Lunar Eclipse will be stirring things up as all Eclipses are want to do, and which testosterone-driven Mars does best. And warrior Mars is nearing a crisis 29th degree himself - let's consider '28Vir' first...

'28Vir': A Bald-headed Man in Uniform Has Seized Power...

keywords: male hormones running rampant; dominating others' mental space; Samson's hair; strutting one's stuff; taking positions of power; 'wearing the pants in the family'; directing and organizing many people; the government; the military; letting others express their opinions or have a say; decisions based on logic; taking action or command.

caution: pushing too hard or fast; putting on a show because one is in uniform; power-tripping; being cruel or domineering; opportunism, corruption, misuse of power; taking charge because one can; domestic violence; strict rules for living; not listening to others.

~notice under 28Vir's keywords, mention of the family - Cupido 15Leo23 is conjunct 8th cusp of High Finance; Cupido is used by this astrologer as a significator for The Family, the Zionist Christian organization behind many of the world's war woes - you'll recognize them by their annual congressional "National Prayer Breakfasts"...Cupido also stands for the world crime syndicate, fascism, and corporatism, and shares the duty with plutocratic Pluto/Chiron two bodies which conjoined to help usher in the New Millennium (Dec 30, 1999) upon the US (Sibly) Asc...'12Sag': "A Flag Turns into an Eagle That Crows." And it has.)~

Mars '29Vir': A Man Is Gaining Secret Knowledge From an Ancient Scroll He Is Reading...

keywords: learning from ancient mysteries; study and its rewards; reading between the lines; finding clues from the past and applying them to the present; being privileged to look into something special; The Bible, the Torah, and the Koran; alchemy; manuscripts; secret papers; classified documents; scribes.

Hmmm...Mars is busy these days, isn't he?

And with chart-ruler Saturn 9Vir39 sitting upon the natal Mars of George Bush, his focus and determination are being tested - Saturn is applying to a helpful trine with Jupiter rising, yet Rx, and Saturn rules Jupiter here and is opposite US natal Sun (not good for US monetary funds which Bush has tapped into several times too often.)

That Putin is remaining in control of Russia beyond the normal 8 years may be a pattern for Bush to follow in the US - in other words, I'll see Bush is out of American politics when I believe it.

Unaspected Uranus 21Pis42 and Rx is on-the-loose and working on its rebellious own - and also in 2nd house of Resources and Money, causing more financial upsets.

Neptune and Moon rise on August 16 with Fixed Star Mirfak in the constellation Perseus (young male energy; challenge-oriented) and, of course, we've just had the Perseid meteor shower peaking on August 12 & 13.

With asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) being at 00Cap and between the Asc degree and powerful Pluto, the chances for retaliation of some sort are increased along with Mars still within orb of opposition with radical Uranus. Pluto/Asc = power over one's environment; willpower; ambition; dictatorship; the desire to being others under one's rule. (Ebertin.)

One could say a 'bumpy ride' is indicated by this Eclipse - financially, politically, and militarily - and one would be in aggreement with this, your reluctant astrologer.


~see the August 2008 Eclipses discussed in relation to George Bush's natal chart here if you wish.~

midpoint pictures from Tyl and Ebertin.

Apr 13, 2008

April 22: sunrise in Pennsylvania

Chart: sunrise in Pittsburgh, PA, April 22, 2008:

Posturing Politicians! It's voting time again.

With all the hub'n'bub going on now in the presidential campaign, I thought you might like to swipe a gander at a sunrise chart for April 22 with more chart details and my comments published here, but I'll walk you through--no Astrologese is actually required to read this post.

But if you have some, bring it along--I could use all the help I can get!

Feb 12, 2008

GM posts highest losses EVER

Generation of Materialism, New Moon 8Tau15; April 28, 1881:

Here's the chart I use to represent the robber baron class which directly influences and undergirds the current warfare the elite class wages against America's Middle Class.

(Chart found in E. Alan Meece's Horoscope for the New Millinneum.)

This New Moon in money sign Taurus, whose shadow side contains greed, possessiveness, and intolerance, occurred just after Jupiter-Saturn's Great Conjunction in conservative Taurus on April 18, 1881.

As you know, Jupiter and Saturn began a new cycle on May 28, 2000, 22Tau+, just in time to help usher in the New (sucky) Millennium.

Jupiter and Saturn are the societal planets and are said to define the 20-year Tecumseh's Curse cycle of US presidential assassinations and attempts at it.

And yes, it was Bush43's turn at the plate, and may lurk behind Gore's throwing the race to Bush, practically handing "victory" to him on a silver platter--the collective "knows" Gore actually won, but threat was held over his head. Okay, it's a long shot (bad choice of word) but there, I've said it.

Back to April 28, 1881:

Corrosion and dissolution are the "earmarks" of this chart which times the start of governmental regulations which were demanded after the awful depression of 1873-74 as nebulous Neptune entered earthy, practical Taurus.

Around 1880 the "liberal center" of US politics began declining and the extremes of "left" and "right" took over politics. Joy. It's a ploy that's worked well to divide and conquer the People ever since.

Even Britain swung toward conservatism after the death of Tory PM Benjamin Disraeli in 1881. In Russia, liberal tsar Alexander II, aka the great reformer, was assassinated, and cruel repression followed which included massacres of Jews, wouldn'tcha know.

Yet when it served them, the "right" sometimes cooperated with the "left" in an alliance against the liberal center which might actually have wanted to do something decent for the common good by rebalancing wealth on their behalf...a dynamic successfully in use today.

Just another legacy of the Generation of Materialism, a pile of royals, near-royals, and their wannabes who never gave the American worker anything it didn't have to, and the spawn of which have spent the last several years taking it away.

So here's my question concerning all the corporations whining about their millions and billions in losses they're admitting to in this recessive climate which their fraud and greed have designed, these current 'grandspawn' of the 1880s pilferers:

Beginning a few years ago, American corporations could hardly downsize (lay off) and outsource American workers' jobs enough to satisfy their excessive quick-profiting greed in honor of whatever higher devil's plan they have in mind for our nation's dissolution, so are they surprised in 2008 at how dire the economic picture looks for their slave, the consumer?

When you (they) dissolve jobs and job security from under the feet of millions of loyal workers year after year, get (buy) Congress to allow usury interest rates on credit card and other loans while legislating for corporations and monopolies as if they have the legal rights of an individual, how many new cars can GM expect a hungry man to buy?

And if you've ever closely read a new car contract you know you're stepping into merde as you sign on the dotted line. Commerce and trade make the world turn round but our conscienceless corporations--made legally "persons" by "our" representatives on Capitol Hill years ago--aren't worth the label, American.

Made in America has become a mocking phrase at the hands of these Midasses (not a typo) who, if their chagrin at posting such losses now are genuine, deserve to act sheepishly and hang their heads in shame at how they've shafted the American worker who is more noble that his/her bosses, more honorable by far than his "government" who lines its pockets at the public trough every chance it gets.

Sometimes he who shafts others shafts himself even more deeply--it may just take a while to know the full extent of the damage.

And as far as my unfinished post of this morning on the Potomac Primaries (chart below), I'm renegging and confessing to being overly fatigued with Clinton and McCain and the woes of campaigning and its attendant propaganda.

(Barack Obama is being projected as the winner in VA and DC, 8:00 pm est. Okay then.)

However, I did agree today to publish a new political limerick by Mr.A.Cat in the Lim's Limericks collection of rhymery:

Cat votes for McCain...guess I've still got a political meow left in me after all.