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Mar 2, 2024

Judge Chutkan Must Hold the Line!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Perhaps you've noticed that Politico has published a summary of Judge Tanya Chutkan's difficult position concerning the scheduling of the Trump trial in DC possibly bumping up against Election Day 2024 (Nov 5th). Meanwhile, a majority of Americans want him tried before Election 2024. The pressure on Judge Chutkan is tremendous and more threats against her person are expected, since these days in the US, organized crime figures are trying to run the show and help agent orange complete his mission as successfully as possible.

Now the last time I checked, no accurate birth time is available online for Judge Chutkan but in 2023 we did discuss a bi-wheel of her 'noon' natal horoscope surrounding the timed chart of D. Trump, if you'd care for a look at the planetary contacts between them. Unsurprising that a Mars-Uranus link is shown with its combustible energies. And her Saturn Rx-South Node in Aquarius opposes Herr Trump's natal 12th house Pluto (conjunct his Mars-Saturn = destruction; intervention of a higher power - R. Ebertin) in Leo.

There are other significant contacts between them, as you can see. So here again is the image of their bi-wheel of natal planets, and here are my previously published astro-notes:

May Judge Chutkan receive all the protection she needs! jc

Apr 1, 2022

In the Realms of Jupiter: David Duke

Jupiter; NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

For the curious, Politico has published information concerning the December 24, 1865 founding of the Ku Kl*x Klan, plus, the natal horoscope of white 'supremacist' and former grand wizard of the Klan David Ernest Duke (RR: AA for accuracy) is available, if you'd care for a glance. Note that Duke's natal chart does not appear on SO'W because I do not want it here so feel free to check out his natal planets as you wish. (July 1, 1950 11:37 am cst Tulsa, OK; Jupiter Rx @7Pis24).

Also notable is that Duke has recently experienced a Jupiter Return which perfected once on February 1, 2022 with Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter, a transit which suggests a favorable period when opportunities exist but must be actively taken advantage of in the realms of publishing, politics, finances, militaristism, intellectual and/or spiritual pursuits. Health may also be affected since natal Jupiter is posited in his 6th house, and of course, one of expansive Jupiter's many roles is as The General. Meanwhile, any natal aspects to Jupiter are reiterated when the planet "returns" to natal position and for Duke, this is a Jupiter-Uranus trine (1A57) from 6th to 10th house.

As you may remember, Herr Tr*mp was also born under this beneficial trine of good fortune and its energies contribute to many instances of the racketeer's 'getting away' with what others would never get away with via his natal trine from 2nd hou$e to 10th house of Career and Public Status.

Then as you know, a Jupiter Reward Cycle (as Noel Tyl termed it to me via phone!) lasts for approximately 12 years so let's consider the natal Jupiter in watery Pisces of David Duke. Negative potentials of the placement will be emphasized with a few positives tossed in just to be nice.

In the Realms of Jupiter: David Duke

Jupiter in Pisces (dignified in Pisces; Jupiter/'Neptune') Seeks self-improvement through devotion to ideals; a need for risk-taking (a known gambler); can bear severe criticism in the promotion of a 'greater' cause or vision; strong interest in the occult and psychism; extravagant; unreliable; overly imaginative; vacillating; impressionable; lover of comfort, solitude, and negative escapism (exs: drugs including alcohol, gambling); an over-inflated ego which can float away on dreams of personal glory and can lead to destructive consequences.

Jupiter in 6th house gives a large capacity for work (ex: workaholism); life has meaning through service to others; with the 6th house connection to Virgo there can be crankiness, peevishness, nervous tension, an overly critical attitude toward other people; overeating or overfasting - moderation is a must; may use new age or natural health remedies; technological proficiency may also be present along with scientific interests.

(Sources include Carter, Mayo, Ebertin, Hickey, Davison, Tierney.)

Well, there it is, my astro-salute to Jupiter the General in the natal horoscope of David Ernest Duke with his Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius personality blend of the klannish visionary and lover of symbols.

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Jan 20, 2018

Jan 20 2018 Government Shutdown = Trump 1st Anniversary

Jan 20, 2018 UPDATE: actually the high roller fund raiser at Trump's Mar-a-Lago compound will proceed according to CNN.

Jan 21: fundraiser canceled. He'll pout for the rest of his life. #TrumpShutdown

Original post begins here:

After last night's flub on the Senate floor resulting in the government shutdown official at 12:01 am est January 20, 2018, today's first anniversary of the 2017 Trump inauguration hints at a difficult year ahead. For astrologers, the familiar planetary pattern, the YOD, may describe the R vs D stand-off and Donald Trump's turn from accepting a bi-partisan bill that included funding for his highly touted 'wall' and, sure enough, we find a YOD pattern in today's Solar Return horoscope of Trump's January 2017 Inauguration which may be viewed here. That's if we accept the North Node as apex of the sextile between Moon and Mercury but given current conditions in Washington DC, I'm willing to accept the pattern as a YOD if you are.

YOD = crisis, special task, crossroads, turning point, opportunity for karmic progress.

Perhaps the question is, what are the effects of a Moon-Mercury pairing in Politics and Business? In US Mundane Astrology, we know Moon = We The People, or The Public, and Luna's sign indicates the prevailing public mood (Pisces = confused--and compassionate toward all those who will be harmed by the US Congress not doing its constitutional duty to appropriate). Mercury represents many things such as negotiations, agreements, dealing, trading, communications, commerce, messages, votes, young people, and tricksterism.

Together Moon-Mercury denotes such potentials as: propaganda efforts (each party blaming the other for the shutdown--I see them both to blame but with Mr. Trump behind the curtain throwing a monkey wrench into the deal--he loves to cause quarrels); generating excitement among people on behalf of popular causes; restlessness among the population over business and commerce; compiling and analyzing attitudes of the people (aka, polls).

Well, the House is in session this morning and the Senate gavels in at noon as I type. Mr. Trump's big anniversary party tonight at Mar-a-Lago is on hold until this stalemate is resolved which could be the strongest leverage for forcing a bill signing from the legislatively challenged Mr. Trump.

In case you missed it, see Politico's Government Shutdown: Who's to Blame?

Moon-Mercury info: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.